March 5, 2012

My Heart is Heavy

My post today was going to be about choosing a new car, my new shoes and some fun recipes. Fun and fluffy as usual over here in Pinky land.

But then, on my way into work I was listening to WTOP (NEWS RADIO) and heard the sweet baby toddler that was found 2 miles from her tornado stricken home had died. Well folks, I just lost it. Tears were streaming down my face as I thought about the poor baby and her parents that were lost in the tornadoes.

Read more about the story *here*

My heart breaks as I think about the people hit by tornadoes in


39 people have died. Needlessly, because of Mother nature. Hundreds have lost some if not ALL of their earthly possessions. People have lost their businesses.

People in Alabama who were JUST rebuilding from LAST years tornado are now dealing with loss after THIS tornado. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

You are rebuilding your life from a natural disaster and then
swoops in and you have to start all over again?!!?

I sure can't.

So today, I ask each and everyone of you to PRAY for these people (if you don't pray, please just SEND SOME loving and caring thoughts into the universe).

Pray for HOPE!
Pray for HELP!
Pray for STRENGTH!
Pray for God's hands to guide and help these poor people suffering loss.

PRAY for the families who have lost loved ones. I KNOW God will grant them Grace and Love, but I KNOW extra prayers can NOT hurt.

Already God is working and people are coming to help.
Watch a video showing how AMAZINGLY good people can be *here*!

The devil is working HARD to make life on earth miserable, so let's work JUST as hard to show him and others that there is LOVE, GOODNESS, HOPE, TRUST, FAITH, AND GOD here on earth.

I'll be back tomorrow with a much lighter post. I hope your Monday goes well, and when it does remember those who are grieving and starting over today.


  1. It is certainly a tragedy. I watched it one morning and I just can't take anymore of it. Makes me realize that you cannot take life for granted. Really opens your eyes, that's for sure!

    P.S. I can't wait to read about your new car! After 8 long years with my old Chevy Cavalier, I get to bring home my new baby in a few haha. So exciting!

  2. It's really awful what happened there. It reminds me of the tornados that went through St. Louis last year, when I was there (eep), and the devastation that those caused. Definitely have been thinking of these people and praying for them!

  3. i heard about this too. heartbreaking!

  4. it really is so heartbreaking.
    thanks for this post. really puts perspective to the things i will complain about this week that seem so minimal on the larger scale.
    xx jes


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