May 17, 2012

Link up: Thirsty Thursdays

Come on booze bags, you know you wanna join!
Heeeeeeeeeey  party people, what's happening?

Your week going well?

If so, yay that's awesome. If not, guess what, it's almost over!

Before we get started, tell me this isn't AMAZING!?!?
[go ahead, I'll wait]

Hipster Disney Princesses
Yeah, amazeballs, I KNOW!

Want to know what else is AMAZEBALLS?!!? This drink recipe!

Cotton Candy Martini
1 1/2 ounces of vodka
1/2 ounce x-rated fusion liqueur
1 ounce cranberry juice
Cotton Candy

*Put cotton candy in martini glass.
*Put the rest of the ingredients in shaker and shake well.
*Pour drink over cotton candy, it dissolves instantly so present the glass before pouring.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm YUM and YES PLEASE!


I don't have anything super interesting today, just some facts and thoughts.

I saw this article the yesterday about Shawn Johnson and I was a little bummed out.

I didn't even know she was hurt, which makes me sad! She is an amazing athlete and so precious. Please tell me you saw her on Dancing with the Stars?!?! She was dynamite and soooo cute.

I'm really hoping she gets better and makes the team. She is an amazing example of an woman, athlete, role model and honestly a person.


If you stopped by here on Tuesday, you saw there have been some gray clouds around myself and a loved one. Things are getting better day by day, and your sweet words were so kind.

Sometimes the BEST way to get through the gray is to wallow, which we did. But other times, it's to realize HOW MUCH GOOD is out there in the world.

I came across this website which you MUST check out ASAP!

Here is a teaser:

27. Today, I was walking my 6-year-old son to school when we passed a homeless woman holding a sign that said, “Please help me! I’m hungry.” My son let go of my hand, opened his lunchbox, pulled out half of his ham sandwich and handed it to the woman. With the most sincere smile on her face, the woman said, “Oh my goodness, thank you!” and then immediately took a big bite of the sandwich. [source]

Heartwarming right?!?! Go check out the rest, you won't be disappointed!


Well that's it for today. I have a fun busy weekend coming, which includes a trip to PRISON!
Check out what I'm talking about *here*!

Have a great day ladies!


  1. The hipster Disney princesses are hilarious

  2. 1) I lol'ed when you said "boozebags" haha
    2) I'm glad the storm clouds are thinning out
    3) the princesses are supah funny!
    4) That story was super cute...I might need to read those, esp on particularly trying days!
    Thanks for linking up, chica!

  3. Oh, and that cotton candy martini? YES PLEASE!!! I am drooling over here and it's only 9am!

  4. a trip to prison?! on a man hunt? JOKING! that should be interesting...right? I'm going to check out that website. I need some Brightening stories in my life!

  5. Ok first I have to say I'm totally digging Snow White's first outfit! Love it!

    And oh no, Shawn Johnson. I wasn't aware that she was injured either. I think her experience could go a long way on the 2012 US team. Where is Nastia at though?! I miss her!

    Lastly, Cotton Candy Martini?! This would be perfect for the bachelorette party I'm planning for my sister!

  6. Love the hipster princesses! HAHA

  7. The hipster Disney Princesses are hilarious - but what is Kida from??

    Also, so sad about Shawn Johnson being hurt. I hope she makes it to the 2012 Olympics, she is a great role model and is just so dang cute!

  8. I grew up on disney. LOVE those pics - that is HI-larious!!

    sorry about those gray clouds boo boo. hope things get better real fast!!!

    sunshine and sparkle wishes for your weekend ;)


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