March 2, 2012

Confession Fridays

Heeeeeeeeeeeelllllloooo lovies! It's Friday, WOOPDIDDLEOOOP!!! Our sweet Leslie of A Blonde Ambition is still recovering from her surgery (get well darling girl) so there won't be a link up today. But I still wanna confess so...


1) Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday!!! Can  I get a holler for the creator of GREEN EGGS & HAM (eww) or Hop on Pop?!?? Two of my all time favorite books in the world might I add! Thanks for the fun Dr. Seuss!

2) I recently purchased the Miranda Lambert cd and was pumped because of all the hype. Sadly bloggers, I am very underwhelmed (don't kill me). I enjoy the music but really really really don't understand why people have raved about this's just EH to me!

3) Yesterday was THEME night for my dodgeball team and our them was AMERICA (AMURICA!). We looked great, and I may have dusted off my daisy dukes.....sorry mama!
America: Intentionally Great since 1776
4) I gave up cussing for Lent. But, today I have failed tremendously. A bunch of work I did yesterday has to be redone today and I'm livid. Sorry for the naughty words....

5) One Tree Hill has taken place in my heart again. I am catching up on last season before watching this current season. I <3 the characters, wish I could meet them in real life.

6) Last night I had a dream my coworker was interested/obsessed with my middle sister. Thank goodness he isn't at work today, I would have been giving him weird looks ALL DAY!!!

7) My hair has been pulled back in a twist pony tail for 3 days this week. DON'T JUDGE! Girlfriend REALLY needs to get to the salon....

I'm also linking up with Shannon for Fun Photo Fridays!
SportySpice, Blackops, me, BabySpice

Like the costumes?!?! We were all dressed up for a super fun pirate party!


  1. OMG! ONE TREE HILL!!!!! This season is NUTS! Hurry up and watch last season so you can get to this season! NOT KIDDING. :) Love you! Happy Friday friend!

  2. HAHA i always try to give up cussing for lent and then i usually start cussing about why i gave it up for lent to begin with!

  3. Ha! I need to give up cussing too.

  4. i thought about giving up cussing for lent but knew i would fail terribly lol. so i gave up target instead.

    oooh and lordt i need a haircut like nobody's business.

  5. Oh no, I have yet to buy Miranda's new CD. Maybe I'll just download the few songs I want to hear on iTunes instead. And that is too funny you gave up cussing for lent. I am constantly yelling at my husband for swearing yet the older I get the more I find myself doing it haha. Have a good weekend, Pinky :)

  6. thanks for coming by my blog :)
    we are following you now so hope you come and visit us again to do the same!

  7. Oh my gosh, I watched all 8 seasons of One Tree Hill before the new and final (super SAD!) season started!! Loving this season!

  8. I love Dr. Seuss day. Childhood memories, or something. The man needs some recognition, right? Right. Cute blog, lady!

  9. Happy birthday dr seuss! Haha love me some green eggs and ham! Thanks for linking up! Lovvvee the pirate costumes! Aarrggghhhh;)

  10. your team is SO fun - i love that you all dress up and do fun themes.

    and YESSS - i think you and me are the only ones left who watch one tree hill. but, it's so good right?!


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