March 30, 2012

Confession Fridays

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Hello Friday, thanks for showing your pretty lil face around town.

***These are my confeeeeesssssssiiiiioooooonnnnnnsssss***

1}I feel like a complete hardware ROCKSTAR after fixing my fridge/freezer this week. WHO needs a landlord anyway? I can not tell you HOW nice it is to have a cold fridge/freezer now. LOVE IT!

2}Today I FINALLY am going to the doctor about my shins and my back. I have been putting this off for the past 6+ months because I AM SO SCARED. I know this is silly, but I have this major fear something is randomly wrong. Does anyone else feel that way?

3}I tried two new recipes this week by Kelly of Cook Yourself Skinny! Last night's was amazing, but I totally messed up Tuesday night's. It wasn't completely my fault, I was distracted by the fridge mess, so I am looking forward to giving the recipe another go. 

4}Speaking of recipes, I have a NEW favorite snack that I MUST share with you. How amazing do Cocoa Coconut Bits sound to you? The are delicious and soooo easy to make. Click *here* for the full recipe but all you need is cocoa, coconut, syrup, oats, coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla extra. 
Soooooo delicious!!!

These may have been part of my breakfast this morning.
5} I'm not looking forward to spring cleaning this weekend. NOT ONE BIT!

6} My plastic container cabinet is a disaster. I went to get a Tupperware holder for left overs last night and an avalanche of plastic fell on the floor. I just threw it back in....guess I know where I need to SPRING clean this weekend huh?

7} Shaq is working on his PhD....WHAT the WHAT!?!?!? He has a bachelor's and a Masters...I need to get back to school!

Happy Fridays my loves.....hope you have a fabulous weekend. Oh and JESSJESS this is for you:



  1. OMG! I need to clean my storage cupboard too! HAHA

    GO CATS! WHOOP! :)

  2. oh those cocoa coconut bites look amazing!

  3. 1) Don't worry, I'm sure the Dr. will have an easy-peasy-fresh-and-squeezy solution for your back/shins. Call me for reassurance if needed.
    2) The cocoa coconut bites ARE SO FANTASTIC! Thanks for the link to the recipe
    3) Speaking of Vanilla Extract, I have the info-tag for your bottle in my car, sorry I didn't respond sooner.
    4) thanks for grabbing my button. I did it wrong though and the link is broken. I have fixed it and the new link works (if you don't mind re-doing it).
    5) LOVERS YOU!

  4. HAHAHA! All of my plastic containers came flying out at me the other night! Nothing ticks me off more than those stupid things not staying where I put them... & not being able to find the lid! LOL! #bigkidproblems

    Have a great weekend!

  5. hahaha jess hasn't seen this yet, she will love it! go cats! love i confess fridays! now wait what - shaq is getting his phd....lucky bastard hahah! happy friday!

    xx Kelly


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