May 27, 2014

Shake it, Cincinnati

Morning and Happy Tuesday, friends. 

I hope you had a wonderful, three day weekend. 
Mondays off are just the best, right? 

This blog post is being brought to you from the CVG airport
as Le Husband and I are waiting for our flight home.
Hoooooray, free WiFi!

We headed out to Cincy late, Thursday night. 
Since I'm not one to gripe about flights, because
hello, delays and maintenance happen,
I'll spare you the details of our departure. 

But, I'll just say our flight time was changed
LITERALLY four times. 

However, the flight was super easy and quite fun actually. 
We were asked if we were newlyweds [awwww]
and even managed to score an extra bottle of booze
from the super sweet flight attendant. 

Le Husband's dad picked us up at the airport and 
then it was home and in bed immediately, as it was after midnight. 

Friday was a fun, chill day. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast,
play time with our lil nephew, the gorgeous weather and of course,
a trip to Skyline!

I also enjoyed a much needed pedicure with my SIL. 
It was so nice getting to spend time with her and catch up.
I am beyond blessed to have married into such an awesome
family, I hit the jackpot for sure.

Saturday we were up bright and early for a trip to Finley market
and to get ready for a graduation party aka a pool party. 

The weather was GORGEOUSLY sunny and of course
the company was fabulous. 

We were able to catch up with a lot of family, since
everyone was at the party. 
Trying to fit a visit with everyone is always the hardest part
of heading to Cincy, but a collective party made it much easier.. 

Sunday started with a much needed gym session. 
It was pretty empty, and I ended up getting props for
the amount of pull-up sets I did with Le Husband.

After the gym, we went home to quickly change
and then it was off to the pool again. 
There were less people there on Sunday and we 
all chilled out, took some pool side naps
and enjoyed drinks and food. 

Monday was another chill day, which was much needed. 
We enjoyed beignets for breakfast and it was so fun
watching our nephew enjoy them. 

Too soon it was time to head to the airport
and jump on our plane home. 
Our flight was super quick and we were home
with plenty of time for dinner, grocery shopping
and food prep time.
[which meant Le husband did all the prep.

Oh, and don't worry, we got a picture with TRIP.

How was your weekend?


  1. Your pool picture- quite perfect!!! Sounds like a perfect weekend - plane delays and all!! Hope you have an easy day back to reality today!

  2. so jealous of your weekend pool time! looks like so much fun. hate plane delays but eh, not worth getting worked up over sometimes. love that last pic with trip! so cute.

  3. Since someone asked if y'all were newlyweds, that speaks volumes about how happy y'all are with each other. Marriage is awesome, huh??!! I am sure thankful for our three day weekend!!!!!

  4. Ahhh jealous of your time spent by the pool. I love three day weekends!!

  5. I seriously loooooooove it when people think we are newly weds... or are TOTALLY shocked when we tell them we've been married 6 years! I get such satisfaction out of that shock, HA!
    What an amazing weekend! I'm dying to spend some time at the pool!!

  6. super impressed you are not raging over the fact that your flight was changed 4 times!

  7. I would probably spontaneously combust after the FIRST time my flight was re-scheduled! haha

  8. You were super spoiled by hubs doing the food prep!!!! :) Fun weekend

  9. Love the obligatory tanning pic! Looks like you had a great time. I miss you lady!

  10. So glad you enjoyed my city while you were here ;) Complete with Skyline- nom nom nom!!!


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