May 3, 2012

Link it UP: TT Happy Hour

Come have a drink, you KNOW you wanna!
Hello ladies! Today I am too exhausted to create a cocktail so I'm just gonna drinkthewholething indulge in a glass of this for Happy Hour!
Since I am so tired, today is going to be a big mishmash rehash. Yes, I"m that girl at happy hour who is happy to be hanging with friends, but isn't really adding too much to the convo. To make it easier, let's break it up into groups mkay?


[+] I'm sooooooooo exhausted! 3 OTs last night!
THREE [Oh]Teeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!
They lost, I'm pissed, I'm tired....booo
[+] Family is in town for Babyspice's Law School Graduation this weekend, so much fun and SO SUPERDUPERexcited!

[+] After her graduation I'm driving home to attend a bachelor party!
Yes, I said BACHELOR party. For my best guy friend.
This will be interesting.

[+] Enjoying my ELF purchases so far. Gonna try and get a review post soon.
Might even venture into a HAIR post

[+] I did a DC Scavenger hunt this weekend and it was awesome!
My team rocked!
Don't let the BEAR catch you
[+] Tv this week has mostly consisted of hockey, duh!

[+] Found a NEW fun show everyone should check out
Liking what I've seen of Tye so far!
I want that baby {#noncreeperway}
[+] Hart of Dixie, The Good Wife and Guiliana and Bill = amazeballs.
Just got into G&B (thanks SMASHTASTIC wink) and I heart them.
Rachel Bilson ADORE!
The Good Wife....soooo gooood....soooooo gooooooood!

[+] College gymnastics was on yesterday, #shouldhavebeenagymnast

[+] Tuesday was my last bootycamp until June and I am happy/sad about it.
I don't miss the early mornings, but I miss having workouts done before work.
Oh and the ladies!

[+] We did a Personal Fitness Test on Tuesday and I am proud of my results.
Mile time - 7:37 {not bad for NO training at all}
Push ups in 2 Minutes - 45 on feet +40 on knees
Sit ups in 2 minutes - 90
BOOM! New fitness testing tool! My abs are still sore!

Their NEW campaign What's Beautiful is
I LOVE the idea of taking back fitness! I am sooo motivated to be a better athlete now!
Who cares what I look like, I want to be fit and athletic and
if I don't match Hollywood then PISSOFF!




  1. Details on that wine please! Was it amazing!! Congrats to your sister! That's amazing! :) I've been meaning to watch Melissa & Tye! Is it good? What channel is it on again? I love love love G&B!!! And Hart of Dixie! 7:37 mile?!?! That's amazing! Good work girlie!!

  2. Where is the Melissa and Ty show on?? I need to watch!
    Yay for working out, and for sissy's graduation and and and and....all of the other fun things--minus you being tired! :)

  3. Ooo I would love to hear about your ELF purchases!! Loving the new under armor, I hadn't seen that, its fabulous!!

  4. YUM I love cupcake wine! Good choice:)Good for you for attending a bachelor party! You will be one of the few girls who will know what those are like from the inside:)

  5. Aww I know you have been wanting to get your fitness on, so yay for that! I like Hart of Dixie too! I haven't watched it in awhile, I need to catch up! I LOVE Cupcake wine (well I used to), it's such a good knockoff of Cakebread. If you ever do want to splurge- definitely try Cakebread, it's to.die.for.


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