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May 30, 2014

Let's Talk Lifting

Morning and happy Friday, my lovely friends.

Today, I'm doing things a lil different and talking about lifting. Summer is here and everyone wants to look their best, so we're watching our diets and adding in that extra cardio class or run. But, what I find most women don't know is that lifting is JUST as beneficial, if not more to getting that svelte, seksi body. So, I thought I'd share five of my favorite lifting exercises, to help y'all achieve your best body possible. I'm not a trainer by any means, but have found these exercises have really made a difference for me. I've included links for form cues, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

***PSA: LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULK UP LIKE A BODY BUILDER! Nothing makes me more ragey [besidesconstantnegativity] than women neglecting weights because they don't want to look like a dude! LADIES, I'm a former college athlete and I've been a gym regular since I graduated and have NEVER been seen as big or bulky [muchtomydissapointment]. Unless you are consistently moving MASSIVE weight, you will not look like a dude! So, get your butt lifting!!!*** 

1] Pullups: Hands down one of the best full body exercises out there [minus the burpee]. There are different styles of pull-ups and I find the classic or close grip works the best for me. Since incorporating them 2x a week I've seen a drastic change in strength and can now do three sets of eight, no assistance. I'm hoping to get to five soon.
Assisted pull-ups: These are a great place to start, if you can't quite get pull-ups. Obviously, you'll need a machine and if you aren't sure how to use the assisted pull-up machine, just ask someone. You'll get stronger faster than you think, I promise.
2] Squats: Wanna get a tight @$$ for those tiny bikini bottoms?!? Start squatting ladies. I'd gotten away from squats for awhile, but am so glad I'm back on the bandwagon. I'm now in the plate club and can actually see the change in my pants. Don't just take my word for it, here are more reasons squats are awesome!
Without weights: If you don't want to use a bar, don't have access to a gym or are worried about hurting yourself, just do body weight squats.
If you want more of a challenge, but don't want to use weights, try squat jumps.

3] Good Mornings: After working you quads, you need to make sure you're also strengthening your hamstrings. You can do RDLs too, but I prefer Good Mornings. This exercise works best with a bar of any weight, but be careful not to go too heavy.

4] Triceps Extension: Triceps are the sexiest part of an arm in my opinion. I've always worked them the most and love all triceps exercises. You can do extensions standing or seated, just make sure you aren't arching your back in either exercise.
Bench Variation.
5] Chest Fly Cable: While chest exercises don't add in the bubbie department [drat], working your pecs help with definition and lift. I know cables look intimidating, but once you try them [correctly] I'd bet money you'll be hooked.
Dumbbell variation if you don't have a machine. You can also just use a bench instead of a ball. I like to change it up with a ball to work my core at the same time.
Favorite Video of the Week: This guy is amazing, it's incredible what our bodies can do. If you can't watch the whole thing, you HAVE to check out the 1:17 minute mark. Your mind will be BLOWN!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies! WOOP WOOP, FRIDAY DANCE!

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May 28, 2014


Today's confession post is just one big ol confession.

I confess... I've spent way tooo much money recently. Honestly, my wallet's enjoyed more of a work out than I have the past week. Too many sales on sales on sales!

Even though I've been happy with my shampoo and conditioner, I found myself picking up these Biolage products simply because they were on sale. On REALLY good sale, might I add. This hair masque is incredible, just incredible! It makes my hair super soft and shiny, so now I'm a convert for life. #mywalletsighsandbiolagestockrejoices.

I also grabbed this Color Last shampoo & conditioner set, even though I'm not even halfway through my usual products. If you're looking for a new set and you color your hair, I highly recommend this one. It smells great and makes your hair beautiful.
Did anyone else spend a bazillion dollars during the Kate Spade surprise sale last week? NO?! We'll y'all suck a big one! I dropped BANK, but who wouldn't with everything marked down 70%!?! I actually needed a new wallet and found some pretty aweome Christmas presents for some pretty awesome people. #bestgiftgiverever! And I may have sent a link to Le Husband too, heehee!
Mama's new WALLET!
I can always justify pink and gold jewelry, trust me.

My MIL gave me the newest Athleta magazine when we were in Cincy and gosh darn it, they have such cute stuff. I'm not the biggest fan of their prices [thinklululemon], but can justify things on sale. Which is why these pretties are sitting in my shopping bag...yay! I mean, ugh! I mean, it's summer, we all need new clothes...right?

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May 27, 2014

Shake it, Cincinnati

Morning and Happy Tuesday, friends. 

I hope you had a wonderful, three day weekend. 
Mondays off are just the best, right? 

This blog post is being brought to you from the CVG airport
as Le Husband and I are waiting for our flight home.
Hoooooray, free WiFi!

We headed out to Cincy late, Thursday night. 
Since I'm not one to gripe about flights, because
hello, delays and maintenance happen,
I'll spare you the details of our departure. 

But, I'll just say our flight time was changed
LITERALLY four times. 

However, the flight was super easy and quite fun actually. 
We were asked if we were newlyweds [awwww]
and even managed to score an extra bottle of booze
from the super sweet flight attendant. 

Le Husband's dad picked us up at the airport and 
then it was home and in bed immediately, as it was after midnight. 

Friday was a fun, chill day. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast,
play time with our lil nephew, the gorgeous weather and of course,
a trip to Skyline!

I also enjoyed a much needed pedicure with my SIL. 
It was so nice getting to spend time with her and catch up.
I am beyond blessed to have married into such an awesome
family, I hit the jackpot for sure.

Saturday we were up bright and early for a trip to Finley market
and to get ready for a graduation party aka a pool party. 

The weather was GORGEOUSLY sunny and of course
the company was fabulous. 

We were able to catch up with a lot of family, since
everyone was at the party. 
Trying to fit a visit with everyone is always the hardest part
of heading to Cincy, but a collective party made it much easier.. 

Sunday started with a much needed gym session. 
It was pretty empty, and I ended up getting props for
the amount of pull-up sets I did with Le Husband.

After the gym, we went home to quickly change
and then it was off to the pool again. 
There were less people there on Sunday and we 
all chilled out, took some pool side naps
and enjoyed drinks and food. 

Monday was another chill day, which was much needed. 
We enjoyed beignets for breakfast and it was so fun
watching our nephew enjoy them. 

Too soon it was time to head to the airport
and jump on our plane home. 
Our flight was super quick and we were home
with plenty of time for dinner, grocery shopping
and food prep time.
[which meant Le husband did all the prep.

Oh, and don't worry, we got a picture with TRIP.

How was your weekend?

May 23, 2014

Twenty Four Notes

The TRUE meaning of Memorial Day Weekend.

"Day is done, gone the sun

From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest
God is nigh."

**brief history ::here::**

May 22, 2014

To Whom It May Concern...V5?

Dear Weather: Hi, it's me. The girl who rarely complains about you, unless you are freezing cold. I know you have lots of other people that constantly whine to you, but remember, THAT'S NOT ME! So, if you would, could you be kind to me? Last weekend you threw me for a loop in Ohio, please don't give me a repeat performance. I'm not wishing for 75, sunny and no humidity[like most people ALWAYS ask for], I just want out of the 50s purdy please. Sweating buckets by the pool is 100% okay by me, I promise.
Dear Work Friend: I'm so sorry about everything. I can't imagine what you're going through and I think you are so strong. I'm sorry that your company is treating you so badly, they will regret it next week, of that I am sure. Your work ethic is something to aspire too and I wish you the very best on your new journey! Adios butthead ;)!

Dear New Last Name: I finally got you changed at work. Way bummer it took so long, but darn if someone didn't give me miss-information. It's kind of fun to see you in my new email signature. I'll miss being so high in the alphabet, but that's okay, I like my husband more than the alphabet. ;)

Dear Kimye: JUST GOT AWAY ALREADY! Who cares about your wedding?!?! It's going to be so ridiculous and showboaty that it shouldn't even really count as a wedding [not saying anything about the average couple that chooses to have an extravagant wedding. y'all are cool]. I wonder if this one will last 78 days.

Dear Pollen: You are soooooo on my :achoo: list. Please stop :sniffle: spawning and falling down. My car does NOT :cough: looked good bathed in your green/yellowness and neither does anything else. ::ACHOO:: please go away…NOW! :ACHOO:ACHOO:ACHOO:

Dear Airplanes: Please be nice to me in the coming months. I've got a lot of flights heading my way and we ALL know what that means. If you could be super smooth and steady that would be wonderful. LOVE YOU LONG TIME!

Dear Traveling Friend: YAY! You're home! I'm so excited, you've so been missed! I can't wait to catch up with you and hear about our travels. It will be nice to have you back too, for our gossip and life chats, woohoo can't wait!

Dear Blog: This is probably the first time in six months that you haven't been schedule to post at 6am this morning. Ehhhh, what are you going to do right?!?! Sometimes life just gets in the way right? Hopefully my readers will still stop by and say hi [thankyou for being here today]!

Dear JuneJuly: You're my favorite months this year….yes, you beat out April! I can't wait! I can't wait! BRING ME TO JUNE ALREADY!

Dear Fallen Soldiers: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your ultimate sacrifice does not go unnoticed. You will be remember this weekend, if only by a few. We can't say thank you enough. We miss you all, especially you Shane. Our country is i n d e b t e d to you.

May 21, 2014

Wife Notes...I Confess..Marriage Style

Happy hump day ladies! Today I'm confessing with Kathy…marriage style.

I confess… sharing a bed can get old, especially when someone [notme] is a mover and a shaker.
Gotta love getting a KING when we get a hotel room. 
I confess… being married has severely cut back on my girl, primping time.

 Because, I don't want to have Le Husband react to me this way…EVER!
Thank goodness for ON THE ROAD NIGHTS! Hello, a girl needs her maintenance time.

I confess… I've perfected the behind the back eye roll, to keep the peace. What he can't see, can't hurt him and makes me feel a HECK of a lot better.

I confess…I've watched more TV I don't understand [baseball] in the past 8 months, than I ever thought was possible.

I confess… sometimes I'm a brat and Le Husband just takes it. BLESSTHATMAN

I confess…I sometimes close my eyes when walking by Le Husband's office.
Men and order….it just doesn't compute ;)
I confess… marriage has cut back on my apartment dancing.

For fear of being CAUGHT by Le Husband. ::embarrassed party of ONE::

I confess… marriage TRULY is the best thing in the world.
Feel free to gag, it doesn't bother me ;)!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I confess… sometimes I just want to work out on my own! 99.9% of the time I LOVE the fact Le Husband and I have a gym routine and work out. It's so much fun working out with my best friend and having him push me to work harder. Most couples spend gym time away from each other, but we get to use it as a date night, which I love.

However, sometimes I get bored and want to switch things up and Le Husband is a creature of habit. I need to throw in some body pump, zumba, HIIT and cardio only days and let Le Husband do his own thing. Even though we won't be together, we'll still be getting our work out on and feeling good.

I also confess, that last week my running didn't really happen as much as I hoped. I got in one run, but that's it. Life and traveling kind of got in the way. I planned to go for a really long run yesterday, but yeah, that didn't happen. About a mile in my calves started killing me and I just felt TIGHT. I tried to push through it, but realized, no dice so I started walking. And almost just sat down on the side walk and pouted.

I mean, ONE…MEASLY MILE! Come on, I'm better than that, right? Ugh, I was so frustrated! But then I realized how much I didn't take care of my body this weekend and how that could still be in play. Hello, oreo pancakes, hash dump breakfasts, bottles of wine, ice cream and cookies and mac&cheese bites aren't really ::awesome run:: inducing foods. So, I picked myself up, went to the out door gym and rocked out a 15 minute work out, then jogged home.

It wasn't the plan I had in mind, but at LEAST I got some exercise in right?!? Here's hoping this week is more on track than last week. And that this is the LAST time I write that sentences.

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May 20, 2014


Oh was it a Monday, over here in pinkland. 

I can't say much, but there was a shift at work. 

A very, unexpected shift, that no one really saw coming.

Or, we saw it coming, but not as abruptly as it did. 

Things will probably be a bit crazy for a bit,
since we're in the 'triage' phase,
as I've termed it. 

Hopefully it will be an easy transition
and hopefully no other big changes will be
heading my way.

But, it did make me sit back and think.

And sit back and realize what TRULY is important.

In general and in life.

At work. 

In social circles.

And how we only get O N E life to live. 

So, we better live a good one. 

If you are truly miserable at your job, and have the means
to find a  new one, DO IT!

If you deal with constant negativity because of a situation
or because of a person, remove the negativity.

If you find yourself snacking on bad food, donate
the junk food and only buy healthy. 

If you can't find enough time to get things done,
unplug the tv or cancel your cable. 

If you want to get in better shape, say no to the cookie
and go get a workout in instead. 

 We humans seem to complicate the business of living
and sometimes something comes around and
smacks us in the face. 

 I know I'm thinking twice about decisions,
possiblities for moves, new jobs and the company I keep,
because honestly, life is TOO SHORT
to be anything but happy. 

 ***disclaimer: I know that some people are financially strapped or in truly, dysfunctional situations, so this is not intended or aimed at you, in anyway. I'm just trying to say that if you have the power and ability to change things you don't like in life, DO IT! Or if you have an opportunity, TAKE IT!***

May 19, 2014

A Kent Stating We Will Go

Morning ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. 

Mine was spent in the lovely state of OH-IO!

Le Husband had a college baseball reunion this weekend, so Friday afternoon we left work and headed to good ol Kent State. The weather Friday morning was rainy and caused some flooding, but when we left it was a beautiful, sunny day. I was so happy to see the sun I snapped this picture. 

After a pretty smooth, five hour drive [thankyounap], we arrived in Kent and immediately headed to the field to catch the last two innings. It was neat being there with Le Husband, watching a baseball game with some of his boys. The only bummer was it was FAHREEZING cold. Moms had blankets and everyone was in hats and boots. The warmest thing I brought was a North Face fleece…oops!

Kent managed to pull out the win in the 9th and woohoo it was over ;)! We headed back to our hotel after chatting with more teammates and coaches and grabbed a drink at the bar. Well, actually a drink turned into a bottle and way past our bedtime. We finally headed to bed, when we realized how early we were up the next morning. 

Le Husband and another teammate had scheduled a breakfast with one of their former coaches and the wives tagged along. We ate at this incredible diner that I totally forgot to photograph. It was amazing and the food was delicious too. Bad blogger, I know.

After breakfast, we all headed to campus for a quick little tour. However, as soon as we got to campus is started pouring, so we jumped back in the car and quickly zipped back to the hotel for our umbrellas. Once they were procured we headed back to campus and the tour began. 

The first thing we toured was the memorial for the four fallen students, shot on Kent State's campus. I always thought the "May the Fourth" be with you meme was sillyfunny until Le Husband said "May 4th t's means a heck of a lot more to Kent State students". Lesson learned, Le Husband, lesson learned. 

I found the memorials unique, in the fact they were built where all four students fell. I also thought it was weird some of them were in a parking lot. I felt it would have been a lot more moving if the area had been left as it was when it happened, but hey, I'm not the artist.

We toured the rest of campus and bought warm clothes at the bookstore. I'm not kidding, I procured two sweatshirts and a hat for the evening game. After the book store, we split up into couples. Le Husband and I walked around main street and found the most amazing cookie place. I housed a smores cookie with cookies and cream ice-cream on top. SO GOOD! 

Oh hay, new swag! Five layers deep y'all! 

Despite the super dreary forecast, the evening ended up touring out pretty nice. It was chilly, but the sun was out and there was NO rain anywhere. The game was an absolute blowout, 19-0 with Kent scoring 9 runs in the first inning. I'm so glad it wasn't the other way around. 

New favorite picture! Go Flashes!

Once the game was over, we picked up one of the assistant coaches, who played two years with Le Husband, and headed to a cute lil restaurant. His wife came out too, so it was the three baseball boys and the three wives, so lots of talking at one table. 

The food was good and we enjoyed a couple drinks before they pretty much kicked us out. Seriously, they were putting up chairs and tallying tips when we left. We then stood outside for another 45 minutes while the boys kept chatting. We wives knew how much fun they were having so we didn't mind, until it became midnight and the wind picked up. Then it was time for goodbyes and hugs. 

Sunday morning we were up and at em, checked out of the hotel, grabbed bfast and then hit the road. And of course the outlets. Woohoo more new running shoes [such a steal] and awesome water proof jackets for the summer. YAY!

We ended up at home with enough time to prep for Monday and decent sleep.

It was such a great weekend and I'm so glad I was able to see where Le Husband played ball. I've always wanted to see that part of his life, as it was so important to him. And I'm so glad I got to meet some of his boys. I look forward to the next reunion, for sue. 

Oh, and we finally took our boy, Trip, on his first vacation. 
Trip says, "Go Flashes"
how was your weekend?
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