September 30, 2013

The Perfect Ratio

That would be me and C of course! The perfect ratio of crazy [me] and calm [him]. Okay, was that too much for ya?!?! Sorry, it's all newlywed mush up in here!

This weekend was the perfect ratio of production and relaxation, capped off with a bit of over indulgence. Come take a trip down recap lane will ya?

Friday night was date night and it was a fabulous one at that. C and I went to the gym and worked out together which was a blast. We pumped some major iron and had fun while doing it. After the wizzerkout we walked from the gym to Ted's grill for dinner. The meal was awesome as was the company and we just had a fun time hanging out being married. We topped off the night with some late night Menchie's and football before hitting the hay.

Saturday morning we were up early to run some errands before kickball practice. We finally were able to exchange some wedding presents and I FINALLY went to see a jeweler about resizing all of my rings. Yes, my engagement ring has been 2 sizes too big since February. It's all my fault because I told C the wrong size, but I didn't want to have any work done on the engagement ring until I received my two wedding bands. I'm waiting to hear back from the jeweler with a price but hopefully will have my beautiful rings back on Tuesday. My hand has been so lonely and empty without them :(! HURRY UP TUESDAY!

Kickball practice was supposed to be in DC but that ended up being a clustercuss. No parking and five bazillion festivals so me, C and Sportyspice had our own bunting and catching practice close to home. After that we spent the rest of Saturday eating and watching football. It was 100% gloriousness! There were so many amazing college games on, we didn't leave the couch/loveseat unless it was to go get food from the kitchen. C passed out on the couch during the Ohio State game [go bucks] but I was able to make it to bed once the game ended.

Sunday morning I was finally able to knock out a bunch of wedding thank you notes. I've done onesie-twosies randomly through the week, but took some time will drinking coffee to start making a dent in them. I even managed to get C to start his share of them, woohoo! Ain't no wife got time for ALL the thankyounotes!

We cranked em out and then headed to DC to watch the Bengal's game with a high school friend of C's. Even though the game was horrendes we all had a fun time chatting and trying to figure out how our horrible waitress got her job. 

After the game we headed to the grocery store then went home for the best dinner ever! Love #fatkidSundays!

Tell me you aren't JEALOUS!

We wrapped up the weekend watching some SNF and then hit the hay early. It's back to the business of eating right, working it out and getting ready for Vegas in two weeks! Woop can't wait!

What did your weekend look like?

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September 27, 2013

Cinco a Viernes


Uno] FALL IS HERE...crap! Yes you read that correctly, I'm probably the ONE blogger in all the land that isn't doing the PSL, leggings, boots, decorating WEEEE it's fall dance. My dis-appreciation of early fall celebration is well documented, but now that it's officially fall and getting chillier I've resigned myself to the fact that yes, now is the time for fall....poop. Don't get me wrong, fall can be fun, I'm just 100% a sun and the sand and tiny tank top and summer heat kind of girl. But, I can say HURRAY for football :)! So you fall fanatics drink your PSL and I'll cheers you with a margarita..... ;)

Dos] THIS SONG IS MY JAM! Pretty much on repeat my jam. Dancing around in the kitchen, with some hair flips, while making dinner my jam. Totally over the singer, but the song...yep, it's my jam! [can we talk about the commercial with the KIA mice?!?! too cute]
[if you can, play the song while reading my post, it makes more fun :)]

Tres] DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY USE A BOBBY PIN!?! I thought I did until I saw[no pun intended] this week. I've been doing it WRONG my whole life and didn't even know. I must admit, bobbypins work a bazillion times better when you use them correctly. You're welcome ladies, you're welcome. :)
Cuatro] WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A BABY!?!? Ugh, the dreaded you 'JUST GOT MARRIED' follow up question. Seriously people, seriously?!!? I've been married less than three weeks and you're already asking me about babies?!?! Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. Don't get me wrong, the Husband and I both want to have kids and a family and all that wonderful stuff, but in three years not NOW. When I was in college I wanted to be a young mom, but once I hit 27 my 'timeline' changed and I realized I wanted to have time with JUST my husband before bring munchkins into the mix. I want to travel, sleep in, buy shoes and be selfish a little bit longer thank you very much. So y'all keep having your sweet babies [muahmuah] and I'll keep rocking on over here with my husband as a DINK for a few more years :)!

CINCO] WEDDING PICTURES ARE POSTED!!!! ekkk yay wahoo! Our photographer emailed me a link to all of our wedding photos and I should be receiving a cd soon. I'm so excited, I spent a lot of time going through them all, reliving the perfect day. Now comes the hard part, choosing which ones to buy, frame and hang in our apartment. Thank goodness for pinterest right?!!? Right now, this is my favorite 'wedding photo' collage and I just love how it looks.
I can't wait to create my own version using our pictures. Wouldn't it look great with these?!?!

Shake your tail feather,

September 24, 2013

Talk To Me Tuesday


Today I'm doing something a lil different. Instead of me 'talking' to you through my blog, I'm letting you 'talk' to me. I'd love to get to know y'all a bit better so if you have a moment, answer some of the following questions in the comment section below. Thanks for playing along :)


If you could describe your perfect day what would it be?

What is your all time favorite movie?

What tv shows are you most excited about coming back in the fall?

Who is your girl/guy crush?

What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life?

What is your biggest fear?

If you could invite one person to dinner, who would it be?

What is your favorite number?

Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack?

Which season is your favorite?

Who is your favorite author?

What are some interesting stories you have read online?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Who are your three favorite bloggers?

September 23, 2013's Monday again!?!?

Just like clockwork, the weekend has ended and again it's hello Monday.

You'd think I'd get used to it by now, huh?

So what happened this weekend?!?

I was able to catch up on sleep....WOOP!

I organized and attended a fun brunch with some awesome ladies. I'm hoping we can turn our sisters brunch into at least a bimonthly thing. It was a lot of fun and the food was amazing.
Sistas brunch
After brunch I came home, moved and put away more things in the apartment and then took a bit of a nap. Hey, brunch was super filling.

The plan was to organize and clean the apartment after my nap, but I received a surprise text from my best friend T saying she wanted to come down for dinner. Ummm yeah duh!

It work out perfectly because the husband was playing a golf tournament all day and wasn't going to be home until way after dinner time. T and I enjoyed some girl talk time and then went out to dinner and ate some amazing food together. Seriously, this weekend can be wrapped up with the word FOOD. 

Sunday was all about church, family, football [hellzyeahcowboys!!!! suckitskins] and then my first indoor soccer game since the wedding. It went well, we won and I had a goal which made me happy. 

I was pretty lazy the rest of the day and totally skipped the Emmys! #toooldforthatish

Now it's time to rock out this week. 

How was your weekend?

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September 20, 2013

Five on a Friday

Wooohooo happy Friday y'all!

I'm sure excited it's Friday, I have some fun stuff going on this weekend and I'm just glad to get some down time to just hang with the husband and organize our home. But, enough gabbing, it's time to link up with the ladies for:

1] I GOT MY BABY BACK BABY BACK BABY BACK --- Woohoo, my sweet babygirl Sassy is finally back home with me. It's been a long 25 days since the accident and I finally was able to get my car back earlier this week. I've missed my sweet sweet Sassy and her V6 engine and flash. The putzy rental cars were so below my girl, it was no fun driving which made going to work no fun at all. Know what else isn't fun at all?!?!? Getting the price tag on the repairs. I'm not going to post the amount, but holy moly it was not cheap. I have never been more thankful for good car insurance than this past month. 

2] I'm a Top Chef Addict --- I've always enjoyed watching the show, but I haven't seen all the seasons. I recently caught up on season 10 and it was bad@$$! I'm so happy with the winner and think he/she is super talented [don't want to give it away for anyone interested in watching]. Before season 11 starts I'm going to try and rewatch all the other seasons. Right now I'm watching season one and goodness it's a bit of a mess. The host has no personality and the camera angles and set up is soooo below the standards they have now. But, the chefs are just as talented as they are now and it's so incredible to watch what the chefs create each episode. I want to play Top Chef night with C in our kitchen one weekend, am I ridiculous or what?!

3] Britney's Going to Vegas --- Two months too early for me :(! Yes, her personal life is a total train wreck and she's just ridiculous, but I've always wanted to see her in concert. I've never thought of her as a singer, more of an entertainer and I bet her Vegas show is going to be off the chain. A few of my friends have talked about going to see her perform, but since I'll be in Vegas in October and NOLA in November I don't think I'll be able to make it to the show. Double doo doo! **Oh and can I just go no the record and say her new song "Work B----"  is awful. Girlfriend needs to grow up and put out some better music!**

4] Wait, my wedding is over?!?! --- Even though it will be two weeks tomorrow, I'm still in shock that my wedding is over and done. Wasn't it just seven months ago I got a ring?!?! The past seven months have flown by and now I'm married and a Mrs and my perfect day is in the past. I've looked at my sneak peek pictures a bazillion times trying to recapture all of the special moments and relive them in my mind. It's so true, the day has spots of blurriness but there are also a bunch of moments that I remember and stick out in my mind.

Walking towards this face just made my heart flutter

The first man in my life walking me to the 'new' man in my life
I wanna wear this dress again :)
 5] Being married is awesome --- I 100% love it and am so happy to be a wife of 13 days. I know it's not all rainbow and butterflies, but being a newlywed is so much fun. Yes, since we hadn't lived together before the wedding there is a bit of getting 'used' to a new routine, but coming home to OUR place and to my husband is the best feeling. Being married is fabulous and wonderful and I highly recommend it :)


September 19, 2013

Jamtastic slash Jamsadstic

cute squirrel jamming out

Things that:

Are My Jam - Fall soccer season has started and now that the wedding is over and done I can actually play in games.
Aren't My Jam - Getting hit in the face by the ball and being so dehydrated yesterday that I my left calf cramped up at the end of the game. Mega OUCH!

Are My Jam - Cooking shows, especially competition shows.
Aren't My Jam - Not being able to execute and fully understand everything the chef's do on said shows.

Are My Jam - Crisp warm afternoons.
Aren't My Jam - Cold mornings requiring tushy toasters in the car. I know it's fall, but come on, what happened to a gradual transition?

Are My Jam - Living with and sleeping next to my husband every night.
Aren't My Jam - Having a sick le husband that snores...get better soon babe.

Are My Jam - Blog friends and a supportive blog community.
Aren't My Jam - Blog haters, blog snobs, blog cliques, blog rules. This isn't high school, we can all be friends and get along.

Are My Jam - CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 'Making the Team' is finally back on television. I love the show and I love my DCC!
Aren't My Jam - The fact I am not a dancer and could never make the team :(



One BIG thing that IS my jam today is sweet lil BABYSPICE turns a quarter and a penny, woop woop!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

I loves you SO MUCH!!!

September 18, 2013

Why Do People Do Bad Things?

As many of you know I live outside Washington DC, in northern VA.

I don't consider myself a DC girl, but I do consider it my city. My husband [eek] and I met playing kickball on the National Mall, I visit museums often and I enjoy the prestige of living right outside the Nation's Capitol. Many of my friends work on Capitol Hill, or various business centers and military bases in DC.

So, you can imagine how scary the shooting on the Navy Yard Monday morning was for me and countless other residents of the NOVA/DC area. I first heard about the situation because Babyspice's best friend [and my wedding planner] texted her to let her know she was okay, since she worked at the Navy Yard.There were countless emails going around in my various kickball teams making sure everyone was accounted for and okay. I'm lucky, everyone I know is safe.

But there are so many families who's lives have been changed forever because of a cowardly act of one man. I can not fathom their pain, their grief or their sorrow. I cried reading the quick paragraphs written about many of the victims. They kissed their loved ones that morning and now are gone in the blink of an eye. Why?

Why do people do bad things?!? Why do people try to hurt others? Why can't we all just love and get along? What makes people think violence is the answer?

Oh how I wish I had answers for my questions.

Our world needs more peace and more love. We as humans need to task ourselves to make the world a better place for the children to come. The violence and senseless killings need to stop.


September 17, 2013

My FIRST Non-Weddingesque Post

Okay, well kind of, maybeish.

At least I'm honest right?!!?

But really, I'm going to try hard to keep the wedding talk to a minimum until I start doing all of my recaps. I know it's been pretty wedding central over here in pinkland, so I want to get back to my regularlly posting program. I WILL say that posts will probably reflect my new MRS status a bit, beacuse C and I are learning to live together and I know that will provide some good blogging material ;)!

Anyway, moving on to this past weekend. Since I did LAST weekend's wedding recap yesterday, I figured today I would recap what I did this weekend. You would think that after last weekend's crazy weddingness C and I would take a weekend off and just chill out and settle into our new place right?!!?

HAHA, have you met us?!? If not, let me just say we NEVER stop moving and are ridiculous when it comes to sports, especially kickball. Yep, if you guessed we had a kickball tournament this past weekend you win the 2038403843 dollar price ;)!

If I were to be completely honest, I would admit that I DID NOT want to go to this tournament. It was down in Virginia beach which is the backyard of a team I CAN NOT STAND and it was not with our normal kickball team. We were an "avaliables" team, which basically means it's a team made up of different  people from different teams because their main team couldn't field enough people for a team. Sometimes the teams are awesome, but often it's a group of allstars that aren't able to figure out HOW to play with each other, and therefore don't advance far in the tournament.

But, since my husband [eeeeek, that word] was planning to play, I wasn't going to be left home alone so I committed to play back in August. After I committed I convinced Sportyspice and Babyspice to come join in the fun so we made it a FAMILY [eek] trip.  The three sissys drove down late Friday night to miss traffic and then we all crashed out to try and get some sleep before the early Saturday morning alarm.

It's funny that a week ago Saturday I was getting up bright and early as well, but for a much more fun day :)! There may have been a few comments made Saturday about it being the week anniversary of our marriage [I'm cheesy so sue me]. C's just going to have to get used to it right?

I won't bore you with the whole day's kickball details, but just an FYI my team, A Shot in the Dark [ASITD] kicked grass. We straight up dominated everyone we played and it was awesome. Our team was a team of all-stars and everyone pulled there weight time and time again. We had the talent to win the whole tournament, we just had to execute.

Guess what, we executed and you're looking at the 2013 VBKO Champs, what what!

Yup, we won and we won handily. The team we played in the finals was the home town team and a team I REALLY don't like due to some drama. They were the favorites and we kicked their hineys 4-0.  They didn't even get a base runner on third base, which is a HUGE DEAL! Watching their dejected faces throughout the game was ALMOST as awesome as winning. Yes, I sound petty but I don't care, it was nice to shut them up for once.

C played even more amazingly than usual and was the tournament MVP. Babyspice and Sportyspice both had really good tournaments too which was awesome to witness as the big sister. This was Babyspice's first kickball win so now we all have a tournament win YAY! I played well all day and happened to an amazing play just like C.

Check it out  ;)

And one more look...

Oh look, I'm a GIF too!

You can take the soccer girl off the field, but you can't take the soccer skills out of the girl. IMO I just reacted to stop the ball because I couldn't make the dive to catch it, but it has been toted as 'the play of the game'. Some of the social media guys are trying to get it on ESPN so we will see if it happens. Could be really cool right!?!?

After the win we all drove home which was no bueno. We didn't get in until after midnight but that made for a much better morning Sunday. C and I spent Sunday running MARRIED errands and getting presents from my parent's house so we can start figuring out what we actually have and if there is anything left to buy. Our friends and family were way to generous, it's pretty insane. 

Okay, I almost made it without wedding talk. How was your weekend?

September 16, 2013


Yes my friends, I'm a MRS!


I honestly can't believe my wedding is over and I'm married.

It's so unreal.

So very, very unreal.

I'm a WIFE!


Saturday, September 7th 2013 was one of the best days of my life and a day so full of love.

The joy and happiness was palpable at the church and the reception venue and I couldn't help but feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. I married the man of my dreams in a perfectly us ceremony and then dance the night away at an amazing reception. God is so good.

I'll have more recaps later on, but today enjoy a 'sneak peek' of my 9/7/13 wedding.



I can't wait to share more about my perfect weekend. :)

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September 13, 2013

Wedding Week Guest Post: Kristin

WOW, here we are at the end of WEDDING WEEK!

WHERE has the time gone??!!?

My last guest post is from the FABULOUS Kristin whom I completely adore. I found her blog via her beeb Mrs Clo and I was hooked from the beginning. She is funny, beautiful, an awesome wife and superstar mom to her lil girl.

Oh and did I mention she was my wedding/program vendor?!?!

YUP! I worked with Kristin and her awesome company PaperEvent to create the invitations and programs of my dreams. She and everyone else were SO amazing to work with and I loved everything they created. If you're in the market for ANY kind of invitation design totally hit her up, you won't be disappointed I PROMISE!

Thanks for the awesome wedding invitations/programs and for posting Kristin!


Hey there Pink Persistence readers! My name is Kristin and I am stopping by from my blog, Busy Bee. While Pinky is off, ya know, getting married and stuff she asked me to take over her blog for a day and share my wedding day. 

I was married on November 5, 2011 and it was without a doubt the best day of my life, and I'm not just saying that! I feel like people have to say that their wedding was the best day of their life, but mine really truly was. 

I started my day bright and early surrounded by my mom, sisters and best friends. We had breakfast, coffee, blasted music (mostly Britney Spears), got pampered and wedding day ready. 

The morning went by in a flash, and all of a sudden it was time to put on "The Dress".
This was the moment when it really sunk in...."today is my wedding day".

After an essential champagne toast, me and my girls were ready and off to see my groom. 

Our first look was a surreal moment. I was so nervous for Jason to see me for the first time, but it was after we were together that all my nerves went away and I really enjoyed the day. 

After what felt like an eternity of family, wedding party and bride & groom photos... was finally time to walk down the aisle. 

We were married in a beautiful little church in Minneapolis in a beautiful ceremony where we vowed in front of all the people we loved to be together forever. 

Once the ceremony was over it was party time - we spent an hour with just our wedding party taking more photos and enjoying a couple (or a lot) of drinks in the limo. 

We rejoined our guests for dinner, very special speeches from my dad and our best friends, and our first dance as husband and wife. 

It was such an incredible day and one I won't soon forget. People always say that having all the people that mean most to you in the world all in one room is an experience unlike any other and it's totally true. One of my favorite moments from our wedding day was sitting at the head table, looking out and seeing all of my friends and all of my family all there to celebrate me and my new husband. Now I will forever tell brides-to-be to find that moment at some point during their day (got that Pinky?) 

Thank you all for stopping by today and thank you to Pinky for letting me reminisce about my big day. If you aren't sick of my wedding yet, take a look at this trailer for our wedding video (which I've watched like 100 times). 

all photos courtesy of the incredible Sara Jayne Photography