June 14, 2012


This past weekend, my kickball team headed up to PA for the PAKC tournament. I love tournament weekends, they are so much fun, so thrilling and I love competing in ANYTHING sports related.

This weekend was TWICE as awesome because both SportySpice and BabySpice joined up to play. Le Beau and Sissys on the same team....

I thought so too.

I don't want to bore with play-by-play recaps,
but since this was such a fun occasion I might get a little in depth.

Le Beau drove us up late Friday night
and we picked up a friend at the airport.
After a fun diner dinner we were back on the road
and hit PA around 9ish.

We quickly scoped out the hotel and where to procure coffee
the next morning, then it was time to hit the hay because
Saturday morning was quickly approaching.

We were up and at em at 6am Saturday morning
went to get coffee and a doughnut an egg white wrap
then drove to the fields.

Which I MUST brag about for a minute.
These fields were amazing and I'm TICKED I didn't take a picture.
They had mowed the entire in-field for each field
and painted strike zones right by the plate.
{Ok, SORRY for that, but

Anyhoo pool play started at 8am
and we played up until lunch break around noonish.

Despite some brain farts, the team did really well
and made it through pool play
with the number 1 seed which was the goal.

Seriously, girls on kickball teams can
MAKE OR BREAK the day.
And on Saturday we MADE IT!
Girls were getting on base, keeping the rotation alive
and making amazing catches and plays.

We played well in all elimination rounds and made it to the FINALSSS!

But then we lost....which sucked a BIG BUNCH OF POOPOO [ok ewwww]
We all were mega ticked off,
but you win some you lose some right?!?!

The after party was fun, but I was exhausted and my feet were killing me.
We three B's barely made it to 12 we were THAT tired.
And of course had to be up bright and early to take someone
back to the airport.

All in all it was a fun weekend,
I just wish there was a different outcome.

So now that you have the GIST of the weekend,
check out some pics!

Sissys, best friends and now Teammates!
Who's the blonde on the left?! Well that would be BABYSPICE after she
CHOPPED off all her hair and donated it to Locks for Love.
[I've already told her it has to grow on me, but I think she is rocking it so far]

Now bunt it out
I was a getting on base MACHINE...until the finals drat!
What's up FIRST BASE!?!?

They are so FIT.....GAG ME!

Ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

When this picture was posted on FB a friend commented and said
" Flag, too many B's on the field" hahahaha.
Later on in pool play ALL THREE SISSY were on base. IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!
One of the guys on our team yelled "We need to tell your parents THANK YOU!" hahaha. The other team thought it was kind of cute too, so I guess they weren't too mad we were kicking their butt ;)!

I'm not a big bragger [ok when I can back it up I am] but I don't brag too much on my man C, because that's not HIS personality. But y'all THIS GUY is such a talented athlete. Everyone wants him on their team because he is that good. He had another amazing tournament, I'm just glad I could keep up.
He's seksi and I know it ;)

A true "short" stop
This is HOW WE DO
Remember that NEW short do?!!? Yeah, look what that crazy kid did
[I see you sportyspice]
Mohawk for the FINALS
 Ok, I HAVE to brag on this lil i mean BIG munchkin right here.....
Who's the hottie on base?

 This was chica's FIRST KICKBALL TOURNAMENT EVER! That is huge, since she was playing on the defending national champs team. She did so awesome and I'm so proud of her. I was also happy her knee managed NOT to be an issue, because she torn her ACL back in HS and since then has never tried any sport that has cutting or quick stop and go's. She got on base, made fantastic catches in the outfield and played like a champ. HEART = PROUD!
Sportyspice scoring the tying run in the 4th

She and everyone else was soooooo excited
Losing in the finals sucked! Our team made some stupid mistakes and our offense just left the building. Not to take too much away from the other team, but we beat ourselves. There were 4 lead changes, and we just COULDN'T make the 5th one happen. Everyone was pretty salty, but oh well.
Team picture
MY <3

3 of my favorite people
 I <3 my boyfriend, I <3 my sissys, I <3 my teammates and I <3 KICKBALL!
Want to see something amazing?
The team that beat us had an amazing play in the quarterfinals
and it made it to ESPN and ATH!!!
Check it out *here*



  1. Seriously. I wanna play!! HAHA I love this!!! You and your sisters are adorable, and you know I love C! I'm so sad that you guys didn't win the finals... oh well. I bet you were way cuter than the other team! HAHA

  2. Aww, love you and you sissy's!!! So cute! Looks like you had a bomb time! Sucks to lose, but you did good, and looked good, and that's what counts! :)

  3. Holy moly! That was an amazing move.. I wouldve been stoked too! Go them! sad you lost...but looks like so muhc fun!

  4. you know what's fetch? i get to see you this weekend....yep :)

  5. "They are so fit..gag me" Um...so are you! I stared at your abs on Sunday, so I know! You and the boy are so cute, and I love that y'all get to play sports together. Makes me wanna play soccer with Will when he gets home.


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