February 16, 2011

Parents say the Darndest Things!

I LOVE my parents! I really really do. I personally think they are the BESTEST parents in the world, but I may be a little biased. They have given me every opportunity in life they could and I am so fortunate to be their daughter. (I will post a superdupersappywappy post about them later, but just wanted to lay the ground work before you read below).

While I had the normal "I KNOW MORE THAN YOU" evilmeaniwasajerk to my parents time, as I have grown up, we have grown closer and can 'tolerate' each others 'issues' more too. ;)

Of course there are still time where they embarrass me or I them (although I think it's more one sided on my end, but I digress).

Ok P!nky, get to the point.

Here are two examples of how adorable and embarrassing my parents can be.

Exhibit A} Mi padre. My dad is super techie and gagetey. He LOVES playing Xbox, Xbox360, especially BlackOps! We give him tons of grief about the amount of time he plays, but really he deserves it after all of the years of pink girlie stuff times tres! So, naturally he has an iphone, which he loves too. With said iphone he has access to all three girls via texting and is very good about it. Will remind us of important appointments, commitments or every now and then just sends a sweet text and ya'll it just ALWAYS makes my day!

Case in point. The other day I received this from my father:

"I throw my heads up in the air sometimes
saying A-O at the gym-O. -I love my Girls-O"

I mean, how STINKIN' cute is he?!?! He has no idea who even sings that song, but he manages to make it out me and my sisters. I surrrriously adore my daddy and that is just one of the reasons why.

Exhibit B} My momma. She is pretty much the exact opposite of my daddy. Not techie in the LEAST. We just....I mean JUST got her to figure out texting on her new phone. My momma has a heart of gold, but her execution of helping isn't always welcome, because, well she talks...A LOT! (wonder where I get it from huh?) And sometimes, she doesn't always say the right thing at the right time, although she means well. She will do ANYTHING to help anyone, even if it drives us crazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her, but more often than not most cringeworthy episodes happen at her hands or should I say mouth?!?!

Case in point: Yesterday I picked them up from the airport and brought them to their car which they left at work. My mother was super excited to see me and very thankful I picked them up and was all huggy and stuff. Which is sweet, but when I'm trying to be the professional in the parking lot at work it was getting a little annoying. She just wouldn't leave and I was like, "Um Mom, I kinda have to get back to work now."
Luckily, Papabear stepped in and was like, "Let's go honey." So they pack up in the car and are driving away when my mom rolls down her window and yells "By the way, you look very slim today sweetie. But, don't worry, you have a small bubble in all the right places. Love you!"


I mean, yes I have been working out alot recently trying to get back to my normal shape and she knows I really took to heart a comment she made about me this past summer. But, to have her YELL that from the car in my WORK PARKING LOT...yeah


And for heavens sake's people, what the heck is "a bubble in all the right places?"
I mean REALLY?!?!?!

Ohmiword, there are NO WORDS for what I felt at that moment. Luckily no one from work was in the parking lot to witness this and until now I haven't told a soul. (Okay, I told C who wouldn't stop snickering which made me realize not to tell anyone else. At least I can't see your pretty faces while you are laughing and pointing at your computer screen).

So, anyhoo, those are my parents ya'll. Gotta love em!!!

Do you have any cringeworthy parental moments?!?!

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