April 12, 2019

Dear BOB

Oh, baby. How do I even start this? I honestly can't believe your due date is so close. Next week. Four days away. Here we are. And man, I'm so all over the place, sweetie.

I am so ready to meet you. To know who you will look like. What your name will be. I can't wait to learn if we will be putting you in pinks or blues [and other colors too]. What color will your hair be? And your eyes? Meeting you also means you'll be HERE, in the world. Outside of my body. Which has me excited and nervous.

Excited because nine months is a long time. A long process. A lot of work on my body. So many changes. So many miraculous changes. Nine months my body has been your home and I'm BEYOND grateful to have housed you safely for so long. I know many mommies would have loved to have their babies in their bodies for 39 weeks and I don't take it for granted my body continues to keep you safe. You are quiet and safe from the world right now and I love that. I love that I can protect you. That I can control what is around you and what you get to be near.

Because soon, that changes. Soon you will be here, in the world. And try as I might to protect you I can't keep you in another bubble. You will grow and be around others and I can't be everywhere. If I'm honest, I'm already nervous about keeping you safe from harm and have already thought about when you get your license. #crazyiknow I'm sure every parent freaks out, right?

And then I think about how I'm still in charge with you in my belly. When I need a nap, I take one. When I want to read a book, I do. I can sit still. I can do a lot. I can do nothing. You come with me and it's easy. Once you're here, though, that's out the window. And I keep trying to tell myself to soak up these moments. TO EMBRACE these little bits of just YOU AND ME time. Because right now, you are my lil secret. No one really can tell when you move. When you're quiet. What you're doing. It's just you and me kid and that's so special. And, I like being able to sleep when I want ;)!

Sweet BOB, I am so ready to meet you. And to see your daddy with you. And to have you here with family. You are so, so, so, loved already. Mommy is more than happy to share her birthday with you. Or have you as an early bday present [hint hint]. Stay safe and know we are beyond thankful for you!

April 10, 2019

O'Baby: Maternity Pictures

Hello! Still here and still pregnant. Currently 39 weeks 1 day and feeling every extra ounce and every possible emotion. Excitement. Apprehension. Fear. Impatience. Concern. Loss of control. Thankful. Joyful. Ready to meet our kid. Not ready for life to change. And everything in between. 

Mama B is coming down tomorrow and Sportyspice is heading this way Friday with my niece. Baby is due the day after my birthday [WHICH IS MONDAY, what?!] and I've always thought it would be wonderful to have a baby for my birthday. But, we all know baby knows best so I'm trying to hope and pack my patience at the same time. 

One way I've distracted myself is pouring over our maternity pictures I took when I was 36 weeks. I hadn't planned to take pictures [justifying the money was tough] but the photographer, who is a friend, had an incredible first year package so I said "what the heck?" and just went with it. She was increidble efficient and had a great eye for pictures and allowed Le Husband and I to be ourselves [he hates photos] which was helpful. I knew we didn't need a full hour for our pictures and when she suggested a split session with me doing fitness pictures I was thrilled. Never thought of that [which is so weird] and I'm grateful for her awesome idea. I love the pictures from both sessions and am having a hard time picking WHICH ones to buy. Let me know your favorites!


April 9, 2019

Show Us Your Books {April}

Another month, another book recap. I've kept things relatively light/easy reading the past two months. There have been a lot of mommy books also being read and I've really just wanted to enjoy reading before bed. Also, it's been nice to enjoy my down time right now, because I know I will have very little of it in the coming weeks. Danielle Steel was the author of choice right now, which is weird. I just recently discovered how much I enjoy her stories and in my opinion, easy reading.

* * * * *
This book was incredible. It was just what I needed during the dark moments this year. As many of you know, 2018 was filled with a lot of down {before baby} and I was mentally struggling everyday. I stumbled upon this book when I was desperately searching for a mind shift and I'm beyond grateful I chose to intentionally read every chapter. I did not know when I picked it up it was written by the woman who wrote "Lean In" (which I never read, btw), but I can see why the other book was so successful. Sandberg's writing is raw and powerful as she speaks about the unexpected death of her husband and doesn't sugar coat anything. I really connected to her philosophy of avoiding the three Ps (Personalization, Pervasiveness, Permanence) when bad things happen and have actually suggested this book to a few friends. If you're dealing with some tough stuff I highly suggest this read.

* * * * 1/2
Very intriguing summary and something so FAR from my life I just had to read it. Super quick read, even though it isn't a short book. I found the story super engrossing and just kept turning the pages. I found all the characters very interesting and even though the storyline is quite farfetched it wasn't something SO OUT there it was dumb. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could not have lived the main character's life, nor could I imagine being a true artist. I enjoyed the storyline, however a few times it as quite predictable which is why I took away half a star. 

* * * *  1/2
One of the more fluffier books I read, even though it was all about being against the odds. Kate is a great character to root for and her children are all interesting characters. I admit, some of their 'trials' seemed a bit eye roll inducing and many parts of the book you could see coming. However, I enjoyed the sagas and felt they were well written and brought the reader into some unique situations. Will keep your interest and good for a travel book. 

* * * * 
Another more serious Steel book, also set in WW2. This one had quite a few different storylines and was not what I expected. There were quite a few moments where things just abruptly stopped and another plot started. I understand this is an accurate portrayal of the era, but it still felt off as a reader. Lots of sadness, lots of loss, lots of hope and intrigue. Put it on the summer list.

* * * * 3/4
This book was so good. So heartbreaking. So riveting. So inspiring. Gaelle's journey navigating living in France during WW2 is beyond hard, but she is such an incredible character. The turn of events after WW2 is very interesting and fun to read. I would have given the book five stars, but it seems Steel wanted to make one aspect of Gaelle's life super tough and it just felt forced all the way. Otherwise, fantastic read, great for spring break of summer.

* * * * 1/2
Random library grab and I'm quite happy I decided to give it a go. Interesting storyline, fun characters, intriguing plot and a few random twists you don't see coming. I was particularly fascinated with the old Hollywood vibe and how tough it was even back then for women to make it in Tinsel Town. There are time hops throughout the book, but they are well done and not confusing at all. I think anyone would enjoy this read.

* * * * 
Where it all began for Hannah, finally. I had always wondered how her story started and this book explained everything. It was nice to have a look into the beginning of the series and 'meet' all the characters for the first time. The book was shorter than other books and it played out how I expected, but that's part I like best with Fluke's stories. She keeps me guessing but nothing too crazy that has me frustrated. Easy breezy and super light.