May 25, 2012

Confession Fridays

Confessing is GOOD for the SOUL!

1] I finally gave in and requested an invite from Pintrest. Goodbye free time!

2] Despite not being a 'fashion blogger' or 'fashionista', I thought "Why not try a little light pattern mixing" for fun? BTWS, I am NOT a fan of the polka dots with stripes or crazy patterns together [nonsense]. I just wanted to wear this skirt to work and HAD to dress it up with a jacket. Thoughts, did I do it right?!?!

3] I still haven't watched a single hockey game, I'm still too MAD! I hate the rangers/devils. GO LA KINGS!

4] I am blown away by the support my extended family has given me regarding my NEW car purchase. Uncles and Aunts have sent me good luck and well done wishes through the whole process. Example:
Mama B's broski sent me this
5] I finally got the Michael Kors watch in Rose Gold and while I 100% ADORE it, I'm kind of at a loss with regards to jewelery mixing. I thought the rose gold would allow me to mix golds and silvers but now I'm not so sure. Any advice for a girl NOT trying to look like a hot mess?!?!
Tuesday's jewelery stacking look.

6] Every day this week, I've been late to work. Not 5, but 30 minutes late.

7] Recently started watching SCANDAL and I'm hooked! As IF I needed another SHOW to waste my time. However, I missed the first 2 episodes and they aren't online, can anyone HOOK a girl up with the drama?!?!

8] I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my NEW WHIP!!! #sorryimnotsorry

******Not a confession, but while you are at the beach or pool, bbqing, sleeping in, hanging out and partying this weekend PLEASE remember those who have served our country who are NO LONGER walking this earth. The old and the young, they deserve to be remembered. Take a moment and say a prayer, send up a nice thought or JUST SAY THANK YOU! ******
Cpt Shane T. Adcock, KIA 10.11.06
[College friend]


  1. I still want my ride in that new "whip" of yours!! Roadtrip in the pink-mobile! haha

    It's summer, you're allowed to slack. Thats what I keep telling myself anyway....somehow my job seems to have other ideas tho. Poopsicles.

    Yay long weekend!

  2. THANK YOU SO much for that last part - people don't realize we're living in the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave men/women that have served and are still all over the world defending out country.

    I am so passionate about supporting our troops so thank you so much (I'm also a military girlfriend) :)
    Have a lovely weekend, gorgeous outfit (love the pink) + congrats on your new car and watch!!

  3. You have every right to be excited about a new car!! It's so nice!

    I'm sorry for the loss your friend, but you're right that freedom isn't free. God bless their souls!
    Happy weekend!

  4. I tend to ignore my watch when doning jewelry and think of it like my wedding ring.... It;s just a part of me and not jewelry... and Scandel... hmmm yes addicting, I would love to be Olivia Pope someday(minus the affair with the prez thing)

  5. Great post, girl! People always forget why we are celebrating this weekend!!! Love love love the MK rose gold watch - I want one! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hold the phone. You don't have Pinterest? That's just crazy talk. And the outfit... that pink blazer is adorable! :) I'm the wrong person to ask about stacking jewelry... I don't even try. That's how bad I am. Love you! Have a great weekend!!! I'm sure we'll be texting. :)

  7. Yay for joining Pinterest! You will now have all these pins that you will just swear to yourself that you will make or do. But then you will never actually get around to it ha. At least that's the case with me!

    I love your skirt with the pink blazer and your jewelry stacking. I suck at accessorizing but I think it looks great.

    Have a good weekend :)

  8. Love the pattern mixing, you did great!! And I looooove your new Michael Kors watch!! I have the tortoise one with rose gold, and I am so happy with it, love being able to wear it with gold and silver!!

  9. Yay for a new car!!! I love Scandal! You must watch the first two and wait till the season finale I loved it :)

  10. ahhhh love your new car!! how exciting! oh man welcome to pinterest...get ready for some late late nights haha! love the arm candy & new watch! fab confessions!

    have you entered my neon PINK accessories giveaway yet?!?


  11. I have major watch envy right now.

  12. That MK watch is incredible! I think you could mix whatever you want with it! I would probably do just one bracelet at a time but that is me. I am sort of simplistic in my jewelry. I think it is so amazing so anything would work against it.



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