August 31, 2018

Weekly Wins: Looking To The Small


Doing what I can to get through the week. To get to the next day. To try and get better at this new job and see it as a test I can pass. Not something I am going to fail. I've been in a bad headspace for awhile, because this has been so hard, but after a couple shoutouts on Instagram I've turned it around. 

I can't predict the future. I can control my thoughts each morning. I can decide how I will act. How I will react. How I will learn. How I will fuel my fire. How I will succeed. I can control that. 

So my weekly wins are as follows:

+ Reaching a small goal at work this week. 

+ Family supporting me no matter what.

+ Le Husband making dinner every night and cleaning up too. 

+ Having a couple appointments this weekend that could come to fruition.

+ All the support of people at work who see my effort and drive.

+ Knowledge that no matter what I will be okay.

Believe in yourself friends, I'm cheering for you < 3 !

August 23, 2018

Radom Thoughts for the Week

Hello again, friends.

I should be studying as I write this, but I miss writing and I miss this space. So I'll quickly recap things going on in life and in my head right now:

+ This job is pushing me to and past my limit. I am drowning in new terms, plans, pricing, devices, systems. learning to sell, understanding the how and why and really getting outside my comfort zone. I've cried at work {UGH} and freaked out to my mentor more than once because I'm so scared of not doing well. Everyone seems to think I can do this, I just need to believe in myself and buckle down.

+ I miss my flexible schedule. A lot. I have had late nights, early mornings, no workouts, not enough sleep and my body is all kinds of crazy right now. I miss not having early Mondays. I miss not getting home late and having to constantly wake up early. Trying to keep up with training is taking a lot out of me too. I worried to lose the tiny bit of momentum I had with this new job. I haven't posted much fitness on Instagram nor on my other blog, which makes me sad.

+ Figuring out my workout schedule is hard. I used to teach nine classes a week which meant working out each time I taught. Maybe not to the extend I would normally push myself, but I was moving my body. I have only been able to work out one day since starting last week and while my body is enjoying the time off, it is also craving movement and the gym.

+ Le Husband has had my back like no other and it has held me together like no other during this season. He has be there in every capacity and I am ever so grateful. Marriage is hard, but it is so nice when you have someone to lean on during the trying, frustrating and crazy times.

August 13, 2018


Today beings a new week for everyone. But today, for me, it begins so much more. 

A new job. 

A new path. 

A different way to make money. 

A new schedule.

Four weeks of training. 

A steady paycheck.

Leaping outside my comfort zone. 

Time to be the new kid. Time to learn. Time to pay attention and sit still. 

Good wishes are so appreciated. I wish you a wonderful week, friends. 

August 8, 2018


traveling to DC this month to visit family
grilling all the protein and veggies on our green egg
creating workout programs for clients & friends
feeling overwhelmed with all the ideas I have and how to make them happen
anticipating starting a new job next week
eating very few things because of my elimination diet at the moment
reading so many fun books right now
loving how supportive this place, my Instagram and IRL friends/family have been to me
praying for a diagnosis and easy fix for my back pains
rejoicing in the fact Le Husband and I have navigated this dark period so well together.