June 30, 2017

Friday Faves

June ends today, what in the what?!?! I blinked and the month is over. This one feels especially quick to me because June marked a YEAR since our move. YES, a YEAR. I am 365 days passed the start of the hardest year of my life [okay drama queen]. Now that July is right around the corner, we're LEGIT Tennessee peeps. Whoa, just whoa. Okay, time to get on with some faves before I go all nostalgic and nonsense.


+ This book. I love snipers, I love mysteries, I love trying to figure it out before the end.

+ Our house is ready for guests. Not perfect, but ready for guests.

+ I was abe to help out a new friend in an emergency and felt good about getting things handled when she wasn't sure where to turn. Instructor life can be crazy, but we all have each other's back.

+ This week has been so busy and stressful so I've needed an extra laugh or two. My sister helped me out at the end of the week with this guy. For those of you who don't know, I SUCK at math. The worst. So any math funny is always about me. This is my kind of class for sure.

+ This morning was my last FRIDAY 6am PUMP! WOOOOP!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, loves!!!!

June 28, 2017

What I'm Up To {June}

Hello! Today I'm linking up with Shay and friends for What's Up Wednesday. I always think it's fun to look back on the month and look ahead to the next one while reading recaps from other bloggers. Come join in the fun why don't you?

What We're Eating... so much healthier than last month, woohoo. For those of you who are new here I had gallbladder surgery back in May due to many attacks which were extremely painful. Fatty foods were my nemesis so I stopped eating them. So, you can guess what I did once the gallbladder was gone...yeah I ATE ALL THE THINGS resulting in feeling crappy and gaining weight. To combat the bad cravings, Le Husband and I did a mock WHOLE30 at the beginning of the month and we now both feel so much better. I'm still not as lean as I would like but my body is back to craving WHOLE foods and not processed crap. That is a WIN within itself, woohoo!

What I'm reminiscing about... having a job where I could do whatever I wanted when I wanted. We used to be able to galavant at a the drop of a hat and take a long weekend for kickball events. Now I really have to THINK about vacation and when I plan to take time off. I get very few paid days off now and coordinating them with my boss can be tough. I miss the freedom [and the money] but I know this is just a learning season and soon I'll be on to better things.

What I'm Loving... my new haircut. So fresh! So fun! So blonde! SO Summer!

What We've Been Up To... getting the house together some more. Homeownership and remodeling is a never ending process. We are --this-- close to having the bottom floor set and I can't wait until we can take a week or two off and just live. Everything is coming together nicely and I am super excited to show people the before and after once it gets set.

What I'm Dreading... when my family leaves next week and having cameras in the office. YUCK!

What I'm Working On... studying new releases and getting my choreography memorized. Also trying to find lil bits for the house for decor. Where do you find cute, cheap but not cheap looking pieces?

What I'm Excited About... my family is coming into town for the weekend, even the ARIZONA sister. It has been way too long since we were all together and I'm beyond excited for us all to be whole again.

What I'm Watching/Reading... watching videos for LES MILLS, reading choreography and reading my NASM textbook and notes. I need to rock it with my test and lots of textbook reading is in my future.

What I'm Listening To... LES MILLS music and podcasts. Loving The Accused and getting into other true crime podcast recommend by friends and readers. Anyone have a good podcast they think I should listen to now?

What I'm Doing This Weekend... hanging with my family and playing kickball.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month... July is bringing family into town, vacation to Michigan for a wedding, a kickball tournament in North Carolina and Le Husband's family coming into town. It is going to be super busy but super duper fun. What have you been up to and what are your plans for July?

June 27, 2017

Confessions of a Group Fitness Instructor

+ We work harder than you can imagine to learn our content, add our own spin to it and perform with intensity for you each and every class. Sure we may be in shape, but bringing it each and every rep takes more effort than you can imagine.

+ When you leave during the abs/cooldown tracks we worry about you. Stretching out after an hour workout is SO IMPORTANT and when you duck out early we can only hope you stretch at home.

+ Like every workplace there is DRAMA and politics. Instructors can be divas and it can be exhausting.

+ All of us have had one of those uncomfortable digestive body moments when teaching.

+ If you have a question, critique or issue PLEASE COME TO US AT THE END OF CLASS. Nothing hurts worse than hearing second hand someone wasn't happy with your class. We teach FOR YOU, so if you need something or notice we are lacking something, please approach us directly.

+ Don't be scared if you are new, we've all be there and can spot you whether you raise your hand or not. We ask if anyone is new to help you, not embarrass you so if you can get to class early to introduce yourself to us and we promise your class will roll a lot smoother.

+ 99% of us get butterflies before each and every class.

+ Making a mistake, even a teeny blip can make us feel like we failed the class. WE HATE MISTAKES!

+ YES, we have a list of THOSE members. The ones who don't listen. Who show up late every class just because they are too cool to be on time. The ones who do their own exercises no matter what the class is doing. YES, we know who you are and YES we warn other instructors about you. #dontbethisperson

+ What we get paid to teach does not compensate the entirety of effort put into each class.

+ Our end goal is to get you healthier, so if you have a success story from class PLEASE share it.

+ You have no idea how much a "Great class" can mean, especially on our own tough days.

What do you want to know about teaching from a fitness instructor? Ask me!

June 26, 2017

Weekending - { The One With New Hair And A New Lake}

Hey, hey, honeybees! How you doing today? Did everyone have a great weekend? I'm coming at you pretty tired from a quick weekend away. Well, not away, we were in the same state, just NORTH. Le Husband has family who were at a lake house an hour away and they sent us an invite last month. Even though life is busy already, we said yes because, family. 

And yes, I'm super tired because someone ate way too much bad for me food Saturday night and my body decided to rebel and not let me sleep. Yeah, super fun, but oh well. Lesson learned, limit the processed food or you will pay, ha. Since I'm tired this weekend update is fast and furious as I type it this morning. 

My weekend started great on Friday as I had a hair appointment to get my locks fresh. It had been way too long since my last visit to the salon and things were pretty desperate. If you follow me on Instagram [why aren't you?] you would have seen I asked for some help deciding what to do with the huuur. Long story short [ha!] I used to only be able to grow my hair out past my chin and always had short hair. Well, around 30 - and my engagement - my hair decided it would grow so I was able to get it long enough for an updo for my wedding. I thought I wanted to do the post wedding chop but never did and have had hair the same length since 2013. Since I JUST recently became a Tennessee resident I thought, new state, new hair, let's try this. I honestly expected to chicken out, but asking online friends and my sisters for advice and the glass of wine I had at the salon gave me the courage to try something new. 

Y'all, I LOVE IT! SO much. I gave the stylist a bit of license and it was a lil shorter than expected, but I TOTALLY 100% LOVE IT! So freeing, so fresh, so fun, so summer, so blonde, SO NEW! SCORE!

The rest of the evening was spent doing stuff around the house since family is coming into THIS WEEKEND [I can NOT handle the excitement]. Saturday morning I was up bright and early [I miss sleep] to sub two classes for someone. BODYCOMBAT was fun, I'm still working on my conditioning but I rocked BODYPUMP like no one's business. I don't say that to be cocky, but with so many classes and some feeling subpar it's always nice to have a YES I ROCK moment. 

I scurried home, wolfed down some protein oats and eggs and then we packed up all the food and drove about an hour north to meet Le Husband's family. Norris lake is gorgeous and the house was so quaint at fun. I failed to take pictures, sorry. There also was very limited to no service so we spent the weekend nicely unplugged. Lots of lake time Saturday, lots of delicious food for dinner and lots of funny shenanigans from drinking alcohol. My tolerance is low with how little I drink now, but it was funny watching others enjoy themselves. 

Sunday morning arrived and we hung out until mid afternoon then headed home. I remembered to snap a few pictures before we left, thank goodness. It was so beautiful, I see why so many people vacation here. 

The drive home was just long enough for me to catch a quick nap and then it was a whirl wind of dinner out, cleaning, painting and getting ready for the week. The alarm came way too quickly this morning and I'm trying to get off the struggle bus and into the week. There is no time for chill because I have to learn FIVE new RELEASES for launch next month, finish putting together the house and make sure we have enough food for family. I want the week to slow down and speed up at the same time, haha. 

Hope you have a wonderful week friends! I'm cheering for you!

June 23, 2017

Weekly Wins


+ Green smoothies prepped at night make for a much easier morning. I'm loving the quick shot of energy in the morning and hey, it helps keep food from going bad.

+ New fun podcasts keeping me company when I'm done with fitness music. I've mentioned my love of true crime in posts previously and I'm super intrigued by this new podcast Accused. Super interesting if you're into unsolved murders. 

+ A new outlook on my BODYATTACK class after I filmed myself last week. When teaching you often think you are KILLING it but when you tape yourself, yeah, not so much. I took a chance last week and man did the tape open my eyes to some weaknesses. I took them home and then ROCKED my Wednesday class, it felt so gooooood!

+ Le Husband was able to come home two days earlier than expected and it was a nice surprise when he came home late and crawled into bed. I'm happy he's traveling because he is fulfilled by his job, but it's always nice when we get more than two days home together. 

+ My sister made it to VA from AZ and I'm so excited we're on the same coast right now.

+ I successfully completed a week back on the IF [intermittent fasting] train and am happy to get back into the IF groove. Teaching late at night really created a crimp in my IF style, but after talking with a fellow instructor starting out I committed to getting back into a window of eating and think I've found the sweet spot. 

+ THIS RIGHT *HERE*! After many a push and kind word about a my own fitness blog I decided to bite the bullet and just step out on that scary new blog ledge. If you have a moment, please check out PINKYFIT321 and let me know your thoughts. There are only two posts live right now and it is VERY generic. Oh, you might finally find out my real name, too.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. We are gonna get in some lake and family time, woohoo < 3!

June 22, 2017

Joy Bombs Volume Tre

My optimistic nature is something I love about myself. Sounds conceited, but it's the truth. When life gets tough I cry, wallow and then turn to the good as quickly as I can. I try to find the happy and J O Y in the every day and count my blessings. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred my mood changes, my outlook gets brighter and I realize life is pretty freaking great. I wrote this post last week after my tough news because I needed a refresh.

Current joy bombs at the moment:

.:. freshly hung paintings bringing a sense of home to a house.

.:. the smell of flowers after the rain.

.:. faux flowers in crystal vases adding a pop of color.

.:. surprise days of no humidity and 80 degree sunshine.

.:. the unexpected compliment from a fellow instructor about my class. #smilesohard

.:. penpal letters in the mail.

.:. FaceTime with family.

.:. finding extra money in old jackets, jeans and shorts.

.:. DMV visits which last less than thirty minutes.

.:. favorite show marathons on a lazy, rainy weekend.

.:. having your ideal teaching schedule line up for the next quarter at the gym.

What are joy bombs in your life right now?

June 21, 2017

Some Weekend Pics

***Before we get to my post I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who commented yesterday. Posting a glimpse behind the curtains of this space was scary, but something I knew I needed to do to be me. Your words, support, emails, texts and thoughts truly made my day and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you. I really think everyone should write their own "What you don't see" post, I know I'd love to read them all. Anyway, THANK YOU!***

Moving on to my weekend pictures...on a Wednesday, yup. Our weekend was so fast paced and busy I just did not have time to recap everything on Sunday afternoon. So much was done and accomplished over the weekend but I honestly just wanted to nap after my horribly tough and disappointing week. Nevertheless, I committed to getting err done and reaped the reward Sunday night.

This weekend I...

... finally made it to the DMV to become a LEGIT Tennessee resident. Yup, VA no more for this lil Pinkster. I anticipated at least an hour because, Friday, but was pleasantly surprised to be in and out of there in under 45 minutes. There was a slight heart attack during the eye exam, but phew, your girl passed.

... cracked up over my picture because the lady didn't give me warning, doh. Personally I feel like I'm channeling my inner Regina George at the bar two drinks in, haha. Thoughts?

... came home and took a quick lay down while waiting for Le Husband to get home.

... made a compliant dinner, watched some CWS then went to bed early to catch up on sleep.

... woke up way earlier than I wanted and honestly was a bit grumpy about teaching two classes back to back. I'm a yes girl when people need help, but I really wished I had taken the weekend off.

... taught one of my BEST BODYPUMP classes in awhile and had a fellow instructor and a few other members mention how well I taught the class. I put so much into preparing it was so wonderful to hear such kind words.

... felt much better after the excurcise.

... came home, ate food then attacked the mountain of things we needed to get done. We went to Hearth and Home to get a GREEN EGG [heart eye emoji], Home Depot for bookshelf stuff, grocery store for a cookout and smoothie place for food.

... had quite a few men comment on my husband being a 'lucky father' because of our Home Depot haul.

... finished painting the stairway, prepped the upstairs and enjoyed our first GREEN EGG MEAL.

... woke up lazy Sunday morning then ripped through our TO DOS.

... did gardening in the front yard, love our pretty yellow flower.

... helped Le Husband make a bookshelf, did laundry, hung pictures and started decorating the home.

... talked to Daddy on the phone for Father's day.

... went over to my aunt and uncles house for a Father's day dinner. Hung out with T-Bone, too.

... came home, prepped for the week and went to bed.

There you go, our weekend in pictures and in a nutshell. It was fun, tiring, rewarding and family oriented. All good things to me indeed. Cheers to hump day and the weekend being close again.

June 20, 2017

What You Don't See

Mount Denali circa 2014 [a view rarely seen by visitors because of weather]

Hello! Stop whatever you're doing [yes, even reading my blog] and go read THIS piece by my girl, Alyssa [I'll wait]. Done, so good right? Oh, I guess I better clarify, she's not MY girl, but she's someone who tells it like it is and has a fantastic way of inspiring me with her writing. Not only is it 100% grammatically correct - something I'm working on - {Did I even do that right?} her words seem to flow together so easily and all of a sudden I've read six blog posts in a snap. Talent my friends, talent.

Her most recent post broke down something I've had simmering in my head. There are many posts I've read recently and wondered 'what is really going on' or 'is that the real truth?' because it just felt too perfect. Too crafted. Too too, if you will. And then I wondered, 'what do people think about my blog'? Granted, this blog has been neglected and changed a lot in the past year due to life, but back when I was blogging more and sharing more with y'all did it seem authentic? Also, where is the balance in what you share and what you don't share? How much is too much? How much makes someone say 'you know it's out there forever right'? I like to think I keep a good line between real life and not too much. I plan to keep things the same going forward, but today I'm sharing a little bit more than normal. The things you don't see when you read here. The things normally kept just for me in real life.

|| the frustrated moments when i'm a complete mess, crying through my fears and my husband just looks at me. this makes me even madder because all i want is female support but, duh, he's not a female.

|| coinciding with the above, you rarely read about our fights/stresses because i'm one who keeps that off the blog. doesn't mean it doesn't happen, i just choose not to share it. we've had more than normal this year and they have been doozies to say the least. those tough moments of being ugly i keep to myself for the most part.

|| how unhappy i am where my work life has landed. yes, that makes me sound ungrateful so i don't share much here. where i was before was so much worse, so much harder and so much stress but here, now. this place is so unfulfilling and so backwards from where i was in virgina.

|| the tons of pictures i take for fitness stuff and never post. i want so badly to venture into the online fitness world, into a new blog all about fitness and an instagram account for people to use as inspiration. but, i get scared and don't share anything because really, with everything already out there where and how would i stand out?

|| how badly i procrastinate. i'm one of the worst out there, trust me. i wait until the last minute and am one of those who end up paying penalties because things are late. not all the time, but still, often enough. i book flights late. i wait to study or learn things late. i put off asking the hard questions and 90% of the time laziness is the main culprit.

|| our messy, dysfunctional house. we've lived here six months plus and still have things helter skelter. one room, our only other bedroom, is a disaster catch all for the things we don't have a place for yet. i know many a friend who moved with children and had their home settled in two weeks. us? yeah, we just can't seem to get it all together at once.

|| the research I've started to find a therapist. wow. i said it. here. the move away and the stress of everything the past year has brought to life some anxiety and depression i had no idea i held inside. part of my doesn't share this because, my business, but the other part doesn't share because i feel a judgement for being over dramatic.

|| how much i stress and worry about being a good instructor. and how much drama the instructor world holds. it is more work than anyone realizes and it can be tough when people get nasty.

|| the small quiet moments of love and joy. i used to try and share them, with a quick picture and note, but that seemed to taint the moment. now i just enjoy them. with le husband, with friends, with family or just on my own. living my moments means not sharing them here all the time.

June 16, 2017

Weekly Wins

Bestest look on the bestest day by the bestest daddy
+++ So this post was prepped before I took my test. And received my score...saying I didn't pass. I was pretty devastated last night, it hurt my ego a lot. This was almost a no post because I was so upset. But, I cried it out to family, got support from Le Husband and ate a compliant Whole30 smoothie before bed and feel a bit better today. It sucks, bad, but nothing can be done now, I can only move forward and do my best to pass next time. Thanks for the sweet vibes, yesterday!+++

+ Studying and test is OVER, thank the gummy bears above! I'm just so so so so so glad it is over. I procrastinated way too much and could have used another week, but hey, I understood a lot more the last two days of cramming than expected, which made the fail even more tough.

+ I survived teaching my first double since surgery. It was BODYCOMBAT followed by BODYPUMP and minus the lunge and shoulder tracks it wasn't as tough as I thought coming back. Super glad COMBAT was first though, that format is tough to fake.

+ Le Husband was home all week and it was so nice falling asleep next to him.

+ Father's Day cards went in the mail early and will arrive on time!

+ Successful searched for and found a legit acupuncturist. #thankyouinternetandfriends

+ Blogging mojo seems to have made another appearance here and I finally have some inspiration.

+ Flights for a wedding up in Michigan are finally booked.

+ Another week on Whole30 round 4* is complete.

+ My Tuesday night BODYPUMP class was freaking amazing. Not only did the members work hard and respond well to the release, I also taught one of my best classes in a long time.

+ I'm getting my new Tennessee license today. #sadtoseevago


+ The heart attack I had over registration of my car, not having a title and expired registration proved to unnecessary as all will be well once the title is in my hands. #phew

Beyond happy the weekend is here and looking forward to chilling out at the pool or doing nothing because this week was rough. Four classes down and two to go tomorrow, I got this! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Happy Father's day to the special men in your life and if you've lost a father special hugs and sparkles sent your way, because I can only imagine how hard this holiday can be for you. < 3

linking up with these ladies: amanda andrea april and katie

June 15, 2017


is the day. The test. The time. The moment. The measurement. The pinnacle or the valley.

Any kind vibes, prayers, well wishes and extra study moments are appreciated.

June 12, 2017

Weekend Highlights {The one with the HIKE and home stuff}

Morning, friends. Happy Monday to you! I know, Mondays aren't our favorites, but since they come around so often let's try and make it nice. This weekend was mostly about hiking, with a lil home improvement thrown in there for balance.

This weekend we...

... took it easy on Friday evening because tired and big hike the next day.

... woke up later than planned Saturday morning, but sleep was so needed, especially by me.

... packed up and hit the road for 30ish minute drive into the beautiful mountains.

... threw our planning for this hike together at the last minute and kind of drove around until we found something that looked good on the map. NOTE: Not the best idea for the first hike in a year.

... started the jaunt up the trail and enjoyed the gorgeous morning [so cool and sunny] and then came across aggressive bear signs, eek! The sign was in regards to a camp site, not the trail so we decided to go on with our plan.

... originally planned for maybe a six to seven mile hike round trip. Welp, somehow that turned into a twelve plus mile hike round trip because the map wasn't the C L E A R E S T on distances. Thankfully the view at the top made it alllllll worth the ouch in the legs and lungs.

... both decided the descent is a BAZILLION times worse than the ascent. Y'all my body is more sore from walking DOWN the mountain than up, no joke. By the end my feet were yelling at me and my posterior chain was talking as well. 

... had a fabulous time with wonderful weather and truly reignited our hiking bug.

... ate dinner at a delicious lil BBQ joint which had THE BEST COLESLAW in the world. PERIOD!

... headed to the gym after the hike to workout....SIKE! We went to use the foam rollers, hot tub and steam room to loosen up our uber tight lower body. Totally my idea and TOTALLY the best idea because the next day was a lot nicer to us.

... woke up late Sunday, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast then did some home improvements. 

... bought a new fan, new foyer light and new dining room light. Only snapped this baby bad one on the couch but will have more tomorrow/wednesday. I was so exhausted, but proud because I helped but up the fan and first light. 

... studied some more, prepped for the next day and tried to sleep. No dice. UGH!

Annnnd, that's all she, well I, wrote. It was a good mixed weekend, but I'm still feeling the hike and have quite a few classes on the docket for this week. Plus my test, egad. Happy vibes would be so appreciated. Have a wonderful day!

June 9, 2017

Currently Crushing On

Team Teaching Barre: I had such a blast last night teaching barre with my girl. We used 90s old school songs and spent so much time smiling and laughing while teaching. My booty and abs are SORE as all get out today, yowza

Brussel Sprouts: Okay, maybe not crushing, but learning to like and enjoy. Trying to get back on the healthy train [so far successful the past two weeks] and looking for new recipes to try. Crunchy roasted brussel sprouts have become my jam, anyone have some other recipes?

This Quote: No more words needed.
[no source, found on instagram]

Lavender Essential Oils: Sleep has been horrible lately so I've been reaching for my magnesium and essential oils. And now, my love affair with lavender has been rekindled. Every night I've been diffusing lavender and our bedroom smells delicious. Still hit or miss on the sleep but I'm much more relaxed.

Andy Cohen's Then & Now: Anyone else watch this show? I find it super fascinating because I LOVE POP culture. I also love remember back where I was during things and finding out NEW scandals and stories back when I was too young to pay attention. Did you guys know that Madonna apparently ripped off Voguing from an underground movement? I had no idea, thank you ANDY!
Okay, that's it. Happy Friday!!!!

June 6, 2017



... year anniversary of our move to a new state.

... a house in complete dissary.

... surgery and recovery month.

... eating like a frat boy because I JUST HAD SURGERY.

... the feeling of 'this is all new and different and what is going on'.

... being on workout probation.

... month two of my new job (is it still new after two months).

... return to kickball tournament.




... first OFFICIAL month of summer.

... Whole30 round four.

... substitute class on substitute classes on substitute classes.


... year anniversary teaching fitness in Tennessee.

... finally living in a house that feels like a home.

... pool days at the townhouse.

... lake days with the family.

... warm weather all the time.

June 5, 2017

A No Picture Weekend


Yes, You heard me. No pictures. Zilch. Nada. Nuttin'

Which is A-OK by me right now. I know posts without lots of pictures don't get read and let's not even talk about comments. Again, A-OK by me today.

This weekend I...

... was exhausted Friday after my first full week back teaching group classes.

... went to the store for healthy food because #WHOLE30 round four.

... wanted to skip out on the 'instructor taping' due to tiredness, but mostly to bad juju.

... talked myself into showing up, worked my @$$ off in SPRINT then came home and vegged out.

... fell asleep quickly at 9:30pm, wahoo.

... woke tired and sore from the week but jumped out of bed for a morning class with my BODYATTACK soul sister.

... took many low options because, SORE.

... showered, changed and met her at a brunch place near my house. Super delicious food and fun atmosphere.

... talked way longer and way louder than we planned, so happy to have someone so awesome as a friend.

... went home and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Yes, it was gorgeous outside, but I was too tired.

... did the happy dance when Le Husband came home. #travelingman

... made a yummy dinner, watched a few shows, went to bed.

... slept in through church, helllllo much needed sleep. Continued to have our first LAZY Sunday in who knows how long. So needed and so appreciated and so enjoyed with Le Husband.

... meal prepped for the next few days, did some chores then tried to get to bed early.

... spent hours laying awake for no reason #rage. Magnesium and lots of water didn't help, wah.

... trying to get after it today, but, have a feeling it's gonna be one of THOOOOSE Mondays.

Hope you had a great weekend, have a great week! :)

June 2, 2017

Friday Funnies

Things have been a bit melancholy and sad around here when I show up, so I thought it would be fun to just a few funnies. Please enjoy a laugh or two on me and know I wish a fabulous wonderful weekend to each of you :)!







June 1, 2017

What's New With You {The Late Addition}


Hello! Yes, I'm still here, just a lil late this morning. Honestly, I find myself in the swing of things and them BOOM the week is near then end and I haven't answered emails/comments and I haven't posted anything new. Egad! Even though this is later than normal, here's a new post to read.

Support means the world to me. Seriously, it does. Whether it's family support, friend support, blog land support or just a pat on the head support I crave it like no other. Support is my tribe. Which is wonderful when people show up and support me all the time. This is nothing new, per say, but it's been needed more than normal recently and to have everyone show up has meant the world.

The house is finally coming together. Guys, the house. THE HOUSE! We finally have a living room and the boxes are LE GONE! Our Memorial Day was not a restful or celebrated weekend. Le Husband and I worked ALL WEEKEND long on our house. We put in floor board, we put in tow board, we painted, we sanded, we primed, we painted again, we put things up and took them down, we arranged and rearranged, we bought a TREE {!!!}, we organized and we put our downstairs back together. It is looking good, so good, and I'm so freaking happy to have a carpet and Snoopy.

Fitness is lost F A S T. No surprise there right? Two weeks off for surgery and man do I feel like I'm climbing a mountain again. My abs are gone {wah face emoji}, my pushup count is down and I honestly just feel so slow and out of shape teaching at the moment. I get it, my body is changed and is still recovering from losing an organ however I'm bummed I have to regroup and rebuild.

Whole30 Round four? Y'all, it might be happening. I need to get myself in check food wise because since surgery I've been eating like a frat boy and my body not only looks meh it feels lousy. This isn't about losing weight though, sure I liked being lean, but it sucked not being able to eat food because of my gallbladder issue. Now I can eat the food I missed which is AMAZING for the taste buds, just not so amazing for the rest of my body. Le Husband said he was on board so it might happen.

So that's the quick and dirty of the past month or so. Thanks for reading and showing up!