July 10, 2014

Please Convince Me To Use Snapchat

Hey ladies, I have another fabulous lady here to entertain you today. I found Jessi's blog a bit ago and was hooked from the first post. Girlfriend is so kind, too funny, an ex-college athlete and all about fitness...so basically my new bestie right?!? #BOOZYBRUNCHWILLHAPPEN

I love both of her blogs and highly suggest you hit up her fitness blog for motivation, inspiration and of course some workout perspiration.

Take it away lady!


Hi friends and strangers! 

I’m Jessi and I write in two places in this crazy blog world. I’m JumpingJE by day - my first blog which is in the “lifestyle” category - meaning that it’s written by a 20-something trying to find the best gifs on the internet, survive shopping trips to Target, practicing photos with her DSLR but really just obsessed with her iPhone and instagram. 

The second place I write is Not the Average Bear where I share my fitness and health journey as an ex-collegiate athlete who’s trying to find her soulmate workout while eating a 95% Paleo diet in a world full of bread, dairy and sugars.

Pinky and I found each other a few months ago and developed an instant blog-crush on one another, hating that we live an entire country apart and hoping one day we can meet in person for a weekend workout followed by a bottomless mimosa boozy brunch. 

When she asked me to come take care of her blog I had a million ideas for what I wanted to write about. One of my ideas stuck out hard in my mind and I need your help to convince her to take the plunge. The Snapchat plunge.

I stole a few photos that she’s posted on her blog to show you what a natural she’d be at Snapchat.

Literally all of these photos are made for snapchat and I think we’d all be better people with some Pinky in our snap feeds. 

Boozin', kickin' balls, lovin' with le hubs! All amazing!

Help me convince her in the comments below - peer pressure can rule all things!

…...Then once she gets cozy with Snapchat maybe she’ll also consider joining instagram?


Okay, I'm pretty much dying here Jessi. You might just have convinced me to join snapchat. I mean, #virtualboozybrunches sound pretty amazing. Thanks so much for posting lady!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comments! Make my p!nk day and leave me some love!