February 25, 2011

18 Dummy Weekend

Hello friends, I'm back from sunny Florida and totally bummed out about it :(! Take me back to the warm sand, the pool, the beach, the friends and of course the SUN! I am soooo ready for spring it isn't even funny.

What was I doing in Florida for the weekend you ask?!?! Well, C and I were down there for a tournament with our....wait for it...KICKBALL team!!!! Yes, ladies and....ladies I play and compete on an adult kickball team. {I also play coed soccer, but that's a post for another time}. Before I talk about this weekend, I figure I should explain this kickball nonsense and how I got involved.

{ Le Kickball}

I have been playing on kickball teams for the past 3ish years with my roommate P and a bunch of our college friends. This league is very much close to our place and more of a social league. But, last April I joined another, more competitive league. Not because I was THRIVING for more competition or anything, but because I am super fast (not trying to brag), athletic and can catch a ball. I wasn't sure about it at first because this would be a team made up of people I DIDN'T KNOW at all! Seriously, this was a huge step because I knew the guy who recruited me and that was it (and he was never at games). But, I thought I've never been to Vegas, I just broke up with GT and have nothing else going on, why the HECK not!?!? Can I tell you how nervous I was going to my first game??? I am a very out going person, but even I have trouble when I don't know anyone. Luckily, my team was made up of fun people who welcomed me quickly and graciously. However, I wasn't just nervous because of the social aspect, this was a WHOLE new way of playing kickball. Different rules, arguments, double plays, all I could think about was "what have I gotten myself into?" Anyway, long story short, I learned the new rules and quickly became known as 'The other fast girl' which I loved. Oh, and did I mention, this was how I met C? Yep, we met playing kickball, how dorky is that? I will tell our story in a later post though.

So what does this have to do with Florida you ask? Well one of the guys on our team has created a NEW kickball league which involves traveling for tournaments around the US. There are other tournaments in DC, NY, VA beach, Arizona, Las Vegas, California and I think Texas. Thankfully we don't have to participate in all the tournaments, but since it was cold this month and people wanted a vacation teams around my area elected to participate in the Florida tourney. Since no one could get a full team to commit a bunch of people grouped together and created a new team. And let me tell you, this new team was a lot of fun. Most people chipped in a got a house together right off the beach for the weekend. However, since I am the LIGHTEST sleeper in the work, C and I got a hotel room half a mile from the house (which turned out to be the best decision ever because there was DRAMA at the house)

{The beach, the coast, the best place ever}

The tournament was fun, tiring and sadly too short. We were out after pool play and I was UBER pissed about it. But Saturday night was fun hanging out with friends and watching crazy shenanigans. Thank goodness C and I had an early flight Sunday morning because we were able to plead off of too much partying and staying up super late. We saw some funny things though thanks in part to '18 Dummy Juice!'

What is Dummy Juice you ask?!? Honestly, I can't tell you I 100% understand the whole 'Dummy' concept but the crew we were hanging with loved it. Short story, there is a rap group called 'The Federation' that created a rap song back in the day called '18 Dummy' and it's a ridiculous rap song. Well, one of the guys who perpetuated the 'Dumminess' decided the drink below would become the drink of choice.
{18 Dummy Juice}

Blech, I am NOT a tequila fan....unless it's in a Margarita ole! I'm actually not a huge huge drinker but enjoy having girlie drinks. I HATE and can't drink beer so my friends tell me I'm snotty. Eh, what are you gonna do? If I don't like the taste why drink it right? Okay, I'm digressing and randomly typing ooooppps. All in all it was a great weekend. C and I had some quality vacation time together and I played a really good tournament. We got to see friends we enjoy and I made some new ones in the process which was awesome. Tons of fun stories I can't share of course. :)

I will leave you with a picture of me from the field. Yes, I rock a bandana on the head cause I'm hardcore :)

Have a great weekend friends!
Happy early 25th SportySpice! I Love you!

February 24, 2011

Ladies we are at CODE ORANGE!

I am in a MOOOOOOOOOOOOD ya'll!

Like full on bad mooooood, code level ORANGE!
Meaning don't mess with me or else!

It has just been 1 of thoooooooooooooooose days!

A Despicable Me theme song kind of day!

'I'm having a bad bad day. It's about time that I get my way.
Steamrolling whatever I see...awww, DESPICABLE ME!'
{can we just notice that my bad day theme song is a DISNEY song, kay!?!!}

Nothing was going right this morning and I just have to vent.
~Woke up late for the gym~
~Gym didn't have hot water~
~Had to cut workout even shorter to go home and shower~
~C didn't tell me what workout we were doing so I had to follow him around~
{BIIIGG PET PEEVE! I'm a gym girl I don't have to follow
around my boyfriend. So don't make me look like that}
~He flashed me attitude~
~My smoothie wouldn't blend correctly~
~Traffic was ridiculous~
~Coffee pot overflowed because I didn't push it all the way in~
~My stomach hurt~
{how does that happen? I've been working out more than normal
and watching PRECISELY how much I eat}
~My eyesight has been fuzzy on and off lately~
{I had Lasik 5 years ago and I use to say best decision ever,
but if it's reverting back I'm gonna be PISSED}
~My speakers at work stopped working~

Okay, thank you for dealing with my pity party, I needed it.
And I KNOW there are WORSE WORSE WORSE x a bazillion things that other people are going through. It's just today everything seemed to pile up. But luckily I am blessed to have good friends at work who helped me through it. My day started to turn around when my coworker gave me a hug. :) That's really all I needed at the moment. And then my other coworker gave me other speakers to use until mine decided to work again {which they did}.

I know I am blessed, but I am still stressed.

February 17, 2011


Have a great one ya'll!!!

February 16, 2011

Parents say the Darndest Things!

I LOVE my parents! I really really do. I personally think they are the BESTEST parents in the world, but I may be a little biased. They have given me every opportunity in life they could and I am so fortunate to be their daughter. (I will post a superdupersappywappy post about them later, but just wanted to lay the ground work before you read below).

While I had the normal "I KNOW MORE THAN YOU" evilmeaniwasajerk to my parents time, as I have grown up, we have grown closer and can 'tolerate' each others 'issues' more too. ;)

Of course there are still time where they embarrass me or I them (although I think it's more one sided on my end, but I digress).

Ok P!nky, get to the point.

Here are two examples of how adorable and embarrassing my parents can be.

Exhibit A} Mi padre. My dad is super techie and gagetey. He LOVES playing Xbox, Xbox360, especially BlackOps! We give him tons of grief about the amount of time he plays, but really he deserves it after all of the years of pink girlie stuff times tres! So, naturally he has an iphone, which he loves too. With said iphone he has access to all three girls via texting and is very good about it. Will remind us of important appointments, commitments or every now and then just sends a sweet text and ya'll it just ALWAYS makes my day!

Case in point. The other day I received this from my father:

"I throw my heads up in the air sometimes
saying A-O at the gym-O. -I love my Girls-O"

I mean, how STINKIN' cute is he?!?! He has no idea who even sings that song, but he manages to make it out me and my sisters. I surrrriously adore my daddy and that is just one of the reasons why.

Exhibit B} My momma. She is pretty much the exact opposite of my daddy. Not techie in the LEAST. We just....I mean JUST got her to figure out texting on her new phone. My momma has a heart of gold, but her execution of helping isn't always welcome, because, well she talks...A LOT! (wonder where I get it from huh?) And sometimes, she doesn't always say the right thing at the right time, although she means well. She will do ANYTHING to help anyone, even if it drives us crazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her, but more often than not most cringeworthy episodes happen at her hands or should I say mouth?!?!

Case in point: Yesterday I picked them up from the airport and brought them to their car which they left at work. My mother was super excited to see me and very thankful I picked them up and was all huggy and stuff. Which is sweet, but when I'm trying to be the professional in the parking lot at work it was getting a little annoying. She just wouldn't leave and I was like, "Um Mom, I kinda have to get back to work now."
Luckily, Papabear stepped in and was like, "Let's go honey." So they pack up in the car and are driving away when my mom rolls down her window and yells "By the way, you look very slim today sweetie. But, don't worry, you have a small bubble in all the right places. Love you!"


I mean, yes I have been working out alot recently trying to get back to my normal shape and she knows I really took to heart a comment she made about me this past summer. But, to have her YELL that from the car in my WORK PARKING LOT...yeah


And for heavens sake's people, what the heck is "a bubble in all the right places?"
I mean REALLY?!?!?!

Ohmiword, there are NO WORDS for what I felt at that moment. Luckily no one from work was in the parking lot to witness this and until now I haven't told a soul. (Okay, I told C who wouldn't stop snickering which made me realize not to tell anyone else. At least I can't see your pretty faces while you are laughing and pointing at your computer screen).

So, anyhoo, those are my parents ya'll. Gotta love em!!!

Do you have any cringeworthy parental moments?!?!

February 14, 2011

Happy P!NK&RED day!!!!


This is not by any means a favorite holiday of mine, but I enjoy and play along since it's about LOVE!!!

And we all know how much I like to LOVE on those closest to me.

And of course, how could I NOT LIKE a holiday centered around


{and red too}

Here is some love from me to you!

Whether you are married, in a relationship, dating around or single, know you are SPECIAL and someone out there LOVES the heck out of you!

Oh and please enjoy the ONE DAY you are allowed to wear
P!NK and red together! ;)



February 11, 2011


Goonie Grachey Thank the sweet sweet Lord above it's Friday! Is it just me or has this week just draggggedd....and draaaagggged...and dragggged on?!?
I am so ready for the weekend, how about you???

My brani-o is sooooooooo all over the place I can't even begin to think of trying to put a proper post together so here's my completely random thoughts.

1}But I am le tired! No, for realzzz, I am tizz-I-ard! These morning workouts are really getting to me. I passed out last night at 930pm, while my roommate P was watching tv, loudly, with the lights on. I am a very very light sleeper (which oh so stinks) so when I pass out when there is noise, you KNOW I am beyond tired. SUPER excited to sleep in this weekend...weeee!

2}I have a minor crush on Dr. Avery (shhhh don't tell C). This crush started the very first episode he appeared on Grey's and welp, it's still there folks. Maybe it's his gentle smile. Maybe it's those clear baby blues. Maybe it's his rock.hard.body. I don't know exactly what it is, all I know is I feel like a little school girl when he appears on screen. And that's okay right?!?! I mean come on, how can you not find him adorable?

3} I'm heading to visit my BFFER T, this weekend and I am over.the.moon. excited. It was her birthday this weekend so this weekend is CELEBRATION time wahoo! Although, it is going to be MUCH MUCH MUCH tamer than we use to do (yeah, we went through a CaRAZY partying stage when we first lived together). We'll be trading in clubs and dancing for TGIFriday's and karaoke. WHOA, I just re-read that last sentence and WHOA! But never-the-less, I'm packing my partypants for a rockin' good time.

4} February is probably the MOST expensive month for me. Okay, maybe 2nd after December, but man on man I go through the $Benjamin's$ like it's my job. I've got Daddy's bday, T's bday(BFFforlife), A's bday(neighbor and good friend), H's bday (only cousin on mama's side), Valentine's day (hmmm wondering if C and I are gonna do anything), then SportySpice's bday (and of course this is her 25). Add on this year a sports tournament in FLO-RIDA and well, looks like my jam this month is "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child.

5}I have mixed feelings about Valentine's day. I'm not a bitter better, my parent's always had valentine's day candy and flowers for us. I've had a super thought out Valentine's surprise by my college boyfriend (completely unexpected and out of character). I've had the 'I don't do Valentine's day but I'll get you flowers another time during the month'. And I've had the normal, dinner date and hangout time on the 14th. I think the idea is great, but I think it's blown WAY outta purportion. I would like a home cooked meal and a card. Guess I need to talk with C, and manage expectations for the day.

6}I am really worried about SportySpice and her boyfriend BlackOps. They have hit a REALLY REALLY rough patch recently and I am so sad for her. Their story is one I will share later, but here is the quick gist. He is deploying in the spring for a year and they are dealing with a long distance relationship already. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep them in your prayers. They have a very long road ahead of them and I TRULY want them to make it.
{Below is a picture I randomly snapped this past fall. We were going to his re-enlistment ceremony and I am oh-so-in-love with it. I entered it in a small competition on a whim. Wish me luck}

7} I realize I need to address and introduce all of the main players in my 'P!nk' life. Not only for those reading (HI), but for myself. Keeping things anonymous can make things VERY confusing.

8}I HATE hanging texts! How hard is it to just reply back with a THANKS, YES/NO, or ok?!

9}Not that I am getting married soon, but I think I know what kind of dress I want. One with a top like Nicole Richie's, but more of a A-line or mermaid bottom. With an open back. Can you do that?

Well that was a babbletastic-rambleicious post huh?
I'm not that crazy...or maybe I am.
Here are some sweet, pretty and adorable pictures for your enjoyment!



February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays....almost

What I want to eat

What I want to look like

I think C and I should STOP watching Cupcake wars before we go to bed.
Only watching FitTV from now on ;)
Happy Hump Day Ya'll

February 8, 2011

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty *POP*

While perusing the blogs yesterday, someone's playlist made me STOP.IN.MY.TRACKS! The delicious beat bangin' was some OLD SCHOOL *NSYNC and I almost squealed at my desk. I haven't heard them in FOOOOOOOOOOREVER and that is a stinkin' shame cause, come on, how can you be down.sad.upset.anything.but.happy when you hear the lyrics
"You're all I ever wanted"?!?! Suuuuuuuuriously, you can't be in a bad mood.
So I decided to take a trip down memory(embarrassing) lane and list the BOY BAND slash Pop Princesses and Pop groups I use to listen to NONSTOP! No judging okay?!?!

{BackStreet Boys}

Backstreet's back ALRIGHT?!?! My single most FAVORITE pop song of the boy band era. This song was played onrepeatonrepeatonrepeat in my disc man (whoa so 90s). The first big boy band since BoyzIIMen took the preteen/teen world by storm and I was in the thick of it. I have seen them 3...yes 3 times in concert. And the last one I happened to be a senior in high school (again I say don't judge)! Nick Carter (prerehab) and Brian Little just made my young heart swoon.

{*NSYNC} I want you BACK!!! Yes, pleeeeeeeeease come back *NSYNC, we miss you! While BSB (yeah, we were THATCLOSE) was my first Boy Band crush, *NSYNC was the group that stole my heart and became my first love. No, seriously, I was puppydog INLOVE with Justin Timberlake. I mean come on, check out those blond curls and try not to smile, I dare you. I have all of the *NSYNC cds (minus Christmas, mean old Santa) and LOVED every.single.one. These guys brought the fun, the hot, the beat and the dancing. Hands down, *NSYNC beats BSB for their dance moves in my opinion. I never saw my loves in concert, but trust me, I have PLENTY of VHS tape of their Disney Concerts (Thanks Daddy)

{98 Degrees}
It's all Because of you! Yes, my smile is because of you Nick Lachey and friends. 98Degrees never garnered the same appreciate as BSB and *NSYNC which was always so sad to me. They actually created the group themselves and wasn't 'masterminded' by anyone. Good old Ohio kids (holla Cinncinati...C would be sooo upset I said that heehee) with dreamy voices and KILLER MUSCLES made for an swoon worthy mix. And who can forget MULAN?!?! Nick was of course my favorite and since he chose Jessica Simpson I was okay when he got married. He was so adorable on Newlyweds and I think I cried when I found out they were divorcing. I jumped from team Jessica to team Nick and have followed him ever since.

{Jessica Simpson}
I wanna LOVE you forever!!!! And I would have Jessica, if you hadn't broken poor Nick Lachey's heart, gotten a BIG head about fame and eeesssh don't even get me STARTED on the John Mayer incident/years. But, your fall from my graces is another blog all together. Back in the day, YOU_WERE_MY_ALLTIME_FAVORITE!!!! Even though you didn't have the dance moves of the other pop princess diva's and even though many had you as the #3 blonde singer, in my heart of hearts >YOU<>NUMERO UNO! You were beautiful. You were intelligent (so I thought). You were kind. You had an AMAZING voice (pre-with you and your wishy-washy-whisper voice). And the kicker, you ACTUALLY stuck to your morals/values despite what the other girls were doing. I was TEAM JESSICA all the way! I religiously watched your Newlywed show and viciously defended you after your silly little gaffs on screen. But, then you got to big for your britches and left sweet Nick Lachey on the curb like an unwanted piece of furniture. Oh Jessica, I was so sad to jump ship, but looks like I did before the ship officially started sinking.

{Christina Aguilera}Come on over, Come on over BABAY!!!! LOVELOVELOVE that song. And really dug Christina's style for that music video too. She had left the fake 'Disney' look (Genie in a Bottle, great song btw) behind but wasn't quite in her 'Dirrty' stage either. This girl has a set of PIPES! And an ATTITUDE! And an addiction to red lipstick! She got waaaaaaay to raunchy for me, but 'Back to Basics' brought back alittle of that Genie in a bottle innocence. Super sad she and Jordan broke up, and poor girl just flubbed the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl. Much better singer than Britney and way less classier than Jessica in my opinion.

{Britney Spears} You drive me CRAAAAAZY!!! No truerer words were spoken about an artist, this girl WAS crazy. The first POP princess to debut, Britney created as much of a stir as the boy bands. Since the first mid-driff scene this girl has danced and song right alongside controversy. The outfits, the boob job, the V-card, Justin Timberlake, the cheating, Limp Bizkit, the python, the kiss, the sparkley outfit, K-Fed, 2 baby boys, the divore via text, GOING CA-CA-CA-Crazy, daddy's in charge, 2 new albums and a successful tour, new man, and now another new album in march. Suurrriously, she DID all that and pumped out album after album. As much as I CAN'T stand the girl and her drama, I can't help but JAMMMMMM OUT to her music. I take -alittle- pride in knowing she doesn't write much/any of her music, but, I still have to say 'Have you heard the new Britney song?' If only the Mickey Mouse club knew back then....
{Usher}She likes it myyyyyyyyy way!!! Yes SHE/me does. Oh Usher I heart you. Your smooooooooth R&B croonings captured my heart back in the day. Although, it might have also been your beautiful eyes, abs, dashing smile, abs, outofthisworld dance moves and oh yeah YOUR ABS that broke me out of my only POP music bubble. I LOVED when you were dating Chili from TLC (OHMIGOSH I LOVE TLC) and was uber uber ticked when you broke up with her. Although, the break up did create some AWESOME music. I don't have any of your cds my love, but I continue to follow your music. You are the one guy, besides Fred Astaire, that I would do almost ANYTHING to dance with.
{Honorable Mentions}
Savage Garden
Mandy Moore
OTown (the performed at my PROM)
N2Gether Now
No Authority
Jennifer Lopez (pre-JLO)

And there you have it, my list of shame...err LOVE!
Don't Hate, appreciate. :)
Are there any boyband slash pop princess diva's I forgot?!?!?

February 7, 2011

Mish-Mash Monday

For the LOVE of Pete, Mildred, where have I been?!?!?! Srrrriously bloggies, I've been OH-SO-OUT-OF-TOUCH!!!! It seems like I haven't really gotten a hang of this whole BLOGGING thing yet. But, never fear, I'm gonna make this work.....if it's the last thing (besides eat ice-cream) I do :) And even though I know no one reads this, I am trying to keep track of my wackadoo life. I use to be AWESOME at keeping a running journal. I'm talking entries 3x a week, but I've been bad, bad, bad, I've been Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

So, I'm gonna try and get better about writing throughout the week. I have a lot of post ideas that roll around in my brizzain, but never get them down. Mostly because I think people will read them and think "What is up with this KA-RAZY chica!??!" and really, that shouldn't matter. Now don't get me wrong, I want people to be dazzled by my super fantastically interesting banter :) but, right now that is not the SOLE purpose of this blog. I need to keep track of my life, things that are important to me and try and document the ups and downs. I hope you will join my on this journey!!!!!

Have a great MONDAY YA'LLL!!!! One day closer to the weekend....WAHOOOO!