May 15, 2014

Why All the Pain and Suffering?!?

Normally, I like to keep it fresh and fun over here. I'm not the most hilarious blogger in the world, and my life isn't perfect by any means, but I am an optimist and try to see the lighter/happier side of life. However, sometimes life has other ideas and even a supreme optimist can be thrown for a loop. [please excuse the long post, which is probably full of errors and makes very little sense. you have been warned] 

This past weekend, in Virgina, three incredible people died unexpectedly in a freak accident. An accident that no one could prepare for or see coming. Three amazing people are no longer part of this earth and it's heartbreaking. Sadly, the heartbreak is felt in my household as one of the victims was a former college teammate of Babyspice. She has taken the loss extremely hard. It's one of those "she was such a lovely, bright, kind and wonderful person. how does this happen" moments. I'm so sad for the families of those who died and I can't imagine what they are going through. What was supposed to be a fun event, turned into a tragic end.  

Speaking of tragic, what about those natural disasters that appear and cause havoc and death? Sometimes, it's not just sad and unbelievable, it's incredibly heartbreaking. We as humans understand that nature can turn on us in a dime. And that we can try to shelter ourselves as best as possible, but sometimes, nature wins. Often, the best side of humanity comes out after natural disasters, but usually, the worst happens first.

Speaking of the worst, a good friend of mine is dealing with the worst work situation and it makes me so angry. She has a tremendous work ethic, but due to a boss that sucks at life and crappy rules, she's being pushed out of her job. It's incredibly unfair, and honestly a really bad work choice in my opinion but there's nothing that can be done. I'm trying to be there for her, as best I can, but honestly I don't have anything to say to make it better. I believe that there is something better for her out there, but I know that's not what she needs to hear right now. I had such faith in her boss and her company and it just stinks how everything has gone down.

And then there's just the day to day "did that really just happen". The car accident that you never expect, the scary medical news you had no idea was out there, the family member that gets sick, the unexpected injury from a sports game, the surprise new work schedule. All things you don't plan for and all things that can really effect your day to day mentality.
Despite all the bad, I try to find the happy and the joy of the other side. The new baby born to a loving family. The new job for a parent that has been out of work for too long. The unexpected raise, that allows someone to quit their second job. The beautiful side of humanity, just showing up because someone cares. I have faith that good triumphs over evil and that happiness outweighs sadness, but right now, there's a lot of sadness going on and it troubles me.

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