June 29, 2012

Confession Friday's Letters PBBC

Wow, again we have a bit of a linkup menage.....oh well!
3's a party right?!!?
------deeeeeeeeez hour my cooooooooooooooooooooonfessionsssss------
1) This morning I am hungover at work. For the first time in almost a year. Lil Miss JennJenn and I met for happy hour sangria [half off baller] last night and two pitchers later, hammer time. We had a fabulous time [with too much laughing] so I guess I won't complain, much.

2) I yelled an obscenity at work yesterday when Italy scored their first goal against Germany. Is it bad that everyone knew it was me and everyone knew why?!?

3) People on their high horse annoy the CRAP out of me. You do not = better than everyone.

4) I will be purchasing THIS BOOK sometime before my road trip. I love her show and her!

5) I made my FIRST purchase[s] from Mod Cloth this week. They are beautiful, yay. They were NOT on sale, boo :(



Dear Friday: You were mega late this week. Seriously, we need to have a TALK! Dear Booty Camp: Holy workout Batman. 3x a week @6am = very tired and sore Pinky. PLEASE be worth the time and money. Dear Roadtrip next week: DON'T KILL ME! Being in the car longer than 3 hours makes me crazy. Dear Bank Account: Yeah, me again. Buying stuff. Sorry! Will get better....promise! Love you, mean it! Dear Fires in Colorado/Virginia: BURN the EFF OUT! Stop causing havoc! I am worried sick about friends and am so sad for all that have lost their homes. BURN OUT AND GO AWAY! Dear Blog: Sorry I've been a slacker, no motivation and no excuses. Gonna try to get back on track next week. Dear Body: STOP craving bad snacks. You've done so well eating this week, don't blow it now!  Dear JennJenn: We are hysterical! Can't believe we've only known each other for 7 months, feels like forever [in a good way]. Cheers [literally] to more fun in the future.
Dear C: 2 years next month, HOLY Baseball glove! <3 YOU!

BWS tips button

My girl Janna started this AWESOME blog link up at the beginning of June. She challenged everyone to budget and hold ourselves accountable via our blogs. She is awesome at budgeting. FOR RIZZLE! Me on the other hand, yeah soooooooooooo bad. I'm slowly learning to budget, but stink at STICKING to my guns and not spending money. Remember those dresses earlier?!?! Yeah, don't need em, but wanted em, so I bought em. YIKES! Bad bad Pinky!
So, Janna my love, I'm linking up but I failed 100%!
I'm a work in progress and will get better!

Have a great weekend y'all!

June 28, 2012

Piiiiiiiiinnterest to the Rescue

Ello gals, how iz ya?!?!

As you can tell, I've been a bit of a lazy blogger this week.

No rhyme or reason, just how I'm rolling lately.

PTL blogger has a scheduling button, otherwise it would have been very quiet.

NE-wayz [hahahamiddleschool] I'm still slacking and don't have much to post.

Well, actually I do, I just haven't gotten around to recapping.
Next week fo sho!

While I haven't been writing, I've been pinning [yes I can't believe it either].

Please enjoy the puuuuuuuuurdy pics!

Such a gorgeous chandelier, I want!
Source: luxeyard.com via Pinky on Pinterest

My DREAM bedroom, doubt any man would sleep here though.

NEED this for future lil baby girls.
Source: etsy.com via Pinky on Pinterest

So cute! Wanna make this!
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

Shhhhh a girl can look right?!?!

Source: pose.com via Pinky on Pinterest

Sweet Lawd I wanna wear this!

Will be making this for my desk converted to vanity

Get in my belly

Will try this after farmer's market this weekend!

The leading man in my life ;)

What fun things have YOU been pinning?!!?

June 27, 2012

I'm JUST [thAt] GIRL

Ha, bet you NOW have NO DOUBT stuck in your head don't you?!?!?
[sorry I'm not sorry] 

I heard their song on the radio the other day
and while squawking singing aloud in the car
it made me think about the meaning behind her song.

I'm JUST a GIRL!?!?!

PishPosh applesause,
I'm a GIRL,
I'm the GIRL,
{when I say I, I want you to say it too}

I know that Gwen was joking by singing,
Making a parody of WHAT people think girls
should and shouldn't do.

I'm all for equality and stretching the female limits.
But I'm also for being the clumsy girl that makes oops.
The GIRL who stands up for what she believes in.
I'm a girl who is a complex contradiction
but thrives on the junxtaposition.
 And honestly, I don't apologize for being THAT GIRL, because that girl is ME!
Source: dvdtalk.com via Alan on Pinterest

Okay, I'm not ^that^ girl, but I often am THAT girl....

You know THAT GIRL........

That is 30 next year but STILL gets carded for drinks.

That LOVES anything PINK, even dirt.

That despises LOL SMH ROFL but says DELISH TOTES MOST DEF.

That loves heels and wears them despite the fact they mess up her shins.

That stands by her teams, no matter WHAT anyone says.

That is fiercely independent but is looking forward to having a husband to 'take care of her'.

That loves fresh flowers every day of the week.

That freaks out when walking in the dark outside.

That HATES snakes, feet and clowns.

That wears skirts and shorts that are A LITTLE too short for her age, but doesn't care.

That plays travel kickball.

That does her best to listen, but tends to get distracted quickly.

That often will speak before she thinks.

That is a complex mix of wanting to do God's will, but still thinks she's in charge.

That JAMS out in the car everyday when driving.

That still owns makeup from high school.

That quotes Disney movies with her sisters NON STOP.

That can't have ANY color but pink on her toes.

That longs for a family and children but LOVES getting hammered and sleeping in on weekends.

That longs to be INSPIRED at work.

That SUCKS at the rules of grammar HELP!

That puts EMOJIS in her contact's names.

That considers her family as the cool kids.

That judges people too quickly, then regrets the bad thoughts.

Who's bark is worse than her bite.

So yes, GWEN, I'm just a girl and THAT girl
What are your thoughts GIRLS!?!?!?
Are you THAT girl
and more importantly

June 25, 2012

Remember When......

Do you remember...

....when skinned knees, walking or riding to the bfs house and non broken crayon were the biggest worries?

....30 seemed light years away?

......the college boyfriend WAS the man you planned to marry?

....when you broke your first heart?

...when your sisters became your best friends?

...when $10 was a fortune?

...when a paper box became a rocket ship that could take you anywhere?

...your college body?

...skipping class to go lay out by the lake just because?

...when your college 'best friend' screwed you over for her sorority?

...the year your dad was in Korea?

...thinking the world is a happy place?

...when being hurt meant only physically?

...meeting the LOVE of your life?

...melted Popsicles on a hot day on the hammock?

...the ski trip to Winter Park?

...how fun youth group sessions and trips were?

...when you thought kickball was stupid?

...when you could eat ice cream 2X a day and not gain a pound?

...getting your first paycheck?


<3 LIVE <3

June 22, 2012


...Life has been moving so fast paced. Seriously, how is it almost JULY!?!

...Kickball is consuming my life. 3 weekends in June all devoted to the awesome sport and my team. It's great to see everyone, but I will be happy when I DON'T have to double check if something fun conflicts with kickball.

...Lunchtime has been creeping closer and closer to 2pm. Need to work on that because I get a headache.

...Work has been zapping everything good out of me. I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

...Reading has taken a back seat to TV. This needs to change ASAP

...I've been picturing me and C together forever in the future. The whole getting married, babies, moving, isn't freaking me out as much.

...I've been falling off the Gretchen of RHOC bandwagon. She just seems SOOO fake, yuck!

...Workouts at the gym have fallen by the wayside. Why do I pick the summer to be lazy?!?!

...Pictures aren't being taken at any event I attend. I bring my camera, but never take it out of my purse. Come back photogbug, COME BACK!!!!

...I've had this strange obsession  with ballet aka Bunheads and Breaking Pointe.

...Even though I'm ready for the future with my man, the THOUGHT of planning a wedding freaks me out. Like almost full on panic attack when I think of EVERYTHING that would have to be done. YO CLO, girl you gotta fly here and help me out mmmmkkkkaaaay?!?!?

...I've been thinking about all of the wonderful relationships I've been able to cultivate because of this teeny piece of the Internet. To all my sweet fun friends, I LOVE you to the moon and back <3!

Happy Happy Happy Friday to you all!

June 21, 2012


Hello, you've reached P!nky

and I'm sorry I missed you.

Today I'm guest hosting


Please head over to her blog and check out my fun SUMMER post.

Also, leave a message after the beep...

Have a fabulous rest of the day!


June 20, 2012

June 19, 2012


I LOVE Megan of Makey Madness' "SOMETIMES/ALWAYS" link up, but I ALWAYS [see what I did there] forget to link up with her. And, often I don't know how to link my always with my sometimes. She is so clever, as are ALL of her Sometimes/Always linkup buds, and I feel so inadequate.

So inadequate that I started a blog post JUST to write down SOMETIMES/ALWAYS
 in hopes I would feel they were 'cheeky' enough for the linkup.
Many I deleted RIGHT away cause they sounded dumb.

I was going through really old posts the other day and saw a similar list I created called
and thought, why not combine the two right?!?!?
[Disclaimer: I know I saw this idea SOMEWHERE in blog land, but can't remember
the address {cheeky right}. I thought it was super clever and knew
someday I wanted to share.]

Source: google.com via Marquise on Pinterest

I always
......say I love you when hanging up the phone with family or le beau......
......Make my bed in the morning......
......Check my personal email before my work email......
......Wash my hands after using the bathroom......
......Have lipgloss in my purse......
......Wear something pink.....
......Make a stink about eating broccoli......
......Drive above the speed limit......

I sometimes
......Forget to answer texts/emails......
......Don't eat breakfast......
......Eat cereal for dinner......
......Sing in the shower......
......Really speed......
......Turn off sports for a reality tv trash show......
......Forget blog friends aren't IRL life......
......Think it's funny I play competitive kickball......
......Put my makeup on in the car......

I never
......Leave my apartment without locking the door......
......Understood how people walk around looking a hot mess......
......Was homecoming or prom queen......
......Pack light......
......Get excited about confrontation......
.....Thought I would be this in love......
......Make a big purchase without asking my daddy......
......Wanted to work in the corporate world......
......Back down from defending a friend......
......Go a day without eating......
......Want to go to the movies, unless it's HP or Disney......
......Remember when my LAST oil change was......
......Imagined my sisters being my best friends......

What do you always/sometimes/never do?!?!

June 18, 2012

Hotlanta Hullabaloo

Ello and happy[slashboo] Monday to you lovelies.

Again, I'm exhausted from a weekend full of kickball.

As I mentioned on Friday, I booked a last minute flight to join Le Beau
in the A-T-L for a kickball tournament with an availables team.
{basically a team made up of different people who's
 REAL team didn't travel to the tourney}

Looking back today, I realized I was only in Georgia
for a little over 32 hours...WOW!

My flight was originally scheduled for 9pm but then was delayed to 930pm.
I thought the delay would be in my favor with traffic, but sadly I was mistaken. I arrived at the airport barely an hour before my flight left, but wasn't too nervous because security didn't look to crowded.

Yeah, it WASN'T crowded but only had 1 detector working
and it seemed like EVERYONE in front of me
had NEVER flown before.

Seriously people, what part of
"take everything out of your pockets and OFF"
do you NOT understand?

Yes, the belt must come off!
Yes, the shoes must come off!
If you aren't sure, TAKE IT OFF!

It took me 20 minutes to get through security when it would usually be no more than 10. If I wasn't already annoyed, the fact the TSA agent thought it would be funny and ask me if I was over 12 really put me over the edge. IN NO way shape or form is that a compliment....EVER!

Moving on....

When I got to the gate, I got my boarding pass, went to grab a sammich because I was
and when I got back to gate

I may have shouted said 'NO WAY YOU'RE KIDDING ME! YOU CAN'T DO THAT"
because I still had 30 minutes till the flight left.

Luckily the gate agent said
"Oh don't worry, I was re opening the door anyway".
PTL y'all PTL!

Anyway, enough about my flight, I made it the ride was uneventful
and my main man C was there to pick me up and take me to the hotel.

Saturday morning we were up early and at the fields by 8pm.
The tournament was held in the ATL Silverbacks semipro soccer stadium and
the fields were turf and very fast.

I knew VERY few people on this team
since it was a missmash of multiple teams.
[don't get me started on the people who bailed...shady shady meffers]
There were peeps from ATL, Florida, NY and DC
and we all got along pretty well from the beginning.

We won our first game which was HUGE since this was the first time
everyone had played as a team together.
Unfortunately due to some random errors we lost the next two games
to two of the better teams at the tourney mind you.
We crushed our last pool play game which was pretty awesome.

Because of our errors our RUNs against ended up hurting our seeding
for the elimination round and we had to play one of the teams we lost too earlier in the day.
This time we played MUCH better and only lost 2-0 because NO ONE could get on base. Seriously, we had a man on 1st and 3rd with only 1 out and we couldn't bring a run home. DAGGER!

I'm way bummed we were in the HARD pool and didn't make it past
the first round of elims.
However, the team was awesome and I had a great time!


The team we lost to ended up losing [hahaha] in the finals to the home team,
and I am glad the home team won. They are a great group of peeps.

After the games were over we went to get pizza and
get ready for the after party.
We were all exhausted, but the after party ended up being a lot of fun.
I learned how to wobble and C ran the cornhole tables all night.
I was dunzo around 11ish, but we stayed till about 1230ish.

SIDENOTE: Sadly I wasn't able to meet me girl SMASHTASTIC because I didn't have a car. SO SUPER BUMMED it didn't work out, but had fun texting with her during the day. ONE DAY GIRL!

If you thought I was a bum for leaving the party so early, let me tell you our flight left at 7:30am
so we only got 4ish hours of sleep.
I tried to sleep on the way home but the sweet old man next to me
decided he wanted to chat.
NBD he was sweet and fun so I just took a 3 hour nap yesterday.
That coupled with going to bed at 930pm last night and I FEEL
Still a lil dizzy from the whirlwind of a trip, but it was worth it.

Sunday we also celebrated my favorite daddy in the whole world!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

OH AND....
Pssssssst....did you see the NEW page I put up top? The Girl in P!NK!
Check it out and let me know what you think!

June 15, 2012

What's Linkups got to do w/a lil Menage

That's right kids, we have a lil threesome action going on here.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeesh, can't take you anywhere can I?

I'm linking up with three of my FAVORITE Friday linkups, enjoy!

****************THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS**********************
The pump up song last weekend for the three B ladies was THIS...

I was a complete good person fail on Wednesday. While leaving the grocery store I saw a very old man pushing a cart. I slowed and thought about offering to help, but didn't for fear I would embarrass him. But, I watched by my car, for 5 minutes while he loaded his car. I should have offered and I'm so sad I didn't. Lesson learned.

There is an upgrade going on at my work this week and I am using the extra time to read new blogs and write blog posts. Shhhhh, I'll get to documentation later.

Bootcamp restarted this week and I missed both sessions. I was way too sore on Tuesday and still wasn't feeling it Thursday. I need to get my motivation back.

I 10000% GEEKED out when a kickball video was on ESPN's Around the Horn this week. Kickball is serious y'all, sorry I'm not sorry for playing.

I maaaaaaaaaaaaay be meeting up with this sassyfrassyshmashtastic lady Saturday. FINGERS CROSSED!

Oh, guess I forgot to tell you I spur of the moment booked a trip for a kickball tournament this weekend. For the SOLE reason I LOVE and ADORE my boyfriend. #sucker #inlove

Dear Body: You have another tournament on Saturday with only 1 sub. Get your head and body straight. Dear Bank Account: I know I said I was gonna stay on a budget, but well life happens. I will learn to budget properly, but right now trips that won't ever happen again are popping up. Dear Janna: It was so amazing meeting you last weekend. I miss you tons already. And I'm sorry I failed for your budget link up. Promise to do better! Dear KSU: PLEASE win this weekend so Le Beau [and I] can travel to watch you next weekend. Dear Sportyspice: Can't wait to paint this weekend, time for a change WAHINK! Dear Life: YOU ARE AMAZING! LOVERS YOU!

I'm linking up with my girl SHANSHAN for Fun Photo Fridays.
Me and the BFFER T
This time 2 years ago we were in SIESTA KEYS, FL! We took a bff vacay and it was glorious! Such a fun time tanning, swimming, being lazy, going to Rays games, partying, drinking and beaching. We visited one of her best guy friends and he was an awesome host.
Wish we could go back, I really love FLORIDA!


June 14, 2012


This past weekend, my kickball team headed up to PA for the PAKC tournament. I love tournament weekends, they are so much fun, so thrilling and I love competing in ANYTHING sports related.

This weekend was TWICE as awesome because both SportySpice and BabySpice joined up to play. Le Beau and Sissys on the same team....

I thought so too.

I don't want to bore with play-by-play recaps,
but since this was such a fun occasion I might get a little in depth.

Le Beau drove us up late Friday night
and we picked up a friend at the airport.
After a fun diner dinner we were back on the road
and hit PA around 9ish.

We quickly scoped out the hotel and where to procure coffee
the next morning, then it was time to hit the hay because
Saturday morning was quickly approaching.

We were up and at em at 6am Saturday morning
went to get coffee and a doughnut an egg white wrap
then drove to the fields.

Which I MUST brag about for a minute.
These fields were amazing and I'm TICKED I didn't take a picture.
They had mowed the entire in-field for each field
and painted strike zones right by the plate.
{Ok, SORRY for that, but

Anyhoo pool play started at 8am
and we played up until lunch break around noonish.

Despite some brain farts, the team did really well
and made it through pool play
with the number 1 seed which was the goal.

Seriously, girls on kickball teams can
MAKE OR BREAK the day.
And on Saturday we MADE IT!
Girls were getting on base, keeping the rotation alive
and making amazing catches and plays.

We played well in all elimination rounds and made it to the FINALSSS!

But then we lost....which sucked a BIG BUNCH OF POOPOO [ok ewwww]
We all were mega ticked off,
but you win some you lose some right?!?!

The after party was fun, but I was exhausted and my feet were killing me.
We three B's barely made it to 12 we were THAT tired.
And of course had to be up bright and early to take someone
back to the airport.

All in all it was a fun weekend,
I just wish there was a different outcome.

So now that you have the GIST of the weekend,
check out some pics!

Sissys, best friends and now Teammates!
Who's the blonde on the left?! Well that would be BABYSPICE after she
CHOPPED off all her hair and donated it to Locks for Love.
[I've already told her it has to grow on me, but I think she is rocking it so far]

Now bunt it out
I was a getting on base MACHINE...until the finals drat!
What's up FIRST BASE!?!?

They are so FIT.....GAG ME!

Ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

When this picture was posted on FB a friend commented and said
" Flag, too many B's on the field" hahahaha.
Later on in pool play ALL THREE SISSY were on base. IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!
One of the guys on our team yelled "We need to tell your parents THANK YOU!" hahaha. The other team thought it was kind of cute too, so I guess they weren't too mad we were kicking their butt ;)!

I'm not a big bragger [ok when I can back it up I am] but I don't brag too much on my man C, because that's not HIS personality. But y'all THIS GUY is such a talented athlete. Everyone wants him on their team because he is that good. He had another amazing tournament, I'm just glad I could keep up.
He's seksi and I know it ;)

A true "short" stop
This is HOW WE DO
Remember that NEW short do?!!? Yeah, look what that crazy kid did
[I see you sportyspice]
Mohawk for the FINALS
 Ok, I HAVE to brag on this lil i mean BIG munchkin right here.....
Who's the hottie on base?

 This was chica's FIRST KICKBALL TOURNAMENT EVER! That is huge, since she was playing on the defending national champs team. She did so awesome and I'm so proud of her. I was also happy her knee managed NOT to be an issue, because she torn her ACL back in HS and since then has never tried any sport that has cutting or quick stop and go's. She got on base, made fantastic catches in the outfield and played like a champ. HEART = PROUD!
Sportyspice scoring the tying run in the 4th

She and everyone else was soooooo excited
Losing in the finals sucked! Our team made some stupid mistakes and our offense just left the building. Not to take too much away from the other team, but we beat ourselves. There were 4 lead changes, and we just COULDN'T make the 5th one happen. Everyone was pretty salty, but oh well.
Team picture
MY <3

3 of my favorite people
 I <3 my boyfriend, I <3 my sissys, I <3 my teammates and I <3 KICKBALL!
Want to see something amazing?
The team that beat us had an amazing play in the quarterfinals
and it made it to ESPN and ATH!!!
Check it out *here*