January 10, 2011

MIGHTY Monday {Weekend Edition}

Is it really Monday already?!?!?!? I am seeeerrrrsly dragging today!
So much so that I can't even BEGIN to think of writing a normal post.

I might have driven to Pittsburgh this weekend for a wedding with C.

I might have forgot to check my oil before we left and remembered halfway through our trip.

C might have tried to laugh at me

I might have been given credit for remembering

I might have met alot of C's friends at said wedding

I might have been more nervous than I let on

I might have been miserable and shy the 45 minutes of time between the wedding ceremony and actual reception while C was taking pictures
{me shy...stoptheworld)

I might have not gotten alot of sleep this weekend

I might have won a championship in a sport on Sunday

It might have been the 4th time in a row my team was in the championship

I might have passed out at 945pm on Sunday

My car might have been white from all of the snow/sleet this weekend

I might have snuck out of work for an hour to go clean it

It might be snowing again tomorrow

My room might be a complete disaster

I might have put Christmas away

I might be super sad about it

I might be posting Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures to Facebook today

I might not even care what people think


January 6, 2011

EPIPHANY is here

Happy Thursday all! Wow, the past few days have been a whirl wind. I was up in NYC for work the past 2 days and am just starting to get back to normal. But ohmyword I am tired tired tired. My team from work was being honored so it was a great experience, however alot crammed into 2 days.

It was a really great time though and a very very high honor (not trying to brag though). We had dinner with a major VP and then the team was recognized in front of a room of 200 or so. I must have been the youngest person in the room by at least 10 years (although most people think I am 5-10 years younger than I really a, gag me). We were put up in a hotel in Brooklyn which I really enjoyed, especially since I didn't have to pay for it :)

We got home around normal work time last night but I was majorly beat. I had left my room in a wreck, seriously ya'll it looked 'like a tornado swept through it' to quote one of my best friends. I had no drive to clean, but I knew I would go crazy if I left everything in ridiculous mode. I am by no means a neat freak, but I go nuts if my room is a mess for more than a day or too. I also HATE if the shared rooms are messy too, but that is another post in it's self again.

I feel soooooo behind in someways after reading people's blogs because everyone else has PUT CHRISTMAS AWAY!!! NOOOO PLEASE SAY IT AIN'T SOOOOO!!!! Don't you guys know TODAY is actually Epiphany?!?! Today the Wise Men come, with the gifts....CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Everywhere I look everyone has already moved on. I always keep my stuff up until Epiphany and most people I know do as well. But I feel soo not with it this year since everyone else has there stuff gone. However, seeing the Rockefeller tree in NYC on Tuesday helped keep my Christmas spirit up a few more days. :) I was thinking about trying to put things away tonight and tomorrow night before C comes over but it's a big hassle (since I am the only one that does it.) But, my awesome boyfriend said "No, don't do that. Don't take the happy away from seeing the Rockefeller tree. Keep your Christmas up a few more days and keep your Christmas spirit" Awwww isn't he great?

Okay, I am watching this show "2 weeks in H3ll" on the Discovery Channel and HOLYMOLY this show is In to the TENSE!!! Basically it is showing candidates for the Army Green Beret squad and these kids/men are put through the wringer. I can't even write anymore about how tired I am, these poor guys are running miles while working on 3 hours of sleep. My dad is a retired Army Lt. Colonel and so I have always had MAD respect for the military, he raised us right ya'll ;)! One of my best guy friends is in the Army and Sporty Spice's boyfriend is in the Army as well. This show is hitting alittle close to home though, because he has participated in classes like this to prepare for his deployment. But that dear friends, is for another day.
Phew, what a babbling/rambling/crazying post. Hopefully ya'll were able to follow that!


January 3, 2011


Can you BELIEVE it's a new year already??? Didn't 2010 just START?!?!? Where EVER did the time go? When did TIME start moving soooooooooooooooooo fast?!?!? (and how do I make it stop)?

Okay, enough of being sad 2010 is over...now it's time to be
for all the newness that is 2011 and all the POSSIBILITIES the new year brings!

A quick look back my 2010 shows the following:

my relationship with GT
New Orleans Mission Trip
the heartbreak and fallout that ensued
my FABULOUS friends/family giving me a great birthday
me losing sight of who I really am
playing with fire
understanding it's okay to lean on friends/family
a few health scares
realizing I am not still in college and my body needs help
finally starting a blog and meeting fun people
losing sight of my normal gym body
stepping out on my own and joining a NEW TEAM by myself
meeting amazing and wonderful new friends
partying a little too hard
having the partying lead me to C
being the HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN with a boyfriend
all of the LOVE lyrics in songs now MAKE SENSE
My family is healthy and happy

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A YEAR!
Looking back at the snippets I see how MUCH I did or didn't do.
I can only PRAY 2011 is as amazing and wonderful. So far, it has been :)
I have gone back and forth about New Year's resolutions, because often they aren't fulfilled and that isn't the best way to look at a year (in my honest opinion). But, I do strive to try and find things I want to DO BETTER the next year. So, this year let's use the semantics and say
MY GOALS for 2011

1) Get BACK to God
The past year was a very hard one for me spiritually. I was dating a guy who didn't believe the same things I did and it led to alot of angst and unhappiness. Something was missing last year with my faith and most of it was do to the fact I WASN'T DOING MY PART!!!!!!!!! I need to make more time for God, in the quiet morning moments, in the quiet evening moments and throughout my day. This also means putting GOD before hanging out with C.

It's no secret that I consider myself athletic so any short comings 'athletewise' really really bother me. I had a rough few months after my ankle/leg injuries because I wasn't able to just get out and RUN. Or work my legs at the gym. And my body (and body image) has MAJORLY suffered. All of my friends think I'm crazy (I have a very petite build) but I am SOOO far away from what I want to be. And instead of just complaining, I'm doing something about it. C and I are starting morning workouts together once he joins my gym and I am doing a MAJOR food detox. Trying to JUST eat the necessities for 2-3 weeks then get back into a normal but HEALTHY style of eating. I've done it before by myself and felt AWESOME. I just want to see results.

I've been wanting to BUY my own place for awhile. And at my age it's about time to stop renting and settle in somewhere. I really want to take advantage of the market out there right now too. BUUUUUUT, I've never had to live on an honest to goodness Budget. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not wealthy and have had to budget my money (especially when I first moved out and was working a different job). However that only entailed to me going, hmmm guess I shouldn't buy that. Now, I am going to create a spreadsheet and set out the amount of $$ I can spend per month and TRY not to go over that AT ALL (yipes)

4)Be okay with Confrontation
If you have been following me (all 1 of you) you will be well aware that I LOATHE.HATE.DETEST confrontation! Ohmyword its the worst thing in the whole wide world to me. I talk a RIDICULOUSLY big game but when all is said and done, I just grin and bear the trials and drama others push on me. I HATE fighting with friends and significant others and usually will let things slide until they add up to a bazillion and then it's HUGE problem. I need to accept that if something bothers me it's okay to talk about it and fix it. RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Before it turns into a big ugly crazy monster.

5)Love more and worry less
Last year I dealt with heartbreak and VOWED not to let it happen again. HAHAHA I can still hear everyone in the world laughing at me. However, being with C as re-opened my heart and shown me how amazing Love really can be. And STOPTHEWORLD I'm just living it and loving it and NOT WORRYING it. What is meant to happen will happen. God has lessons sprinkled throughout my life and now I am starting to understand this. So, I'm gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE today and not worry what tomorrow will bring.
So, CHEERS TO 2011! May it be all YOU HOPE IT TO BE!