January 30, 2019

Things I Want To Remember {January}

Oh, how I wish I had done a post like this every month. Before pregnancy would have been awesome but I wish I had taken a moment to remember things for each month. Better late than never, right?

+ Passing my glucose test. For some reason I was so nervous I was going to fail because of how drastically my diet change when I got pregnant. Thankfully all is well sugar/insulin wise.

+ Having Le Husband gone for two weeks and being okay. Sounds silly but I was worried hormones would rear their head while he was gone, but nope. I enjoyed the solitude and the quiet naps on the couch.

+ How HARD January is for people in sales. It was a rough rough month and super frustrating. But, I'm thankful for the knowledge of this month and for the lessons I learned.

+ Letting the worry at work go. Even though this month has been hard, my anxiety and stress is pretty minimal. I've learned it will be okay and there will be a path no matter what. I don't have to control everything.

+ My pregnancy pillow. I waited way too long to order the right one an it has made such a difference in the way I sleep. So mad I chose to wait so long. Not smart, Pinky!

+ A mind shift regarding my body and pregnancy. I was shocked to have already gained 20 pounds and it bothered me for a hot second. But then I realized, big and happy is GOOD for baby. So now, I embrace the belly even more.

+ Spending time with Mama B. She came to visit for T-Bone's 93rd birthday and we had some great times together. I'll always remember the quiet Saturday of puzzles, basketball and her being so excited about BOB. She is the sweetest Mimi.

+ Nailing tuck jumps in BODYATTACK. I'm 29 weeks and till rocking them :)!

+ My first time in a bathing suit when showing. Not my favorite look, but swimming felt great.

+ All the baby movements. BOB is a mover and a shaker and I feel so much movement throughout the day, it's so wonderful. Honestly, even when uncomfortable it is so great to just know everything is okay because the baby is moving. I'm so grateful.

January 23, 2019



choosing salads over bagels. it's been a minute, but veggies are now sounding delicious.
tidying aka nesting here and there. trying to get things purged before baby gets here and tidying up the house all over the place. deep cleaning when I can, because yuck, germs.
resolving not to let fear hold me captive.
refreshing my recipe bank. wanting to figure out some new healthy and hearty options.
puzzling over a "friend's" text message regarding "how I portray my life on Instagram". for some reason she felt compelled to reach out to me after four months of not engaging in my life AT ALL and tell me I was only posting negative things and it wasn't a good look. #thankyounext
reading two baby books, books for fun and different blogs about birth/mommying.
praying for a healthy baby, an uncomplicated birth and the future.
watching all the normal shows, pregnancy exercise and birth breathing videos.
hoping Le Husband's future trip goes well and he has a blast.
feeling all the feels about the third trimester. crazy it's here and crazy two trimesters are over.
anticipating my baby shower next month in DC and my Tennessee shower in March.
loving all of the baby movements. my favorite thing is laying down in bed before sleep and just feeling lil BOB moving and shaking all around. my favorite is the flips, haha.

January 16, 2019

End of Second Trimester

Hello! How are y'all this week? Hopefully settling into the new year and January well. I've perused blogs more this month than before, just haven't had as much time to comment as I'd like. But, I'm here and reading and hope you know I so enjoy being here more.

I realized the other day this is the last week of my second trimester. Can I say, WAIT WHAT?! There have honestly been times where weeks seemed so long and then, poof, here I am. On the brink of the third trimester and getting closer and closer to meeting our lil one.

When I was blogging more seriously (2015 or earlier) I expected to be one of those bloggers who did a weekly bump post. More for my records than for readers, but now I realize I've never DONE ONE HERE. Part of that is because, TIME, however I will admit part of me doesn't really want to share as much here for some reason. Maybe I'm just getting older, who knows.

But, I do hope to be able to look back at this blog one day and see a journey, which right now includes pregnancy. So, please indulge me in a quick BUMP UPDATE post.

How far along: 27 weeks

Gender: Not finding out

Weight gain: just under 20 pounds, which honestly seems high to me with 12 more weeks to go.

Movement: TONS, especially when I sit down leaning forward. Baby lets me know it needs more room. Last night BOB had a tap dancing party from 3am - 5am which was something new.

Sleep: Yeah, ish. We bought a mattress topper to help with my back issues [yes I still have back issues from the summer, unbaby related] and it has helped. I FINALLY purchased a pregnancy pillow [super late I know] and can't wait to finally use it. Need it for the expanding belly.

Working Out: Still teaching a few times a week. Can definitely feel the extra weight and my belly now hits the floor in modified pushups. Hoping to teach until due date, but want healthy baby of course.

Work: Not as stressful, although super slow which means stress about money, which is nice. I can't sit for very long before my ribs make me get up and move.

Dr Appointments: I have my glucose test tomorrow, eeek! Hoping for good results and looking forward to talking with the doctor because I have tons of questions about the next trimester.

Nursery: ummmmm, yeah. Le Husband is building the furniture and that's where we are now.

How I'm feeling: Large, large, large. Tired. Nervous for the next step. Wondering where all the extra weight will go. Worried I haven't enough to prepare for birth. Excited about my baby showers. Baffled that BOB will be here in 12 weeks, OH EM GOODNESS.

January 10, 2019

A Deep Inhale, A New Year, A Fresh Perspective



Hello, friends. 

Hello, 2019. 

Hello, blog. 

It has been a minute since I've posted here. Not like I was posting a ton before, but I purposefully took a break mid December to just be in the season. To savor it because I had life's needs, wants, have tos and stresses take over. I needed less to think about. I needed more air to breathe. I needed to turn inward instead of looking outward. 

So, I stayed away from blogs. And spent less time on Instagram. 

It was magical and glorious. 

As was my Christmas time with family. Four fantastic days together in VA and all the feels were had. My sweet niece was adorable. My sisters were so fun. Le Husband had a great time and I was able to catch up with a few local friends, too. 

Waking up without worry was wonderful. Having people excited over my growing belly was so fun. Being with those I care about most made my heart so happy. Christmas day was so perfect, good food, family time and naps. Wonderful naps. 

Thankfully I was able to end my December month much better than anticipated so my stress and fear in my job is minimal to none now. Again, another post for another day but I wanted to mark the attitude shift. The mindset change. The ability to just be. 

I am using this month to get reacquainted with who I truly am. Who I used to be and who I need to grow into as I grow a baby. I am stepping back up in the kitchen. I'm planning my workouts more. I putting energy back into my instagram with fitness and working to create more workouts and possibly trial them with people. 

2018 was a lot of stress. A lot of holding my breath and waiting. So much tension. 

I vow not to let that happen again. I vow to remember to breathe through tough times instead of burying my head. Inhale good energy, exhale the bad. I will remember to be more present.