April 27, 2011

Big Girl Life is starting


I am getting my own place {cue angel chorus AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH} next month and am sooo excited about it. I was SO OVER living with a roommate, but happy that situation ended well. I probably would be up for living with a good/best friend but not someone I don't know 100% and who isn't as clean. CAN'T do it Captian.

So I talked to my landlord and a 1bedroom is opening up in my building, and it's MIIIIINE, MINE MINE!!! (anyone remember that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon...no?!?! moving on)

I am BEYOND thrilled to have a space of MY OWN and sooo ready to take the next 'Big Girl Life' step. C is happy too, because that's means he gets MORE room when he comes over and doesn't have to worry about a roommate hanging around. The kid LOVES to hang out in just shorts, which I of course DON'T MIND AT ALL, but he wouldn't do that when P was around. I should be moving in slash over in the next week or so. My landlord wants to put on a fresh coat of paint and everything before I move in. Okay, when I say move in, I mean move 30 steps to the right, no joke. I am moving one building over which will make it one of the easiest SLASH most annoying moves ever. BUT I DON'T CARE! I WILL HAVE MY OWN PLACE!!!!

CUE HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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