May 7, 2012

Houston we have a LAW GRAD

That is correct, BABYSPICE is officially a LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE!
The Brady bunch headed down to the R-I-C Saturday to watch our gorgeous law girl strut her stuff on stage. I can't believe she graduated, it honestly seems like just yesterday she was starting her law school journey. My lil Babyspice has worked so hard the past three years and I was overwhelmed with pride throughout the ceremony.
Caught her preceremony!
After the student procession
Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I was NOT ecstatic to sit through another graduation ceremony, but luckily there was maybe 100ish students graduating and the speakers weren't horrible. I did learn about YOUTUBE, seksing chickens, multiple law shows, and that the key note speaker was VERY proud to be on the appellate court (which he mentioned multiple times).
After the speaking nonsense it was time to get hooooooded up!
Get your HOOD on
Hooded and waiting for the degree
Strut that stage Baby!
 Law students/grads are boring and don't throw their hats...WHAT THE HECK! Don't worry though, the Brady bunch livened things up by yelling a la sporting events when Babyspice walked across the stage, plus we had SIGNS!!!!
So proud of her sign :)
 After the ceremony was over, we played the "find the graduate" game and even resorted to using a banana phone to locate our girl. As expected, the banana phone did not work well.
Babyspice?!!? Babyspice?!?!
We used the time to hold a photoshoot with our fabulous sign. I wish I could explain the root of the "cookie in the crumble" saying, but I can't.
It's a family secret ;)
OH Antonda inside jokes!
"Smartest cookie in the crumble!"
Once the grad showed her pretty face it was time for 2304832p48 pictures.
(I'll be adding more family ones once I get them from my daddy's camera) 
Proud Sissys!

SUCH an over achiever
The law school hosted a small reception after the ceremony and surprisingly the snacks were quite delish. This was key,because we ate at 12:30pm and dinner reservations weren't until bueno for Miss Pinkster. While snacking, BabySpice introduced us to her law friends and allowed me and Sportyspice to wear her law school paraphernalia. There may or may not be a video of me trying to fly with my cape and Sportyspice being a ninja with her WILL NOT be hitting the Internet, sorry!
Can you PICK the real Law Graduate?!?!? I know it's a toughie

We enjoyed dressing up in BabySpice's grad outfit
I even found myself a fun rain hat!
Please ignore the crazy eyes, but this picture is classic!
Faster than expected it was dinner reservation time, so we scurried through the city (without an obama sighting HOORAY) and sat down to a fun, festive relaxing and delicious dinner. Seriously, the food here was amazing!
Duck and goat cheese ravioli with walnut, mushroom and sage sauce!
It was great to hang out with extended family and celebrate such a wonderful occasion. Once dinner was over, we said our goodbyes to Babyspice and started the drive home. Even though it was a long day, the drive home was pretty quick and I was so glad everyone was able to be present for her special day.
Whole family at dinner!
The Brady Bunch Family!
Dearest Babyspice,
I am so stinking proud of you sweetie! YOU.DID.IT! You put yourself through law school, worked two jobs and GRADUATED in three years. WOW I tell you, just wow! My heart overflows with pride, so much so I cried Saturday morning driving down to your ceremony. You NEVER quit, even when it got touch. I applaud your strenght, your drive and your HEART for wanting to help people. You future is going to be bright my love, I can't WAIT to see what you are going to do. The WORLD is not ready for you!


  1. congrats to her!

    you have a beautiful family!

  2. I am so jealous of her, such an awesome accomplishment!!!

  3. What a wonderful accomplishment!!!! Congrats to her!! Love your red dress. You look adorable!! Thanks for adding my button! If you want a smaller one to fit within your sidebar let me know I can email you it!!!


  4. yayyyy! Congrats to babyspice!!! Yo rock, girlie!

  5. awww look at babyspice go! AND all those cords - DANG girl! you got a smartie there!

  6. OMG! Love this!!!! So proud, and I don't even know her! HAHAHAHAHA Seriously though, you and your sisters are so stinking cute. Love it!!

  7. Congrats to BabySpice!! Great pics looks like fun!


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