July 11, 2014

Guest Post: Meet @ The Barre

Morning and happy Friday, sweet friends. Today marks the last full day of vacay, as we are flying home tomorrow from Canada. I'm so excited to have Amanda guest posting today, since I'm usually linking up with her for Friday Favorites. I've been a huge fan of Amanda's since I started reading her blog and am so excited for her upcoming wedding. I mean, I just love weddings y'all! 

I also love her fashion and beauty posts too. Girlfriend is helping me grow my maxi dress collection, fo sho. Much to the chagrin of my wallet, but oh well. Oh and did I mention she lives in Florida, basically on the beach?!! Yeah, you bet I'm trying to get my lil hiney down there for a blatecation. 


I'm so excited to be taking over today for Pinky!  I mean seriously she is amazing.  I played about 3 seasons of co-ed kickball when I first moved to my town and it was so fun.  However my experience revolved more on not trying to spill my adult libation as I ran to first.  She is like a professional and that is what makes me love her even more.

Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is Amanda(I wrote/sang that in as a rhyme....you know a little H-to-the-O-V style).  I reside at my little piece of blogland space called Meet @ the Barre.  I am a Pure Barre Instructor (among my 3 other full time jobs.... I include blogging because it pretty much rules my life at the moment).  I try to keep things light, humorous and I'm always digging up some great season trends at affordable prices.  I wanted to let you guys get to know me a little more so I thought I would fill you in on things I'm really good at.  If you know me by now you may know where I am going to go with this one....

Things I'm Really "Good" At

Falling Up Stairs

Specifically when there are crowds around and when I'm in a dress.  I have long limbs and sometimes most of the time I tend to trip over them.  I think it really is a skill to trip up the stairs.....I mean anyone can fall down them but I take it to that next level by falling up them.

Fitting in Workouts Wherever I Can

I am always on the run sometimes I have to find the nearest ledge and get in a quick Barre workout.

Finding Designer Splurges at Steals of Prices

I mean don't they look exactly the same?  You can check more of those here.

Not Washing My Hair

It just takes so long to do right?  My secret weapon is dry shampoo.  I have tried out just about every one on the market and this one is the best.  It makes your hair look clean again and gives it incredible body!

Staying Organized

I try to fit a lot into my one day between my job, teaching Barre, adjunct teaching and blogging.  I pretty much take everything day by day.

Making Others Laugh

I mean have you read this post?

Living Life to the Fullest

I hope you will stop by!  This post pretty much sums up my randomness on a daily occurrence!  Thanks again to Pinky for letting me takeover for the day.  You can check me over at Meet @ the Barre xoxoxoxo

Such a fun post right?!?! I'm a fellow 'fall up the stairs' girl, just another thing we have in common. Thanks so much for your great post, Amanda.I hope to get down to FLO-RIDA one day for an awesome blate :)



  1. Not washing your hair... hahahahaha! I could probably challenge you to a no hair washing contest... ;P


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