May 21, 2012

Ghost Ride the *NEW* WHIP

[Points if you can sing the rest of the song]

In case the title wasn't hint enough....


"Mommy[and daddy] WOW!

After 8 LONG months of searching

and searching


I finally chose the V6 Nissan Altima Coupe and I LOVE my new baby!
Friday night, Daddy, Mama B and I went to the dealership to talk $$$ regarding the car and wouldn't you know they had a Four Cylinder model available.

Now, I may be pink and glittery but I'm all about some power. However, I thought "This might be a compromise between a V6 and the Hybrid Sonata".

I drove it and while it was awesome, it didn't WOW me.

After I drove the 4 cylinder, I drove the V6 one more time and surprisingly I wasn't 100% sold either.
 [I must commend my parents because they did NOT tell me WHAT to do, they just answered my questions and listened to analogies and thoughts so I could come to my OWN decision]

I ended up going with the V6 due 100% to the deal the dealership gave me, but also I created this analogy to help get my head to a decision. 
[one that I'm pretty proud off, thankyou very much]

"You've eaten an amazing dinner and are now at the dessert bar. There are 4 pieces of cake left and you don't have to share with anyone. Do you just want 2 pieces of cake [4 cylinder] or do you want all 4 [V6]? Remember, you don't have to share and you WON'T get sick if you eat all 4 pieces".

Soooooooooooo, I wanted all 4 pieces of cake and once the magic number came in for the V6, I was all about her. Unfortunately, the car was at another dealership Friday, so I signed preliminary paper work and then went back to the dealership Saturday to pick her up and drain the bank account.

Yes, her. I'm calling her SASSY or SAS for short.
Sportyspice has taken to calling her BABA
[twice the Bad @$$ hahaha]

Here are a few more pictures of my new girl!

The color is CRIMSON BLACK, despite the purpleish look in the pictures below.
Thumbs up for the NEW WHIP!
The process was SUCH a long one, but I'm SOOO happy with my choice.

Some people don't understand WHY I chose a COUPE at this stage in life,
but you know what, it's MY CAR!

Sooooooooooo, what do you think  y'all?!?!? Is SHE ME!?!?!?


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Congrats on the new car! It's such a great feeling when you make such big decisions completely on your own! Hope you're having fun in it so far!!!

  2. Yay!! She's beautiful!! Congrats! :)

  3. That's so exciting!!! Congrats!!

  4. Aww. I am SO SO happy for you..yay!! Congratulations lady!! Looks like it fits you great :) oxo

  5. Please record yourself ghost riding the new whip!

    PS. Love it... I think you made a great decision!

  6. LOVE the color. I remember when I bought my first car on my own... a bright silver Volkswagen Cabrio. I waited for a whole 3 months while the company was on strike, and then we had an earthquake somewhere in the world... it was AGONY. But totally worth it. Congrats on the beautiful new ride!

  7. YAY YAY YAYYYYYY! Cant wait to ride in the new coche!

  8. OMG it is so you!! "Crimson Black", sounds so fierce! I would have gotten the V4, but I know you- and you need the POWER. Haha. Just don't get any tickets ;)

  9. That is one hot ride you got yourself! Congrats on your new car, it looks great!

  10. I can't believe I'm just getting to this post! SUCH A CUTE CAR!!!! Love it! :)

  11. Also - do you think I could use the cake analogy on Jake to explain why I need more shoes? :)


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