April 27, 2011

Big Girl Life is starting


I am getting my own place {cue angel chorus AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH} next month and am sooo excited about it. I was SO OVER living with a roommate, but happy that situation ended well. I probably would be up for living with a good/best friend but not someone I don't know 100% and who isn't as clean. CAN'T do it Captian.

So I talked to my landlord and a 1bedroom is opening up in my building, and it's MIIIIINE, MINE MINE!!! (anyone remember that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon...no?!?! moving on)

I am BEYOND thrilled to have a space of MY OWN and sooo ready to take the next 'Big Girl Life' step. C is happy too, because that's means he gets MORE room when he comes over and doesn't have to worry about a roommate hanging around. The kid LOVES to hang out in just shorts, which I of course DON'T MIND AT ALL, but he wouldn't do that when P was around. I should be moving in slash over in the next week or so. My landlord wants to put on a fresh coat of paint and everything before I move in. Okay, when I say move in, I mean move 30 steps to the right, no joke. I am moving one building over which will make it one of the easiest SLASH most annoying moves ever. BUT I DON'T CARE! I WILL HAVE MY OWN PLACE!!!!

CUE HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 25, 2011

He is RISEN...


Happy Easter ALL!

April 22, 2011

Good Friday

He came to people (the Son of man)
born of the people (became a man)
So that the people could be free (so that we could see).
He lived with people (He blessed their lives),
He blessed the people (He broke through time)

The people nailed Him to a tree (they crucified Him)

April 19, 2011


Birthday weekend was anticipated. :o

Birthday weekend was here. :) :) :)

Birthday weekend is over :(


Full of pink Sparkles!

{Thank you Betsey Johnson}

Full of Smiles!

Full of Flowers and Presents!
{Birthday flowers from C, I'm a lucky girl}

{Balloons from coworkers}

Full of Partying!

Full of LOVE!


I hope you had a great weekend too! xoxo

April 14, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I'm so EXCITED for tomorrow! You're only a DAY AWAY!


I am soo blessed. Since I am taking tomorrow off for my bday, my coworkers surprised me with sweetness today! They brought in doughnuts, balloons and chocolate for me!

I'm a lucky lucky girl!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday, cause you KNOW I WILL!


April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends! I hope it's a good week in your neck of the woods! Ya'll know I'm having a good one cause...(doodoo, DOODOO....drum roll).......

Ittttttttttttttttttttttt's BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am BEYOND excited! I know I sound like a 5 year old, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday and ANYONE else's BIRTHDAY!

Seriously, Birthdays are the BESTEST THING EVER in my book! :)
But, this post isn't about birthdays, it's about my weekend.
Which was awesome, busy but awesome. So here it is!
It started of waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early (6am on a Saturday =s boo card) because I had to update some work assets remotely. BLAH! Don't even get me started on our Merchandising and Marketing department Harrumph!

I have to admit I was excited everything worked minus a few hiccups.
Then it was back to bed for a few hours, get up get showered and get in the car to drive down to visit BABYSPICE at LAW SCHIZZLE!

I had promised her while ago that I would visit sometime this year and so I went down south to visit her for the day/night. We walked around her campus, did lunch at the dhall (nostalgia), checked out the Law School and her study caroll!

Sidenote: WE B's do NOT have a quiet mode, which made for a few stares in the library, oops!

Then it was to the mall for some retail therapy and birthday gift certificates (VS) and then since I am the big sissy I took her to Krogizzle for some groceries. It was so cute to see her face when I told her to by the GOOD and not generic brand of food. Since she is paying for law school she is on a MAYJAH budget and doing great with it I might add. Oh the JOYS JOYS JOYS of being big sister with a big girl job ($$).

I am soooo STINKIN' proud of Babyspice, she is doing great on her own and I know she is gonna ROCK IT OUT the rest of the semester! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you BABYSPICE!

We finished the evening with PIZZA, VINO, CAPS hockey, UP (favoritest movie ever) and painting of the nails. Ahhhhhhh the funess of being a girl. Then it was time for bed because we both had a lot going on the next day.

Sunday morning we woke up, had coffee and a fah-bo bfast made my Babyspice. We packed up my things, including my NEW SET OF KNIVES and Kitchen Scissors she got me for my birthday! I love them and am soooo excited to have better knives in my kitchen. She is the bestest!

Babyspice really wanted me to see the church she attends when she is at school so I went with her for about an hour to the service. I had to leave early because I was driving 1.5 hours away to my college for an alumni event. She walked me out, we hugged it out, I love youed it out and then I was....you guessed it OUT! ;)

The drive to the WOOD was easypeasey and full of memories. Ahh, I miss college. The town of FARMVEGAS has dramatically changed which caused a bit of confusion when trying to find the soccer field. But, luckily a guardian Angel was looking out for me and I as directed to the NEW field. When I pulled up it was a sea of navy blue (ALUMNI) and baby blue (current team). Only a few girls I played with came (no one from my year) but it was still a really really good time. The alums lost 3-2 but I think that's how it's suppose to be, for the moral of the team. It was so great to get on the pitch with old teammates and to kick it with my Coach. We had some drama when I played, but all in all I would give anything to be back on a college team again :(!

After the game and chitchats I met up with one of my freshman roommates for lunch and a drink. It was soooo incredible to see Miss L, she is one of the few college girls I keep in touch with. She and I have different perspectives about a lot of things but a shared faith and idea of what is important in life. Even though we only Facebook chat/text I just KNOW she will be one of my forever friends.
After lunch it was time for long drive home, which ended up not being too bad. I was exhausted when I got home and didn't have anything for dinner. I was hoping C would have something ready but alas he only made dinner for himself, harumph! ;)

All in all it was a great weekend! I hope ya'll's was too!


April 8, 2011

Would you let a STRIPPER ...........

teach your child?!?!?!

I KNOW RIGHT!?!??!? On my morning commute today the radio station I ADORE was talking about how 14% of teachers that have second jobs are STRIPPERS!!!






I understand people need to make money and am not hating or judging the act of being a Stripper ( wouldn't consider it for a minute nor would I want any girl I know stripping). But, I feel that teaching ABCs, 123s, Algebra II, or History and pole dancing just don't mix?!?

Am I the only one who would be weirded out if I found that out about my 'not real yet' child's child was a Stripper in her off hours?!?!

I don't think I would be okay with that.

Thoughts lovies?!?!




April 6, 2011

What I WANT Wednesday!

Good morning bloggies! As you may know, April marks the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR because um, hello!!!!!!!! It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! YaaaaaaaaaY!

My friends and family have been asking me 'What do you want' and really I had NO IDEA! But, thank you INTERNET, now I do! Below are some items I am LUSTING after and if they were to show up at my house next week I would be the happiest girl in the world!

Aerogarden to grow all of my fabulous herbs at home. I want Basil, Dill and Oregano :)

Any candles from World Market! I love love love Candles and now that my apt will be CLEAN forever I want the sweet smell of SPRING to permeate through my home.

I have wanted one of these dutch oven (teehee) pots FOREVER! Since her line came out but haven't pulled the trigger. Think of all the DELISH dishes I could create with this baby!

Oh Jessica Simpson, you may not have your LIFE together but you do know fashion. This dress would be so beautiful to wear to the summer weddings I have to attend.

I ADORE this simple Lilly dress, I just wish wish wish it was in my budget. Maybe the Birthday fairy will magically bring me a size 2!

Attention friends/family: If you can get this hunk of lovin' man to come to my birthday party, I WILL OWE YOU MY LIFE! Sighhhhhhhhh I love The Jeter Man! New York's #2 is soooooo fine! Maybe C will get me tickets to a Yankees game in NY! And yes, he knows about by CRUSHTASTIC love of all things Derek Jeter!

Okay pretties, if you can think of anything else this girl should have, let me know!

Happy Hump day :)! xoxo

April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again folks....SPRING CLEANING!!!!!!! And man it couldn't come at a better time...Why you ask? Well little bloggies, it's because I can finally clean the apartment and it will stay CLEAN!!!!!!!!! SHOCKER, I know right?!!? If you have been paying attention, you will know that I had a roommate, P, but she has moved out of the country to teach English. AWESOME FOR HER! WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! :)

But, it's even AWESOMER for me because NOW I can finally live the way I WANT TO LIVE, which is CLEAN AND TIDY! P, and I have had our ups and downs the past 2 years, and on my end it mostly had to do to the fact she is NOT a tidy/clean person. I have become OCD about having the living room and kitchen tidy before going to bed. I HATE when things are out of place and sitting in the stink. I mean HELLO that's what a dishwasher is for. And after you use a blanket, isn't the correct thing to fold it up and put it back? And after you cook wouldn't you think to wipe down the counters and put away the dishes you used? AND wouldn't you I don't know, maybe vacuum and wipe down the bathrooms every few weeks?!?! If you've answered yes to any of the questions you and I should have lived together instead of P. She doesn't put things away then tried to say, it was only out 'for a day'. My FOOT! She and I have different views of clean and it was REALLY getting to me. Thank goodness she decided to pursue this dream of hers, because otherwise it would have gotten ugly.

WOW, I didn't mean for this post to become a rant, but "sho thing shawdy" it did. Hmmm, if I EVER take this blog public with friends I MIGHT have to delete this post. Although not really sure if she and I will be friends in the future, just too different. Oh well. Back to the cleaning. So, for 3 hours on Sunday and 2 hours last night after the gym, I was cleaning the kitchen. YES a total of 5 hours on the kitchen (okay I went back and forth between the bathroom and kitchen on Sunday). You might call me crazy ladies, but I was going HARD CORE. I'm talking taking things out of cabinets and cleaning the cabinets. I'm talking MOVING all things on the counter and cleaning everything. Mopping the floors and cleaning the refrigerator. And here's the kicker.


Nope, not yet. And I still have the living room, bathroom, P's room (don't EVEN get me started on the MESS she left after I gave her back most of her security deposit. SOOOOO angry about that. But don't worry Karma is bia and some of the things she left I know she might want are going to GOOD WILL or straight to the trash. Sorry Charlie) and then my room for last.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! What have I gotten myself into!?!?!? Oh well, it needs to be done and since C is out of town for work I will get it done before he gets back yay! Oh and I need to get it done before last next week cause, wait for it...

I love Birthdays! But that's another post in itself. Okay, if you don't hear from me in a few weeks you will know the cleaning monster got me. Can you please tell C so he knows to come rescue me? Kay thanks!

Have a great Tuesday lovies! xoxo