April 6, 2011

What I WANT Wednesday!

Good morning bloggies! As you may know, April marks the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR because um, hello!!!!!!!! It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! YaaaaaaaaaY!

My friends and family have been asking me 'What do you want' and really I had NO IDEA! But, thank you INTERNET, now I do! Below are some items I am LUSTING after and if they were to show up at my house next week I would be the happiest girl in the world!

Aerogarden to grow all of my fabulous herbs at home. I want Basil, Dill and Oregano :)

Any candles from World Market! I love love love Candles and now that my apt will be CLEAN forever I want the sweet smell of SPRING to permeate through my home.

I have wanted one of these dutch oven (teehee) pots FOREVER! Since her line came out but haven't pulled the trigger. Think of all the DELISH dishes I could create with this baby!

Oh Jessica Simpson, you may not have your LIFE together but you do know fashion. This dress would be so beautiful to wear to the summer weddings I have to attend.

I ADORE this simple Lilly dress, I just wish wish wish it was in my budget. Maybe the Birthday fairy will magically bring me a size 2!

Attention friends/family: If you can get this hunk of lovin' man to come to my birthday party, I WILL OWE YOU MY LIFE! Sighhhhhhhhh I love The Jeter Man! New York's #2 is soooooo fine! Maybe C will get me tickets to a Yankees game in NY! And yes, he knows about by CRUSHTASTIC love of all things Derek Jeter!

Okay pretties, if you can think of anything else this girl should have, let me know!

Happy Hump day :)! xoxo

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