March 31, 2016

Adding a Little Usher to the Week {These are my CONFESSIONS}

I confess. . .

|| there are no words to describe the idiocy of this guy. I can only hope selfless with high jackers doesn't become a trend. What is this world coming to and why are people so ridiculous?

|| I went a lil balls to the wall in my sports conditioning class on Tuesday and shhhhheewwwweee my shins are NOT happy with me today.

|| it may sound braggy but I was thrilled with my gym outfit Tuesday. I had forgotten how slimming my Spartan shirt fit and having it paired with one of my favorite leggings made me feel fierce. Might have been why I was so aggressive in class!

|| the baby bug grabbed me for a hot second yesterday when my dear friend shared a video of her son with me. He is just the cutest lil thing and his sweet lil voice melted my heart. I'm back on the no kid right now train, but one day look forward to having my own lil minion :)!

|| while I'm super stoked spring weather is here the ahem -- body maintenance -- has me all kinds of wah. The one good thing about the winter is sweat pants and long leggings at the gym. #bootomorefrequentshaving

|| I am both nervous excited and nervous dreading our going away party this weekend. I've kind of thrown it together at the last minute when our other plans didn't pan out. It will be much more informal that originally thought and I'm so grateful my parent's are allowing us to use their home. I just hope the food, drinks and desserts turn out how they are pictured in my mind. I know what matters is just enjoying friends, but we all know how important it is to be a good host. #prayersforniceweatherplease

|| whipped cream spoons have been my dessert of choice this week. Not fancy and not classy, but oh so delicious.

|| the notification issues on Instagram has this girl all 'what is going on'? I just joined and it seems like things are changing but I don't know what is changing. I'm just gonna keep liking pictures and commenting as normal, please don't be offending if something changed on my end [follow me here].

|| I may have recycled my Easter top to work this week. There was a big meeting with a vendor and I didn't feel like figuring out another fancy outfit. #addedthepearlsforextrabling #dontjudge #pictureatstoplight

What do you confess today?

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March 30, 2016

What's Up Weds {March in Review}

Another month, another linkup with Shay. I think it's such a fun way to look back on each month. This month is a bit more emotional, so I'm really happy to have something to look back after our trip and then our big move. #bloggingforthewin

What We're Eating: Oh March, you were a mix of good and bad. I'd find myself on the bandwagon for a strict week so I'd feel [and look] awesome but then something would come up and derail me by turning on the sugar dragon. I felt AWESOME a the beginning of the month but indulgences have sent left me feeling a bit blah. I plan to get back on the strict bandwagon until our trip, I want to be in TOP shape before we leave. Once we are in Europe, game on food, game ON!

What I'm Reminiscing About: EVE.REY.THING! No joke! I am finding nostalgia in any and everything right now and honestly with good reason. Legit I had a moment this week where one of my dish towels made me think about the past [I see you rolling your eyes at me, it's okay]. I've always been a very sentimental person and packing up the apartment has lots of memories floating through my head.  Most of you probably don't know our apartment was actually my FIRST big girl apartment [long story I can tell in an email if you want] so there are a bazillion memories everywhere [anyone remember my single girl apartment nostalgia?]. We are not playing kickball anymore and there have been a few moments of wistful reminiscing when we realize it's a tournament weekend. All in all I'm trying it soak up all I can because I know everything will be soooo different in less than 30 days.

What I'm Loving:
How excited everyone is for us. Seriously, the love and support from family, friends and the blog world makes my heart happy. I was quite nervous to share our big news because it's a bit step in life and I hate to fail.  Now I feel silly because everyone has been so supportive and wonderful about everything. Y'all make me realize how blessed I am and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me figure out my life ;)!

What I'm Dreading: How everything will end up with my job. Still a bit shaken the original plan might not come to fruition. I'm still waiting to hear the FINALLY decision from my big boss, but there was some encouraging news yesterday. I'll keep y'all posted and any happy vibes or good thoughts would be appreciated.

What I'm Working On:  Packing up the apartment and putting the finishing touches on BODYPUMP Release97 for our launch. Did I mention the launch is the week before we leave? WOOHOO, fun times. No, really though, I'm really excited to launch this release, the songs are fabulous and the burn is REAL!

What We've Been Up To: Oh you know, packing up the apartment, signing up for instagram [follow me!], teaching my last 6am BODYPUMP class, learning new chorey for BODYPUMP, planning our going away party, figuring out WHAT to pack for the trip, reading lots of travel blogs and trying to soak up every moment here in DC.
Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!
What I'm Excited About: Our BIG EUROPEAN TRIP in April.

What I'm Watching/Reading:  We aren't really watching much right now. Most of our free time [??] is spent packing up boxes, making list, working on our travel itinerary, writing letters to friends/family and planning our going away party. I've started rereading HP #7 for fun and we will catch up on our regular shows with dinner when there is time.
What I'm Listening To: Mostly BODYPUMP music with a lil bit of the radio here and there. #loverelease97

What I'm Wearing: March came in like a lamb but has had quite a few lion moments. I've mostly been wearing layers, pants and leggings but every now and then the weather cooperated for a dress and heels. I don't mind the layers but I am SOOOO ready to put all of my big winter coats away for the season. #bringthespring
Everything pictured [minus my P&M top and fleece leggings] are quite old so no links today.

What I'm Doing this Weekend: More packing, finishing the menu for our party, attending our going away party [where's the waterproof mascara], going to the gym, practicing BODYPUMP and hanging with the famjam.
What I'm Looking Forward To About Next Month:
Europe, Europe, Europe! I'm excited to see the Eiffel tower and the shores of Normandy beaches. I cannot wait to taste authentic Italian food and eat my weight in gelato. Oh and don't even get me started on our Grecian cruise. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!

What Else Is New:
What isn't new? There is so much going on right now it is honestly hard to put everything in perspective. Le Husband and I are turning our lives upside down and as exciting as this adventure is there is also a bit of trepidation about the unknown. I 100% believe this is the right path and choice for us at this moment but leaving everything I've known since elementary school behind kind of freaks me out.

What were you up to in March?!


March 29, 2016

Ten Things To...

Morning and happy Tuesday, y'all. I'm honestly still playing catch up on sleep as we spent a long time last night packing up more of our apartment. It was a Monday date night at the storage unit, woohoo! Today I have a meeting most of the day so my commenting might be a lil spotty, but I promise to make it to all your pretty blogs when I can. 

Today I thought I'd share different things on my radar, but with the Ten for Tuesday twist.

Here are Ten things to...

::Listen To::
Che'nelle's song if your needing a bit of a pump up vibe. Check this video out if you need to feel FIERCE!
This song if you need to focus on a single task, it's the perfect mix of calm and interesting.

:: Try ::
In the market for a new skin regimen, give Lindi Skin a try. Over the weekend my face sadly became a lil sun and wind burned from our early morning bike ride. It was quite angry with me so I was glad to have the Lindi face wash at home to try. The cleanser was SUPER gentle but still left my skin feeling fresh and clean and I loved the smell. The lavender serum not only smelled fabulous it also helped soothe my burnt skin. While this is nowhere NEAR as serious as  I now keep both the cleanser and serum in my gym back to use before or after my workouts. I know it will get the job done, but won't leave my skin feeling dry or itchy before I teach. I can see why someone with sensitive skin would LOVE these products, but I think they work well on any skin type. #trylindiskin #smellsamazing

Even though we're back on the healthy train I'm trying to find a delicious sweet treat to share this weekend at our bon voyage party. I know I should probably keep with an old standby but don't these look amazing? 

:: Watch ::
Yes, I'm a bit late to the party but oh my goodness this movie was just adorable. If you haven't seen it be warned, there are a few UP moments scattered throughout the movie. Oh and if you hate snakes as much as I do, be sure to close your eyes when a red thing falls off a tree. #family #humanasadog #dinosaursareawesome

:: Read ::
I've only perused Marie's website but really want to buy and read her book.  So far her 'spark joy' theory has helped me change my hording sentimental ways and I'd love to learn more about her organization techniques. #purgingbeforethemove

:: Do ::
Have courage, be kind and THROW the kindness around. Be good to others #confettiforall 

:: Buy ::
With the trip to Europe and move closing in, I've been seriously watching my spending habits. Got to be good now to justify a new Italian leather something right? However, I needed to stop by Target to pick up some new storage bins and used the time in the store as an excuse to scoop up a few more necessities. There were high hopes of scooping up some of the cute workout shirts I posted about a few weeks ago, but alas the two in the store were NOT flattering at all. My trip was not in vain though as I grabbed a new travel makeup set to replace my previous SK brushes I misplaced in February [seriously, no idea where they went]. While perusing the Merona aisle I saw my FAVORITE tank camisoles were on sale so I snatch up a few. Y'all, do yourself a favor and go get you some, they are so soft and hold up really well too.

:: Meditate ::
We all need a lil bit of Zen in our life sometimes. Ten wonderful things to keep in mind and don't forget the belly laugh.

:: Taste ::
Love me some tacos and shrimp tacos are a favorite in the springtime. How delicious does the cilantro lime slaw sound? Can't wait to try this with our homemade tortillas #yumyumgood #amouthfiesta!

:: Sip ::
Another lil summin summin I'm wanting to try for our going away party. You know I love me some champs and I thought mixing it with sangria would be a fun springtime treat. Not sure if I'll get as fancy as this pin or just try a simple lil mixology on my own. Have you tried this recipe before? Any tips or tricks?
What are some things on your radar right now?


Before you leave, I have to share one more fabulous piece of news. My sweet, sweet, friend Jess of The Newly is expecting and I am over the moon and excited for her and her sweet lil family. If you have a minute head over to her blog and give her some congratulation love.

***I was provided Lindi Skin products for review, but as always all opinions are my own**

March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend in Numbers {Bikes, Boxes & Bunches O'Fun}

Morning, friends! Happy Easter Monday. Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed. I am so grateful for my Savior and his sacrifice. This weekend we celebrated Easter at home as a family and it was quite a wonderful weekend. I thought I'd switch up the recap, therefore I present, my Easter in numbers.

7 || The number of mini sermons given at our Tenabrae service on Friday night. #goodfriday

3 || Boxes packed.

540 || Minutes slept.

50 || The degrees on the thermostat Saturday morning.

65 || The degrees I was dressed for on our bike ride.

100 || How many times I said 'Holy moly it's cold out here'.

230483204803284 || Cherry blossoms blooming around the DC area. #dctourist #onelastvisit

1 || Bowl of oatmeal eaten when we finally made it home out of the cold.

94320420384 Gobzillion || Trips taken from the apartment to the cars.

334930 Gobzillion || Trips taken from the cars to the storage unit.

1 || INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT CREATED! Yes, after years of being prodded to create an account I finally decided to make one to document out BIG TRIP next month. Shameless plug, you can follow me here @pinkyfit321 if you want!

0 || Naps taken

10 || More pieces of nostalgia I came across while packing. #minimooncork #wedding2013

4 || Steaks cooked on the grill Saturday night before we did our taxes with a friend. 

108000 || The number of seconds we spent filing our taxes.

XXXX || The number of our tax return. #HALLELUJAH

1 || Reese's peanut butter egg tried for the first time. 

7 || Hours of sleep slept Saturday night.

5 || Chores were done before we left to prep Easter food.

9 || Cornish game hens cooked for Easter lunch. #preppingwithmyman

3 || Antondas at the Easter celebration. #onlytookonepicture #lamers

6 || Mimosas and glasses of wine #drank.

2 || Lil minions who joined the party. #theyweresupercute #loveotherpeopleskids

3 || plates of dessert eaten. #theremayhavebeensomecandyintheretoo.

3,600 || Seconds spent napping after lunch.

10 || Minutes spent prepping for my LAST 6AM BODYPUMP CLASS! #woofitsgonnabeadoozy

It might not sound like a lot got done this weekend but I sure am bush waked. Might have something to do with ALLLLL the delicious food eaten on Sunday night. Did not make for the best frame of mine for teaching this morning, but hey, it's the last class so I gave it my all. We are back on the healthy train now until the trip because, hello, bathing suits and European women ;)! Hope you have a fabulous Monday, I'll see you tomorrow < 3!

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March 25, 2016

The Quiet Last Friday in March

You all are those people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words on my post yesterday.  Thank you for championing me, cheering me on, comforting me, sending me advice, blessings and prayers. I am incredibly grateful for all of y'all and truly feel blessed to know each and every one of you. Our plan is set and I am excited for our future.

Today is a quieter day in pinkland. This week and weekend culminate the most important seven days in the Christian calendar. Today our Savior dies and we wait with humbled hearts for the empty tomb when He rises bright and early on Sunday morning. Last night we shared the last supper and tonight is Tenebrae.

Fellow Christians I mourn with you today. We experience the darkest day of our year, but we know death does not win. I wait for that glorious moment on Sunday, when the tomb is empty and Jesus ascends to join our Father. T o d a y is dark but the L I G H T will shine again in three short days come Easter morning.


Whatever your beliefs today, know that I wish you and yours a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend! < 3

March 24, 2016

A Fork, A Precipe, A Change

***Before you read this post there are two things to note. 1] 90% of this was written stream of consciousness a few months ago and has been sitting in my drafts since then. I made it readable within the last few days but the sentiments are that of earlier this year 2] I am not sharing this for head pats or as comment bait. I use this blog as a living journal and know there will come a time where I want to look back on this journey and see EVERYTHING***

The big move is upon us and quite soon we will be sharing the news with everyone. Our good friends and family have known for awhile but soon work, sports teams and the blog world will know and that is a little frightening. There is no turning back once the news is out there. Well of course there is, we can always turn back, however once we share everything it will be quite embarrassing to 'chicken out' and not move forward. And if I'm honest with myself, the fact that everyone will know will make it more real. It will make it a 'do or die' situation in my head and I'm truly terrified we might fail miserably in front of everyone.

I heard a sermon recently where the pastor prayed for God to shake his family up so they could find the truth and a better life. Funny enough I chuckled to myself when I heard that as I thought "why would you pray for that? Seems kind of stupid to me". But then here we are, dropping everything and moving somewhere new. There are avenues here for us to be happy, maybe not as happy as we wish, but happy still. And we'd have friends and family close if anything unexpected were to arise. Yet, we are looking elsewhere for our happiness and trying to forge a new life in a new place because we want something other than what is right in front of us.

As I sit here listening to Le Husband cook dinner in our lil kitchen I find myself wondering if we are choosing the right path. We aren't rich, but we do enjoy a disposable income and can take trips at the drop of a hat. Apartment living isn't for everyone and we are ready for a home, but not being strapped down by a mortgage has allowed us some opportunities we otherwise would have had to decline. Are we ready to say no to impromptu trips and extravagances? Do we really want to put ourselves on a stricter budget? Do I want to have to really thing hard about gifts for others because of our personal finances? Will we miss out on holidays with family due to a new job or too expensive plane tickets?

I'm walking away from a perfectly good and probably what most would call 'a cushy job' for nothing. Obviously I will be pursing a job in Tennessee, doing what exactly remains to be seen, but I'm preparing for a pretty hefty pay cut due to cost of living and job opportunities. The percentage scares me more now as it becomes more real and I see possible months going by without money coming in while I search. BODYPUMP might be a bit of saving grace since a transfer seems to be easy enough, still the money I make teaching will be peanuts compared to what I bring in currently. And please don't even get me started on creating  resume, cover letter and going on interviews. My heart palpitates thinking about the hiring process now and I worry I'm the 'old dinosaur' in a sea of college graduate youngins. I dreaded the 'have you found a job yet?; question when I was a senior in college, I can't imagine how much worse it is going to be now at 33 as weeks, possibly months go by with no new job.

All of the doubt and fear I've had previously is now compounded because my boss has changed her mind on my end date and the few weeks I thought I'd have to play with are now gone. I'm still praying she will change her mind and I can bank a few extra paychecks, however new business policies [of course NOW] seem to make that less and less likely.  Admittedly my confidence has been shaken, all of a sudden what seemed to be the best idea in the world is now feeling more like a stupid chance.

What is the difference between carpe diem and being reckless? What makes taking a chance for a better life different than just changing scenery because I'm bored? Is striking it out 'on our own' really something we need to do or something we want to prove to ourselves and others?  I am quite terrified to thinking about not having a paycheck or becoming house poor. The thought of not having my sisters 20 minutes away scares me and don't even get me started on the thought of finally decided to start a family away from 'home'.#letsnotgetaheadofourselves

Right now I'm all worded out. There really is no point in this post, just a word vomit of emotions and thoughts that need to get out of my head. Hopefully putting them here will help me collectively take a deep breath and charge on with our new adventure. The die are cast now and so we must move forward. We have so much to get done so there really isn't time for wallowing and worrying.  Excited doesn't even begin to explain how I feel about our European trip, I seriously cannot wait. The move has me a bit more apprehensive, which I think is normal, but it is something I need to get over.

I do know this, Le Husband and I have been stagnant for too long and it is now time to put our plan of talk into action. We must embrace the next few months of disarray to hopefully get to the other side we've always dreamed about. Time to turn the doubt around, put on my big girl sparkly pants and attack the future with hope and a smile.


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March 23, 2016

To Whom It May Concern


Dear Work: Good gracious, you are putting me through my paces. Creating MOP documents and transcribing my day to day is starting to consume my life, #killmenow. Tedious paper creation drives me bonkers but I understand this is a necessary evil for the next hire. #stopallthepaperwork

Dear Big Boss: Please, please, please change your mind about my last day. Originally you were on board with my proposed plan of staying on after my trip to assist with the new transition but now you've taken a step back. It would make me feel much better if you'd stick with my plan, because I would very much like to keep my paycheck [and insurance] a bit longer.

Dear Cravings: I need you to find your way back to salads, fruits and lean proteins please. Too often this month you've been wanting sugar and sweets and that needs to stop ASAP. #eatleantrainmean

Dear cute older man at the gym last night: Thank you for your wonderful compliment. I was in awe of your boxing and kicking skills so when you took the time out to compliment my pull-up skills you made my night. Because of you, I did an extra set, so my body thanks you too.

Dear Spring: The groundhog gave us hope for an early visit and though we have had a few glimpses of weather to come your warmth has been all too fleeting this March. It would be lovely if you showed your face more around this place and pushed old man winter out the door.

Dear Birthday Month: You are just over a week away and I am flabbergasted my 33rd trip around the sun has almost ended. I don't feel [and hopefully don't look] 33, but I do feel it's time to truly 'grow up' and figure out my life. This birthday month will be a bit different than years past as April brings MUCH bigger things to the table, however I do look forward to celebrating with my close friends and family. Bring on the champs, sparkles and of course cake!

Dear Boxes: Will you please pack yourselves? And quickly? Packing is the bane of my existence and I have no idea how I will pack up my entire apartment without pulling out all of my hair.

Dear World: Please stop with the hurting. Please, please stop. My heart hurts for Brussels and I pray this is the last we see of these kind of attacks anywhere in the world. We need good to triumph over evil and we need it now.

Dear Easter Sunday: I cannot wait for the joy you will bring this weekend. The tomb will be empty and we will rejoice as we celebrate a new chapter in the Christian calendar. Looking forward to celebrating with the family and eating some delicious food. #easterbasketsforthewin

Dear Self Doubt: GO AWAY! Stop meddling with my head. We've got this and that's all there is to it.

Dear Blog Friends: I have a question for y'all and truly value your feedback. While I'm away on my trip I'm struggling with what I want to do with my blog. I clearly won't be going dark but wanted to know what y'all would want to see? There are already a few prepped posts for y'all and I was also thinking of having a few guest posts too. Yet, I don't want people to grow bored with this space while I'm gone. I worry y'all will lose interest while I am away, is that silly?


March 22, 2016

A Lil Inspiration {10 for Tuesday Linkup}

Morning, muffins. I am much more refreshed after an early bedtime last night. Our big weekend of work really wore me out and the 5am wakeup call for my BODYPUMP class felt SUPER early yesterday morning. I received news two weeks ago that due to small numbers the gym will be getting rid of my class. It was bittersweet because the timing was tough each week, but it kind of bummed me out even though I will be leaving. Thankfully I was given TONS of feedback that it was NOTHING to do with performance, the gym just didn't want to keep offering classes to 5-6 people. #phew.

Today I'm linking up with Karli and my ten are all inspirations for you. I hope you enjoy :)!









March 21, 2016

The Purging and Goodbyes Have Started

Good morning, beautiful friends. I hope y'all had a great weekend and your Monday is going well so far. I'm in need of that EXTRA LARGE cup of coffee this morning because our weekend was extremely full and it was go, go, go. I am incredibly proud of how much I got done regarding our move and am glad I was also able to schedule some down time with good friends. Kind of sad the goodbye brunches/dinners/lunches/drinks have started, I don't even want to think about April. 

Okay, moving on. This weekend I… 

… was inspired by the gorgeous weather on Friday so I used this recipe and whipped up a deliciously light shrimp salad. It was everything I wanted it to be and tasted FANTASTIC! #springandsummerperfect

*serve it as is, on a salad or in romaine hart leaves*

… found one of my college shirts and was surprise by how well it still fit. Decided to wear it out Friday night.

… met friends out at a bar to dance to an INCREDBILE COVER BAND! #soooogoood

… had a blast dancing the night away with some of my favorite soccer ladies. It brought me back to my 20 something days and I had a nostalgic moment on the dance floor [thanks wine]. So thankful soccer brought such great people into my life. 

… stayed out till midnight and then my night in shining armor picked me up. #solucky

… woke up super early to get in a CXworks class and then some cardio and booty work. #sweatingalcohol

… hustled back home to get ready to meet a good friend for brunch. We have known each other 24 years and I'm so grateful we've stayed so class. It was a great few hours catching up on her life and talking about my big changes. The food was amazing [hello french toast with marshmallow brûlée] and I am still dreaming about the fantastic french press coffee.

… came home and started the purging process. 

… was suddenly laid up with an AWFUL headache and got derailed while I rested on the couch. 

… thankfully kicked the headache and started the purging of closets. It was actually quite cathartic and I was pretty ruthless using the Spark Joy method. I admit I am quite sad to get rid of this beautiful piece because it no longer fits. Honestly I'm at a loss of what to do with it because I don't just want to give it away, anyone need a birthday dress?

… texted with the sissys and Biana when I came across a maybe. #thanksforyourhelp

… cleaned up quickly and met another friend for an overdue sushi/sake dinner. #wehousedit

… went home, cleaned out my part of the linen closet then went to bed.  #neededmoresleep

… woke up and went to church for Palm Sunday. Enjoyed the processing of the Palms and wondered where our next Palm Sunday will be celebrated. CAAAAHRAZY line of thinking. 

… met my parents for an impromptu brunch after church at our favorite diner. #traditionsIwillmiss

… arrived home and tackled more purging. Anyone want some books? If not where should I donate?

… treated myself to cup of cocoa for a break. #isntitsupposedtobespring

… moved on to paper purging and recycled old recipts, policies and birthday cards. 

… made an old t-shirt into a bag. #newwaytorecycleoldshirts 

… had to document how much I got rid of this weekend. This doesn't include two other bags already at my parent's house and two boxes of books and linens we no longer need. #somuchstuff

… finally dropped my car of to get fixed after the hit and run. 

… indulged in a cereal dinner for the first time in months. #iblamelehusband

… caught up with my bestest on the phone and created an event for our going away party. #eeek

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?