January 31, 2012

Baaaaaack in the USA!!!

Hello lovies, I'm back in the good ol USA!!! Did ya miss me?!?!? Cause ya'll I sure as heck missed YOU!!!! Yes, even though I was chillin on the beach in Cancun, I was missing my bloggy friends something FIERCE!!!!!

Cancun was amazeballs! Lovely R&R with some fun playtime as well. The weather was gorgeous, even though there were a few showers. The pool was fantastic and I LOVED the free drinks everywhere. Lil Pinky DID keep her decorum though, so no worries! I did get a lil PINK too, but just on the last day, but oh well. I still feel crispy now, but slowly am turning tan (don't hate me ladies)!

I don't have time to recap today, work has me swamped! But scouts honor I will be recapping my fun travels this week. Maybe a day to day post so they aren't too long.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to my amazing guestpost ladies, YALL ARE THE BOMB.COM!

Mrs Carolyn: OH MI WORD...those pink pictures are amazing. I will now be scouring the internet world to find those shoes and those clothes!!!! I tried to remember to wear sunscreen, but alas am a little pink.
Miss JennJenn: What a great relationship idea, those 5 Love Languages are SO Important. I will 100% be trying this out and then will mention it to C. I know other ladies appreciated that post.
Mrs Holly: Girl, those travel items are gorgeous. I must find the coach luggage tags before my next international trip. You are going to be STYLIN in Jamacia.
Mrs Janna: Your pictures make me miss Mexico already. Love love love the one of you in the stunna shades. I miss you too my darling!!!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH Ladies! I am so glad my first guest post series went without a hitch, ya'll are amazing! So grateful for the amazing blog world!

Before I leave I'll give you a quick teaser! LOVE YOU LADIES! Happy MONDAY!

January 30, 2012

Guest Post: This Is Mexico

Welcome to my FIRST guest post.
Let me tell ya- I was SO excited that Pinky asked me, but don’t tell anyone- I don’t want to seem over eager….So while I was racking my brains contemplating what to write,  I had writers block for the first time ever!  On my blog- I have TOO much to post about, but there was something about the pressure of getting this right that caught me off guard.
Do I sound pathetic right now? Humor me.
First off, I should probably introduce myself.  Hi <insert handshake> I am Janna Renee, and I am SO pleased to make your acquaintance!  I go by Janna, JB, Banana, Bananza, Momma Janna, Sweetness…I pretty much answer to anything ;)
Here is a picture that pretty much sums up my life:

If you read my blog, you already know why. 
I am what you call a “lifestyle” blogger, I guess, but really- that just means that my blog is all over the place!  I am interested in SO many things that I just can’t narrow it down.  I started blogging, as many do, to document our lives to share with friends and family, and although that is still my main goal, I have grown and thus so has my blog.  The thing is- once you are a part of this world, you can’t help but join in all the fun! Am I right or am I RIGHT?
So how jealous are we all, that Pinky went to Mexico WITHOUT US?!

In honor of her trip, I decided to share a few picutres of my trip to Mexico!  I have been ACHING for a beach in my life, so lemme tell ya- this ONLY made it worse....


Why sleep in a bed, when you can sleep here:

The best group to go to Spring Break with:

Needless to say, Spring Break 'O8 was an experience that will never be replicated...

"This Is Mexico"

Hope you are having a BLAST beautiful!! 
We miss you, so hurry home ;)

January 27, 2012

Guest Post: Fashion Travel Must Haves

Hello P!nk Persistance readers!  I'm Holly and you can find me blogging about my somewhat crazy, usually boring but always happy life over at Eight Six Eleven.  This is my first guest post and I'm uber excited that it is for none other than my good blog friend, Pinky!

As you all know, Pinky is living it up in Cancun right now.  I too will be headed somewhere tropical and warm in a few months.  In May, my husband and I will finally get to indulge in our [delayed] honeymoon in Jamaica.  It's been awhile [read: 12 years] since I've done any traveling that has involved anything more than a duffel bag and a few tanks of gas.

Now Pinky, the fashionista that she is, I suspect she has packed a boatload of cute clothes, shoes and accessories galore.  But what about the traveling essentials?  How does a fashionista look prim and proper these days?  Let me show you the way!

One very important document for traveling is your handy passport.  You won't get home without it and while that thought sounds oh so tempting, you will need to handle this very important booklet with much care.  So how about a polka dot passport cover

Another thing you'll need to identify when traveling besides yourself is your luggage. Add a pop of color to help spot your luggage more easily with a leather Coach Luggage Tag.  How fun are these?!


Who doesn't want to look pretty while lugging a large, heavy suitcase around the airport?  No worries, let Vera Bradley help you out with an Expandable Upright Suitcase.  The 28" suitcase expands an additional 2.5" for even more storage and includes several pouches for packing all the small stuff.


And speaking off the small [important] stuff, it's imperative that your makeup and fragrances encounter no harm during your travels.  Baby them in a large cosmetic bag featuring Amy Butler fabric? Really, does it get any cuter than this?


Don't forget about your electronics.  They deserve to travel in style too because let's face it, without our smart phones, Kindles, iPads we're.... nothing.  Okay that may be bit of an exaggeration but you catch my drift.  Treat your Kindle to a pretty Sleeve.


So there you have it!  I hope I have been able to help you discover different ways to travel in style.  On a tight budget? No problem, check out Target's luggage department for trendy traveling essentials.  

Finally, I would like to thank Pinky for having me here on her blog today. It's been a pleasure.  If you care to read more of my rambles, stop by my blog and say hello!

January 25, 2012

Guest Post: Pink Party

So P!nky's in Cancun, and I'm stuck in Minnesota, land of the frozen tundra. Not really fair. BUT. That's ok. Because I love P!nky! And I know she's having a blast and a half in Mexico. So. I'm taking care of the little old blog for her today. :) Hope you're ready! 

You're probably wondering who exactly I am... well... 

I'm Carolyn from over at life, love & puppy prints! Go check it out. I'll wait. 

I'm a born and raised midwestern girl that just married the man of my dreams. We're starting our grown up life in our first home, with our two little furbabies. I'm a crazy pinning, tweeting and blogging housewife in training, and you'll read about all that and oh so much more over at my little blog home.

BUT... that's not what we're here to talk about...

If you look at both P!nky's blog and my blog, you'll see we have something in common. That's right... we both love PINK! So I thought, why not share some of the prettiest of pink stuff on Pinterest. Enjoy! :)

AND... since I take every chance I can to talk about my amazing wedding day... I thought I'd share some of my favorite pink touches from our wedding...

OK. Unless you're crazy for pink like P!nky and I, that's probably enough pink for you. :)

So here's hoping P!nky's having a blast, and comes back a nice golden tan, and not a bright pink!


January 24, 2012

TAGGED and a Blog Award

Hey pretties, how are ya'll doing? I'm getting ready to head out to Cancun tomorrow (eeeeee!) but wanted to get up one last post before I leave. Don't worry now, I have some AMAZING ladies guest posting so get ready for some fabulous reads. Before I go though, I have some bizzznaaassss to take care of!

Sweet Megan & Sweet Shannon gave me the Liebster Blog award. Thanks so much ladies, ya'll are the bestest!

The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers with less than 200 followers!

The rules to this award is

{1} Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them!

{2} Award the award to 5 of your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers & link them!

{3}Post the award on your blog!

{4}Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet--other bloggers of course!

{5} And best of all--have fun & spread the karma!

I would like to award the Liebster Blog to the following awesome ladies:

Miss Janna
Miss Jessie
Miss Monica
Miss Alyssa
Miss Annye & Miss Jena

I was tagged by super fabulous Carolyn of love life and puppy prints! Thanks girlie, here are my answers.

Do you have a nickname? Explain what it is and why. I choose to blog without saying my real name so I can't answer this one very well. I do have a TON of nicknames though. Pinky is one of them :)

You're stranded on a desert island. What 3 things do you bring with you? EEK! This is a hard one. My family, my bf and sunscreen. 

Would you rather eat sweet or salty food? What's your favorite food in that category? SWEET, SWEET, SWEET, like me. I would have to say either ice cream or cupcakes...YUMMY!

Are you a heels or a flats type of girl? The higher the heels the happier the girl (stupid shin splints)

Describe your perfect day. What does it entail? Waking up near a beach, going to the gym for a nice yoga session, then head to the beach to play in the water and tan on the beach, straight back for a massage and facial, then off to get dressed in a gorgeous outfit hand picked for me, dinner with my LOVE then fun drinking time by a bonfire with family and friends.
What's your worst habit you'd like to break? Wasting time! I'm soooo bad at putting things off by watching tv, blogging, roaming the Internets!

What's your favorite animal? Dog or cheetah

What's your favorite type of accessory? Earrings? Shoes? Scarves? And why. Before shin splits, it woud be shoes, but now, earrings hands down. I believe they can dress up/down an outfit and they are sooooo fun to buy!

If you were famous, would you rather be a movie star, a singer or a reality TV star? Why? Singer/Dancer! I love to dance and sing already but I'm not the best at it at all. I think it would be awesome to entertain people.

What made you start your blog? I had been reading blogs for awhile, and wanted a space to write my thoughts since I stopped keeping a journal. I also didn't want to be a stalker without my own slice of the Internet.

What's one thing that we should know about you? I can be extremely sensitive. I am all fun and games and sparkles but when I feel sad or upset it really takes a toll on me. 

I was also tagged by beautiful Janna with these questions. Thanks sweetie, here are my answers!

{1} Where were you born? El Paso Texas
{2} Who influenced you the most as a child? My parents hands down.
{3} Is there any significance to your name? Yes, I don't want to share my real name (sorry!) but I was named after my father (first name) and my mother (middle name).
i.e. Jan is my mom's middle name and Anna was my grandmother's name.
{4} What's your pet-peeve? People slurping their drinks and DONT EVER HANG UP ON ME!
{5} What is your favorite color? PINKPINKPINKPINK!
{6} What song inspires you the most? "Here I am Lord" Old Fashion Hymn
{7} What is your favorite book?  EEEK! This one is too hard hard, I don't have just one! I love Historical Fiction both of the adult and teenage variety. James Patterson and David Baldacci are two of my favorite authors though.
(I need some good new reads ;)
{8} What is your best piece of advice about blogging? Hmmm, be true to you and don't try to be anyone else. People not only see through that, but who is EVER happy writing about something they aren't? Just write what you like and people who are like you will find you. 
{9} Where do you see yourself in ten years? I have no idea. I would hope to be married with a child, but who really knows at this point. I would love to have done something significant.
{10} What makes you, you? My selflessness and my heart. Not to sound bragging, but I can be one of the most loyal, supportive and loving friend or person. My heart is on my sleeve and I want to make everyone happy. I also am pretty wacky in my humor, but my friends love that about me!
{11} Do you like LOVE me?

YES                           NO

Whew, that's a lot of Pinky information huh?!?!? But, since I will be gone till next week I figured I'd leave you with info about me...hahaha! I am almost packed ( I think I did well this time) and ready to GET THERE! I wish I had time for a mani/pedi but just don't think I can swing it cause I need to go to the gym for one more session! Eeeeeeeeek, I am so excited! I'll miss all of your lovely comments and pretty faces, but I PROMISE you will love the guest posts I have lined up. These are some of my favs and I know they will become some of yours too!

Have a fabulous fabulous week loves, I'll think of you while I'm sunning and drinkin in Cancun! ;)