March 30, 2012

Confession Fridays

Link up with Mrs. Blonde Ambition and set yourself freeeee!

Hello Friday, thanks for showing your pretty lil face around town.

***These are my confeeeeesssssssiiiiioooooonnnnnnsssss***

1}I feel like a complete hardware ROCKSTAR after fixing my fridge/freezer this week. WHO needs a landlord anyway? I can not tell you HOW nice it is to have a cold fridge/freezer now. LOVE IT!

2}Today I FINALLY am going to the doctor about my shins and my back. I have been putting this off for the past 6+ months because I AM SO SCARED. I know this is silly, but I have this major fear something is randomly wrong. Does anyone else feel that way?

3}I tried two new recipes this week by Kelly of Cook Yourself Skinny! Last night's was amazing, but I totally messed up Tuesday night's. It wasn't completely my fault, I was distracted by the fridge mess, so I am looking forward to giving the recipe another go. 

4}Speaking of recipes, I have a NEW favorite snack that I MUST share with you. How amazing do Cocoa Coconut Bits sound to you? The are delicious and soooo easy to make. Click *here* for the full recipe but all you need is cocoa, coconut, syrup, oats, coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla extra. 
Soooooo delicious!!!

These may have been part of my breakfast this morning.
5} I'm not looking forward to spring cleaning this weekend. NOT ONE BIT!

6} My plastic container cabinet is a disaster. I went to get a Tupperware holder for left overs last night and an avalanche of plastic fell on the floor. I just threw it back in....guess I know where I need to SPRING clean this weekend huh?

7} Shaq is working on his PhD....WHAT the WHAT!?!?!? He has a bachelor's and a Masters...I need to get back to school!

Happy Fridays my loves.....hope you have a fabulous weekend. Oh and JESSJESS this is for you:


March 29, 2012

TV Shows Thursday

What up party people, how YOU DOIN?!?!?


Yup, you can just call me Nancy(likeDREW) McGyver. Or Julius Ceasar...
I came
I saw
I conquered that freezer/fridge issue..

Moving on....

Let's talk TV Thursday shall we?!?!?
Seasons are really starting to get good, or starting to wrap up
and all sorts of craziness is happening..


First up, The Good Wife
BA mother slash attorney balacning work and crazy life
I love this show so much, seriously my favorite one on TV. I adore Julianna Margulies, she is FANTASTIC as the main character Alicia. So fresh, so beautiful, so smart and super sassy when she needs to be. Her relationship with Will at the beginning of the season really turned me off, so I'm glad she got THAT straightened out. Things are getting a lil crazy in her world right now and I'm excited/nervous to see what her future brings. If you HAVEN'T checked out this show yet, do yourself a favor and watch Season 1 right now, SO GOOD!

My number #2 (former #1) NCIS
BA and HOT group of Special Investigators
I have had a think for NCIS since the 3rd Season (lil late to the party yes). I was already a CSI fanatic and NCIS fit into the same genre, but with a lil less gore. Even though they are NAVY (boo, go ARMY!) the military pull with Gibbs and many of the characters makes me LOVE the show even more. The distinct personalities create an AWESOME character chemistry that allows for fun dialogue and situations. Similar to the CSI formula, every show is a NEW case to solve, sprinkled with 'personal problems' with each character. WHY can't ZIVA and DINOZZO get together already?!?! I <3 Anthony!

My Teeny bopper show One Tree Hill
Gorgeous girls, hot boys and SUPER FUN HAIR, yes please
Confession, I am super super late to this party. I'm talking like 6 years late. I didn't really start watching OTH until Season 7...yeah that's LAST SEASON! I came in right after Peyton&Lucas left and they introduced Quinn, Clay, Alex and Chase. Well, maybe Chase was already there, but I have no idea. I have quickly started to watch the previous seasons and as awesome as they are, I really like Season 8 better. I LOVE QUINN and really wish they would bring back ALEX. I have no idea WHY she left either, I LOVE her character. How adorable are Brooke&Julian with their twins? I am so happy Brooke is happy. She is my favorite. I NEED to learn how to do her eye makeup, any suggestions?

Random show turned one of my favorite shows, Castle
Hotty detective and handsome quirky writer team up to solve crime
This show caught me by complete surprise when it premiered. I honestly didn't think I would be impressed at all, but after the first 2 shows I was hooked. I LOVE RICHARD CASTLE! His character, his hit, his smile. He and Beckett have an amazing chemistry and I know I am not the only one WAITING for them to finally BE together. Castle's daughter, Alexis, is one of my favorite tv characters to date. I LOVE that they have a smart, young woman as his daughter to ground him. I will be sad if they write her out when she goes to college.
Old fav now just an eh show, Private Practice
Good looking doctors that have STRAIGHT drama for lives
I was goo-goo for Private Practice as soon as Addison left Seattle Grace. I loved the fresh spin on Grey's and enjoyed many of the characters. Dell was a favorite and I'm so sad he is no longer on the show. And what is UP with them writing out Naomi? She was such a strong and moral woman (well moral about medicine at least) and I don't understand why she isn't on the show anymore. I do enjoy Cooper and Charlotte's relationship and how much EACH of them have grown. Well done writers, but PLEASE close up all the shenanigans happening with everyone else. I just want to know how it ends, so hurry up.

Last but not totally least, Grey's Anatomy
Residents trying to become surgeons, with drama filled lives
Grey's was AWESOME season 1. Season 2 was eh! Seasons in between eh-eh. The Katharine Heigl mess really annoyed me because I LOVED Izzie Stevens. I am so happy Derek and Meredith are together but really don't understand Christina and Hunt. Poor Alex, let him be happy for once. I enjoy Arizona, but sometimes hers and Callie's relationship rubs me the wrong way. I am very sad for the Chief, he is suffering so much. Dr. Altman is my new favorite character, I just wish they gave her a better stroyline. I am not sure I will be happy when the wrap up the season, you know it's gonna be twisted. Please don't disappointment Grey's, pretty please!

What are some of the shows you LOVE and keep you on the couch??!?

March 28, 2012

Rockin' Wednesday

What Rocks
Finding fun new recipes online to try at home

What Does Not Rock
Getting too distracted while cooking last night and said dish was almost a fail

Being a big GIRL and fixing (ithink) my own freezer and fridge last night

Doesn't Rock:
That the fridge/freezer was BROKEN in the first place

Having an amazing bf (and his roomie) right next door who graciously shared their fridge/freezer space so ALL of my food didn't go to waste

Doesn't Rock:
Having to choose what to save/not save since there isn't a lot of space

Getting rid of yucky old products in the fridge that I NEVER USE

Doesn't Rock:
Basically throwing away $200 of food last night.....BOO!

Going to bed around 9ish last night

Doesn't Rock:
Still snoozing, now I'm all foggy

SportySpice is flying to HAWAII today to go see her MAN for the first since Dec.

Doesn't Rock:
I wasn't invited (poopsicle) and she will miss Easter celebrations this year

Beautiful, gorgeous and lovely flowers and trees EVERYWHERE

Doesn't Rock:

Catching up with The Good Wife last night

Doesn't Rock:
I KNOW something BIG is going to happen to Alicia soon and I don't think I will be a fan

Having such WONDERFUL blogger friends

Doesn't ROCK:
I don't know y'all in real life and y'all live TOO Far AWAY!!

How ROCKIN' is your Wednesday?!?!?

March 27, 2012

Guest Posting at Going the Distance

Good morning kids! It's a chilly one here on the east coast, boot camp was CRAZY COLD this morning.

Today I'm guest posting over on Miss JennJenn's blog.

She's in Jamica right now.

I am PISSYPANTS at her right now!

Head on over to her lil piece of the Internet now and check out my ridiculous post.

Want a hint?!?!?!?!?!:
"I'm Not Here for Your Entertainment!"

I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!!!

March 26, 2012

FFFM: Bauble Bar Review

Hello ladies, happy Fun Fashion Find Monday!

Yes, I realized FRIDAY would be better alliteration but alas, Fridays are reserved for my favorite link up ever
Confession Fridays!

Anyhoodle, I have a FABULOUS fashion find for you ladies. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I can't remember where I first heard about BaubleBar, but once I perused their jewelry I was HOOKED!

What is BaubleBar you ask?

BaubleBar is the Ultimate destination for designer jewelry without the middleman markup.

Know what that means? Designer looking jewels without the designer PRICE!!!
Fabulous right?

Their website is incredibly user friendly. You can shop by New Arrivals, As Seen On, Jewelry Type, Collection etc. Pieces are available until they sell out, but don't worry about having STALE choices. OH NO, BaubleBar updates their merchandised FASHION boutiques every four weeks to keep with the fun new trends.

Worried about trying a new fashion piece but then hating it? Fear NOT friends. BaubleBar is 100% supportive of experimenting with styles and will accept refunds within 30 days and GET THIS....

If that doesn't pull you in, check this.
Every Friday they mark down 1 SPECIAL bauble to $10!
YES, $10 smackaroos for a pretty pretty bauble.

Every Friday they send a 'clue' regarding the location of this fabulous piece and you have to search their website to find it. Not only inexpensive but also FUN TO FIND!

After perusing their gorgeous selections I made my FIRST purchases and sat back to count the days until it arrived. Seriously, they couldn't get here fast enough. Thank goodness for online tracking.

Finally they appeared and man I was excited.

Isn't this sweet? Hand written and everything

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE their packaging, so fun!

I mean, seriously what do you think?
Maybe these pieces aren't your style, but dearies, there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE on their website!

Here's a close up to see the detailing on the earrings.
Clearly y'all shouldn't be reading this anymore, but should be hightailing your classy selves to

Let me know your thoughts and your finds! <3

March 23, 2012

Confession Fridays

Brought to you by Leslie of A Blonde Ambition. Join the FUN!!!
 TGIToday y'all! Can I get an AMEN?!?!? {AMEN}!!!! Without further adieu

****These are my confessssssssssssssssssssssssssssiooooooooooooooons!****

1) These confessions might be lacking the normal extra pizazz. Chickadee over hur is tizzard from a super late concert night. Which was total amazeballs btw. I'll post a recap next week!
2) I had a fashion review all ready for this week, but didn't publish it correctly. Weird, I know! Even weirder that I WOULDN'T just publish it late, I'm strange at times. Teaser:

3) Next Tuesday I am guest posting over at Miss Jenn's piece of the Internet. I may or may not be pretty proud of my ridiculousness of a post. I think  y'all will like it...I'm just saying!!!!!

4) I got ready for work in 15 minutes this morning...don't judge!

5) Every time I see something I REALLY WANT to buy for my spring wardrobe, I tell myself NO you are getting a new car. And then I don't listen. I try at least right?!?!

6) Don't hate me, but I DON'T GET the Hunger Games craze what so ever. A series about children killing children really turns me off. I posted this sentence on facebook and LAWD have MERCY you would have thought I said I supported the Taliban. SERIOUSLY!?!?! It's a series, I'm allowed to have an opinion!

7) I am 100% a supporter of the Harry Potter craze and a 1/3 supporter of Twilight. The Team JACOB third of course!
8) I signed up for a 6am boot(y) camp and had my first class this week. The mornings are rough, but I'm all about it since the scale is now reading a number I am happy with. Flippin' about time!

9) Today it will be 80 March! So right and so wrong at the same time!

10) I can FIIIIIIIIIIIINAAALLLLLY post this, which I am suuuuuuper excited about!
BLACKOPS IS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEE from Afghanistan!!! SO THANKFUL he is home safe and sound and just happy he is back in the USA! This past year has been so tough for lil Sportyspice and honestly for me too. Worrying about him over there was NO FUN! But NOW he is HOOOOOOOOOOOME and Sportyspice is heading to visit him next week. I know she is beyond thrilled and ecstatic. So proud of them for making it through the year long deployment!

One of my all time FAVS!

Alright, now I'm linking up with ShanShan of Page Twenty-Two

B family and BlackOps!

I would go back to these pictures because they were a YEAR ago when BlackOps was still living on the East coast. He is considered a part of our family and we ALL have missed him so much. It will be AWESOME to have the whole gang back together again. I know C is looking forward to having a guy around to even out the three sisters.


March 22, 2012

Aussie in AMERICA!

Have you heard this song yet???
You should have, because I've blogged about it before.
Check out my post *here*

If not here's the 4-1-wizzle!
The artist is GOTYE (featuring Kimbra)
and he's pretty talented.

Not my NORMAL type of music, but thanks to BABYSPICE I like him.
She is a WIZZ kid at finding what I call RANDOM good music.
Want to know trendy music before it's trendy?
Check out her guest post *HERE*

Gotye is an Aussie that has been rocking out independently in Australia since 2001. His latest CD, MAKING MIRRORS was released in August of 2011 and the second single released was
"Somebody that I Use to Know" back in July 2011.

This song has gained HUGE momentum since Gotye performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in February.

And Guess WHAT!??!

The three Brady (like the bunch?) ladies
IE, me and the sissys



I know Babyspice is about to pee her pants like a lil puppy
because this guy is ONE of her favorites.
She has been looking forward to this for MONTHS!

I am happy to just be a part of the excitement and to say
"Pshaw, I knew about him 2 years ago people, please!"

Can't wait to fill you in on what is SURE to be
a completely ridiculous and FUN concert!

Happy Thursday friends!

March 20, 2012

Life Lessons: Always PBD

***This was planned to go up on Wednesday the 14th, but then I got sick***

What does Always PBD mean you ask?!?!

Always Pee Before Driving!

What?!?!!?!? Did Pinky just say pee?

Why yes I did ladies, yes I did.

I'm not really one for toilet humor
(although I do love a dirty joke every now and then)
Farts, burps, PMS talk, p00p and other bodily functions make me say
with my hands over my ears mind you

But, I feel it is my DUTY (hahaha doody) to inform y'all of my almost unfortunate mishap and SAVE you from any potentially embarrassing moments.
Yeah, I'm nice like that.

Anyway, with the balmy delicious spring weather Tuesday of last week, I decided to actually dress up for work and wear a sweater dress. One of my favorite purchases of last season.

Excuse the face....trying to be cute.
Dress: Bebe
Boots: Victoria's Secret (2 seasons ago)
Bracelet: Birthday gift
Earrings: A La C
Necklace: Esty
Nude Hose: Department store, trying to be Kate Middleton
Towel: Embarrassing
Tres Chic right?!!?
I thought so too.
Until 5pm Tuesday night.

I was super stoked to leave work, grab a quick work out, eat dinner and then walk around outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. So excited that I raced out of the office without my usual bathroom pit-stop
(if that's a TMI, I'm sorry, but it is important to the story).

My normal commute home is USUALLY 30ish minutes which is NBD unless there is bad traffic. Wednesdays and Fridays can be longer but 45 minutes is usually the longest I have to deal with without an accident causing drama. Like most people, I KNOW the ebbs and flows of traffic and can tell when the commute home is going to be a longer one causing me to curse out loud, shake my head and turn on some good music to jam out too.

Construction has become the bane of my existence the past 6 months, causing my normal commute to be 45  minutes which drives me nuts.
Anyone out there in the traffic construction business??!? I need to figure out how to send VDOT a piece of my mind. 

Moving on to last week, I breezed out of work, jump in my car and speed drive to the gym.
UH OH, major traffic...major major usually a blizzard has happened traffic.
I had NO patience for sitting in traffic so I illegally drove around a median and jumped into the airport lanes.
What?!?! Everyone else was doing it and I wanted to get home.

After patting myself on the back for my quick thinking and for not getting caught my happy mood was back and I continued on my way.
Until I hit a DEAD STOP!
Yes, lil Pinky didn't pay attention to the traffic report when it said "traffic was STOPPED and being diverted" on the merge from the airport lane.
OHHH snap, that's why traffic was so bad.

Well, normally I would have just cursed (but couldn't, LENT) called and texted my frustration (forgot my PHONE at home) and sat stewing in anger.
However, 3 minutes into stewing I realized,
"OH no, I really really really have to pee".

Minute by minute the need grew stronger and stronger
and I kept telling myself, just 5 more minutes and we'll start moving.
Just 10 more minutes and we'll start moving, you can do it.

Well 20 minutes later
and I was pretty much doing the potty dance
in the CAR

Don't forget, there is NO one to text or call because I don't have my phone. 
(Although that may have been a good thing since I didn't need anyone making me laugh)

There I am dancing in the car
with no ability to move forwards or backwards.

Remember that construction?
Ohhhh yeah, well large construction projects mean LOTS of people.
Which means port-a-potties for these people.
And, it was looking like lil Pinky was going to be 
CRASHING their port-a-PARTY

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I finally told myself,
"If we don't start moving in 5 minutes, I'm LOCKING my car,
getting out
and WALKING through stopped traffic to the potty".

Don't forget what I was wearing!!! Yeah, can you IMAGINE the sight?!?
Lil Miss Thang prancing through traffic in boots and a sweater dress
to go to a construction port-a-potty. 
As the minutes ticked by I was preparing myself to being mortified
for the REST OF MY LIFE!

GOD must have heard my plea, because JUST as I started to move my car to the shoulder, 
Granted we were INCHING forward but I told myself I could make it. 

15 minutes later I was at the gym feeling so much better,
and laughing at the whole situation. 



YOU NEVER KNOW when some silly person will park a CRANE
in the middle of the interstate!

March 19, 2012

St. Paddy's Recap

Hello and happy Monday y'all. Did you have a great weekend? Celebrate with the luck o the Irish!?!? I hope that whatever you did you had fun and were safe too. 

I spent mine chillin' and illin' for reals. I was knocked on my hiney from Weds to mid Friday with some wacko bug. Seriously y'all it was no bueno. I haven't been that sick in a long time. I'm talking fever, body ache and the inability to really do anything but rest on the couch or in bed. I'm pretty sure I had the flu minus the tummy sickness (thank goodness) which I haven't had since college. Thankfully by Saturday I was more of myself only with less energy, which to some might not be a bad thing ;)!

***Thank you for all of your sweet comments and feel better wishes. They truly made my day Thursday when I was able to actually look at a computer screen. Y'all are the bestest-esty***

I enjoy St. Patrick's day, but it has never been one of my favorite holiday's to celebrate. I don't drink beer (yucko) so many of the all day beer drinking festivals aren't for me. I'm much more of a Cinco de Mayo Margarita kind of gal! ;)

This year, I had planned to visit T since her man was DJing a party, but le sickness kind of change that plan. Instead, I kept everything low key and pretty much spent the day with Sportyspice. We are dog sitting this week while our parents are out West skiing this week (jerks didn't even invite us, how rude!) so we are using their house as our home base. 

Although living at their house is a wee bit inconvenient there are some perks. I mean, I haven't eaten  THIS cereal in yeaaaaaaars!
Apple Jacks, those are IRISH colors right!?!?
After breakfast, dog walking and retrieving our parent's car from the airport it was a pretty lazy and chill day over here. We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine by tanning in the back yard and taking long walks with the dog. A family SportySpice used to nanny invited us to dinner for our FIRST Corned Beef and Cabbage experience. Yes, until Saturday I had NEVER eaten a traditional St. Paddy's day dinner. Despite my apprehension, I was pleasantly surprised with both the beef and cabbage and must say I enjoyed the food more than expected. Hooray for trying new things!

My night was so chill I only had ONE glass of Moscato, can you believe it?!?! Well, being sick wasn't the only cause, Sissy and I decided to go bowl a game or two, and I wanted to only see 10 pins ;)! She and I had a lot of fun bowling and just hanging out, I am so blessed to have her as a sister and SO CLOSE to home. Some may call our evening lame, but I had a great time and that's all that truly matters. 

  Even though everything was chill I was still sporting my IRISH GREEN!
Picture inspired, leprechaun approved :)
What did you do for St. Paddy's day?!?!?  <3

March 14, 2012


I had a hilarious post for y'all today. Seriously, a good one.

And then I caught a fever and chills.

So now, I'm home sick :(!

Waaaaaay bummer and waaaay no bueno.

Hopefully I can sleep this off, because it stinks.

I'll leave you with a teaser though....

Always PBD!!

any guesses?!?!

March 13, 2012


I have blog block so I'm just gonna link up with Megan for Sometimes&Always

Sometimes: I wish I didn't have a cell phone so I wouldn't be so distracted/available

Always: I freak out whenever I leave it at home. What if there is an important call/I wanna play games?

Sometimes: I check out tons books from the library for my Kindle

Always: I have at least 1 I never get to read before the due back date

Sometimes: I set my alarm for 6am so I can get in a yoga workout before work

Always: I snooze until I'm almost LATE to work

Sometimes: I print out amazingly healthy recipes to try at home

Always: I lose my motivation and stick to the same old healthy stuff

Sometimes: I imagine a witty post after reading other sometimesalways

Always: I feel I have nothing FUN to sometimesalways

Happy Tuesday LOVES!

March 12, 2012

Baubles, Blog, Balls

Happy daylight saving time..............SIKE!

Ugh, ewwww, why do we do this?!?!

Moving on....

This was a packed weekend and we lost an hour, ai yi yi...

Again, moving on.

Friday before leaving work I found this NEW fun website for jewelry. Behold BaubleBar

Do yourself a favor and check this site out. I ordered some pretty pink jewelry for a much cheaper price than expected. There are some pricey things on the site, but a lot of the costume jewelry is decently priced. Let me know what you think!

Hold the phone, did you look to the right of the blog and SEE this???
101 SAY WHAT!?!?
My lil ol blog finally reached 100 followers, wowy zowy! I promised a give away and will be doing one later this week! YAY!
Lastly, this weekend I became an old lady. I now have my OWN bowling ball, bowling bag and shoes.
I know, send me the AARP card now why don't you.
Quick back story. C loves to bowl. Like LOVES it. So I gave him the best birthday present ever back in January. I told him I would buy him his OWN ball to go with the new bag and towel I got him for Christmas.
He decided Saturday was the day to get a new bowling ball. Originally he was going to buy one online but because he wanted the holes drilled correctly. I had NO idea where to go for this, however he remembered a shop near his old home. We walked in not knowing what to expect, but what we got was AMAZING service. The guys were so knowledgeable and HILARIOUS at the same time.
Somehow going to buy C a bowling ball turned into both of us walking out with a new ball, pair of shoes and a BAG!
Those salesmen are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD right?!!?
You can GUESS what my weekend was full of. And let me just say, I'm rockin it OUT now!
Winner winner chicken DINNER!
Say hello to the newest member of my family, name to be determined

Making bowling look stylish

Can you say old lady?!?!

Phew, if you have made it this far, congrats. You completed one of the most random posts to date. I hope you have a great Monday, even though we lost an hour this weekend....

Come on Pinky, I said moooooooooooooooooving on!!!!!

March 9, 2012

Confession Fri and BLOGIVERSARY!

I'm linking up with beautiful Leslie from A Blonde Ambition for the fun and freeing Confession Friday
***These are my confeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssionssssss***

1) I went to bed at 9:20pm Monday night. I'm an old lady, so what!?!?!

2) 2012 seems to be the year of babies. Seriously, my facebook feed is ALL about babies being born or announcing pregnancies. I am so happy for everyone and can't wait to celebrate for/with my friends, however, the most important thing for me this week is moving on in the dodge ball bracket and WINNING a $300 bar tab for our America costumes. Priorities right?!?!

3) I created a GroupMe for my family and THEY WON'T USE it. Why this makes me sooo mad, I don't know. Personally I believe this is a genius idea.....they just need to jump on board.

4) One Tree Hill is BLOWING MY MIND right now?!?! Nathan Scott where are you? Dan Scott, are you really a good person?!?! Clay, your story line is cray-cray! Haley, why you so frumpy? Brooke, I LOVE YOU! Right now I'm saying I like Season 8 better than Season 9, but we did get a CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY SIGHTING (cut your hair boy)!!!

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Today is a very special, actually I believe today is a a PARTY kind of day. 

Today my lil piece of the blog world turns 2!
What's a party without balloon jumping right?!?!
2 short years ago I posted my first THOUGHT and check me out back then...
Ok Kidding! I just felt that way writing my first post
Back then my blog was just a journal, writing about my feelings and hurts regarding an ex.

Lame sauce I know!

But now, I am part of the wonderful world of blog friendships, advice and love.

Me! That's right ME! I have a connection to so many beautiful and wonderful ladies because of this piece of the Internet! I'm completely baffled how everything came about, but I feel so blessed!

So, won't you join me in my celebration?!? Because I'm celebrating you, yes YOU my dears!

Put on your favorite/best dress, because we like to be dressy and fun over here!
My party dress, minus the bow!
Prepare to eat tons of sweets, what good is a party without any cupcakes?!? 

We'll dance and sing and drink and eat and babble babble babble together all night long.
Sigh, if only it were so.

From the bottom of my heart lil blog, thank you for being so amazingly fun creative outlet. Thank you for bringing such fabulous people into my life. I truly ADORE YOU ALL!

Here are my wishes and hopes for you my loves!