March 29, 2012

TV Shows Thursday

What up party people, how YOU DOIN?!?!?


Yup, you can just call me Nancy(likeDREW) McGyver. Or Julius Ceasar...
I came
I saw
I conquered that freezer/fridge issue..

Moving on....

Let's talk TV Thursday shall we?!?!?
Seasons are really starting to get good, or starting to wrap up
and all sorts of craziness is happening..


First up, The Good Wife
BA mother slash attorney balacning work and crazy life
I love this show so much, seriously my favorite one on TV. I adore Julianna Margulies, she is FANTASTIC as the main character Alicia. So fresh, so beautiful, so smart and super sassy when she needs to be. Her relationship with Will at the beginning of the season really turned me off, so I'm glad she got THAT straightened out. Things are getting a lil crazy in her world right now and I'm excited/nervous to see what her future brings. If you HAVEN'T checked out this show yet, do yourself a favor and watch Season 1 right now, SO GOOD!

My number #2 (former #1) NCIS
BA and HOT group of Special Investigators
I have had a think for NCIS since the 3rd Season (lil late to the party yes). I was already a CSI fanatic and NCIS fit into the same genre, but with a lil less gore. Even though they are NAVY (boo, go ARMY!) the military pull with Gibbs and many of the characters makes me LOVE the show even more. The distinct personalities create an AWESOME character chemistry that allows for fun dialogue and situations. Similar to the CSI formula, every show is a NEW case to solve, sprinkled with 'personal problems' with each character. WHY can't ZIVA and DINOZZO get together already?!?! I <3 Anthony!

My Teeny bopper show One Tree Hill
Gorgeous girls, hot boys and SUPER FUN HAIR, yes please
Confession, I am super super late to this party. I'm talking like 6 years late. I didn't really start watching OTH until Season 7...yeah that's LAST SEASON! I came in right after Peyton&Lucas left and they introduced Quinn, Clay, Alex and Chase. Well, maybe Chase was already there, but I have no idea. I have quickly started to watch the previous seasons and as awesome as they are, I really like Season 8 better. I LOVE QUINN and really wish they would bring back ALEX. I have no idea WHY she left either, I LOVE her character. How adorable are Brooke&Julian with their twins? I am so happy Brooke is happy. She is my favorite. I NEED to learn how to do her eye makeup, any suggestions?

Random show turned one of my favorite shows, Castle
Hotty detective and handsome quirky writer team up to solve crime
This show caught me by complete surprise when it premiered. I honestly didn't think I would be impressed at all, but after the first 2 shows I was hooked. I LOVE RICHARD CASTLE! His character, his hit, his smile. He and Beckett have an amazing chemistry and I know I am not the only one WAITING for them to finally BE together. Castle's daughter, Alexis, is one of my favorite tv characters to date. I LOVE that they have a smart, young woman as his daughter to ground him. I will be sad if they write her out when she goes to college.
Old fav now just an eh show, Private Practice
Good looking doctors that have STRAIGHT drama for lives
I was goo-goo for Private Practice as soon as Addison left Seattle Grace. I loved the fresh spin on Grey's and enjoyed many of the characters. Dell was a favorite and I'm so sad he is no longer on the show. And what is UP with them writing out Naomi? She was such a strong and moral woman (well moral about medicine at least) and I don't understand why she isn't on the show anymore. I do enjoy Cooper and Charlotte's relationship and how much EACH of them have grown. Well done writers, but PLEASE close up all the shenanigans happening with everyone else. I just want to know how it ends, so hurry up.

Last but not totally least, Grey's Anatomy
Residents trying to become surgeons, with drama filled lives
Grey's was AWESOME season 1. Season 2 was eh! Seasons in between eh-eh. The Katharine Heigl mess really annoyed me because I LOVED Izzie Stevens. I am so happy Derek and Meredith are together but really don't understand Christina and Hunt. Poor Alex, let him be happy for once. I enjoy Arizona, but sometimes hers and Callie's relationship rubs me the wrong way. I am very sad for the Chief, he is suffering so much. Dr. Altman is my new favorite character, I just wish they gave her a better stroyline. I am not sure I will be happy when the wrap up the season, you know it's gonna be twisted. Please don't disappointment Grey's, pretty please!

What are some of the shows you LOVE and keep you on the couch??!?


  1. i used to be obsessed with OTH. then when Lucas & Peyon left, I stopped watching.

    And I'm the same with with Greys. It used to be amazing...then got bad..and now I'm liking it again!

  2. Do you know that I never got into Greys anatomy...and One Tree Hill? Can we still be friends? haha

  3. YAY for ice - good job fixing that freezer:) I used to be obsessed with Grey's.....then I fell off the wagon last year:(

  4. OMG! OTH. What am I going to do without it?!?!?! And Private Practice & Grey's Anatomy are two longtime favorites! LOVE LOVE LOVE. :)

  5. Also - so proud of you fixing your fridge!!! :)

  6. I finally caught up on OTH, as in I watched all 8 seasons, thank you Netflix! I need Millie & Mouth to get engaged, I can't believe the show is almost over!

  7. Glad you got the fridge fixed! Go you!

  8. i only watch one tree hill out of all these. it has been my long time fav. i will be crying next week during the finale.

    and i only hopped aboard the gray's boat for like 2 years!

  9. Would you believe I don't watch any of these? Although, I was a One Tree Hill addict back in the day!

  10. I like NCIS and Private Practice, but my faves are Desperate Housewives (not the reality version) and the new GCB. I didn't expect to like it but I DO!! Good for you fixing the fridge!


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