May 31, 2012

TT Linkup: Summer staples

Summer time is here y'all! I'm so excited!

I LOVE pretty much everything about summer.

But, since I JUST joined PINTREST [come find me Pinky321]
I figured I'd SHOW you my SUMMER TIME STAPLES!
{please excuse all layout yuckyness, still new to this}

Summer time cocktails are a MUST!

My two favs are Sangria & Mojitos, but really,
I'll sip on anything tasty and delicious
[except a beer gross!]

Know what tastes great with awesome drinks!?!?!

Awesome food!

GUAC and chips are my FOOOOOOD staple! MUST HAVE at every BBQ!

Can't forget about SMORES! YUM! OHEMGOSH my FAV summer dessert EVER!

Besides stuffing my face, I also enjoy POOL TIME with friends an family.
[although with all the food I just ate, being in a swim suit is NOT my fav thing ever ]
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

My floppy PINK hat is one of my summer essentials.
Gots to keep the SKIN AGING to a minimum!
Of course I'll be slathered in sunscreen and you better be too y'all!

I always match my hat with my FAV [new] pair of sunnies!

Can't go swimming/lounging without a suit right?
Are you surprised my swim suit is pink?!!?
Yeah, I didn't think so!

My family is a VERY active family, so summertime means TENNIS time.
Yes, even though it's scorching hot, we get out there and play.

Add in some kickball, soccer, vacation time and of COURSE weddings and you have MY recipe for a perfect SUMMER!


May 29, 2012

Wedding Weekend We-Cap

'Ello lovies, how was your long weekend?

Did you say thank you?!?
[i hope so!]

My weekend was super duper filled and crazy fun.

Weddings, pools, bbqs, National Cemetery and family togetherness.

Phew, I'm tired just typing that sentence.

Let's get we-capping shall we?

Saturday the whole Brady bunch was invited to a family friend's wedding in Pennsylvania.

Sportyspice and I were even asked to hand out programs, so honored!

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to prep hair and then we hit the road on schedule to arrive 45 minutes early to finish primping, change and head to the church to hand out programs.

Then we hit an hour of unexpected traffic!


All of that extra primp time, out the window.

All of a sudden the Brady Mobile became the Brady salon, because Sportyspice and I pinned, unpinned, hairsprayed, makeup applied, repinned, rehairsprayed and did everything but change in the car. We reached the hotel with just enough time to DASH into the communal restroom change in to our dresses, grab the other program friend and speed to the church.

Thankfully we got there on time and cleaned up PRETTY well if I do say so myself,
and I DO!

Sportyspice takes her car wearing clothes seriously!
Buzz, your girl friend, WOOF ;)!
Purdiful curls from said get-up!
Bad hair day ended up working pretty well.
When the bride asked the two B ladies to hand out programs at her wedding, I told her we would GLADLY accept, as long as we could wear CLOWN noses.

It became a running joke whenever the wedding was brought up.

GUESS who brought clown noses to the party?

And sent THIS to picture to the bride?!?
Just WAIT for the wedding picture, amazeballs!
In case you were wondering, "Where the heck is Babyspice", don't worry, she was IN THE WEDDING!

And looked stunning don't you think?!!?
Gorgeous bride and GORGEOUS sissy
So happy her best friend got MARRIED!
After a fabulous wedding ceremony it was back to the hotel and a quick shuttle ride to the country club for cocktails and chats before the reception.

The weather was blindingly sunny in the afternoon but by early evening a cool cloudy cover rolled in and offered some much needed relief.

The setting was gorgeous and the family had a great time hanging out.
New favorite sissy shot?!!? I think so!
Cocktail hour was a great time, but everyone was ANXIOUS to start the party. Because, we KNEW this was going to be a fabulous party.
The first dances were precious and the food was delish.

OUR TABLE [table 1] was the BEST table to sit at hands down.

We got the guys at the table to wear flowers in their hair
and drink 'Dirty Shirleys'.

Yeah, we have skiiiiiiiiiiiills!

The DJ was faboo and the party was HOPPIN' the entire night.

I enjoyed QUITE a few champagnes [yum] and had a blast dancing with the family, bride, groom and various other friends.

Then came the token garter/bouquet toss.

And wouldn't you know, yours truly CAUGHT the bouquet!
My first bouquet EEEEEK!

I'm taking this as a good sign of luck and moving right along, no pressure ;)!

The rest of the night was awesome and we partied late into the night.
Shuttle ride home.
Sunday was spent eating brunch with the bride and family, then a quick trip home with no traffic, hooray!

Even though we were all exhausted, we HAD to go to the pool, play some tennis and catch a few rays. It was much needed detox time and then PIZZA at the pool, YAY!

Monday was a well needed day off from work, although mine started early taking the bride and groom to the airport for their honeymoon. It was wwwwaaaaaaaaaaay early, but I love those two so no sweat. I came home, took a nap and then Sportyspice and I went to Arlington National Cemetery to visit my friend Shane's grave.

The place was PACKED [so awesome/so sad] and there were SOOO many people around. It gave me a good feeling to know that people were remembering the REASON for the day off work.

After a humbling and cryfilled visit, she and I headed home to a neighbors cookout then back to the pool for some relaxation.

I was straight WORN out by the end of the day and hopped into bed around 8pm.


This morning I woke up refreshed and ready to face the week.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend with wonderful people. I wish there were MORE 3 day weekend in the year don't you?!!?

May 28, 2012

MeMoRiAl DaY....It is the VETERAN...

While you are bbqing, beaching, pooling, sunning, drinking and eating today
and say

Today we REMEMBER those who have DIED for our

It is the
not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is
not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is
not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is
not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the
salutes the Flag,

It is
who serves
under the Flag.


May 25, 2012

Confession Fridays

Confessing is GOOD for the SOUL!

1] I finally gave in and requested an invite from Pintrest. Goodbye free time!

2] Despite not being a 'fashion blogger' or 'fashionista', I thought "Why not try a little light pattern mixing" for fun? BTWS, I am NOT a fan of the polka dots with stripes or crazy patterns together [nonsense]. I just wanted to wear this skirt to work and HAD to dress it up with a jacket. Thoughts, did I do it right?!?!

3] I still haven't watched a single hockey game, I'm still too MAD! I hate the rangers/devils. GO LA KINGS!

4] I am blown away by the support my extended family has given me regarding my NEW car purchase. Uncles and Aunts have sent me good luck and well done wishes through the whole process. Example:
Mama B's broski sent me this
5] I finally got the Michael Kors watch in Rose Gold and while I 100% ADORE it, I'm kind of at a loss with regards to jewelery mixing. I thought the rose gold would allow me to mix golds and silvers but now I'm not so sure. Any advice for a girl NOT trying to look like a hot mess?!?!
Tuesday's jewelery stacking look.

6] Every day this week, I've been late to work. Not 5, but 30 minutes late.

7] Recently started watching SCANDAL and I'm hooked! As IF I needed another SHOW to waste my time. However, I missed the first 2 episodes and they aren't online, can anyone HOOK a girl up with the drama?!?!

8] I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my NEW WHIP!!! #sorryimnotsorry

******Not a confession, but while you are at the beach or pool, bbqing, sleeping in, hanging out and partying this weekend PLEASE remember those who have served our country who are NO LONGER walking this earth. The old and the young, they deserve to be remembered. Take a moment and say a prayer, send up a nice thought or JUST SAY THANK YOU! ******
Cpt Shane T. Adcock, KIA 10.11.06
[College friend]

May 24, 2012

TT: What My 20s Have Taught Me!

You know you wanna boozebags!

The past few days have been doozies, so today's drink is a hard one.
[ONE not on....keep it classy peeps]


Yesterday, one of my good friends had this link on her gchat status and it totally spoke to me!

Did you READ IT!?!?

DID YOU GASP at every.single.line and think
"wow I knew that one?"

Ok, fine.


There are SO many I wish I had known back in the early years.
So many wasted tears and so much wasted time worrying.

I honestly can't believe I will be entering a new decade next year,
but I truly have learned SO MUCH in my twenties.

While I can't go back in time, I can list out what I WISH I knew then.

1} If he doesn't call, he's not interested. Don't make excuses for him or analyze the last conversation. Men are easy, they'll go after something they are interested in.

2} Learn and use proper grammar even in texts. Lazy is as lazy does and you DON'T want to send a work email with LOLs, SMH, OMGs.

3} Pretentious people will never change. Sadly, you can't change them, so you must learn to deal with them.

4} LIKE HEALTHY FOODS! Learn to LOVE THEM! You will not be able to maintain the diet of a package of oreos, scoop of ice cream and Doritos for lunch and NOT gain weight.

5} You will NEVER get your college body back, but don't give up. You can be the fittest __ age, but you HAVE to work for it now.

6} Groups of friends come and go. It's sad to lose friends but often they are replaced by even better people.

7} Don't let the Ahole in college who broke your heart have the last word. BREAK YOUR WALLS down yourself, don't MAKE someone do it for you.

8} Someone is always prettier, better, smarter, and luckier. Deal with it but don't covet it. You are MORE blessed than you know.

9} Be nicer to your sisters because they will become your BESTFRIENDS! Allow them the SAME time to grow up that you had. Embrace the sisterly bond that so FEW people get.

10} Learn to say NO! No to relationships, no to dates, no to activities, no to commitments and NO to drama.

11} You will have crazy nights where you do crazy things. Own them and learn from the craziness if possible. Just know that you will be teased for the shenanigans you participate in.

12} STRETCH before and after EVERY workout, game, activity and WARM UP! Your body will thank you and you won't have shin splits impeding your physical activity.

13} Start buying grown up clothes sooner. Yes, Payless and Forever XVI prices are awesome, but the quality NOT SO MUCH. Nine West shoes last forever and well made tops don't fall apart.

14} Start investing ASAP! Even if it's only $100, the sooner you start the MORE money you will make.


16} Don't waste so much time in front of the TV or comp. Go out and make memories or get ahead for the next day. TV is a trap, don't let it catch you.

17} Go after EVERYTHING you want. Regret is a bitter bitter pill to swallow, especially as young as 30. The world is your oyster, but you HAVE to work to get the pearl.

18} When in doubt, DANCE IT OUT!

19} Talk to your parents and grandparents as much as possible. Yes, sometimes older people can be annoying but you will be devastated when they are no longer around. MAKE THE PHONE CALL!

20} You will THINK you know what love is early on, but trust me you don't. One day you will fully understand the meaning and the word. EMBRACE it!

21} You will have your heart broken and you will break hearts. DON'T take out your broken heart feelings on someone else.
Be kind even if they weren't to you.

22} You can SLEEP when you're dead. Enjoy life while you can.

23} Don't worry BE HAPPY! Life is to short sweetie, enjoy the present before you worry about the future. Worrying just leads to lines on your face. If God brings you to it, He'll get you through it.


So what do you think?!?! You agree or disagree?!?!?

All you young guns reading, TRUST THIS LIST!
You  may think I'm cray-cray now, but just wait.

Happy Thursday loves!

May 22, 2012

I've been Locked Up "theywontletmeout"

Well y'all, we SURVIVED PRISON!
[Don't know what I"m talking about, check out *this* post]

For five hours Sunday night, Sportyspice and I were LOCKED-UP in a prison, attending a 'Kairos Closing' ceremony with our church's Kairos Ministry group.

When I say locked up, I mean locked up.
Barbed wire, guard towers and EVERYTHING!

We walked through the courtyard to the cell block [after turning in all accessories, our license and being patted down] and I remember my HEART beating rapidly when I saw the guard towers.

For those of you who have NOT every been to jail or prison, most television shows get it right. You  have to be buzzed in EVERYWHERE! There are gates and fences and guards EVERYWHERE!


I tried NOT to have any expectations about the evening,
but I can tell you there were MANY things I did not expect.

I expected to be in a room with inmates residents and Kairos personnel.
I DID NOT expect the residents to be walking around the room and just talking to us like were at a normal gathering.

I expected to be a little nervous.
I DID NOT expect to feel SOOOOO protective of SportySpice.

I expected to have 'extra' protection, per the team leaders request.
I DID NOT expect to have the 'extra' protection be a group of residents.

I expected to be moved by the atmosphere.
I DID NOT expect to cry and tear up listening to the residents tell their stories.

I expected a church service atmosphere.
I DID NOT expect to forget I was in a prison while singing hymns.

I expected the residents to be respectful because of the program.
I DID NOT expect to be treated so well, so kindly and waited on.

I expected to leave the prison with a new perspective.
I DID NOT expect to have SO MUCH compassion for people who have done wrong.

God was truly working in that room I WILL tell you that. People were accepting Christ and wanting to change their lives for the better.

And for all the skeptics out there, yes, I understand 'these people' can be 'deceiving' and can act, but I CHOOSE to believe they WANT to be better and change. Residents have to APPLY to be part of the Kairos weekend and many this session have applied multiple times before.

There were MANY residents that spoke about JUST wanting to eat the 'FREE' cookies provided, but how MUCH more the weekend became to them.

THEY want to change!
THEY KNOW they have a second chance!
THEY understand LOVE and not hate!

One young resident truly touched my heart when he shared his testament. He was a former gang member and was VERY skeptical about the weekend in the beginning. He spoke of not showing his emotions and NOT letting anyone in, that life is a BATTLE.

The last thing he said was
"I used to know BLOOD before TEARS.
NOW I understand it's TEARS before BLOOD"


I wish I could explain MORE about this experience, but truly it is something that is SO hard to explain.

You are walking around in a room full of 'bad' people who did SOMETHING to be there, but they are JUST people. I gave high fives, handshakes, fist bumps and even hugs to these men. We were told multiple times how THANKFUL they were we CHOSE to drive 2+ hours to be there. Especially at 'our age'.

Was I fearful and scared at times, HECK YES!

We were standing, sitting, singing and walking around with criminals.
Some getting out next year and SOME in there for life.

But, the Kairos regulars acted like being there was normal life.
They greeted all of the residents with hugs and 'how are yous'.

I must admit I was baffled for the first 10 minutes, but after chatting and interacting with the residence I understood.
There is a kinship now, as crazy as that sounds. I feel for those men and have thought about them since we left Sunday night.


I asked SportySpice to share her thoughts about the experience so please enjoy!

"Prison…never thought my sister and I would land ourselves here!! Well, I am glad it is because we want to spread God’s word and not because I decided to hurt a certain person who cut me off in traffic [kidding]! The best way to to best describe it was… experience.
It is really hard to put in words. 90% of the time I pretended we were in a school, but then that other 10% would come around and I would realize I was in a room with 150 inmates WITH NO GUARD IN SIGHT! Good times. We did a lot of hand shaking, hugging and high fiving. It was very moving to see these men go up and share their emotional week. It really hits you when you see a criminal, who is in prison for life, break down in tears because he feels he has a second chance with God.
We were being waited on hand and foot by different inmates. We had an inmate body guard named Heavy that called us his little angels. I decided Pinky’s name would be “Sneaky Pinks” and mine would be “Swanky Swanks.” It was definitely an experience I will never forget. The Holy Spirit was definitely in that prison that night."


I am NOT sure Kairos is the 'ministry' for me, but I will contune to support the work with my prayers and possible become an 'outside' team member.

Maybe I'll start writing letters as well.
God only knows where I will be called.

All I KNOW is, I am GLAD I experienced the closing
and I HOPE and pray I am blessed and able to attend another one again.
My view on prison is forever changed.

May 21, 2012

Ghost Ride the *NEW* WHIP

[Points if you can sing the rest of the song]

In case the title wasn't hint enough....


"Mommy[and daddy] WOW!

After 8 LONG months of searching

and searching


I finally chose the V6 Nissan Altima Coupe and I LOVE my new baby!
Friday night, Daddy, Mama B and I went to the dealership to talk $$$ regarding the car and wouldn't you know they had a Four Cylinder model available.

Now, I may be pink and glittery but I'm all about some power. However, I thought "This might be a compromise between a V6 and the Hybrid Sonata".

I drove it and while it was awesome, it didn't WOW me.

After I drove the 4 cylinder, I drove the V6 one more time and surprisingly I wasn't 100% sold either.
 [I must commend my parents because they did NOT tell me WHAT to do, they just answered my questions and listened to analogies and thoughts so I could come to my OWN decision]

I ended up going with the V6 due 100% to the deal the dealership gave me, but also I created this analogy to help get my head to a decision. 
[one that I'm pretty proud off, thankyou very much]

"You've eaten an amazing dinner and are now at the dessert bar. There are 4 pieces of cake left and you don't have to share with anyone. Do you just want 2 pieces of cake [4 cylinder] or do you want all 4 [V6]? Remember, you don't have to share and you WON'T get sick if you eat all 4 pieces".

Soooooooooooo, I wanted all 4 pieces of cake and once the magic number came in for the V6, I was all about her. Unfortunately, the car was at another dealership Friday, so I signed preliminary paper work and then went back to the dealership Saturday to pick her up and drain the bank account.

Yes, her. I'm calling her SASSY or SAS for short.
Sportyspice has taken to calling her BABA
[twice the Bad @$$ hahaha]

Here are a few more pictures of my new girl!

The color is CRIMSON BLACK, despite the purpleish look in the pictures below.
Thumbs up for the NEW WHIP!
The process was SUCH a long one, but I'm SOOO happy with my choice.

Some people don't understand WHY I chose a COUPE at this stage in life,
but you know what, it's MY CAR!

Sooooooooooo, what do you think  y'all?!?!? Is SHE ME!?!?!?

May 18, 2012

Confession Fridays are BACK!

:::::::::::::::These are my CONFESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIONS::::::::::::::::::::::

1] This is my FIRST Confession Friday of MAY! What the what?!!? I've been cheating with Friday Letters and then wanted to do some fashion Friday pieces as well. But, no fear, I'm back!

2] Pandora 90s Pop station has been on repeat since yesterday. I'm baffled I didn't know about this station earlier. How can it be a bad day with #Ace of Base, #This Is How We Do It, #Ice Ice Baby, #TLC playing?!?!? Yeah, it can't.

3] After the CAPS were knocked out of the playoffs last weekend, I haven't watched a SINGLE hockey game. Pouting over, get back on the sports fan train time.

4] Today was POSSIBLY the last time driving Big Boss to work. I have an appointment to buy my new car after work, and if everything goes well I will have a new ride TODAY. EEEK!!! [Yes, I named my car after lyrics in a Daddy Yankee song, esta bien?!?!]

5] I think I will have melt down when I write the check for the down payment on my car. Yes, I WILL, no think about it.

6] LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVIN my new RayBan Aviators! Took me 34830 times to get a good pic, tell me what you think!

7] I am almost 30 [WHAT?] and my father will be coming with me to the dealership today. I would say JUST because I don't want the salesman to take advantage of how :LITTLE: I know about buying a car, but really he is my SECURITY blanket too. <3 you Daddy B!

8]More Elf products are making their way to my apartment as we speak #promotionsucker #addict.

9] Entitled people make me sick and tick me off. What makes you better than everyone else?!?! Let me tell you, NOTHING! Have some class, thanks!

10] Last night after I saw all the commotion about the death on Grey's I texted my girl C-Lo to tell me who died. Yes, even though I didn't watch the episode, I wanted to know who died. I won't spoil it for you, but I'm SO MAD!

11] Have you heard of Chubbies?!?! Check out the website (it is a men's clothing line, {totally SFW}...but, I'll let you be the judge of if it is OK) and do yourself a favor and read THE FACTS! WOW!
You  mad bro?!?!

Have a fabulous weekend y'all! Pray for me when I go to prison this weekend!