November 19, 2010

My Fresh Prince needs Prayers!

Happy Friday all, I'm in need of some prayers please.
My best friend's son, "Fresh Prince" as I call him was heloed to the hospital this morning. His baby little finger was caught in a paper shredder and he was in surgery as of 1pm this afternoon. He just turned 1 year old last month and is the boy light of my life.

His parents are strong faithful people, but I know they could definitely use your prayers. Please pray for healing, for smart doctors, for peace and rest and for God's loving hands to be on all of the people involved today.

Thank you and again, happy Friday to all!

November 10, 2010


Hello Friends! It's that WIWW time of week again, yay so exciting. I love seeing what I've worn throughout the week and then browsing all the lovely ladies that link up. Seriously, I am SOOO unproductive at work on Weds now....shhhhhh! I've linked up to "The Pleated Poppy" this week and you should too! :)

Thurs[my favorite sweater]day
Sweater: Victoria's Secret (on sale, can you believe it?)
White Tee: Q&A
Jeans: Gap outlet (I have 3 of the same pair...don't judge please)
Shoes: PumaFri[I went to bed wAAAAAAy too late so didn't care about my outfit]day
Gray Tee: Target?
Zip-up Fleece: Heavenly Ski Resort (3 years ago on vacay at Lake Tahoe)
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Nike (bought online at Zappos on sale)
 Fri[dinner with my team/wear my new sweater dress]day night
Sweater Dress: Gap Outlet (on sale I KNOW)
Leggings: Target on sale (I think?)Over the Knee Boots: Steve Madden for Victoria's Secret
(Probably my most favorite boots ever, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them)
Necklace: Wet Seal
 Mon[I wanna wear skinnies and boots]day
White Sweater: Gift from Macy's I think?
Grey Sweater: Mossimo from target
Belt: Borrowed from a dress
Skinny Jeans: Macy's
Boots: Victoria's Secret (where else right?!)

Tues[breakout the winter clothes]day
Turtleneck Sweater: Victoria's Secret
White Sweater: Old Navy
Cords: Old Navy?
Shoes: Franco Sarto on saleMY NEW NECKLACE!
Love this new necklace from FOXY

Weds[wanna wear my scarf]day
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Shoes: American Eagle
Scarf: CHILE from baby spice

Hmmm, after looking through my week, I might need to change up the layer and wear some of my button downs and skirts.

Can't wait to see what everyone else is wearing!
Have a great week ladies!

November 5, 2010

*FaithFULL Fridays*

Happy Friday Friends! And a good, but tired Friday it is. C, got in late last night from a week long business trip so YAY my boyfriend's back. But since his plane was delayed a few times he got in a lot later than expected, which means I was cat-napping until he got to my place. YAWWWWWWWN, I'm tired. Usually Friday nights are my veg in sweats and relax nights, but unfortunately not tonight. I have a dinner with one of my teams and then a birthday celebration for a very good friend. I have no problem telling people 'Not going out' no matter how many times I am called 'lame' but since I am a BIRTHDAYAHOLIC I will always rally for bday celebrations. THANK GOODNESS we get that extra hour of sleep Saturday to Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, this will be a special church service this week. It's All Saints Day and my family (minus babyspice) will be serving communion. We served communion together on Easter this year and it was a pretty special experience. Sportyspice (middle sis) served with me and although we were reverent, we had a fun time and were "GENEROUS with JESUS" ;)

I will also be singing in the choir this Sunday and our director has selected a truly moving piece titled "The Dwelling Place of God" (also known as The Tabernacle of God). I spent a good deal of time searching for the lyrics online, but alas could not find the actual words. However, I did find snippets of the verse used and will be using that for my FaithFULL Friday post. (If I indeed find the lyrics later I will update, because they are so beautiful)

"And I saw a new Heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there was no more sea.
And I, saw the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down from the God of heaven.
And I heard a great voice out of haven, saying:
Behold, the dwelling place of God is with all.
And He will dwell with them and they shall be his people.
And He himself shall be with them and be their God.
And he will wipe every tear from their eye and death shall be no more.
Niether crying, nor pain.
For these things have passed away.
The dwelling place of God is with all."

Happy All Saints Day. Blessings and love to you and your 'Saints'.

~We miss you everyday Mo~

Don't forget to turn back the clock!


November 3, 2010


Here we are at my 2nd WIWW, and I have missed a few, my bad. After looking at these photos I have decided I need to do something about the angle of my mirror. It makes me look alot hippy and squarer than I am. NO LIE!

Wed {First Outfit for WIWW} day
White T: Hannah Montana for Walmart (on sale)
Blue sweater: Target
Black jeans: Hechts
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (on sale)

Thurs{Changed my shoes but didn't take a picture}day
Top: Victoria's Secret (on sale last year)
Tank: Gap Outlet
Jeans: Macy's
Boots: Steve Madden for Victoria Secret
Necklace: Foxy

Fri{I was too lazy}day

Sat&Sun{No pictures w/out my face}days

Mon{Dressed like a ragamuffin}day
White Tee: Q&A
Brown sweater: Hand me down from forever ago
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Puma

Tues{what I wore to PT}day
Top: Kope Bryant (from
Shorts: Circa college soccer 2004
Sweatpants: A la C
Bare feet: Cold on the floor

Tues{What I wore to work}day
White Long sleeve: Gap Outlet
Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft (2 years ago)
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft (on sale 2 years ago)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Somewhere online on sale for a costume last year

Weds{I made it almost a whole week}day
Top: Gap Outlet(Christmas present)
Sweater: Mossimo for Target
Cord Pants: Express (from college I think, GASP)
Shoes: Franco Sarto (3 years ago. Best buy EVER)
Necklace: Forever 21 (2 years ago)

I can't wait to see everyone else's looks, Happy WIWW :)! I love all of the borders everyone else has around their pictures. Can anyone help educate me on how I can get them on my blog? I'm pretty new at this and am trying to update my look so it's as pretty as yours (yes, I'm talking to you wink wink)!

November 1, 2010

Mighty Monday

This is my first ‘Might-y Monday’ post. I stoleSlashborrowed this idea from the adorable Abby at babblyingabby because I thought it was a great play on words. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog.

Might-y Monday
1} I might have woken up late today

2} This means I might be dressed like a ragamuffin at work. Possibly including jeans, pumas, a sweater, no make up and crazy curly hair (check out WIWW to find out)

3} I might have eaten Cocoa Puffs for breakfast this morning

4} I might have check out blogs before my work email was up

5} I might have participated in my first ‘couple’s costume’ this weekend for Halloween

6} It might have been a little on the inappropriate side

7} I might have gone to lunch to get a salad and come back to the office with an authentic meatball sub

8} I might have just noticed a hole in my sweater while sitting at my desk

9} My room might look like a tornado plowed through it

10} I might have entertained the thought of skipping the gym today

11} My subconscious might have called me all kinds of names so I don’t

12} I might launch myself over my cubicle because my cube mate can’t eat lunch quietly and it is really gross

13} I might have gotten into a shouting/yelling match at my soccer game yesterday afternoon

14} I might have lost my temper for the first time and surprised most of the people on my team

15} I might have sent a disgruntle email to the head of the league last night

16} I might be super excited that I received my first COMMENTS on my blog last week :)

17} Super excited might be an understatement

18} I might be looking forward to C being out of town so I can take care of things at my apartment

19} I might be missing him already

20} I might be excited the holiday season is sooooooooooo close!

Happy Monday to you!