December 31, 2014

I Hope You Had The Year of Your Life

Today is the last day of 2014. Honestly, I can't believe it. 2014 was our year of nonstop go,go,go and it's so crazy to think that the year is over. Since I've already recapped my year, I won't bore you with another list. Don't get me wrong, I love reading people's top tens and I loved creating mine last year. But, I've already looked through the trips so I thought I'd sit back and think about what 2014 meant to me.

2014 was the year of travel and growth. It was my first year as a wife so it was a year of learning. I learned how to live with a man. I learned how to balance my new family life. I learned how to be patient, compromising and more loving then I imagined. I learned how to grow friendships, while being married. I learned how to be someone's person while also remaining true to myself. I learned that so much changes when you get married and that having Le Husband by my side, through life is the most amazing blessing in the world. I'm so thankful and happy he chose me as his wife.

Le husband and I grew a lot as athletes this year. We both literally GREW because of the gym. I put on three pounds of muscle and moved more weight than I ever thought possible. I've maxed out at 140 pounds on the bench and 150 pounds on the squat rack. My back is stronger, my core is stronger and my legs are more diesel than when I played soccer in college. You'd think I'd be happier with my body, but I'm still growing in that aspect, and not in a good way. I'm more muscular, but I'm not as lean as I'd like and 2014 was the year of trying different eating styles, none which have given me the outcome I wanted. But, I'm thankful that there were no huge injuries, so 2014 was a win in my book.

We struggled a lot with our kickball team in 2014. Mostly with the lack of passion other teammates shared. We struggled with coaching decisions, play time decisions and friendships taking precedence over talent. We almost quit and walked away, but instead we fought through the tough and we stayed with our commitment to the team. I personally struggled with my women's team, but also saw my sisters grow in their kickball knowledge and talent. The four of us traveled and learned about each other on each trip and enjoyed the vacation even if the team outcome was horrible. I'm still incredibly geeked out on kickball and very thankful for the sport that brought me my husband, but 2014 brought more struggle than I ever anticipated. But, there were a lot of great memories this year and I can't wait for 2015!

There were a lot of ups and downs this year, both at work and in my personal life. My work situation changed drastically in the summer, but it's proven to have worked out for the best. I had a bunch of fun travels, which were followed by health scares and drama. I learned what I value in friendships and what I really can do without as well. Dealing with hypocritical people that enjoy lambasting others just is no longer on my to do list. I cut out the bad and nurtured the good and am incredibly thankful I listened to my inner voice.

This year I met my BOFF and created and grew so many new friendships because of this blog. I personally have grown it more than I ever imagined and didn't just take the easy copycat route. Finding new blogs and forming connections has been so incredible this year and I honestly am inspired by all you amazing women. Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for reaching out and thank you for being my friend :)!

Personally, I loved 2014 as a whole. 2013 was MY year, but 2014 was pretty fabulous, too. 2015 proves to be one of the most interesting years yet and I have BIG plans. Some that I'll share soon and some that I might just surprise you and myself with one day. The page turns tomorrow and while I'm sad to leave such an incredible year behind, I'm stoked to start fresh.

Cheers to the ending of 2014 and the beginning of 2015! Stay safe tonight, loves!

What was your favorite part of this year? What are you looking forward to in the new year?

December 30, 2014

End of Year Review {October, November, December}

Morning, ladies! Today I'm sharing the last of my year recaps. It's been so much fun putting these posts together and realizing HOW MUCH we accomplished in 2014. Truly, it's kind of incredible. Le Husband and I packed a LOT into twelve months and I love relieve all the highs and lows. While 2014 brought it's share of tough times - both mentioned here and kept secret - the good majorly outweighed the bad and I'm thankful for another amazing 365 days.


Went on our FIFTH trip to Vegas for the kickball championship. The vacation was great, the outcome not so much.

Participated in Blogtober so my month was very heavy in blog posts.

Confessed my ALONE moments.

Posted my FIRST [and right now only] Alaskan recap.

I wrote a letter to my younger self.

Received the One Lovely Blog Award from some lovely ladies.

Blogged about my five favorite Halloween costumes.

 N O V E M B E R
Shared my thoughts on being able to do anything, but not everything.

Traveled to San Antonio with Le Husband and the Sissys for our last kickball tournament of the year. We played in a coed tournament on Saturday [lost to the champs in the final four], women's tournament on Sunday [ I don't want to talk about it] and had lots of family fun in between.


Ran a 5K with my family despite my body protesting mightily.

Posted my favorite things about Thanksgiving and wish list for Christmas.

Shared my surrendering thoughts after a particularly trying week. 

Had a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving with my family.

Decorated for Christmas early.

Wrote a Don't Forget, Pinky list.

Had the most epic blate of all, when I flew to Dallas to be Matron of Honor in my BOFF's wedding. It was an incredible weekend of fun and love and I was so thankful I was able to witness such a beautiful wedding.



Laid wreaths at graves in Arlington Cemetery and was moved when I met a fallen comrades family.

Shared my 2014 Christmas decor. I love our lil apartment but I can't wait to have a home.

Linked up with lovely ladies for Christmas and revealed our 2014 Christmas card.

Revealed ten things I love about myself and challenged y'all to list yours, as well.

Spent my first Christmas away from home and family, as I traveled with Le Husband to spend a week with his family. While I missed my family, I loved the new traditions that were formed and enjoyed a festive holiday. So sad Christmas is over!

Celebrated Mama B's birthday in style.

WOW, just WOW! 2014 is over in one more day and then it's on to 2015. As amazing as 2014 was, I'm super excited for all the newness that 2015 brings. I have a lot of big dreams for next year and can't wait to make them all happen. What was your favorite thing about 2014?

December 29, 2014

So That Was Christmas

Morning and happy most depressing day of the year! Not the happiest greeting, huh? But, it's so true right? The Monday after Christmas is just depressing because everything starts to get back to normal and people lose their Christmas cheer. Well, most people, not us right?!? RIGHT!

But, enough of the depressing, let's talk about my amazing Christmas :)! This was my first Christmas away from my family and while I was sad we weren't together, it was a fabulous Christmas with my Ohio family. There were so many fun, new traditions I was able to participate in and everyone did such an lovely job including me in all of the fun.

This Christmas break I…

::: Smiled at a gender reveal party. I will be welcoming a new nephew in May. Bring on the tractors and trains!

::: Partook in zoo lights for the second year in a a row. The zoo was super crowded, but it was still a great time looking at the lights and spending time with my BIL, SIL and nephew.

::: Christmas 2014 picture!

::: Family photo

::: Le Husband strikes again…he's a ninja at snapping crazy pictures.

::: Melt my heart!

::: Had lots of fun during the week before Christmas.
L-R Nephew babysitting, sporting my blanket scarf and new white hate; Christmas music station, wine and last minute Christmas present wrapping; rocking my new pink scarf from Babyspice.
::: Worked remote to make sure everything back home ran smoothly.

::: Loved the mantle at Grandma's house.

::: Spent my first Christmas Eve eating pizza, setting off sparklers opening presents and enjoying family time.
The pins were a gift Le Husband gave his grandmother when he was young. She saved them to give to his wife one day. Talk about tearing up on Christmas Eve. I can't wait to wear them on scarves or jackets!
::: Stayed up super late enjoying the Christmas Eve hustle and bustle.

::: Called the rest of the Brady Bunch after Christmas Eve service. #sadimissedsilentnight

::: Woke up late and leisurely Christmas morning, since the nephew did morning presents at his house.

::: Loved looking at the loot all wrapped up!

::: Watched Rudolph a bazillion times on Christmas.

::: Photographed the aftermath of a truly generous Christmas. #goodthingwebroughtwocheckedbags

::: Wore matching red shirts Christmas morning. #goobers

::: Sent all my love to my family back at home. FaceTime is the best invention ever!
::: Chilled out at home until dinner time at Le Husband's uncle's home. 

::: Rocked my new sweater and tried to steal a puppy. #Lehusbandsaidnoboo

::: Ate a ton of delicious food, drank fabulous wine and coffee and milled around with my new family. Le Husband's Christmas traditions are different that how I grew up, but I truly enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of family time. #spoiledrotten

::: Stayed out until midnight chilling with family then woke up at 6am to work.

::: Took a half day to enjoy Amish country.

::: Loved the semi warm Ohio weather.

::: Called Mama B to wish her a happy birthday on the 26th. 

::: Watched Snoopy, Rudolph and Christmas songs one more time before we packed everything away.

::: Packed up our suitcases and headed home, Saturday afternoon. 

::: Enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner and an early bedtime Saturday night.

::: Slept in Sunday, ran errands and did gobs of laundry.

::: Celebrated Mama B's birthday at Maggianos with the family for dinner. #shessocute

::: Sported my new white hat and vest with my Baby Phats.

::: Played in a soccer game after said dinner. #woof

::: Scored two goals, got a blue card and a foul for knocking over people that weighed 40 pounds more than me. #gotothegym #givemeabreak #ihatefakers

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