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February 28, 2014

Lust List {swim suits}

Last weekend I was in SUNNY, warm, beautiful Florida 
for a kickball tournament and I LOVED IT!

It made me think of my favorite season, 
and all the joy she brings.

And while I am in no way shape or form ready to be in a swim suit,
it got me thinking about a new suit for 2014.

I decided to look through Pinterest for some inspiration.

Here are my top five picks.

1] I love the stripes and the detail on the top. I'm mega into the crisscross right now.
2] I've always loved the look of a classy one piece and this neckline and color is EXACTLY the kind of suit I would love to rock.The open back is the best part!
3] Being a member of the ittybitty club, I'm constantly on the look out for a top that 'poofsup' the ladies. The frills aren't just functional, but super cute too. And I love them on the bottoms too.
4] Personally I think every girl needs a classic red, white and blue suit to rock on July 4th and any other day you're feeling patriotic. However, I'm not a fan of a trashy American flag suit, so this bandeau top and bottom is the perfect, classy, combination.
5] Nothing screams summer like neon and bright colors. While this swim suit will require the most work at the gym to rock, this one is my favorite. I love the top and the crisscross bottoms are fabulous. I just wish this chick's body came with the suit, haha! ;)
What swim suits do you have your eyes on this year?

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February 27, 2014

Paging Wendy Worrier

Normally I'm not a worry.

I mean I'm a woman, so of course I worry about things.

But, I'm not known as a worrier.

I'm the optimist, expecting and hoping things
will work out in the end.

I'm who the worriers express their worries to
and then tell them it will be okay.
 But, there are times I find myself worrying about things
that absolutely ridiculous.

Things that I have no control over.

Recently I started watching the show Parenthood.
[Oh my goodness it's amazing. If you aren't watching
you need to start ASAP!]

Anyway, in the show the family is constantly dealing
with issues with siblings and kids.

Which somehow got me thinking about
my future [future] rugrats
and the joys and trials that are parenting.

And all of a sudden a flood of WHAT-IFs
started rolling around in my brain.

What will I do if I have a super girly girl?

How will I parent a lil boy?

Will my daughter talk to me like I talked to my mom?

Oh Lawd, will I survive teenage years?

What if they have a major attitude?

What if they are the school ho-ho or pimpdaddy?

What if they get bullied?

Or worse, what if they are the bully?

What if they aren't the least bit athletic?

What if they only enjoy drama, something I know NOTHING about?

Who is going to give the talk?

What if they are really picky eaters?

What if they go through a Gothic phase?

Or a I hate everyone phase?

What if it's not a phase?

Strangly, Le Husband and I have talked about different scenarios
and I'm lucky to have such a cool headed guy.

Obviously, when the time comes, we will do our best
to figure things out as most parents do.

But, parents or future parents out there,
have you ever had these worries?!?!

Am I crazy?!!?

Happy almost FRIDAY friends!

February 26, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

So why try to fake it right?!?!

I saw this post on Jill's blog and knew I had to write my own.

...I have terrible road rage. I go from serene to monster in .0123 seconds.

...Too many nights I've chosen cereal for dinner instead of making a meal. 

...Sometimes I just pull the comfortoer over the sheets to make up the bed. 

...I've been known to skip a shower or two during a busy week. 

...I'm the worst at returning calls at work. 

...The idea of hotdogs equal BARF!

...Barf! And WOOF! have become my two new favorite words.

...I secretly judge people by their shopping carts in the grocery stores
[note; lowfat/reduced fat/diet DOES NOT MEAN BETTER FOR YOU]

...For three years I sported the classic duck face in many a picture. 

...I get waaaaaaaaaaaaaay excited over the smallest lil thing!!!!!!!!!!

...Flying freaks me OUT!

...I hold grudges, for a very long time. 


I can't leave today without wishing Sportyspice 

I < 3 You sweet sissy of mine. 


February 25, 2014

A Look Inside My Brain...

{During a Flight}
I've written here before how I'm not the most confident flyer.

I think I know where it stems from, but I haven't been able to shake it.

While waiting to get on the plane this Thursday,
I caught myself thinking about my unnecessary fear of flying
and how everything flows when I fly.

I thought it might be a fun/funny post too.

So, here is a look inside my brain, while flying.


At the airport.

Okay, I have everything right? Hopefully security isn't filled with knuckleheads that don't know the rules. Crap, are my toiletries in the right bag? Check. Yes, they are we are golden, let's get this party started.

We breeze through the security checkpoint, as usual. Now it's time to find our gate and relax until boarding begins. This is where the apprehension starts.

Do I have everything?! I hope so. Oh snap, I need to buy a water. Oooh, did I pack a snack in case I get hungry, yes, okay we're good. Well maybe I'll grab something else just in case.

Once all snacks and drinks are purchased, it's time to stretch and wait. And think about the flight ahead.

Oh man I hope our flight is easy and smooth.

No turbulence please.

Ugh lets get on the plane I just want get there.

Why are all these people staring at me while I stretch? Whatever.

Time to begin boarding. 

Why oh why do people rush to get on the plane to just sit? The less time I'm on the plane the better. 

Oh look, it's down to the last three people at the gate, guess we should start making our way too.

Hi, thanks for scanning my ticket.

Smile, so they don't know you're nervous.

Okay, where are our seats?

Boom, found em. Now let's get settled.
Water. CHECK! Chapstick. CHECK! Lotion CHECK!
Book to read. CHECK.

Gimme that safety manual. 

Exit is behind us, yup, feel the the preserver below my seat
and I think I'll use THIS bracing position.

Le Husband, it's safety time. 

Gosh, I'm so lucky he plays along with my nervousness.

Alright, now it's time to chill until the door shuts.

Oh, there it is. Time to watch the flight attendant for the safety video.

Poke C. Are you paying attention honey?

Saftey presentation is over, and now we are taxing. 

Okay, this time I won't get nervous. It's okay. This is an industry that is incredibly safe, that has a bazillion flights every year without any issues. People do their jobs well, because they know what's on the line, trust them. Yeah, I can trust them.

Thrusters on, engines rev and we are cleared for take off.

Eeeeeeeiii....oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, here we go. Dear Lord, PLEASE keep us safe. Please keep us safe, please let this takeoff be safe. Please, please, please, please, pleaaaaaase!

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Thank goodness my husband let's me hold his hand.


No more bumps, please no more bumps.

Okay, just keep your eyes closed until the dingding for the flight attendants.

Ding ding.

Phew, we're past the scariest part. Now it's time to try to relax.

Where's my book?

Man I hope the rest of the flight is easy.

Eek, what was that?

Normal turbulence.

Man, why didn't I pop a pill? Or ask for a pill? UGH!

Chill OUT! The flight attendants are in the cabin preparing drinks, obviously nothing can be wrong. Turbulence is natural. Turbulence is natural. CHILLAX!

[This trying to relax and getting freaked out by turbulence continues for the rest of the flight. If it's mega turbulence you might find me resqueezing C's hand really hard.]

Then comes the best part of the flight...the initial descent!

YES! YAY! WOOP! We're almost on the ground.

Let's all keep it together now. 

Oh look, there's the ground, wee!

And here we go....down....down...BOOM LAND YES!

Thank you Lord, for a safe flight. Phew!

Yes, friends, that is just a teeny peek into my brain
in the wild blue yonder. 

Please feel free to call me crazy, I know I am :)!

February 24, 2014

I'm here....but barely

So I'm back in town.

Feeling like these kids.

I love the SFKO tournament, but there are too many people yelling.

So I spend a lot of time making this face.
wait who me?!!?
And I'm really tired. Because we didn't have any girl subs.

So that's a lot of games to be played in one day.

Did I mentioned we landed last night around midnight?!!?

We did.

So I'm a bit tired and will have a recap later.

Hope y'all had a great weekend. 

Tell me all about it < 3

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February 21, 2014

Getting to KNOW YOU Pt Deux

Morning ladies, I hope you are well today. 

Don't hate me, but I'm enjoying the sun and the sand today and LOVING the fact I'm far away from the frigid air back at home. 

A few weeks ago, Leslie posted a 'Getting to Know You' series on her blog. I participated in the first linkup, but the second was when I was on my blogging break. 

So, I thought today would be a great day to post my answers. 

Enjoy, getting to know me more ;)!


1] What's your middle name? Hmmmm....normally I keep it anonymous here, but I'll tell you my middle name today, Karoline. A combination of my mother's maiden name [K] and my grandmother's middle name.

2] If you could live anywhere else in the US where would you live? In the world? This is a tough one. I would love to live in Hawaii, Colorado or Charleston, SC. World wise? I'm thinking somewhere in Italy or in Holland, because they have it pretty easy over there ;)!

3] Tell us about your guilty pleasures. Chips and guacamole, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, smores, Downton Abbey & The Good Wife, DCC Making the Team, Nutella!
4] What do you like best about your job? Honestly, I don't really like my job. I like the hours I work and the vacation flexibility so I can travel for kickball and mission work, which is kind of like saying recess is my favorite school subject ;)! My job is much more techie than I care for and I don't like being behind a computer for eight hours a day. I will concede that it has been incredibly nice to be in a growing business though, during this time of recession. I'm in the 'seksi' stuff at work, so RIFs and reorgs haven't really affected me. I also like the fact that I get a yearly bonus and pay bump too.

 If you weren't doing that, what career would you have pursued? I dreamed of being a sports broadcaster and actually did some broadcasting work on our local community channel for two years. I loved it, but did have some trouble being the 'pushy' reporter to get a color story on the sidelines. Sadly, two years in I was told it was a conflict between this 'free' job and my actual job and had to choose between the two. Obviously, I chose the money. And at times, part of me regrets it, because I let go of my dream.

5] Five items you'd grab during a fire (People and pets don't count. Those are a given.) I've tried to answer this question before and honestly, I think I'd just die because I would spend too much time in the house. I guess I would grab my wedding book, laptop, as many pictures as I could find, my grandmother's necklace and the pink earrings C gave me for our first Christmas together.

6] Marathon running...something you'd like to pursue or just plain crazy? I've always wanted to run a marathon and Le Husband and I have talked about doing one together[and getting a tattoo if we complete it together]. I'm just worried about the training part, that can be tough!
7] If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I can't decide between these two. My mom's homemade lasagna with garlic bread, salad and ice-cream Oreo cake for dessert. Or, a brunch of pancakes, eggs Benedict, lox&bagels, hash browns, fruit salad and a caramel latte.

8] Last person you spoke to...annnnnd....go! My husband

9] Favorite childhood toy. Either my Barbies or my dress up clothes. We had a great lil collection and the three sissys LOVED to play dress up. We were even given some OLD, 90sesque bridesmaid dresses that two ladies didn't want anymore. We loved them, but looking back now, woof, they were not cute.

10] Breakfast cereal of choice. Tricky, tricky. I'm torn between the ever popular Lucky Charms and an childhood favorite, Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs. SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! If the cereal isn't for a dessert, then I'm a big fan of Life, yum!
Have a fabulous weekend friends < 3

February 20, 2014

Just a lil {giggle} fest

Sometimes you just need a laugh. 

Or a giggle to get you going for the day.

Since I'm scarmbling around at work today
before I leave for FLO-RIDA
I figured I'd post some funnies. 

Heaven knows I would enjoy a laugh. 

No matter what I do, the day I leave work early
is the day smoething  chooses to catch fire.

Fingers crossed it is an easy day today!

Now, enjoy a good giggle!







Have a fabulous day friends :)

February 19, 2014

What I've Been Up To Weds

Since I took my break at the beginning of the month, life hasn't stopped. 

I just stopped reporting on it, haha. 

So, I figured today I'd bring things up to speed here in blog land
and tell you what I've been up to recently. 

Olympics Olympics Olympics
I mean, seriously y'all, I'm living and breathing these Winter Games. I LOVE the Olympics!!! It's on all day at work, it's on when I get home and we watch it before we go to bed. I post what to watch on my Facebook every morning so people know what to watch and I LOVE how many of my friends love my updates. It really bums me out that people choose to not give these athletes the respect they deserve, especially when we 'worship' college and professional athletes back here at home [don't EVEN get me started on our country and reality tv stars]. There have been so many amazing moments at the Games that are heartwarming and I'm sad people are missing them. I mean, it's their loss, but I'm doing my part to advertise the shiznit out of Sochi!

Snow Snow Snow
It's been a snowy winter this year, especially up and down he East coast. Last week was another snowy one, but the FIRST one I didn't have to trudge to the office. Every other time the government and schools were closed, I was one of the few people making my way to the office. Major boo face, but I guess that's part of what makes my paycheck worth it's amount. I was super happy when my boss allowed me to work from home last Wednesday, especially since Le Husband was home too this time. Even though we were both working, it was nice to be just in sweats, on the couch together. When it was time for a lunch break, I kept my damsel card in my wallet and went outside with C to clean off our cars. MAN that snow was heavy, but it was a good work out and kind of fun. We received some more snow today and while it's pretty, I'm counting the minutes until summer. HURRY UP HEAT!
Three layers...yes ma'am

Enjoying juicing, flowers and free shoes
We received a juicer for a wedding present and I've finally started using it this month. IT.IS.AWESOME! I love making green juices for a quick and easy way to get extra veggies in the day. Our blue mason jars are the perfect containers to travel with and I've been trying to enjoy a green juice a day. I'm still tinkering with using the extra pulp and once I figure out a perfect recipe, I'll let y'all know. And yes, you read that correct, FREE SHOES! A lady/friend at my church cleaned out her closet and since we have the same shoe size she offered them to me. I have a pair of boots of hers as well and I'm ecstatic for these new lovelies. I can't WAIT to break in the new Via Spiga's, LOVE THEM!
Green juice, pretty flowers and shoes

Learning new second day hair styles
I kind of expected to have chopped my hair by now, but I've kept growing it out since the wedding. Which means I need to keep it healthy, cue not washing it everyday. Unfortunately being a fine haired lady my next day hair has ZERO volume and doesn't hold a curl very well. So, lately it's a twist up pony or low bun. While both styles are fun, they've felt kind of yawny to me, so I've started to switch things up when I can. Early this week I rocked a ballerina bun and I loved how sleek it looked. I just need to find two more styles on pinterest to start rocking and I'll be set. Any of y'all have a go to for second day hair?!  
Ballerina Bun

Counting down the minutes until 80 degrees
This weekend is OPENING WEEKEND for the kickball season and I am stoked.  Last year's opening weekend was incredible because both sissys were in attendance with Le Fiance and myself and it was the weekend AFTER our engagement. Meaning, lots of fun congrats from friends and lots of champs together to celebrate. And the beach and no snow. It's supposed to be in the 80s in Florida this weekend and I am beyond excited to not be freezing. Even though my body isn't where it should be [ie barf] I'm going to try and enjoy myself if I have to be in a swim suit [yeah right]. Hopefully I'll be coming home with some extra $$ from winning.

So that's a run down of my life, what's going on with you?

February 18, 2014

Three Hundred & Sixty Five Days

Yesterday was 365 days since I said YES
to that all important question.

One year ago last night, I walked into Le Beau's apartment

I left the world of girlfriend
and joined the world of fiance.

It was completly unexpected and I was 100% s u r p r i s e d.

I mean, I knew I wanted to marry him
and that he wanted to marry me,
but I thought we were a few months away.

Little did I know we were just seven months away
from our wedding day.

I can't even begin to tell you how much
joy, happiness, and love the last 365 days have brought.
The amount of memories, smiles, tears, good times and blessings
that I have experienced are too many to count.

I fully realized that since last year this blog has mostly been
engagement, wedding, smiles, butterflies and married talk.
BUT, I'm so glad I have this blog to look back on
and see how much fun last year was for us.

Reviewing my first 'I'm getting married posts' makes me realize
that JUST one year agomy world was so different.

Thank you honey, for making the past 525949 minutes amazing!


February 17, 2014

Oh Snow You Didn't!

Happy Monday friends!

I hope y'all are well and enjoyed your weekend.
Mine was wonderful, as usual it seems, and I think I'm ready
to be back at the blogging thing. WOOP!

As y'all may know, Friday was Valentine's day.

There's no pressure with us for gifts, but this year we each
got each other something small and a card.

Le Husband wins with gifts though.
A WIFE card and a princess perfect ;)!
See the lifting gloves?!?! Yeah, I hate them.
I'm not a girl that wear gloves in the gym, even though
I don't like callouses I'll never be caught wearing gym gloves.

Only the gym bunnies at my gym do, and I ain't no gym bunny.

I was at a loss when I opened them. I'm always appreciative of gifts,
as most are, but I've been told I'm one of the BEST people
to give gifts to because no matter WHAT it is, I'm super excited.

But, how was I supposed to be thankful for a gift that I've told C
I DIDN'T want. Cue confused face.

Luckily it was JUST a joke! He just wanted to see HOW I would react.
Well played love, well played.

We enjoyed dinner together then a brownie and ice cream sundae.
A wonderful end to a perfect evening.
Saturday morning I was up with the hardcore Americans at 7:30am
to watch the USA vs RUSSIA hockey game.

WOOF! That's early for a weekend, but LAWD it was worth it. 

The game was EPIC! Each period was heart pounding and when things went to a shoot out I could barely stay on the couch. The shootout was different than NHL style, but not any less exciting. It went to the 8th round, because neither team could get enough shots in a row. TJ Oshie was responsible for six of the shots and lifted the USA to a win.
Thank you! #Sochi #TeamUSA
And he's just a GOOD GUY!!

We shouted, cheered and joined in the Facebook celebration
with everyone that was awake.
I probably liked a bazillion statuses,
I love when our country comes together.

Check out this amazing sculpture Babyspice made Saturday.
[courtesy of baby spice]
Since it was an early morning the rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent chilling at the apartment. We prepped things for dinner and I enjoyed a glorious nap. Very much needed after the early morning for sure.

After I woke up, Le Husband and I finally were able to make it to the gym after a week off due to an injury. Last week was a bit rough not working out, I completely felt the weight gain so it was amazing to be back at it. I even think the week of was good for me, I felt stronger than ever. I'm also excited about finally purchasing my BCAA's, can't wait to see even more results.

Saturday evening was spent cooking an amazing dinner and more Olympics!

Roasted chicken, potatoes and vegetables.
We closed the evening with more Olympics and then headed to bed.

Sunday morning was the usual early church, grocery store, cleaning and food. We also ran some errands and then hit the gym again. Working out hard again is awesome!

The rest of the day was pretty chill with more Olympics of course.

WOOHOO BODE!!! So happy he got his medal!

I'm excited to 'be back' and looking forward to the week.
Hopefully all the snow will melt quickly.
The piles are making for interesting driving around these parts.

Hope y'all rock Monday like no other!

Tell me about your weekend?!?!

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February 14, 2014

Love to LOVE you baby

That's right, love to love YOU!

Free SVG Hearts
Happy pink&red day my lovely friends.

Today is the day to celebrate LOVE!

Love of your family!
Love of your friends!
Love of your coworkers! [mine are getting cookies today!]
Love of humanity!

I haven't always been a Valentinte's day lover.
[shocking right?!!? I did always love the celebration of pink though]

My parents always made the day fun
with flowers, chocolates or some kind of a gift 
when we were growing up. 

I never felt UNLOVED because of St. Valentine,
but being in high school on the 14th wasn't 
always the most fun. 
[Who wouldn't feel a bit jealous of the girls walking
in the hallways with multiple bouquets, balloons and chocolates?!]

Even when I was dating, I was never a big Valentine's day girl.
I would rather have a random flower on a Tuesday in July,
than a gift on the 14th because you felt obligated
to get me something.
[come on ladies, let's give the dudes a break]

However, in the past few years I've become more of an 
enjoyer if you will.

I just LOVE

I firmly believe that love makes the world go round,
so why not celebrate it, if only for a day.

So today, even if you're not a fan, love those around you
no matter your 'romantic status'.

If you are single:
 ...get a pedicure...take a bubble bath...put on a girlie movie...tell your friends and family how much they mean to you...get drinks with your girlfriends...tell bad dating stories...celebrate being able to do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO...

If you are attached:
...write a sweet note...don't set expectations to high...tell your friends and family how much they mean to you...take a moment to be thankful for the special S/O in your life...tell them how much you care...enjoy the small and simple things your relationship has to offer...

Today I'll be enjoying a simple meal at home, with Le Husband.

I'm happy I have such an amazing Valentine,
but I'll love him all the same every other day of the year too. 
Cheers sweet friends! I hope you have a fabulous Friday :)!

Remember, I love you
and there's NOTHING you can do about it < 3


I may not be linking up for 5 on Friday, but I'm sharing my 
#TEAMTEDDY picture!

I actually got mine to Alex in time to be part of the video and it was an incredible moment watching all the different #TEAMTEDDY pictures!


We love SUPER TEDDY!!!!

February 13, 2014


The snow gods gave us an early Valentine's day gift.

For the first time this year [five different snow storms] I've been granted the ability to work from home instead of braving the weather. I, unfortunately, am not lucky like teachers or federal employees as my company never closes. 

But, this time my boss was awesome and didn't make we trudge through the seven+ inches of snow, as I can access everything I need from home today.
Cue happy dance!

File:Dancing banana.gif

So today I'm sitting at home, in sweats with Le Husband and working with the Olympics on in the background. I love snow!

February 10, 2014

Old And Bummed Out

That was me and Le Husband this weekend.

Saturday was a cacophony of events and it wore me out. 

I had morning yoga, apartment cleaning, bridal shower, more cleaning
bestie time, dinner out, entertaining and then bowling for a birthday. 

So many things with so few hours in the day!

My bffer came into town on Saturday and it was awesome to see her. We had way too much fun being goofy with Le Husband and the sissys. There was name calling, fork stealing, cookie eating and of course picture taking. The pinnacle gaggle of goofballs indeed. 

We stayed out waaaaaay passed bed time bowling and then we were up until 2am chatting back at the house. It was such an enjoyable evening though. Sitting in our guest room, with my best friend and husband chatting about random stuff was such a special moment. A key one for me.

Being at this happy, joyful, content place in life is wonderful. The fact that everyone gets along is so comforting as I know many a person that can't say the same. I'm blessed to have such loving people in my life, that care about me and are good, wonderful people.

Saturday was so wonderful and Sunday was just a complete bum day.

After my bffer left, Le Husband and I walked to get breakfast, ate it while watching the Olympics and didn't move from the couch all day until dinner time.

There was no meal planning, no shopping and no working out.

My body rejoiced!

But I'm still exhausted.
Holy cow am I OLD!!!

However, I'm happy to be an old bum.

Life is good < 3

February 7, 2014


The 22nd WINTER OLYMPICS are here!


I'm so excited!

I love me some Olympics.

Gone are the egos of professional athletes.

It's all about doing your best and representing your country!


I can't wait for all of the activities, but I do have five favorites!

What are your favorite events?

*linking up here again!*

February 6, 2014

What DO you say....

.....when you've got nothing to say?
 I'm sure you've noticed this week hasn't been the normal five posts. I've missed a day here and there of course, but usually I'm set with a post at least a day or two ahead of schedule. Honestly, the thought of a missed day a few months ago stressed me out.

But, that's not the case right now.

For whatever reason, I'm feeling a lack of blogging mojo.

My inspiration well has dried up. I'm not THINKING like a blogger.

I threw Monday's post together in fifteen minutes, just because I felt I HAD to get something up for the start of the week. Then Monday arrived and I spent about fifteen minuts just staring at my posts section, looking for a post for Tuesday. I literally have about thirty draft posts sitting around, waiting to be finished/started but I'm just not feeling them.

Some of t hem have been in drafts since 2011 and some were created in a whirlwind of inspiration a few weeks ago. But now, they all seem stale, boring and honestly, they seem like WORK!

Yes, work and not fun. And I have enough work in my life.

I was home sick yesterday and normally I'd use the down time to finish up posts for the week and peruse blog land. But, yesterday, I didn't open my computer until after dinner. And that was probably for fifteen minutes at the most.

It's kind of strange how eeeh I've felt about this lil space this week. The feeling has been lingering for awhile, but this week it kind of really reared it's apathetic head. While I can't find a SINGLE reason for the apathy, I do have some ideas about why I'm just not all HERE.

1] Life is good. Truly, wonderfully, happily GREAT. Marriage is the best gift God's ever given me [besides my family] and I'm basking in the newlywed bubble of joy. Nauseating right? I know those who are my friends are happy for me as I experience the wonder of marriage, but I'm sure even they can get tired of reading about how wonderful everything is right now. My life isn't perfect, and we've had our rows and annoyances with each other since the wedding, but they are very few and far between. When everything is "coming up roses" how does one keep from sounding like a broken record?

2] The wedding is over and life is enjoyably simple and easy. There aren't many lists, there aren't many To Do's, and there isn't an exciting deadline on the horizon. After the engagement, I stated that Pinkland wasn't going to become all wedding and then promptly decided to take that back. I know some ladies choose not to blog about all aspects of their wedding and strive to keep their blog  as wedding free as possible. Good for them. But, I realized I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to capture everything wedding related I could last year, so I would have a wonderful place to look back on and remember the journey. I'm so glad that I wrote out all my feelings, thoughts, happiness and stress because NOW I can look back fondly on everything. However, now the hullabaloo has died down and there isn't MUCH to report about.

3] Coinciding with #2, I'm not completely sure where this blog is going. It's mostly been an online journal, with some creative posts as well, but there's never really been a niche. I'll dabble in recipes, but they take work. I'm all about fitness, but I'm not a trainer. I enjoy fashion, but am not a fashion blogger in anyway. I'm small enough of a blogger that I don't need a niche, but I am thinking of trying to find more 'structure'.

4] I just want to 'enjoy' life. The first year of marriage is a special one I'm told and so far it's been incredible. Filled with small, special moments that I hold dear in my heart. And I want to keep living in the special moments instead of wondering if I should sneak a picture. Or if I should ask C to take a picture of something 'mundane' to post here just to have something to post. The drive to report on my life has dwindled and I'm not sure if it's going to come back anytime soon.

I'm not planning to completely quit blogging by any means. It's my creative outlet and one I truly do enjoy, even if it's just for me. But, I do think posts will be a bit more scattered around here, at least for the month of February. Some time away might do some good for the creative juices in my brain.

So, yeah, that's it I guess. A heck of a brain dump of a post huh?!!?

Hope your week is going well!! < 3

February 3, 2014


BLINK....the weekend's over?!?!

WOW, what a whirl wind. 

Today I'm recaping whirlwind style.

1) Homemade latte! Easy and delicious!
2) Single rose Le Husband surprised me with! Le sigh! 
3) Kickball practice and it felt so good! Excited about the first tournament in three weeks.
4) Sunday morning shopping for the week, post church. Yay meal planning!
5) Callouses from heavy lifting. Le husband calls me a BA, I'm not quite sure how I feel about em now. 
6) Mega delicious Superbowl Sunday spread. I ate all the fooood!

Saturday was my amazing daddy's birthday so we went out to dinner to celebrate. It was super decilous food and a great time with the family. 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend y'all! ROCK MONDAY OUT!
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