May 31, 2012

TT Linkup: Summer staples

Summer time is here y'all! I'm so excited!

I LOVE pretty much everything about summer.

But, since I JUST joined PINTREST [come find me Pinky321]
I figured I'd SHOW you my SUMMER TIME STAPLES!
{please excuse all layout yuckyness, still new to this}

Summer time cocktails are a MUST!

My two favs are Sangria & Mojitos, but really,
I'll sip on anything tasty and delicious
[except a beer gross!]

Know what tastes great with awesome drinks!?!?!

Awesome food!

GUAC and chips are my FOOOOOOD staple! MUST HAVE at every BBQ!

Can't forget about SMORES! YUM! OHEMGOSH my FAV summer dessert EVER!

Besides stuffing my face, I also enjoy POOL TIME with friends an family.
[although with all the food I just ate, being in a swim suit is NOT my fav thing ever ]
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

My floppy PINK hat is one of my summer essentials.
Gots to keep the SKIN AGING to a minimum!
Of course I'll be slathered in sunscreen and you better be too y'all!

I always match my hat with my FAV [new] pair of sunnies!

Can't go swimming/lounging without a suit right?
Are you surprised my swim suit is pink?!!?
Yeah, I didn't think so!

My family is a VERY active family, so summertime means TENNIS time.
Yes, even though it's scorching hot, we get out there and play.

Add in some kickball, soccer, vacation time and of COURSE weddings and you have MY recipe for a perfect SUMMER!



  1. Dang I want guac, and it's 9am. Greeeeeat!
    Love this post, and I love summer, and I want it here NOWWWW!!!!
    Yay for fun in the sun!

  2. Floppy hat (a must have), pool (even if its inflatable), flip flops (prefer the Old Navy colors) & mucho sunscreen!!!!

  3. Love all the summer inspiration pins! My favorite season for sure.

    I'm now following you Pinterest :)

  4. My stomach is growling right now and the guac and sangria is making me even more hungry!! :)

  5. Love all of this! Although... I have a confession. I don't have a floppy hat. I feel like I should...but I look ridiculous in hats!!

  6. omg this post made me hungry hahah! LOVE your new sunglasses!! are those rayban? i need some aviators in my life! happy thursday!


  7. Yum, guac!!!

    And I LOVE smores... I can only have maybe one a night though (because my jeans are not so forgiving) but I love that pin of the nacho-like smores!

  8. Haha I was just going to say what Jenn said^^ I WANT GUAC now! I love you and your pinkness!


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