October 31, 2012

Happy Hallo{Wednesday}Ween

Hello friends, and a Happy Happy Halloween to you!

Thank you all for the kind words and safe thoughts yesterday. I was one I the lucky ones, I never lost power and experienced no damage whatsoever. My heart breaks for those in NJ and NY! Prayers and safe thoughts to everyone effected by the storm.

Did y'all hear about the nurses evacuating the babies from the NICU and PICU of one hospital on Monday night? One of my kickball friends is a nurse up there and was part of that evacuation. My heart breaks for the families and I pray all of the patients and babies make full 100% recovery.

This storm was an insane freak of nature and I for one, am SO PROUD of our government and weather people. Yes, there has been some major damage and yes, sadly people did die. However, I am 100% sure things would have been 20 times worse if people weren't kept home on Monday and Tuesday. The power companies were stocked up with workers and people were off the roads so emergency workers were able to respond to actual emergencies.

Hopefully, the fact the storm was lighter in our area won't deter action in the future. I'd hate to see people move backwards and NOT prep correctly for Mother Nature's wrath. Better safe than sorry y'all, better safe than sorry.

Okay, soap box speech over!


Who out there is dressed up for Halloween?

I love wearing costumes, they are so much fun!

Here are costumes from the past few years:
Mario & Luigi

Johhny Walker Black as part of a 3 Wise Men Shot

Makensie from Toddlers & Tiaras
This year, the three sissy's and Le Beau went as
Gru, Margo, Edith and Agnes from Despicable ME!

Awesome yes?!!?

With my love of costumes, I'm totally the girl who dresses up
at work for Halloween and I don't care what you think.

Unfortunately, the hurricane derailed ANY sort of creative costume
this year, but don't worry, I threw something together.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw y'all!
Did you dress up for Halloween?!?!

Attention, Attention!!!!
Today not only marks a fun dress up day,
it is also the BIRTHDAY
of one of my sweet, dear and gorgeous friends
BWS tips button

This girl is 100%, the bomb[dot]com! Seriously, one of the sweetest, most beautiful [inside and out] people in the world and I'm THRILLED to piece we are not only blog friends, but IRL friends. I'd tell you how amazing she is, but then we'd be here ALLL DAY! ;)

I had the pleasure of meeting her IRL this summer which was amazing!

 Stupid #Sandy kind of ruined meet up plans, but I'm gonna do my best to see her before she heads back home. Sweet, Sweet Janna, I hope you have a fabulous day my love! <3>

*Go wish her a happy birthday mmmmmmmmkay?!?!?!*

Oh and link up too!

October 30, 2012

Bunkered Down for the Duration

Hurricane Sandy is upon us y'all. 
{found on Facebook, don't know who to credit}
And before people get all feisty, YES I know this is a serious situation,
but I couldn't pass up this picture I found on Facebook.

Yesterday, my boss was awesome and let us all head home,
to allow us time to beat the bad weather. 
I worked from home at my place for a while,
but when the winds picked up,
I packed my things and walked the 40 feet 
to Le Beau's home.

He had all of our food, water and lanterns,
so it made sense for me to stay there. 

So right now you'll find us chilling out,
drinking wine, 
watching tv,
playing scrabble
and hoping the power stays on.

The height of the storm was supposed to hit around 8pm
Monday night and take us throughout 8pm today.
Winds were crazy face around 7 when I wrote this,
so I'm crossing fingers they don't get too cray-cray.

If you have a moment say a prayer for good old NOVA
and for the rest of the Eastern Seaboard
while #Sandy pummels the area. 

*love to those up North*

October 29, 2012

"My UNICORN....It's so fluffy!"

Can you name that movie?

If so, you're on the right track figuring out
The Brady Bunch (plus C's) Halloween costume.

We chose to emulate one of our favorite movies,

and dress as...{pass for dramatic effect}

Margo, Edith and Agnes from Despicable Me!
Plus, a Gru!
Margo, Edith, Agnes and Gru
Who we emulated, if you haven't seen the movie yet.
So, what do you think!?!?

I may be biased, but I think everything came together
perfectly and we were able to capture
the wonderfulness that is Despicable Me!

This year we chose to attend a house party, instead of going out
to an over crowded bar with slizzy chicks parading around.

{Now, I'm not hating on the slizziness, I was one of the girls
back in the day. But, I think I prefer more clothing vs less now}

The party was in DC and was a blast. 

Lots of kickball friends and fun costumes!
Fun play on words ;)

Black light UHNCE room
Agnes found some candy
We found Barbie from Toy Story 3
Photo Shoot Time
Margo, Gru, Edith, Agnes
Yep, that's how we show our love
Beautiful Kickball ladies
Sister picture
The ref got iced buying cookies ;)
My hair was hilarious
Super happy with my sisters!
I loved our costume, but if people hadn't seen the movie they really didn't understand who we were. For the most part, we needed C standing next to us for everyone to fully 'get it'. 

Sunday was spent churching, napping, cooking, soccering and prepping for Hurricane Sandy and the Frankenstorm. I'm pretty confident with my prep and anticipating losing power for a day. 

Way bummed I'm one of the few that actually has to go to work today. Everyone I know is off and I'm a tad jealous. Teachers even have off tomorrow, those lucky devils! I hope that having everyone home makes the commute tomorrow night easier. I'm packing a bag to stay at work just in case. 

Say a prayer or two for the East coast if you can. Keep in mind those who have no homes or a shelter. 

How was your weekend?

Come join the FUN Halloween linkup party!

October 26, 2012

Confession Friday Letters

\\\ deezzz are my confeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssionnnnnsss ///
I confess... Yesterday officially marked 2 months until Christmas and I totally played Christmas music. If I could jump right into the Christmas season I would, don't hate.

I confess... I'm way late to the party for this season's Grey's and holy moly sadfest. I'm gonna miss McSteamy.

[Speaking of ABC shows, y'all I confess I am 23048304803% obsessed with Nashville. The drama, the seksiness, the music, the actors/actresses. If you aren't watching this show, you are missing out like whoa!]

I confess... I've cheated on my super clean diet, twice, and feel crappy about it. I know deprivation is not a good thing, but I also know I should have better will power.

I confess...Yesterday was the first Thursday since the summer I didn't have kickball...and I confess I enjoyed it!

I confess... I went 3 days in a row without washing my hair. #savingwaterhelpstheplanet

I confess... I'm 230482304830 kinds of excited for my Halloween costume this year. Sportyspice, Babyspice, C [yes the bf gasp] and I are going as a group costume and if everything comes together it will be FABULOUS! Cross your fingers. Here's a sneak peek!

Dear Weekend: Hi, thanks for showing up. Dear Deep Fried Turkey: Guess what, I'm coming for you this weekend. You are gonna taste soooooooooooo good. Dear Deep Fried Twix: So are you! Dear Teeth: Stop being annoying. I don't want to spend anymore $$$ on you. Dear Dentist: Thank you for being so wonderful the past few weeks. I've had bad dentists and you are NOT one of them. Dear Work: Stop having such awesome desserts for celebrations. I DON'T NEED TO EAT THEM! Dear Will Power: Any time you wanna SHOW UP works for me! Dear Le Beau: I'm still crazy pants in love with you.

October 25, 2012

I Imagine My Home [Fall]

I can't wait to have a home.

I am looking forward to having my own place
to share with a husband of course,
so I can decorate to my hearts desire.

Finally being on board with fall,
has put me into the decorating mood.

But, since I rent an apartment,
I really don't have the opportunity
to decorate the way I want.

Until I have my own place,
all I can do is Imagine what my home
would look like.

I Imagine my hearth would looking like this:


I Imagine these decorations all over the house:



I Imagine centerpieces like these adorning tables:

I Imagine my porches and doors displaying fall like so:


I Imagine my kitchen creating these tasty treats:

Sounds wonderful huh?!?!?

How would/do you decorate your fall home?

October 24, 2012

Hump Day Hilarious HaHas

Oh hello Wednesday!

This week has been a bit of a doozy,
so I wanted to keep things
light and fun today.

Bring on round 23408230483 of
post with hilarious pins.

Please enjoy!

Oh Harry Potter & Mean girls?!?! I die!

When did Scot become the smart one?

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this phrase...

You're kidding right?!?!

Sometimes the truth needs to be said ;) 

What babies go through for that adorable picture

Source: quickmeme.com via Loni on Pinterest

Sofia, I love you! So funny and SO TRUE right ;)
Source: i.chzbgr.com via Holly on Pinterest

This is HYSTERICAL! Oh Facebook, where were you back then?!?!

Happy Hump day y'all!