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July 31, 2014

It's Ticking Away................

Things are busy in life right now, and so today, I just leave you with these. 




Have a blessed day, sweet friends!

July 30, 2014

Gonna Confess It Up on My Blog

Happy hump day, kids! Let's start confessing, shall we?!?! *whatupkathy*

I confess… Blogging isn't always on my radar. I used to stress about having a post for everyday, but now, eh! I mean, I love y'all, but real life takes precedent.

I confess… I've been so bad about my Alaska/Honeymoon recaps. I really want to show y'all how amazing both places were, but 2000+ photos aren't fun to look through. #notaphotographer.

I confess… when "Dress You Up In My Love" song came on the radio, I found myself back in my middle school, singing in my bedroom. 80s Madonna was my jam and I envisioned singing this song to my beau one day. #dork
I confess…  this would be the face Le Husband would have if I tried to dance around and sing to him.

I confess…  I cheated on my eat healthy diet yesterday and didn't feel bad for .25 seconds.

And then I felt like this.


I confess… I checked myself out at the gym yesterday. But it was only after Le Husband told me I looked badass doing fingertip pull-ups. #tryingtogetittight

I confess… when I think about everything we have planned in the next few months, it makes me wanna do this. Kickball trips, football trips, alumni trips and family trips, oh my!

I confess…  I can't believe we are almost a month away from our one year anniversary. It is so crazy how fast time flies. #yesiknowthat'scliche!

I confess…  I'm super excited for our one year anniversary plans :)!

I confess… the friendships I've made blogging  [both old and new] make me so happy. I have friends of years now and some new, amazing blog friends that make me smile daily. Thanks for being fabulous  and amazing, y'all really are the bee's knees!

< 3 y'all < 3

July 28, 2014

The Mud Made Me Flash Them!

This weekend I...

.-.Played in my third soccer game of the week. #BOFFheadband4thewin

.-.Played awesome defense…stonewalloverhere.

.-.Ate three frittatas. Ladies, if you're looking for a delicious, easy and VERY healthy breakfast, look no further than a egg/egg white frittata. They are now my NEW go-to breakfast, yummy.

.-.Ran a 5 mile Spartan race after not training. We actually forgot the fact we signed up, until Thursday last week. Talk about being tooooo busy, huh!?!

.-.Rocked out said race.

.-.Only failed one obstacle outright. 

.-.Surprised myself with my strength and agility.

.-.Flashed a group of spectators when a guy pulled me out of a pool of mud. Note to self, soccer shorts fall down a lot when soaked in mud. Guess who's buying spandex for her next race?

.-.Became a Spartan!

.-.Took a shower with hundreds of strangers. 

.-.Watched kids rock out a mini-spartan. SO impressive! And yes, our kids will be doing spartans.

.-.Had a lot of muddy clothes to wash.

.-.Enjoyed amazing bbq as a post race treat.

.-.Finally got a fresh, new manicure.

.-.And pedicure.

.-.Chose a deep, dark color despite it being summer.

.-.Watched Monsters Inc. with Le Husband while devouring air popped popcorn.

.-.Passed out, super early.

.-.Relished an incredibly, wonderful, lazy Sunday morning and afternoon.

.-.Napped, PTL!

.-.Caught up with extended family at dinner.

.-.Used all my willpower to refuse my favorite dessert. #spandexinsixdays

.-.Skipped my soccer game, because my legs needed a break.

How was your weekend?

July 25, 2014

Oooohhh Hey, Five Favorites

Hey there, ladies, happy Friday to you!
Hoooooooooooray for the weekend, right!?!

Alright, let's get down to business.

O N E || Favorite quote of the week || Yes, it's a repeat, but it's one I'm loving a lot right now. Fabulous people in my life are hurting and it makes me sad. There is also a lot of scariness in the world right now and sometimes the only thing to make it better is quietness with God.

T W O || Favorite funny of the week || Ain't that a bish!!?!?
T H R E E || Favorite video of the week || I'm a member of the Spartan Race group, and love their motivational videos. I came across *this* one, of a dog doing burpees with her master, but couldn't post it here. So, I googled 'dog burpees' and found some amazing videos. If a dog can do it, so can you!
Oh, and guess what we just realized?!?! The Spartan that we THOUGHT we were signed up for last month, is actually tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. So, we'll be up bright and early for an hour drive to run a 5k race, plus some insane obstacles. The life we lead, I tell you, the life we lead. 
Well wishes and happy vibes are welcome, please and thank you!

F O U R || Favorite phrase of the week || NO CAVITIES! PTL!!! Thank you, dentist!

F I V E || Favorite thing about today || It's CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!! Alright, Santa. Break time is over, it's now time to get cracking for Christmas 2014!
5 months and counting, y'all!

Drop down, and get your eagle on guuuuuuuuuuuurl.....

**linking up here and here this week**

July 24, 2014

Cruise In Fashion Style

I love clothes! I mean what girl doesn't? 
Clothes, clothes, clothes. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

I love vacation! Again, what girl doesn't? No work, just fun, yay vacation. 

Wanna know what I really love?!?!

New clothes, while on vacation. WOOHOOO!

 I JUMPED for joy when I was contacted by eShakti, to review an article of clothing. eShakti is THE online women's fashion apparel company and they offer sizing from 0-36W. Or, you can get your order CUSTOM tailored to your exact measurements, cha-ching right?!?

They have so many wonderful products and to be honest, it was really hard to decide WHAT I wanted to review. I took awhile deliberating and even called in my girl, Clo for some help. Thanks girlie, you dabombdotcom!

After perusing their fabulous tops and lovely dresses, I finally chose a beautiful vintage-inspired, black and white dress, with red ribbing. Y'all know I love a good vintage dress. 

I chose to wear the dress with vintage waves, one of my wedding hair pieces and a bright bold lip. I also wore a white cardigan to keep warm since we were in Alaska. I loved the overall look and am looking forward to recreating it at home.

Clearly, I'm no fashion blogger…just a crazy blogger ;)!

I love everything about this dress. 
The cut, the style, pop of red and I especially love the quality. 
The fabric and stiching was fabulous and not at all flimsy. 

I chose to go with the eShakti size [2] and if I had to do it all over again, I would have taken advantage of their custom tailoring. Don't get me wrong, their size was dead on, but girlfriend's been working about a bit and my shoulders/back are much bigger than most women my size, making the arm area a bit snug. I'm sure a few runs and laying of the weights will help, but the dress is still totally wearable and fabulous

Thank you so much, eShakti!

 Make sure you check out eShakti on their website, or  Face book, Pinterest & Twitter.

**please say a prayer for my dear, sweet, beautiful friend Jess and her family as they deal with another sad and unexpected goodbye. Love you, lady**

July 23, 2014

***Own It***

Yesterday, lovely Elise posted a list of things that she 'owns' about herself. I found it empowering, intriguing and a lot of fun to read. So today, I'm linking up with here and sharing my list of things to 'OWN'!


... Sometimes, I don't shower after I work out because I'm too tired. I just shower in the morning and change my sheets.

... No matter how hard I work, I will never be as in shape as my two sisters.

... I can hold a grudge with the best of em.

... I am quite often, extremely too competitive.

... Confrontation is not my jam, but I'll get buck when I need to defend myself.

... I have a huge case of road rage. Trust me, I'm not a nice person on the road.

... I wish I had more patience.

... I hate grammar and botch it 95% of the time.

... Nine times out of ten, I'm caught talking too loudly. 

... Going out and drinking to get drunk is sooooo not on my list of fun things to do anymore. A glass or two of vino and maybe a lil dancing is quite enough for this gal, and I don't apologize for it.

... Nick & Jessica: The Newlyweds is still my favorite reality tv show.

... I talk in emoji more than a 30+ year old should.

... My body frustrates the hell out of me, but I continue to do aka eat the same things instead of changing my ways.

... There is no drive for me at work, so I just do what I need to, while watching videos and blogging. I know I should be doing more, but I really just don't care.

What do you own/confess?!!?

July 22, 2014

What a Girl Needs

Morning, kit kats.

Today I had planned to start some of my Alaskan recaps, but then I realized I have over 2,000 pictures to go through. Don't worry, you won't see many of them, because I don't want to do that to you. However, life kind of happened and I didn't want to look at the computer much last night.
Here's a quick preview

So…today I bring you…WHAT GIRLS NEED!

Which I'm totally plagiarizing by posting the following two links.







Seriously, take the five minutes it takes to click the link and browse aka read. I've had these saved for awhile, because I found them both very profound and thought provoking. Hopefully they make you do a lil thinking, and of course, make you smile, just a lil bit.

10 painfully obvious truths everyone forgets too soon

YES --> #2, #4, #5 and #7!!!!!


60 Tips that can change a girl's life

PREACH --> EVERYTHING! [3, 8, 15, 19, 26, 29, 39, 43, 49, 53, 56]

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING, but most of these are things I wish I learned earlier in life. And some I just read and smile, because they are so, so so true.

Just remember, you're awesome! And Fabulous!

So here's a dancing banana! MUAH!
File:Dancing banana.gif

July 21, 2014

Our First Weekend at Home... in Ten Weeks

Morning friends, how's it going? I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to crush it this week. I'm FINALLY back to feeling human and am sooooo ready to get after it.

Here's a look back at my weekend and what I learned.

I learned...

…Being 75% done with Christmas presents in July, is probably one of the best feelings ever. Bought, wrapped and stored in a safe place as of this weekend. #ChristmasinJuly

…Watching BBQ Pit-Masters is all I need to crave ribs. 

…It doesn't take much convincing for Le Husband to whip up some amazing dry ribs. The inner southerner in me was sooooo happy Saturday night. 

…That there are people out there, that spread lies and rumors, just to make themselves feel and 'look' better. 

…Even though my immediate reaction was to post the truth, I realized later, it doesn't really even matter anymore. I know the truth, I know the lies and I know my heart and my worth. If someone wants to try and smear that, go ahead, but I'm 100% comfortable with MY friendships, my life and who I am!

…I am a bit kick-balled out. 

…Four kickball games and four soccer games in one week is a lot of ball playing. 

…It has been waaaay too long since we visited the farmers market. Fresh produce, sustainability and delicious butchered meats…yup the gangs all here :)

…After a long Friday at work, surprise flowers from Le Husband can work wonders for my mental state of mind.

…As can a clean, put together after vacation apartment. PTL!

…I am becoming a slave to shellac nails. I know they aren't cheap, but man my nails look amazing 2+ weeks later. This mani was back on the last day of our cruise and my nails still look fresh. Any color suggestions for my next one?

…Swinging a racquet after a year is fun, yet frustrating. I hit some killer shots at the tennis clinic, but also whiffed and shanked a bunch too. I need to get back on the courts more often.

…Dudes don't like to be hit in the nut-sack.

…I don't like being the one that hit the ball into the instructor. SORRY!

…When the opposing soccer team acts like bush-league jerks I can't help but go back to my college athlete attitude. We were crushing the team 8-2 and ended up winning 14-2 because they were complete douche bags. #sorryimnotsorry #wekickedyourbutt #suckit

…Early bedtime on Sundays are the best.  

July 18, 2014

I Confess...Friday's My Fave

Oh sweet, sweet Friday, you are finally here. The week after a long vacation is the longest week ever, right?!? It's been a bit of a doozy getting back into the swing of things and y'all would judge the ish out of me if you saw how I rolled to work the past four days. But, you know what, at least I made it.

Let's get down to some confessing and favoriting, ya heard!?

I confess... Sole Society owns my next paycheck. Great googly-moogly, their sales are killing me, but their shoes are so comfy, it's worth the money.

I confess… I thought I was a young buck last night, but sadly I am not. I agreed to sub for a friend's soccer team last night at 10pm and while I didn't have my best game it went well. So, a team that played after us didn't have enough girls and I thought 'Sure, why not, I'm up anyway'. OH EM NO…my body is NOT in shape enough to play another game, at 11pm. WOOF!

I confess... This is the first weekend since MAY 17th, that Le Husband and I going out of town FOR REAL!!!! We are going to be able to wake up in our own bed and just chill this weekend and I'm so stinkin' excited.

I confess... I almost threw up in my mouth when I read Leslie's post about Birks being 'back in style'. Are you serious? Barforama!!!

I confess... The vast and expansiveness of Alaska has me aching to move there. People don't think I could deal with the winters, but the Denali mountain is worth a long winter.

I confess... The response from Wednesday's post made me laugh. Glad I'm not the only one that's weird, < 3 you ladies.

I confess... As happy as I am to be home, I'm still not fully here. Alaska was so incredible, so beautiful and so remote, it really made me question my choice living in the concrete jungle. Work annoyances and petty BS that engulfs me back home just melted away and I felt so free and happy while I was gone.It's been a struggle getting up in the mornings and acclimating to the day-to-day. Hopefully, it gets easier, soon.

Now, onto my favorites from the week.

Favorite Video the week: Tacky blog post coming next week ;)

Favorite moment the week: Sleeping in my own bed....FINALLY!

Favorite blog post the week: People complain to much and Nikki's on point with her thankful post. Life isn't always peaches and cream, but being grateful can make a bad day better.

Favorite funny of the week: Ode to my Alaskan trip

Shake that tail y'all, it's FINALLY FRIDAY!

linking up with Leslie and Amanda!

July 17, 2014

If I Didn't Have You...

If I didn't have you... I'd still think baseball boys were wussy, crybabies.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't be such a kickball freak.

If I didn't have you... I would constantly be moving at MACH BAZILLION.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't have the best engagement story ever :)

If I didn't have you... love songs would mean nothing to me.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't push myself as much as I do athletically.

If I didn't have you... being a mom [someday] wouldn't seem as incredible.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't laugh nearly as much.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't wake up to the sweetness of tangled up legs.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't be such a happy cuddle bug.

If I didn't have you.. I'd put up with a lot more BS, thanks for teaching me to know when to say peace!

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't have such amazing arm candy!

If I didn't have you... many things would still be broken in our apartment.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't care about Ohio...or Kent State.

If I didn't have you...  I wouldn't be as physically/emotionally strong.

If I didn't have you... I don't think I would be SUCH a foodie or food snob ;)!

If I didn't have you... I'd be content with who I am, not striving to be better. 

If I didn't have you... I'd be without my favorite outdoors-man.

If I didn't have you... I wouldn't have my perfect partner in life.

Thank you for making my dreams come true and being the One :)! Thank you for choosing me, four years ago and sticking with me through all the crazy. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing man that provides, supports and loves me as much as you do. To the moon and back, my love!

Inspiration found *here*