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April 30, 2015

These United States

Morning, ladies and happy Friday Eve. Today I'm taking a page out of Kristen's blog and posting my United States list. I loved reading her list back in March and I've slowly been building this post to share with y'all. 

I've visited 27/50 states [even thought it's not marked, I've visited Massachusetts, doh!]

Alabama: Our family has visited this state many times because my father's parents live here. Including our surprise party for my grandfather despite the tornado that hit a week before the trip back in 2008. It was a whirlwind of a crazy trip, but that's what family is for, right?

Alaska: I went on an Alaskan cruise last summer [still recapping, I know I suck] and it was one of the most amazing vacations of my life. I highly suggest you put it at the top of your list and start checking out cruises. Alaska is one of the most gorgeous states in the US and I honestly would love to live there one day.


Arizona: Daddy was stationed at Ft. Huachuca when I was a baby. Don't remember this state at all.


California: Babyspice was born here when Daddy was getting his second master's at NPGS. We lived in Monterrey for two years and then moved back to the NOVA area. I loved what I remember of Monterrey and enjoy watching our home videos of those years.

Colorado: We took a Christmas ski trip when I was in college. It was amazing and ruined me and East coast skiing forever. I also went to a kickball tournament in Denver last year and had a blast. I love the weather and food in Colorado, I just wish it wasn't so expensive to live there.



Florida: Soccer tournaments, Disney World, family trips and kickball tournaments has made this one of my most visited states. I love the warmth, sunshine and the beach. Hopefully I'll be able to meet my beautiful blog friends in FL one day.

Georgia: We had a high school trip to Atlanta for a music festival and that was my first trip to GA. I've also had a few for kickball tournaments and hope one day to visit my dear sweet GA blog friends #fingerscrossed.

Hawaii: Unfortunately I was a baby and then a four year old when we visited Hawaii so I don't remember it at all. I've been trying to get Le Husband to get on board with a trip there, but so far no dice. I think the only way it will happen is if we attempt the Iron Man or Hawaiian Spartan.






Kentucky: GO CATS! My father's brother lives in Kentucky so we've visited multiple times and enjoyed football and basketball games.We have also spend various Thanksgivings and long weekends there too.

Louisiana: My first trip to the New Orleans was in 2006 for Hurricane Katrina relief work. I was blessed enough to go back two more times [once with Babyspice] and then hit up NOLA for fun with three different kickball tournaments. I know there is more to Louisiana than New Orleans, but NOLA is one of my most favoritest cities in the the US. Make sure you plan a trip someday, friends. You will love it.


Maryland: I can't count how many times I've visited Maryland. I live only five minutes [no traffic] from the VA/MD border so let's just say a gobzillion ;)!

Massachusetts: We had a school trip for orchestra to Boston my Senior year of High school and it was amazing. I loved everything about the city even though we were only there for a short while. September 2012 Le Husband and I went to Boston for a kickball tournament and it was one of my most favorite trips together. Sad bunny that I didn't know all you amazing Boston bloggers back then because a meet up would have been fabulous.



Mississippi: My first mission trip was in Gulfport, MS and it was a life changing experience. Hurricane Katrina hit ground on August 29th and I was in Mississippi in October helping to rebuild. Our first trip was spent gutting homes and it was tough physically and emotionally. Seeing the loss first hand was hard, but it was incredible seeing the progress year after year. I did four trips to MS and three to NOLA to help with relief and they were all amazing in their own special way.




Nevada: VIVA, LAS VEGAS! I've hit up Vegas five times and will probably visit again this year for another kickball tournament. I don't do Vegas the way most people do, but I still love the food, excitement, night life and views.

New Hampshire

New Jersey: Had to visit for a work trip twice. I'm good now, haha.

New Mexico

New York: My first trip to NY was with my high school orchestra and it was a bit of a whirlwind. I dated a guy who was from NY and so we went up there a few times to visit his family. My most recent NY trip was with work when my team won an award in 2011. They put us up in a fabulous hotel right after the holidays and it was amazing seeing all the Christmas decor.

North Carolina: Soccer tournaments brought us to NC multiple times growing up and we've driven through it countless times to visit other southern states. I also had multiple college soccer games a year in NC so it was a very visited stated from 2001 - 2005.

North Dakota

Ohio: This state meant NOTHING to me until I met Le Husband. Seriously, it was a fly over state and nothing more. I think when Le Husband told me where he was from my response was "Ohio, really?!?" My first trip to Ohio was about a year into dating and we've been back multiple times a year since. It's always fun visiting his hometown because 90% of his family still lives there. Who knew Ohio was so kewl ;)!



Pennsylvania: We visited Hershey park a few times growing up and had quite a few soccer tournaments up that way as well. Kickball tournaments brought us back to PA the past three years and it was always a fun time [minus losses of course]. Drinks are SO much cheaper in PA ;)!

 Rhode Island

South Carolina: My great aunt lived in South Carolina and we used visit her on our way to Hilton Head Island. We were in SC during the winter so the beach time wasn't always the warmest but it was fun to get out of the cold north every year. I miss those visits and hope to get to Charleston one day soon.

South Dakota

Tennessee: Mama B's family lives in Tennessee and we visit yearly to vacation on the lake. We ski, boat, fish and just soak up the sun. I started water skiing at four [on two skis] and by third grade had graduated to slalom [one ski]. Every year I try to get a lil faster in the slalom course and try to get the perfect end of summer tan. I've also visited Nashville twice and would love to live there if possible.

Texas: Most of my visits to Texas involve family or kickball, but now they also involve my beautiful BOFF. I admit I do claim this state since I was born there and think it would be awesome to actually live there #thegreatstateoftexas.

Utah: I was lucky enough to visit the Heavenly ski resort for a week with my aunt and uncle in 2006. It was an amazing week of skiing and I loved gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Oh and did I mention it was free? HOLLA!


V i r g i n i a: I live here!


West Virginia: We've driven through this state more than I'd like to admit and I played a bazillion soccer games in WV, too. I would like to try one of the resorts in WV, I've heard they are gorgeous.

Wisconsin: My family visited Wisconsin many times when I was  younger to see my great-grandmother and great aunt. I always enjoyed those trips, Wisconsin is a state I wish I could visit more often.


I'm pretty happy with my list. I really want to plan a Northwest trip in the near future to hit a few more states, but we will just have to see.  My international list isn't very big, but I have hit four of the seven continents; South Korea {Asia}, Spain {Europe}, Brazil, Chile {South America}, USA, Canada {North America}

What's your state count? Did you beat me?!?

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April 29, 2015

When Life Annoys the BEEP Outta You {Part Deux}

We've all been there right?! Life gets all up in your grill and decides to do whatever it can to knock you down. It starts as one small thing and then snowballs into two, three and then all of a sudden everything is annoying. And everything anyone does is about to drive us over the edge of insanity.[btw, I'm talking small annoyances, not big life changing events. Two completely different beasts].

I wrote a post about it last year and thought after the days I've had recently I needed to bring back the crazy for your entertainment. Because that's what we do in blog land, we turn our current situations into gif filled posts #freetherapy #funnywithfriends.

I confess when I have a bad day...

Usually it starts because I didn't get enough sleep so I'm facing the morning and day looking like this.

I want to drop kick the idiots that keep asking me stupid questions I've already answered. #payattention

I mentally picture doing this to everyone around me that doesn't do what I want.

I throw major silent shade to everyone. #imannoyedleavemealone

Talking to anyone is a huge ordeal and something I avoid like the plague.

My walk away because I'm annoyed prance becomes even more dramatic.

Even the slightest criticism turns me into a mush-ball of emotions. #judgementalsadannoyedimeverything

Now, we can't stay in a funk forever, because that's no good for anyone. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, a random compliment [thankyouchipotleworker] or a day to get out of the funk, but one way or another you gotta get yourself back to happy. Here are a few things I'll do to get back to normal.

When life makes me grumpy...

I grab a glass....or two of my favorite drink.

I pretend I'm a fashion model and sashay down my hallway in my favorite dress. Because, hello, fun!

I try to get in a quick workout to get the endorphins flowing. It doesn't have to be tough, just a lil summin' summin'.

I throw healthy eating to the wind and indulge in a delicious egg sandwich with a side of Smores pop-tart. #holla

What do you do when life annoys the beep out of you? How do you get back on the straight and narrow?  

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April 28, 2015

Trendy Tuesday

I'm sure you know I am not a fashion blogger. I can count on two hands the fashion posts I've posed for here, because it's just not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love reading fashion posts and looking at all of your pretty pictures, my execution isn't quite up to fashion blogger status and that's okay by me.

But, every now and then I like to jump on various websites and check out the current trends for the season. I was recently on Polyvore and just had to build this board of my favorite trends as of late. Virtual shopping is so much fun, isn't it?

White Purse // I love my LV bag and will always love it, but I am swooning over this gorgoues white YSL purse. So gorgeous and dreamy and perfect for spring & summer. 

Cold Shoulder Dress // Have you heard the term 'cold shoulder' dress before? I'm probably behind, as usual, but I love the shoulder cut out and pattern of this dress. Such a fun piece of detail, right?

Eileen Fisher Pants // White/cream pants aren't anything new, but these stretch pants are pretty amazing in my opinion. I love the tapered look and can see these going easily from work to play.

Wooden Bracelets  // Wooden jewelry isn't usually my style, but I am digging the heck out of this stackable bracelet set. Together it's a fabulous arm party and each piece would be fabulous on it's own, too.

Floral Shoes // Floral shoes are big right now and I love how colorful and fresh they make an outfit. Whether it's flips or pumps like these, florals can jazz up a work outfit or add a splash of color to your happy hour ensemble.

Fedoras // Okay, this isn't a new trend AT ALL, but fedoras just scream summer to me. I always travel with mine when we go south, it's my favorite accessory with my flight outfit and on the beach. I need to get a new one as mine is a bit wilty from all the wear, I'm so digging the white stripe on this hat.

What are your favorite trends of late? Anything I'm missing?


psdotcom: Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday. I wrote the post before I left Texas and y'all it was a doozy of a travel day. I had to bump my flight from one airport to another and then experienced the worst flight of my life leaving Dallas. No exaggeration, we turned sideways multiple times on takeoff, causing me to tear up. Thankfully we landed safe and my second flight was smooth as butter. It was a heck of a late night and today was tough, but I'm just grateful to be home. Don't worry, BOFF, bad flights won't keep me away from Dallas! I < 3 you too much! Y'all were so kind to me yesterday and made the day much easier to get through, so thank you!

ppsdotcom: My dear friend, Erin, lost her grandfather a few weeks ago and just posted about it yesterday. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, as we all know this is a tough time for everyone involved. 

April 27, 2015

Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey!

Hey, pretty ladies, what's shaking? Did you have a great weekend? Are you rested and ready to tackle Monday? I'm not rested but I'm ready to get after it today. We only get so many Mondays in a year so I'm making the most of this one.

This weekend I headed down to Texas to visit my beautiful new mommy BOFF! I flew out early early Friday morning and after a super turbulent flight (ugh) landed safe and sound in Texas. I don't know what it is about turbulence but when the flight attendants can't get up during the flight that just makes me sooooo nervous. There wasn't a lot of sleep on the flight, but I did enjoy my Disney movie ;)!

Lynn and sweet Evelyn met me at the airport and y'all she is absolutely gorgeous. I forgot how incredibly tiny newborns are since I haven't been around one a few years. Evelyn is the perfect mix of mommy and daddy and is just the sweetest most preciously adorable and snuggly lil thing.
I mean that face, that FACE!!!

When we got home I got the lay of the new baby land and finally got to hold sweet lil girl. Oh my goodness, that new baby smell is the best thing in the world isn't it? Le Sigh! I accompanied Lynn to Evie's two week appointment and girlfriend was so good. I learned a ton (which I'm hoping to bank in my brain for when the time comes) and it was fun being there with Lynn. Although the heel stick wasn't fun for any of us, but Evie was a champ.

We went out to lunch afterwards and it was super delicious. My Barbi salad was amazing and I indulged in a delicious strawberry cupcake, too. It was such a fun lunch out with the girls and sweet lil girl just slept away as we enjoyed our delicious food.

We ran a few errands and then it was back home for naps {all of us}, feeding and waiting for Daddy to get home. Everyone was tired for the week so we enjoyed some Mexican takeout at home. Oh, we also experienced a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning for a bit, then the skies cleared and all was well. Finally learned what 'that crazy Texas weather' means, haha. After dinner we watched Interstellar and y'all that was one weird movie. I had heard amazing things about it but whoa ways it long and strange. Not sure I'd recommend it, am I crazy? Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts? Weird!

Saturday we hung around the house all morning, napping, feeding and snuggle lil girl and then had lunch. Afterwards we all got ready and headed out in the afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous weather. I'm talking 90s with no humidity and gorgeously sunny. So much better than the 60s and rainy back at home, woohoo! It was a fun walk into downtown and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up my vitamin D!

Evelyn was a sleeping rockstar in her stroller and the adults enjoyed some drinks and then we headed to another restaurant for dinner. Lynn's brother Metis there and it was fun hanging with him :)! The food was delicious and the patio was so nice with the weather. 

Once dinner was over we headed home to watch some baseball and then everyone hit the hay early. Sunday was a nice chill day at home and the it was time for me to leave to head to the airport :(! Double sad face because bad weather in both Dallas and Houston had me stressing a connection that shrunk from an hour to 15 minutes. Luckily I was able to change my flight to one through Nashville that got me home without the worry of getting stuck. Le Husband was a major champ and drove all the way to BWI to come get me. I married a good one, thank you #superhusband!

It was such a great weekend hanging with my BOFF and her beautiful little one. I feel so blessed to have witnessed one of my best friends with her first children, it was a pretty incredible experience! She is such an amazing mom and I was in awe of her and her husband as they cared for sweet lil Evie. I've been around newborns many times, but never for longer than a few hours. Praise and applause to all you mamas and daddies out there because y'all are rock stars. Babies are amazing miracles but goodness they require a lot of work ;)! Trust me, I've babysat and I know that babies aren't lil toys that are all fun and games, but I never realized how around the clock parenting a newborn baby is for mommy and daddy. #parentsareawesome #hugstoallyall

I'm sad to be home and so far from Lynn and her precious family, but I snapped plenty of pictures to remember sweet lil girl. Can you believe we forgot to get a BOFF picture together?!?! Drat! I can't wait  until our next visit whenever that may be and I can't wait to watch sweet Evie grow up < 3!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

April 24, 2015

Flying Friday

Morning and happy Friday, friends. Currently I'm in the air flying down to see my BOFF and her beautiful babygirl Evie. I'm so excited to hug my new mommy friend and to snuggle her precious baby girl [if you haven't already, check out her blog for the birth story and pictures of precious Evie]. Oh and I'm leaving the cold to go to the warm, triple win for this girl :)!

Before I leave, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite links of the week.

This video of kids recognizing their mothers while wearing a blindfold. The bond between mother and child is just amazing. #yesitearedupwatching

Gilbert Blyth died last week. Oh be still my little preteen heart. Gilbert was my first crush and I loved him and Anne together. So sad he's no longer with us.

An American at the Bolshoi on Youtube. This was soooo fascinating, even if it is from 2010.

How to make the perfect ballerina bun by the Washington Ballet.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughters are so gorgeous. WOW!

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy the last weekend in April < 3!!!


April 23, 2015


 ::: You just have to laugh at the drama filled crazy world. I definitely get a giggle out of people making a mountain out of a mole hill, especially when they think everything is about them. #notthecenteroftheuniverse.

::: A work reorganization is sad because a friend moves office, but it can open up different life opportunities you had been scared to try. #changeisscarybutnecessary.

::: I wake up to my alarm, hop out of bed to go do yoga and start the coffee pot but then I just walk right back to the bedroom and snuggle up to Le Husband for 45 more minutes of sleep.

::: A sick day is what you need to get your life organized. Even if you aren't really sick. #booyouwhore.

::: The only way to get through a conversation with your boss is with a cubicle between you with your head in your hands. #pleaselearnyourjob #readyouremailsbeforeyouaskmeaquestion.

::: It's okay to say yes to that EXTRA bowl of air popped popcorn.

::: A bad day rears it's head and knocks us off our axel. But, you need to remember to still be kind to those around you because your bad day does not need to become theirs.

::: You  have to be the jerk and cut someone out of your life to keep yourself from going crazy. This month marks a year since I removed a huge negative weight from my life and I'm so thankful I listened to my gut. The drama may never be fully gone [because some people can't let things drop] but it's no longer a factor in my life which makes me happy. #dropthedrama #walkaway #funnyhowthingsstillgetcopiedeventhoughwearentfriends

::: I can't help but watch trashy television. #bethennyisback #yes

::: Ballet class with your sister turns into ballet class with your sister and mother. #familydanceclass

::: Blasting a song on repeat is what you need to get through a project at work. And a situp set at home.

::: People mistake their place in your life. Just because they THINK they are in your inner circle doesn't mean you have to put them there. You know who you value and just because they don't understand it's not them, doesn't mean you have to change to keep them happy. #iknowwhomytruefriendsare #sorryyouthoughtyouwereoneofthem #truetothoseilove

::: Praying for someone is better than cursing someone.

::: My mind wanders the distant future and I get scared about having a home, being a mom and trying to have it all.

::: I wish I lived pre-Internet and digital era because the ability to compare wasn't everywhere. Sure you had the Jones' that lived down the street or the boss's wife, but it wasn't on every platform known to man. Simple living seems so appealing to me right now.

What are your sometimes? 

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April 22, 2015

Yes, I'm Happy 99.9% of the Time

At the beginning of the month I came across Kerri's blog and this post just spoke to me. I began reading it and just found myself nodding, yes, yes, yes!!!!! So, I thought I'd share it with y'all and offer my take on my happiness. 

I am an insanely happy person. For real. No lies. No gimmick. No fakey. I am H A P P Y! It's not a front I put on in public while being a debbie downer in real life. I don't just put the happy out there because I want people to think more or better of me. Nope, I'm just happy and I don't really care who knows it.

Life may never be perfect, but mine is pretty flipping great most of the time. Sure I have down days, everyone does, but overall I'm happy. I'm that annoying girl that says 'GOOOOD MOOOORNING' to my coworkers every day or who smiles at strangers just because.

I confess I'm happy because...

... there are sprinkles and cupcakes in life.
... it's springtime and that means summer is right around the corner.

... my body is healthy enough to allow me to try new fitness routines and new sports.

... I live in a free country that allows me to share my opinion without fear of persecution. 

... kickball brought me the love of my life and some amazing friendships

... wine. Just give me all the wine.

... I have a job, a car, a roof over my head and never have to worry about my next meal.

... music. When I'm feeling happy, sad, overwhelmed or over joyed music is there to make it better.

… new baby smells and the gift of children.

... we currently reside in a state that experiences all four seasons.

... my family is incredibly and insanely amazing. They support me, they love me, they spoil me and they are the most fantastical people in the world.

 ... no one in my family is terminally sick or struggling with health care issues. #soblessed.

... I can afford to go on multiple fun vacations throughout the year.

... my friends both in blog land and in real life are kickass awesome. #noneedfordrama

... there are iced lattes on warm summer days.

... I've found my Mr. Forever. #cheesballiknowbutitsthetruth

What makes you happy?!?!?!

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April 21, 2015

Tone It Up Tuesday

Morning, friends. I thought I'd take some time and talk about fitness today, cool? Awesome. As you all know I'm kind of a fitness addict and have really been working hard this year to accomplish my goals. Last year Le Husband and I were all about getting SWOLL and strong. I packed on a few pounds of muscle and saw a huge jump in the weight I was able to lift [60 pound jump with squats and 30 pound jump with chest]. Most women are scared to 'bulk up' [whole other post] but I was stoked to see my muscles come in and to see definition in my arms.

However, 2015 is a new year and so we've be trying a new workout together [for those interested we are doing the 5 by 5 via ARNOLD]. Well, we were until the middle of February when Le Husband was injured due to lifting. He's okay now, but he had to take a month and a half off of everything so our gym dates were on the nay-no list. Which meant I had to find a new routine, because with the weight I'm lifting I need a spotter at the gym and I hate asking randos to help me #snottygymgirl. It took me a week but I created an awesome workout plan and I figured I should document what I've been doing to see how it's working out for me.
[Full disclosure: This post was written and saved at the beginning of the month,when I was rocking it out. I started editing it last week and it was the same week I was a bit off my game. I know it probably doesn't matter whether I admit that here or not, but I want to be honest about my routines and share that I"m not perfect and do skip days/weeks]
6am yoga session at home - I love and a 20 minute sessions is great in the mornings.
12pm Body Pump during lunchtime - I love this instructor and class! She really pushes us to work hard and it's a great way to start my week. I've gotten so much stronger in the class and it's fun seeing my friends every week.
Possible short run after work, depending on weather and how my legs feel. - I need to start hitting the pavement more often, at least 10 miles a week if not more. Still tyring to figure out where running will fit into all of my workouts.
15-20 minute evening stretching after dinner. - When I'm extremely active I get hurt if I don't stretch so I've been ADAMANT about getting some stretching in every day. My splits and pigeon are getting better, woohoo!

6am yoga session at home.
5pm Sports Conditioning class at Golds -This class kicks my @$$ every time but I love it. Sports conditioning is an extremely intense class full of sprints, plyo work, cardio work and weight work. I'm always drenched in sweat when class is over but I still feel great.
15-20 minute evening stretching before dinner.

Possible 6am yoga session at home. - Sometimes I skip Weds because Weds is my long day, I just listen to my body in the morning and take it day by day.
Either 10:30am yoga class or 12pm CXWORX core class. - I used to go to yoga but my gym added the CXWORX class at the beginning of April and I am now in love with CXWORX. The instructor is fantastic and even though it's only a 30 minute class I leave the gym shaking.
15-20 minute evening stretching before dinner.
745pm ballet class - I am so in love with ballet class and even though it's late in the evening, I get my hiney to class to do my plies and jetes. I really enjoy the barre stretch, too. #stretchthosehammies

6am yoga session at home.
12:30pm Yoga class - This yoga class is awesome but it's the one day that I often miss because of work. And it makes me mad when I miss it because I love how noodley and relaxed I feel after class. Our instructor is amazing and every class is unique. She even brings some essential oils for us to try in class and I'm *this* close to placing an order of oils. Anyone have suggestions?
Possible short run after work, depending on weather and my legs.
15-20 minute evening stretching after dinner.

6am yoga session at home.
12pm Body Pump during lunchtime. - Different instructor but still an awesome class. I like knowing that I've gotten in my workout on a Friday in case fun plans randomly pop up with friends.
Possible short run after work, depending on weather and how my legs feel.
15-20 minute evening stretching after dinner. 

Yes, I know that looks like a lot. And some days it is too much and I'll take the morning yoga session off my plate. But, this routine is one that has helped me feel fitter than I've ever felt and I'm able to measure how much I've improved in each class. I also realize how LUCKY I am to be able to work out on my lunch break and I never take that for granted. I know many of you would love to get your workout done in the middle of the day but are unable to because of your job. My work is always changing and who knows how long I'll be able to keep up my lunchtime workouts, so for now I'm hitting the gym every chance I can.

I used to do the same thing every day for my workouts but love how different each day is now. Your body needs change to produce change so make sure you are switching up your workouts every few months or so okay? I'm actually going to have to change up this schedule now because Le Husband is back to being healthy so we are starting up our gym dates again. I'll probably have to drop weight in my BP classes so I have enough fuel in the take for my evening workouts but other than that I think I'll be able to keep everything the same. One can hope right?

Since we're on the topic of fitness, I thought I'd share a quick plank video with y'all. It's almost bikini season and planks are one of my favorite ways to tone my midsection and strengthen my core. Let me know what you think of the video and please let me know if you have any questions. :)
 [I am not a certified trainer and as always honor your body and check with a doctor before you try any new fitness moves.]
Have a fabulous day, friends!

April 20, 2015

Another Hike and Another {Bowling} Ball of a Weekend

Morning and happy Monday, loves. I hope your weekend was great and fabulous. We had a GORGEOUS weekend here in NOVA and spent a ton of time outside enjoying springtime. Le Husband and I made plans for another hike since last week was so tough. This hike was further west and a lot easier of a hike, but just as beautiful. I was so thrilled to be back in hiking action, being sick is no fun right?!?!

This weekend I…

//loved the beautiful view from the first peak, even though spring has not fully sprung.

//dealt with a lot of shadows in our pictures #darntrees

//found our next hiking spot…appalachian trail we're coming for you.

//enjoyed another peaceful [and NOT SICK] hike.

//took another FRAMER!

//did some more yoga on a mountain. #balancingstick #needtogethatbackleguphigher

//contemplated living somewhere with a view like this everyday. #wheredowewannamove

//ate some more amazing barbecue. I am loving our trips and good food finds.

//came home changed quickly then headed to the bowling alley to grab some lanes for my birthday party.

//loved my flower birthday crown made by babyspice! #sheissotalented

//had a fabulous time bowling with my parents. #yesiinvitethemtomybirthdayparty

//tried to show my muscles but just looked angry, oops.

//loved celebrating another birthday with my husband.

//bowled well the first game but lost it that 2nd game. Oh well, it was fun to play.

//felt like a bowling princess with my beautiful flower crown. It was such a fun night with friends and family and the perfect way to end birthday week. #soblessedandthankful

//woke up Sunday and realized I completely forgot to set my alarm to get to Target for #lillyfortarget . Was really upset but then found out how impossible it was to get merchandise so didn't feel as bad. I wanna hear your stories, ladies. Was it as bad online and in the stores as people say?

//got ready for  church, did a quick change at my parent's home then met my bestie for playdate with her and her three wonderful munchkins. We played at the park for an hour then it was ice cream time!

//realized a chalkboard equals fun over and over and over again.

//loved on this sweet smily baby girl. Mama B also made an appearance :)!

//played in an early soccer game and had a baller sneaktastic goal with an assist from Babyspice. #yaysistergoals #bestwaytobeatajerkofateam #ialsofouldthecrapoutofadudethattookoutbabyspice #dontmesswithmysister

//finally switched over from a 4s to a 5s! WOW, what a difference. #silverissopretty #yaynewphone

//ate a really bad for me dinner, but hey it happens sometimes.

//watched playoff hockey, read and then hit the hay. #loveplayoffhockey

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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