January 30, 2019

Things I Want To Remember {January}

Oh, how I wish I had done a post like this every month. Before pregnancy would have been awesome but I wish I had taken a moment to remember things for each month. Better late than never, right?

+ Passing my glucose test. For some reason I was so nervous I was going to fail because of how drastically my diet change when I got pregnant. Thankfully all is well sugar/insulin wise.

+ Having Le Husband gone for two weeks and being okay. Sounds silly but I was worried hormones would rear their head while he was gone, but nope. I enjoyed the solitude and the quiet naps on the couch.

+ How HARD January is for people in sales. It was a rough rough month and super frustrating. But, I'm thankful for the knowledge of this month and for the lessons I learned.

+ Letting the worry at work go. Even though this month has been hard, my anxiety and stress is pretty minimal. I've learned it will be okay and there will be a path no matter what. I don't have to control everything.

+ My pregnancy pillow. I waited way too long to order the right one an it has made such a difference in the way I sleep. So mad I chose to wait so long. Not smart, Pinky!

+ A mind shift regarding my body and pregnancy. I was shocked to have already gained 20 pounds and it bothered me for a hot second. But then I realized, big and happy is GOOD for baby. So now, I embrace the belly even more.

+ Spending time with Mama B. She came to visit for T-Bone's 93rd birthday and we had some great times together. I'll always remember the quiet Saturday of puzzles, basketball and her being so excited about BOB. She is the sweetest Mimi.

+ Nailing tuck jumps in BODYATTACK. I'm 29 weeks and till rocking them :)!

+ My first time in a bathing suit when showing. Not my favorite look, but swimming felt great.

+ All the baby movements. BOB is a mover and a shaker and I feel so much movement throughout the day, it's so wonderful. Honestly, even when uncomfortable it is so great to just know everything is okay because the baby is moving. I'm so grateful.


  1. That bump is A-DOR-ABLE!!!
    I just want to applaud you for still working out & doing so amazing at it during this PG!!!!

  2. Look at you! So glad the test went well - those are the worst!

  3. You are a poster child for a fit pregnancy. I am in awe of the way you are still exercising! I bet your back felt so good in the pool!

  4. Yay for passing your glucose test!!!! :)

  5. OOh my!! So cute!! My sister said her body pillow was a lifesaver!

  6. On our visit to this place, we mostly stayed downstairs, where the beer and liquor selection was quite admirable. The staff at NYC venues really pride themselves on the beers and food they have.

  7. My pregnancy pillow was the best. I totally miss that thing. Ha.


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