June 1, 2012

Confession Fridays Linkup

Confessing is GOOD for the SOUL!

1] The past two days at work I've taken up 2 parking places on purpose. People have been parking WAY too close to my new girl Sassy and sorry I'm not sorry for making sure I don't get dinged.

2] There has been NO motivation this week because of the gorgeous weather. So, TODAY I will be furiously working to get everything done at work. #procrastinationisabiatch

3] I did not tip the standard 20% at dinner Wednesday night because the service was horrible. I promise I normally tip at LEAST 20%, but late food and waiting 15 minutes go get the bill is unacceptable. Especially at SUCH a trendy place.

4] Every time someone says[orwrites] latte I immediately thing of Monsters Inc when Mike Wisowski says "We'll get a latte". Does ANYONE know what I am talking about?
5] C and I have eaten Pollo Rico EVERY Thursday this month and I am SO excited every time we go there. Seriously, they MUST put crack in their chicken because I CRAVE it immediately after we leave.

6] Speaking of crack, my Pinterest boards are OOC y'all! Check em out y'all :)

7] I have 2 random bruises on my legs and I have NO recollection where they came from. What the hizzek!?

8] My calendar for June/July consists of NOTHING but kickball. Call me a nerd but I'm 100% geeked out!

9] Ze wittle apartment de Pinky iz a disaster! Tonight is pizza, movie and laundry night, woohoo! {didIreallysaywoohoo?ohdear}

10] I still can't believe I CAUGHT the bouquet at my friend's wedding....EEEEK!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! Hope you have a great weekend! <3 :)


  1. I'm right there with you on the procrastination. UGH. Also - Monsters Inc is one of my fav movies EVER. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Told you that you'd love Pinterest. HAHA I woohoo too. Don't worry. :)

  2. This week has been uber procrastination and zero motivation for me, too, so you're not alone, sister!

    I think of "love you a-latte" when I hear latte, hehe.

    Yay for catching the bouquet. Hmm...did I just hear wedding bells in the background?? :)

  3. Oh boy I love SO many things about this post.

    1. I'm seriously lacking motivation and just want to be on the beach. Work BLOWS donkey butt.

    2. I've started taking my tipping seriously and don't just give 20% to every jane dick and sally. If you suck, you're tip is going to suffer.


    4. I bruise easier than a peach and never have a clue why.

  4. great confessions! love the name of your car id take up two spots too!!!


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    xo Kelly

  5. Agh! So glad I found your blog! Can't wait to read more!

  6. I can think of something else on your June Calendar ;) PS. I am following you on Pinterest now!!

  7. Yay for catching the bouquet!! Love your blog. You're fabulous!

  8. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)



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