October 24, 2016

The Sun Shines Brightest After the Rain AKA I HAVE A JOB

Thank you friends for your love on Friday. The post came together in fifteen minutes and I almost deleted it because it was so sad. Yet, I knew I needed to put those words out into the universe. They needed to leave my head and become less powerful in the world. I cried on my way to work because I felt so disheartened and fearful. The anticipation and unknown was pulling my soul down and I felt helpless to turn my mood around.

I'm forever grateful to my friends. The ones who sent emails to me when I turned comments off. Who texted me just to check in on my heart. The ones who called and reassured me it would all come together and the right decision would play out no matter what. You turned my drizzly miserable morning into just another rainy day and wiped away the clouds covering my eyes.

After all the tears, fears, drama, interviews, resumes, near misses, no response emails and phone calls left unanswered it came. After all the waiting and double teaching days while working the front desk of a gym for minimum wage, it came. The call I've been waiting to answer for so long. Finally, the voice on the line said "We'd like to offer you the job"!

Yes, friends, yes! I am no longer just working part time. I am now a FULL TIME employee with a steady paycheck, benefits, 401K, sick leave and vacation. FINALLY! FREAKING FINALLY!

My Friday afternoon turned around in a matter of minutes and now my future is busy, busy, busy as I get ready to prepare for my new gig. This will be something completely new, as I've never managed people before, but will also be something I know as I've learned a lot in the fitness world the past few months.

I grabbed celebratory champs and cupcakes to share with Le Husband Friday night and he brought me home flowers, peanut butter M&Ms and a card. After so many heartbreaking talks and tears it was such a joy to celebrate a success together. Saturday brought about a charity kickball tournament with friends and many congrats were given my way when people asked what I was doing down in the area.  It's so much easier explaining our move now that we both are employed full-time. No one cares, I know, but constantly saying 'I only work part time at a gym' was beginning to get depressing. No more. No more down in the dumps. No more silent pity parties at night as I struggle with our move.

This post comes to you from the deck as I watch the sun set over the lake. Fall colors are blooming everywhere and the temperatures are once again mild making porch sitting with wine possible. I don't expect the future to be easy or perfect, but I finally feel as though we are moving in the right direction. We are both taking a step forward and my confidence in other parts of our life falling into place is once again high. Thank you for being here. For reading this and for being there during the dark moments. Your comments, emails, texts, private thoughts and prayers mean more than you could ever possibly know. I wish you all the best Monday of the year. < 3

October 21, 2016

The Opposite of a Friday Favorite.

So what's happening? A whole hell of a lot and nothing at the same time.

This post is brought to you by multiple nights of no sleep as my brain fails to turn off. Or my body doesn't know how to deal with the stress of changes and real life adulting. My emotions have been all over the place the past few weeks as opportunities have arrived, which is great, but then things lined up so perfectly suddenly go helter skelter and it seems as though we are starting all over again...all over again.

Today is a day that brings about much anticipation, fear and almost a sense of foreboding. Today I find out where I will be working full-time. I had an offer made last week in an easier administrative position [set hours, full benefits, vacation, 401k] and the day before my interview another job was posted, one more in the wheelhouse I THINK I want. So I interviewed for that position earlier this week, it went well but the expectations were sky high, something I hadn't expected. The second position would require managing people, inventory, schedules, operations of the day to day and fitness classes. All with very little training before I jump into the deep end alone.

Originally I thought "this is it! I know what I want" yet now as the day grows closer and the hours tick away, I find myself wondering "do I want the easier job"? Honestly, I don't want to make the decision, I want it to be made for me. I don't want to look back and think 'damn, if only'. A lot of people have gone to bat for me at both jobs so one way or another I feel I might disappoint on top of everything else and that's never fun. The support has been incredible but so much support can be overwhelming if something doesn't workout.

Whatever the outcome I'll have an offer and I'll be starting something new very very soon. Which is good and so needed. Le Husband and I need some good news and something to boost our collective self esteem. Working part time and making peanuts is hard, so much harder than I expected. Putting paperwork together to apply to apartments or townhomes is not only tedious and frustrating, at this juncture it's almost a bit embarrassing. Looking at our collective take home punches me in the gut every time we crunch numbers. On paper we look like completely different people. No one seems to care about our savings, our investments or our available cashflow, all they want is 'what are you bringing in now' and right now that's close to nothing.

 I don't really know the point of this post. Well, actually I do. I just need to get the words out. Words I can just vomit here and not worry about how they are taken. Words I don't need to bog down my friends and family with daily. Words that once said sometimes seem to lose their power. These words and fears are out and now hopefully I can start finding the blessings again. This move was our choice and I'm clinging to hope things start to turn around...again.

*comments turned off*

October 18, 2016

While I Have an Extra Few Minutes

Let's post, shall we? Remember when I said I thought I had a new schedule down? Yeah, me too. To be honest, I did, but then LAUNCH WEEK happened and my life was COMPLETELY consumed with fitness, teaching, new classes, new choreography and anxiously awaiting my certification.

When I say there was NO TIME to post or blog, there really was NO TIME. I barely slept, barely ate and jumped full force into my six launches in three days. WOOF! Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, [well almost EVERY], but I'm no longer a spring chicken and pulling two a days started to max me out. All of the launches went really well and the energy in PUMP was fabulous. Already looking forward to the next quarter's launches, SOOOO.MUCH.FITNESS.FUN!

The last class I taught was my FIRST BODYATTCK class since filming and I was a bit nervous since I hadn't received my certification from LES MILLS. Oh AND this was a substitute class for a different program leaving me concerned about people walking out when they realize the switch for launch week. THANKFULLY no one left and AWESOMELY everyone LOVED the class and many told me they would give it a try another day. Can I get a HOORAY!? Oh yeah, I was also interviewed by a local radio station for Gold's Gym. We talked about my fitness journey, why I became an instructor and what I hope people can find in fitness. The DJ told me I was very well spoken and that he loved taking my class, double hooray.

Want a triple hooray?!?! GUESS WHO RECEIVED FULL BODYATTACK CERTIFICATION ON FRIDAY!?!?! THIS PINK GIRL RIGHT HERE!!!! I have been sweating bullets since submitting my video and Friday was the due date for my results and I was convinced I would have to retape since the assessor was waiting to the last day. I physically jumped up and down when I finally saw the email and was blown away by the assessors comments and critiques. Now it's time to start subbing and then hopefully get my own class, woop woop! Holla at a double certified instructor!

Oh, look at that. An email from my regional manager with a class change for tomorrow. Well, guess I better go learn some more BARRE. No rest for the working fitness girl ;)! Hope y'all have a wonderful day and HOPEFULLY I'll be back with a lil more of a catch up tomorrow.

October 13, 2016

Happpppppppyyy BIRTHDAY, BOFF!

Today is my beautiful BOFF's birthday and I couldn't let the day pass without a quick montage here. I mean, this is the reason we are besties. Yup, we met through blogging so many years ago and have been virtually inseparable ever since. I'm so grateful for Lynn's friendship, support, love and laughter. We've been there for each other  through the happy and the hard and my life would not be the same without her in it. 

We may live MANY states apart but we still have lots of fun photo memories together. 

Wishing you the bestestest day, sweet friend. Lots of love, sparkles, cake, flowers and joy! And of course, the dancing emoji lady! LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!!!! #boff #besties #tbt #missyou

October 6, 2016

Three Things

Hilarious, right? My BOFF sent this to me last week and I must say it is the PERFECT interpretation of how I feel about teaching BARRE this morning. I've done my best to put together a great program and we will have to see how it goes. Send a lil extra grace my way today, please?

Moving on to back to back post days, what? I saw this on Steph's blog yesterday and thought, yay for a post idea.  Just a quick lil q&a that gives you a lil bit more about me. Thanks, lady!


Three things I'd never give up: freedom, family, sports.

Three favorite vegetables: baby carrots, asparagus, green beans.

Three shows I watched faithfully from the beginning to end: The Good Wife, Castle, Army Wives

Three places I want to visit inside the US: Hawaii, NORAD, Cape Cod

There places I want visit outside the US: Fiji/Bora Bora, Australia, Germany

Three things I always have on me: chapstick, lotion, nail clippers

Three things that are always in my car: lotion, dental floss, napkins

Three most recent phone calls were to/from: Le Husband, Sportyspice, Gold's Gym

Three most often used makeup products: mascara, lip gloss, Naked3 palette

Three things that make me laugh: corny jokes, baby giggles, my sisters

Three things that make me cry: sports stories, world suffering, cutting onions

Three of my most overused phrases/words: awesome, so exciting, byeeEEEEEEE

October 5, 2016



going: a bit craycray with the job search. Resume writing is so tedious and I'm realizing how specialized my previous field was compared to the rest of the corporate world. Oh and let's not even get into the salary talk, ugh. I fired out a bunch of new resumes and I'm hoping a few of them stick this time since I've made some actual PEOPLE connections. October was always my freakout 'i don't have a real job month', but I'm trying to stay positive.

toasting: a new day every morning. Not with a real drink, but virtually saying cheers to a new day. After losing my grandmother last month I've strived to really take stock in each new day, no matter the circumstances or feelings.  Life is so, so, so precious and one day we won't have ANY more days, bad or good so I'm choosing to embrace each and every day. Cheers to TODAY!

anticipating: moving into our own place. YES, new place. Le Husband and I went apartment/house looking last weekend and we think we've found our new home for the next year. Originally we had planned to buy, but right now with the job search going so slow we're taking the smart route and just renting.  I'm REALLY excited about our options though and hope to share the BIG news soon.

loving: the fact most of my family will be in Tennessee this weekend. Can't wait to squish and hug them.

overthinking: teaching barre for the first time on Thursday morning. Y'all there are only four people in the class but I am SOO STRESSED about teaching to them for the first time. I've only been certified for two weeks and feel an enormous responsibility to do my best for the Barre Above and Gold's Gym logo.

posting: very randomly, but trying to get back on schedule.  I miss blogland!

reading: lots of books to keep my brain zen before bed. Hoping to get my reviews up next week, but right now I'm trying to finish "All the Light We Cannot See". 

practicing: all the BODYPUMP. All the BODYATTACK. All the BARRE. All day, errreday!

wearing: workout clothes and summer clothes. Not only is it too warm for fall clothes, I gots NONE down here. I'm hoping to get up to VA soon so I can find all my boots and sweaters. Thankful I don't need them all now, I'M LOVING the warm weather. 

wish listing: Too many things to count. A JOB would be number one, though.

What's currently going on with y'all?