December 15, 2014

Weekend and Year in Review {January, February, March}

Morning and happy ten days until CHRISTMAS! Sorry if I freaked you out, but I'm pretty stinking excited we're so CLOSE to Christmas day. December has been flying by, but I've been making a big attempt at making each day intentional, so the season doesn't just pass by in a frenzy. 

This weekend I

::: Went on a dinner double date with fun friends. We had a groupon for 16 oz of steak each, plus a salad and wine. It was a wonderful evening, that ended with four bottles of wine consumed. #oops #onebottleperperson #latecollegeesquenight.

::: Woke up early to lay wreaths on the graves of Arlington Cemetery with the sissys. This movement has grown a ton in the past few years and there were so many people helping this year. People were incredibly generous, so every grave had a wreath. #generosity #america #wreathsacrossamerica.

::: Witnessed the most amazingly, beautiful sight. #thankyou #sleepinheavenlypeace

::: Whispered thank you to every grave I met. 

::: Visited Shane's grave, to say thank you. I've blogged about this before, but in case you hadn't read, one of my college friends was killed in Iraq in 2006. We weren't super close, but he was an incredible man and made an impact on my life. #nevermetastranger #kia #americanhero

::: Met Shane's family at his grave. They had come to visit hime and decorate his stone and was still there when I went to pay my respects. I was incredibly moved talking to them and almost lost it when his father cried talking about the last time he saw his son. #heartbreaking 

::: Thanked his family for raising such an incredible, American hero. I told them that I visited his grave every year and they were touched, which made me happy. I want them to know that their son is not forgotten. Speaking to them was an extremely poignant moment, one that I will remember forever.

::: After wreaths, I went home, took a nap and then watched the Army-Navy game. I really thought Army was going to get it done this year, but sadly, we lost again. One day we will SING SECOND! #goarmybeatnavy!

::: Rocked my new fur vest, TWICE this weekend. No judgement, please. I was just super stoked to have two occasions to wear my new favorite piece of my wardrobe. I dressed it up on Saturday night with a black top and sparkly pearls and dressed it down with a long sleeved pink shirt with a simple, long necklace on Friday night. Both times I wore my hair 'up', with soft eyes and a bright lip. #notafashionblogger #fauxfurisfun

::: Played soccer, prepped lunches, cleaned the apartment and watched Christmas movies.

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My lil bit of cheer today is this can of Coke. I'm not a soda drinker, but will indulge in a Coke every now and then for a special occasion. Santa makes the extra sugar worth it this time of year, right?


Today I'm also joining in the RECAP fun. I saw this on Oyla's blog and immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Fun new link up, posts about my year aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand prizes? Sign me up! This post is a week late, but oh well. I'll just be posting two, this week!

J a n u a r y

Celebrated the New Year with my HUSBAND!!!!

Finished recapping my wedding on the blog with the OOOPS files!

Celebrated Le Husband's birthday.

Learned about sweet, lil Teddy Fish and his battle with Menkes. Prayed for his family and shared the message as much as I could. Sent in a picture to be included in his video. #FUMENKES
F e b r u a r y

Celebrated and obsessed about the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. #USA #redwithandblue
Worked from home on a few snow days, woop!

Enjoyed the year anniversary of our engagement.

Opened the kickball season with our first tournament of the year in Ft. Lauderdale.

Showered Sportyspice in love for her birthday! 

M a r c h

Celebrated six months of married bliss.

Spent a [wasted] weekend with one of my best friends trying to save the party for another friend. We made the fun, just a shame our efforts weren't appreciated.

Shared a bit about why Kickball means so much to me and Le Husband.

Flew to Atlanta for our second kickball tournament of the year and my first women's tournament.

Wrote a post about living a better life.

Come back later this week for my April, May, June recaps! :)


  1. Love your fur vest and the idea of recapping your year. When you mentioned the winter Olympics I was astounded! Can't believe that happened this year. It feels like that was a long time ago!


  2. The vest looks so good on you and I love it with the pink shirt!! I'm sure Shane's parents appreciated the love and support you have for him. Sounds like you had a really great weekend girl!!! Lots of celebrations to start your year off - hope 2015 is the same! xo

  3. Plus, cokes with santa on them just taste better!

  4. Loving that you took the time to be a part of the wreath laying. So sweet, my friend. And so glad you were able to meet Shane's family - what an incredibly special moment. Their son is a hero and will def not be forgotten.

    You've had a great year and I've loved being part of it:) Can't wait for more recaps. Oh, and I'm not drinking caffeine right now (bc of pregnancy), but I def have a Santa coke in my fridge for cheer:)

  5. What an incredible experience to decorate all the graves! You seriously have the biggest heart!
    Girl, no judgement here! I totally wore my sequin leggins two days in a row last week, HA!
    I can't believe it's already time for the year reviews! How is this possible?! AH! Time needs to sloooooow down (at least until Saturday... Mia's birthday! AH!)

  6. Any time 4 bottles of wine are consumed in one sitting is a good time! :) LOVE your fur vest looks! So cute!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. I love that you lay wreaths out every year. That's so amazing. I almost lost it just reading about Shane & you meeting his family. Looks like you had a great start to 2014.

  8. loved the recap! a good year for ya. and very touching for the cemetery.

  9. Oh my goodness! You had one very busy and blessed year!! I'm looking forward to going through my months and seeing what happened!

    Love that fur vest, btw!!!

  10. Love that vest, where did you find it!?

    Thanks for checking out my blog :-)

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! The Arlington Cemetery is SUCH a powerful place.

    xo arushee //

  12. Wow, I can't imagine what it felt like decorating the graves. I was touched just reading about it and Shane.
    Yay, I'm glad you did a year recap! Looks like you had a fun start to 2014-hope 2015 is even better! :)

  13. You are so sweet!! What a wonderful thing your family did for those military families. :)
    Ahh...I can't believe year-end recaps are starting...I haven't even blogged about Thanksgiving yet...I'm SO behind!! haha

  14. BEST post ever! Another year down- can you believe it? Glad the weekend (and year) was a good one! Loved seeing your pictures! I can't remember the last time I had a big steak (and bc I like them rare I'll probably have to wait even longer... haha) Happy Monday gorgeous girl!! xo

  15. Love that wreath laying story, so wonderful and heartwarming. Can't really write more because the tears are overflowing.

  16. You had a jam packed weekend and LOVE the vest!So you, so glam. can't wait for more year in review. I need to do this too, but that requires me to pre plan my posts these days lol. xoxo

  17. That is so cool that you got to lay wreaths! I would so be into that. Sounds like you had a great start in 2014! I'm Olympics obsessed too. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  18. Wreaths across America is such an amazing begins in Maine, so we always partake in something related to it. Last year, our very good family friend got to ride with a trooper to Arlington! And the fur vest...LOVE!!! Have a great week!!

  19. So sweet that you were able to take part in the wreath laying.

    PS: Obsessed with that vest, I would totally wear it all weekend if I could, too!!

  20. The time you spent at the cemetery sounds so fulfilling. <3 Sounds like quite the well balanced weekend to fill your heart!

  21. How sweet of you to help put out wreaths at the graves! Sounds like a great weekend! Every once in a while, that extra bottle of wine is needed ;) Love your vest, where is it from?!

  22. Oh golly... I'm all misty eyed now. How kind of you all to go put wreaths on the graves. Its the things like this I get to busy to remember. Mothers, fathers, brothers & sisters missing loved ones this holiday...

  23. very nice're so sweet..
    my boyfirend work in italian military..

  24. wait, 10 days till christmas?!! wtf. lol
    thats so lovely of you all, and the other people, to lay those wreaths.
    I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, though I am sure his family loved talking to someone who knew him as well. I almost lost it reading about the father, I wouldn't have been as strong in person!
    i love that you guys celebrate engagements and 6 months etc, it's so lovely to see couples so in love!

  25. So sorry for the loss of your friend but I truly respect and adore that wreath laying tradition.

  26. I need to jump on the link up bandwagon...I just always miss the days! I am organized in pretty much everything in my life except blogging haha but getting better every year. I loveeeeee reading everyones yearly recap. It is my favorite blog post through the whole year!

    15 Week Bumpdate

    Makeover With Aspen

  27. I'm super crushed I never did the wreaths thing while I was stationed at Pax. It seems like such an amazing event and everyone raves about it.

    GO NAVY!!!!

  28. I love your recap of the first few months of the year! I also think it's beautiful for you to think about your wonderful friend you lost.

  29. Oh how fun to do a review. I am so sorry about your friend.

  30. What a great idea to visit Arlington and leave wreaths, so beautiful.

    PS - LOVE the fur vest

  31. Love your fur vest! The wreath laying sounds like a fabulous tradition and way to give back!

  32. What a great weekend and year! so glad I got to share some of these memories with you!!

  33. How awesome to place those wreaths! Love your conversation with Shane's parents. You look awesome in that fur vest! And I've been working on my recap for 2014, and I must say... I'm ecstatic! Great weekend, lady! xo

  34. I love that about the wreaths! That is so awesome, what a lovely way to pay tribute to your friend and all of the heroes who gave their lives!

    Love your outfits, you look gorgeous!

  35. I love that you got to see his grave. Wonderful thing you did!

  36. I happen to love love... so I enjoyed seeing all these happy posts about your engagement anniversary, and then your wedding anniversary!!! hehe!!

    Also, I am officially craving a Coke. Thank GOODness that they make that available in caffeine free for my preggo self!!!

  37. rissy was at arlington tagging wreaths too - love that ya'll did that!

    and love all your kissy pics. you are the cutest! :)

  38. My husband had just told me about the Arlington cemetery wreath laying this weekend. It's very kind and I'm glad so many people are getting involved.

  39. Reading about your friend Shane... major goosebumps. HERO.


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