February 27, 2015

No Quotes Can Describe How Awesome Friday Is!

Am I right, or am I right? I'm right, hah! Anyway, I hope y'all had a great week. We enjoyed another round of snow in DC yesterday so woohoo for two work from home days. So thankful for it, because there is still lots to do before the fun bachelorette party I'm hosting on Saturday. I hope everything falls into place, when you plan a party you want it to be great, but I'm kind of pseudo planning because her family is back in Ohio. I don't really know all of what's planned, but I do know I'll have fun snacks, swag and of course a fun atmosphere #atmospheremakestheparty #beenthereatsomeoneelsesparty #dramawonthappenhere!

Here are my favorites from the week!

Favorite Celebration of the Week: As mentioned in my post yesterday, Sportyspice turned 29 [girlfriend got a snow day for her present] and we celebrated her bday with a family dinner together. It was a lovely time and we had a great time celebrating our favorite crazy kid. #loveyouantonda

Favorite Food Moment of the Week: One more thought before I go… spiralizers are amazing! We finally received ours yesterday and I tried it out last night. I love me some zooodles and can't wait to find more recipes. What are some of your favorite zoodle recipies? Does anyone use anything besides zucchini?

Favorite Funnies of the Week: Pinterest just got it all right this week. #plantcellforthewin
Favorite Video of the Week: I know I have a lot of dancing videos, but this is hilarious!

Favorite Links of the Week: Lots of great links to share today.

I pretty much lost it when I watched this video of Christina Augilera impersonating Britney Spears on The Tonight Show. She's not my favorite 'pop princess' but man, girl can siiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

My dear friend, Jess, wrote a beautiful post about her hopes for raising her daughter, Vivian, due later this year. Even though kids aren't on the radar this year, her thoughts made me excited to possibly be a mommy to a lil girl.

Have a friend that lost a pet? Check out this website for a stuffed animal recreation, so cute!

These vows will make you weep. #allthefeelsandthelove

*This* video showcases historically accurate Disney Princesses. So fun!

I love being married, but it's not roses everyday and that's okay. Lyz Lenz wrote an amazing article and one I'll definitely look back to along the marriage road.

These beautiful clay art pieces are to die for and I look forward to giving them as gifts in the future.

Be still my princess heart. Lauren Conrad launched her Cinderella inspired line and I about swooned over all the deliciously girly pieces. #lcandkohls #prettyprettyprincess

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. Stay warm and safe! See you in MARCH!!!!

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February 26, 2015

Pop N Lock N Dropping That Birthday Cake

Happy Happy HAPPIEST of Birthdays to the Beautiful and lovely SPORTYSPICE!!!!!
My beautiful beautiful middle sissy turns 29 today! WAIT WHAT!?!?!? When did you get so big?! I still remember when you used to copy everything I did and were scared of Santa Claus! But now you are a fabulous and wonderful lady [except when you are poop gross haha].

Now, the happy birthday montage.

Sister trip to CHILE!!!


sweet shoes
We don't look alike at all!

Happiest of birthdays, sweet sister of mine. Enjoy your last year in your 20s and live it up! Thank you for being such a fabulous middle sister. Wishing you the best birthday, yet and of course a bazillion more! < 3 you more than you know, ANTONDA!!!!

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February 25, 2015

Confession Session

I confess

... teachers that brag about snow days, every time they have one, drive me nuts. My sister is a teacher, so I totally understand the effort y'all make each and every day, but the bragging when you're off is a bit off putting. Yes, it's great to get a day off, but how annoying would it be if I constantly gloated about my paycheck being more than a teacher's? Pretty annoying! #stopbraggin

... I lost it yesterday when Le Husband couldn't say brooding. He kept calling it broody and I thought it was too hysterical. #lovethatsillyman

… the cold weather is making me shoppy. I'm trying to be good, sales are driving me nuts. Especially when I've found a sale on des boots

... a coworker started talking to me, about something ridiculous and I pulled a Heather. #eyedontcur

… I'm more excited about cooking food this week than I have been in a long time. I'm trying something new [which I'll share later] and can't wait to mix it up in the kictchen. #clean

… Le Husband almost got sucker punched yesterday when I realized how badly and strangely my back was burnt in Florida. Note to self: men do not know how to put on sunscreen. #yourekiddingme #iwillbeaskingstrangersnexttime

... this picture made me giggle more than it should have, but it's soooo funny!
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February 24, 2015

You're One in a Thousand! {Recipe Files}

Morning, ladies! I hope you are doing well. I'm feeling much better today and much more rested. Hooray for a work from home day. I always feel better when I can get everything put away quickly from our trips and I was super excited to get most of the laundry done too. A clean laundry smell does wonders for the soul right?

I need every step ahead I can get because I'm hosting a bachelorette party this weekend for Le Husband's cousin and the neat freak in me is already going crazy. I know it's going to be a great time, but it's going to take all week to get the apartment in 'company' shape. Keep your fingers crossed I don't drive Le Husband crazy with all my cleaning ;)!

Before we get on with the recipe for today, I'd like to mention this is my 1,000th POST [cue trumpets]! Holy moly, can you believe it? I sure can't. It's incredible looking back on my [almost] five years of blogging and seeing how my blog and friendships have grown. I'm so thankful I have this lil community and so blessed to have y'all as friends. Cheers to the next 2,000 posts!

Anyway, my recipe for today is another quick crockpot recipe. I tried to list out everything as well as I could, but we kind of fiddle with it, so feel free to just follow this pin if you want more info.

4 skinnless chicken thighs
1- 2 cups Chicken broth 
1 onion sliced
1 cup sliced mushrooms [we did a lil more than a cup]
A few springs of thyme

Step 1: Layer onions on the bottom of the pan.

Step 2: Layer chicken [which you have already seasoned with salt and pepper] on top of onions.

Step 3: Layer mushrooms on top of chicken.

Step 4: Pour chicken broth over everything, then add thyme and extra salt and pepper.

Step 5: Set slow cooker on low and cook for 6-8 hours.

Step 6: Remove from pan and enjoy.

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February 23, 2015

Warm Weekend Book Ends

Hello, friends! How are you doing today? I'm pretty good, but super sad to be back home in the 30 degree weather after a warm weekend in  Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We had our first kickball tournament over the weekend and it was a great trip in the sun and warmth.

We left late on Thursday night and arrived to a bit chillier welcome than expected. Friday it was the coldest it had been in the last 20 years in Ft Lauderdale, but 35 was better than the 5 degrees we left in DC. Teachers were only in school one day last week, can you believe it? Our county it so strange, who closes for the cold? But, I digress. Back to the awesome weekend.

This weekend I…

… left the airport at BWI with snow on the ground.

… wore one of the amazing shirts Amanda recommended. #new favorite

… watched Wreck it Ralph while drinking  three glasses of wine [thank you vouchers].

… stayed at the cutest lil B&Besque hotel.

… passed out unexpectedly because I was so tired. #bestdecisionever

… walked three miles Friday morning because it was only 55 degrees and not beach weather.

… didn't pout, made the best of the situation and enjoyed a delicious crepe for lunch.

… meet up with kickball friends at a bar then went to a delicious dinner at Market 17.

… wore one of my new maxi dresses from VS and a fun vest I forgot I had in my closet.

… enjoyed a beautiful sunrise Saturday morning.

… dealt with a bit of an uber debacle, but everything worked out, thankfully.

… was thankful for the clouds in the sky on game day because it kept me from getting fired.

… played a great day of kickball, minus one mistake, but lost in the round of eight. Normally, I'd be upset but this was a team made up of new people and we lost to a good team. I had a great day of kickball, which is always a lot of fun.

… ate pizza for dinner, passed out for an hour then rallied to meet everyone at the bar.

… loved the random outfit I put together for the bar. #newfavorite.

… had a bit of a scare at the bar, because it had some random, sketchy clientele. #newbarcrawl.

… was out way past my bed time but loved all the fun memories made with my kickballers.

… woke up, packed up the room then headed to the beach.

… met up with Lynn's BIL & SIL for brunch. We enjoyed delicious food, wonderful company and of course, missed the BOFF and her husband. #onedaytrip

… grabbed our bags from the hotel and headed to the bar for Sunday Funday with kickballers.

… chatted, laughed, drank and cheers with some of the coolest kids on the Circuit.

… rocked my second maxi dress of the weekend. #maxidressloveforlife

… headed to the airport, ate dinner and flew home. #sadtoleavetheprettypalmsbehind

… drove back in the ice and snow and passed out at home. [fingers crossed I can work from home today].

How was your weekend?

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February 20, 2015


Morning from sunny and WARM Florida, friends!

I've fled the cold northish and traded it for the sun and the sand this weekend. It's the first kickball tournament of the year and I am STOKED! This is one of my favorite tourneys every year and I intend to soak up the sun and all the fun times while I can. Because y'all, this weekend is a blast EVERY YEAR!

Pictures of SFKOs past. Ever trip was fabulous in it's own way. 

2013 a week after my engagement. SO MUCH FUN!



I'm stoked to be with my kickball friends, warm on the beach, on the fields and of course in the bars. Honestly, this trip couldn't have come at a better time. While the people back home are dealing with the coldest day of the year, I'm sunning myself on the beach with a tropical drink.

Kickall season is open, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLAA!

Have a fabulous Friday, my loves!


Super special WEDDING shout out to this beautiful lady! Hope today is the best day ever! < 3 you, lady!