March 1, 2012

The SUN will come out TOMORROW!

The sun is SHINING today and really SO IS MY MOOD!

I can't THANK Y'ALL enough for the sweet sweet comments and thoughts yesterday. They may have added to my tears, but in a GOOD way. I feel so blessed to have people I have never met in real life, CARE about me! Your comments and words mean MORE to me than you will ever know, THANK YOU!

Yesterday I went to the gym, got some endorphins flowing then went home to make dinner. I have decided to pitch SOLELY doing the Paleo/Primal diet (may work for others, I don't judge) and incorporate complex carbs in moderation. Bring on the pasta and moderation of course. :)

Behold my fabulous dinner!
Kashi pizza, glass of Riesling, flowers I bought myself and the Good Wife.
Perfect evening if I DO say so myself...and I DO SAY SO!
 While eating I turned off my comp and phone because I just wanted to enjoy my food and quiet time. Well, who do you think came stroooooooollling in while I was eating? If you guessed Le Beau you would be correct, give yourself a point. If you also guessed he was going to cheer me up someway, give yourself another point. Guess what that lil bugger did?!?!!? He BOUGHT fixings for one of my favorite dinners and was ready to cook it for me as penance for making me upset, to CHEER me up! Poor guy was crushed when I was already eating, so I put the half of my pizza I hadn't devoured already eaten in the fridge and let him cook for me. Yes, I know...such a HARD life sometimes waaaaaaaaaahink! 

Salmon, Scallops, Asparagus with pepper&onion mix...YUM!
Paleo/Primal dinner that was filling and tasted good. That's what I'm talking bout!
Again, I can't say thank you enough to everyone who helped brighten my dreary day yesterday. I heart you all and am so GLAD I can call each of you a FRIEND!!!!

My <3 TO YOU TODAY!!!!!!


  1. Glad you're feeling better today, chica! And I'm glad that pizza (and the other meal) helped with is definitely a good cure for feeling icky!

  2. So glad you are feeling better today and glad the sun is shining for you in VA! What a nice guy you have - cooking you dinner to cheer you up!

  3. That's so cute that he cooked for you! :) I'm glad you're a little more happy today! We can't have my peppy pink friend being sad!!! HAHA

  4. That is so sweet of your bf! I'm glad your feeling better ;)

  5. So glad you are feeling better! & your sweet boy did all that for you!

  6. I am so glad you're having a better day today!! What a perfect sounding night! I love those times when I "unplug."


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