March 13, 2012


I have blog block so I'm just gonna link up with Megan for Sometimes&Always

Sometimes: I wish I didn't have a cell phone so I wouldn't be so distracted/available

Always: I freak out whenever I leave it at home. What if there is an important call/I wanna play games?

Sometimes: I check out tons books from the library for my Kindle

Always: I have at least 1 I never get to read before the due back date

Sometimes: I set my alarm for 6am so I can get in a yoga workout before work

Always: I snooze until I'm almost LATE to work

Sometimes: I print out amazingly healthy recipes to try at home

Always: I lose my motivation and stick to the same old healthy stuff

Sometimes: I imagine a witty post after reading other sometimesalways

Always: I feel I have nothing FUN to sometimesalways

Happy Tuesday LOVES!


  1. I can relate to almost all of these :)

  2. I snoozed wayyyy too many times this morning & was almost late! Oops. Oh well! I looove sleep!

  3. So true about the phone, I always think "I could be doing so much more with my life/conversations/relationships if i didnt have my phone right now" and then the minute I dont have it by my side I freak out haha

  4. Oh my gosh, leaving your cell phone at home is the worst! I seriously get distressed about it. Haha! I think your Sometimes/Always are perfect!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

  5. I'm the same as you about leaving my cellphone behind! It freaks me out!

  6. LOL! i love this post. and I agree with almost all the stuff you posted!

  7. LOL! i love this post. and I agree with almost all the stuff you posted!

  8. Oh girl I can totally relate with the setting the alarm clock early thing. It never works, for me at least haha. Oh well, at least we can say we tried :)


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