May 31, 2013

LAST Double Post of May 5onFriday

Hello friends! Today I'm linking up for 5 on Friday :)! 

1] THIS Buzzfeed post made me so nostalgic for my childhood. Anyone else feel the same?
These beautiful smells:
These made 'getting high' legal ;)
This ragtag team of appliances:
LOVED this movie!
Pierre Escargot, in all his glory:
Pierre Escargot
And the hardest mountain you'll ever climb:

2] Even though I had a blast posting for the "Blog Everyday In May" Challenge, I'm glad it's over. Scheduling all of the posts and making sure I was linked up on time was a lot of work. I did learn a lot about myself and others though, so I'm very happy I decided to participate AND I blogged EVERY DAY! WOOHOO!

3] My bffer, T, asked C and I to play in a charity softball tournament this weekend and I'm 20384023840 kinds of nervous. I am an extremely athletic girl [not bragging, just stating a fact] but for some reason I STINK at baseball/softball. There is a very high percentage that C and I will argue tomorrow regarding the game and I will probably throw a temper-tantrum because I'm mad about my 'lack of skills'. The ONLY reason I'm participating is because it is in support of the Wounded Warriors project and I LOVE the work they do for our military. Pray for me?!?!?!

4] I need some new summer reads. I've neglected my kindle recently, and really want to devour books this summer. My 'fluff' list has sadly been outweighing my 'best selling' and 'informative' list, so I'm asking you LOVELY ladies for some fun and interesting recommendations.

5] WEDDING PLANNING NEVER ENDS!!!! I know a bunch of you ladies are already married and seriously HOW DID YOU DO IT?!?! To quote a fellow bride to be "Me planning a wedding is like Paris Hilton giving a commencment speech at a college". HIGHLY unqualified and holy moly, lil details just AIN'T my thing. I know it will all work out and everything, but sheesh, I'm getting overwhelmed. Okay, deep breath and remember Pinky, you get to marry THIS GUY in three months...weeeeee!
WE so silly and I LOVE US!

Have a fabulous weekend ladies! WOOHOO TGIF!

Blog Every Day in May [Day 31]

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory
I've thought LONG and hard about this post,
being that it's the LAST post of the challenge
and I really don't wanna just phone it in slacker style.

I have a few vivid memories
from childhood,
and in my 'grown up life'.

After much hemmin' and hawwin'
and worryin' that this was too much of a cop-out
I decided to go with my MOST recent
VIVID memory.


and THIS

 Even though IN the moment, I couldn't remember
now I can look back and vividly remember
how I felt and what I saw.

I can V-I-V-I-D-L-Y
The candles burning
The smell of roses
The sight of lil fake diamonds everywhere

I can V-I-V-I-D-L-Y
My heart being in my throat
Trying to process "IS THIS REAL

I  V-I-V-I-D-L-Y
The moment I walked in the door
and the moment I understood

Are some details hazy,
 [but I'm lucky, two sissys are smart
so I have a video of the whole process!
thanks sissys...weeeeee!]

But, I still can close my eyes and
 remember how C looked,
the smell of Jack Daniels
almost dropping my phone
watching him going down on one knee
and the moment he place the ring on my finger
and said those 5 special words.

What they say is true ladies,
time really does stop and all of a sudden
it's just you and he and BOOM
I'm a MRS.TO.BE!
[You can check out the WHOLE proposal story *HERE*]

If you're reading this honey [doubtit]
THANK YOU for giving me SUCH an amazing
and special moment.

May 30, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 30]

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go

Letting Go = GOODBYE!

Letting Go = Only looking forward

Letting Go = Understanding the past is the past

Letting Go = Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

Letting Go = Moving on with life

Letting Go = No more pain

Letting Go = Enjoying the happy, forgetting the sad

Letting Go = Learning from mistakes

Letting Go = Live and let live

Letting Go = Loving thyself

Letting Go = Finding peace

Letting Go = Letting hope find a way to float up

Letting Go = Trusting in HIS plan

Letting Go = Taking away CAN'Ts power

Letting Go = Free falling

Letting Go = I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR

Letting Go = Re-finding the GLITTER in life

Letting Go = KNOWING God's Hands HOLD ME

May 29, 2013

"THE ONE" Moment

You know, the MOMENT everyone talks about.

The MOMENT they realized their honeylovemuffin
was THE ONE forever and ever.

I heard about it growing up,
from friends and adults.

I thought I knew what it was,
with different boyfriends.

But, then randomly, I felt it
and I KNEW it...

I had FOUND the one!

And JUST like everyone said,
there really is NO WAY to explain HOW
you know.

It's just the little things
that start to make sense.

They are the one you want to wake up to every morning.

They are your closest and truest friend.
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

You don't just imagine a fairytale together, but a LIFE

When you see happy couples
and couples in love,
you picture the TWO OF YOU

I'm a Disney girl at heart and KNEW my prince was out there.

It's amazing, but it's true.

I've found him.

C is the ONE!

The ONE I want to fight with, 
love with, 
have babies with, 
be with, 
sleep next to and 
wake up next to


Blog Every Day in May [Day 29]

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

High School Memories

College Memories...boom boom room  

One of My Go To Chill Song

Random but a MEGA FAVORITE

xoxo OUR SONG xoxo

May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 27]

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers
Dearest WONDERFUL readers,


Did I make you smile? I hope so, because that was my intent.

But, even though I love you, please know

Hahaha, okay enough with the sillies.

Y'all totally rock my socks, for real!

When I started this blog I never THOUGHT
I'd make the friendships I have now.

So blog ladies [and gents] thanks for making it awesome.

There may be drama on the internetz but
the fun people are way worth the drama in my opinion.

THANK YOU for reading about my life.

I know I'm not THAT important

Okay, maybe I'm a lil important. 


To all of you reading, I hope I make your day a bit brighter.

Be it because you think I'm ridiculous and way too pink.

Or be it because you love the shenanigans that is my life.

I just hope I make you smile. 

Because smiling is important.

But, you know what else is important?

Knowing your self worth and that LIFE WILL
work out for you.

It might not be on your time table,
but it will work out.

Sweet girl readers, especially those that are still
looking for mister right,
or waiting for mister right to put a ring on it,
that you are special the way you are
and that TIME will bring you where you need to be,
when you need to be there.
[HOLY run on sentence batman]

 Don't worry, I see you shaking your head
and giving me the

Trust me, I get it. 

Three years ago I had no idea who C was
and was feeling very WHERE IS MY LIFE GOING.

[look at me now, I'm getting papers]

I'm proof random decisions
can change your life
and good things happen
when they are supposed to :)!

Sorry if you think I'm being preachy,
but it's my letter and I DO WHAT I WANT!

In short [cause I'm short]
Y'all make me happy!

Y'all are AWESOME



Thanks for making me smile

May 26, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 26]

Day 26, Sunday: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.
10 Life Lessons from
Calvin and Hobbes

Growing up I was an AVID
Calvin and Hobbes reader.

I get it from my FAJAH!  

We read them in the comics every day
and we even bought our Daddy books
for Father's day and Christmas
because we knew he would love em.

And of course, so did we.

I would read the books over and over again,
be it at night or just throughout the day.

Calvin is a bad boy and Hobbes is such an instigator.

But, I love the innocence and the childhood essence
the comic evokes.

Read the link and you will understand why.

My favorite Lessons:

What are yours?
Leave em in the comments section :)

After you have a dance party,

May 25, 2013

Blog Every Day in May [Day 25]

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)
"You Live In  Bubble"
[a la my best friend T]

Yep, Miss T told me that back in college.

I can't 100% remember exactly WHAT action of mine
made her utter this statement,
but it's one she continued to use
and one that I have now come to cherish.

I believe the remark was made because
something bad had happened to someone near us
and I was shocked.
 Maybe a really bad breakup, or a rumor that
got out of hand and really hurt the person,
but I can't remember.

All I remember is feeling shocked about the situation
and then hearing:

"That's because you live in a bubble.
Where nothing bad happens,
and there is rainbows and butterflies all the time"!

Now, understand, this was not said with malice,
rudeness or in a mean way.

She was just summing up the attitude I 
exuded towards life
and how 'out of touch' I seemed
with the sadness and hurt of the real world.

Key word being seemed.

Did I know there were bad things in the world?
Did I think only bad this happened to bad people?

Buuuuuuuuuuut, my parents were VERY protective
while I was growing up and I led
a very sheltered life until college. 

I still believed in my Prince Charming
coming in on a white horse
to save me.
[We women don't need to be saved,
but I do believe in having a prince charming companion]

I still believed that people were fundamentally kind
and would treat each other with respect.
[It's more apparent that people are JUST out for themselves
more than helping others]

I still believed DIVORCE was only 
for bad people.
[I only knew 2 divorced parents growing up,
which led to this assumption. TRUST ME,
I am NO LONGER that judgmental, scouts honor]

I still assumed everyone believed in THE GOOD
before the bad.
[More people are pessimists than optimists, so sad]

Much of that changed in college,
once I got around people from different backgrounds
and walks of life. 

I managed to keep my 'innocence' but
college was truly a period of growing up.

Anyway, getting back to the story.......
[sheesh I'm rambling]

Once I realized the point T was trying to make,
I embraced  her assessment.

I do live in a bubble, because I HONESTLY DO
think GOOD this happen more than bad.

Have I become more cynical?
YES, sadly I have.

BUT, I still am that bubble girl at heart.

I'm glad T found such a wonderful way
to describe me and my essence.

May 24, 2013

Today I Confess A Mess

I confess . . . Kim Kardashian just needs to go away. Chica sent MUSIC boxes as her invitations for her baby shower. And the ballerina looks like her and the box plays Kanye's song....I mean really...GO AWAY!

I confess . . . I'm still sore from the manhandling massage I received on Wednesday. Homeboy straight WORKED IT OUT on my body and oooooh nelly, I'm still feeling it; in my back, shoulders, neck, and glutes [minimus and maximus]. He told me I needed to stop working out [yeah right] and that I needed to come back and see him often. More massages, yes please...who's paying?!?!?

I confess . . . I think I'm going to try and get reflexology massages more often. My massues asked the owner to come in and work on my feet [because I was so ridiculously tight] and even though I hate feet, this was incredible. She was able to tell that I don't sleep well, enjoy a glass of wine at night, hold my pee [what?] and slouch ALL from how tender my feet were. CRAZY right?!?! Check out this chart!

I confess . . . My panties were in a twist after reading a blog post yesterday. I understand that blogs are people's tools for sharing their feelings, thoughts and they have a right to say whatever they want. But....shhewww eeeeee, sometimes people need to THINK before they write. I probably shouldn't say anything here [DONTJUDGEMECLO] but hey, it's my blog, I do what I want.

I confess . .  . I am 2304820348 gobzillion  kinds of nervous for this weekends trip with my family and C. We are ALL driving TOGETHER in one minivan for nine hours [there and back] for my cousin's high school graduation. C likes the quietness of driving and if you've learned ANYTHING here on my blog, it's that the Brady Bunch IS NOT quiet. Here's hoping it goes well and he doesn't ask for the ring back and run for the hills after this trip.

I confess . . . I have renewed my crush on a literary character thanks to a blog yesterday. I was reading a post and all of a sudden the gorgeous face of Gilbert Blythe was staring me down. OH swoooooon! He was my first crush, so dapper and dashing and so sweet once he grew up. Anne Shirley you better be STINKIN' happy with this hottie!

I confess  . . . Google made me cry with their doodle. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Happy Friday friends!