June 12, 2012

Show & Tell Vlog Link Up

I know I told you that I would post a recap today, but alas today's post is NOT a recap.

 Miss Raven  and Miss Becky are hosting a VLOG SHOW & TELL link up on her blog today, and you bet your sweet hiney I WASN'T gonna miss that.


Basically Raven and Becky posted the following questions,
and we were told to respond
in VLOG format.

Easy Peasy Fresh and Squeezy right?!?!


1. Show us your favorite pair of shoes
2. A piece of jewelry that you wear every day
3. Your favorite room in the house {can show us physically, or show us a picture}
4. A current favorite picture.
5. If there was a fire and you had to grab one thing what would it be {besides your children, pets, and partners}
6. What favorite book are you currently reading?
7. Show your favorite hair product of all time
8. What is your most favorite sentimental thing you own
9. Go pour yourself a drink (of whatever!) and show us your favorite beverage
10. Positions? What positions? (go here and see what Becky has for number ten to see what I'm talking about.)
11. A piece of clothing that you wear often.
12. Your favorite accessory
13. Your favorite app
14. Something that tells us what you do for a living
15. Something you recently purchased.
16. Your favorite food in your pantry

 Are you linking up?!?! Not today, well that's okay, join in the fun next week. 


[Wanna see the picture I mentioned? 
Check out *THIS* post]

Hope you enjoyed! 

Thanks for hanging out! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Love your vlog! :)
    Love me some guac :) and wine!

  2. This is awesome! I am so gonna try that Cupcake Red Velvet wine! I have had their regular Merlot and I like it! Super cute!

  3. I have been working up the courage to start vlogging - these questions may be a great starter for me! Thank you for inspiring :)

  4. YOU are too cute!
    $78 BUCKS for yours shoes... I need YOUR wallet!

  5. Your video isn't showing up for me!!! Noooo! I'll come back!

  6. I love you and your sissies! Make sure you tell them I said hi back! PS. I wish I looked that cute in a hat and I love you for rocking that ring. It's so you.

  7. whattup bishes! love. it.

    I LOVE me some Betsey J.

    "everyone knows me by these shoes" ha!

    why does it seem like everyone in the world has a MK watch besides me?? not fair.

    "I'd just die cause I would want to grab everything" HA!!

    oh GIRLFRAAAAND!!!!! You know you have me as a follower for LIFE with that Georgy book! Amen!

    You are cracking me up, esp. that BALLA hat! and OMG OMG! Crown and coke HAHAHAHAH!! My husband is obsessed with crown. Obsessed. I drank it once when I really wanted to get tanked, but it was the ONLY alcohol in the house, and I got SO sick and threw up for days so now the smell of it makes me gag.

    come on, no number 10?!

    omg this vlog was GREAT!! The "gaudy and horrible" ring! You are cracking me up!!!!!

    wait, you can't tell me about what you do for a living? NOW I'm REALLY interested!!!

    this was FABULOUS!!!!

  8. Love this! I'm still working up the guts to vlog. I love that Cupcake wine, too! Maybe I should drink some and make a vlog.

  9. Um, can we be bffs and go out together? everything you say just cracks me up.

    And you have great taste...

    hello, i have that MK gold watch... its awesome!

    ..."I'd just die... because i;d want to grab everything."

    the end. love,.

  10. ok came back & it worked! i freaking love your video! you are so funny, i love your personality! the fire comment is a riot! i love your shoes! theyre fabulous!!! so glad I got to see this finally, it was aaamazing!

  11. where has ur blog been the whole time Ive been blogging? You rocked the socks off of this vlog, bestest so far! So you had me at pink zebra shoes and Marilyn my all time faves, check out my blog and you will see all the zebra and hot pink Looooove! OMG Crown and Coke was my go to before I got sick and will be again when I am in remission! We totally need to be bloggy bffs fo sho! Cupcake red velvet yummo! I love red velvet cupcakes so in a drink I'm saying yes please! I love that ring btw it's so you, ha kidding it's so cute!



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