April 30, 2013

Cara Box Blog Swap

Cara Box

This month I participated in the
CARA BOX blog swap,
sponsored by Kaitlyn of Wifessionals.

I was partnered with the super sweet and adorable 
Aleshea of Glitzngrits.

She was so fun to converse with via email and
sent me the MOST Fabulous CARA BOX!

Check out my SWAG!

1] Reusable water bottle
2] Reusable Target Bag
3] Yummy smelling soaps
4] DELICIOUS smelling raspberry sorbet body wash
5] Two fabulous and organic teas
6] The cutest, sweetest and most entertaining card EVER

If you couldn't tell, the them of APRIL's CARA BOX
was going green. 

Personally, I found it hard to shop for
and hope that my partner enjoyed her gifts

I think Aleshea ROCKED IT OUT!

I love everything and am still smiling
from her awesome note!

Thanks so much for my sweet goodies Aleshea! 
You are so much fun and I'm so glad
I was able to 'meet' you via this swap. :)

April 29, 2013


Yes, this post is two weeks late.

So sue me. 

It's my 30th birthday party

For those of you that have forgotten [how rude]
my 30th birthday was April 15th
so I had my party Friday April 12th.

 I reserved a table at the local Bobby Mckeys 
so we could enjoy the fabulous music in style. 

If you've never been to a Bobby Mckeys,
I highly recommend you get yourself to one.

Basically the bar is a dueling piano bar
and the pianists are MONEY!

I was a bit nervous about the turnout,
since I had chosen a Friday night
instead of a Saturday evening.

by the turn out and all of the love
people showed me.

Drinks were bought for me left and right
and I was constantly bopping around
catching up with my fabulous friends.

Honestly, words can't really describe how
FAAAAAAAAABULOUS of an evening I had.

The table service was wonderful,
my friends and family were so loving,
the music was phenomenal and
yeah, my 30th birthday party was pretty amazing!

Enjoy the picture overload!
Me, Mama B and Daddy
Party friends what what!??!
Meet L, my beautiful best friend of 17 years,
and one of my bridesmaids
Pretty sissys and freinds
SportySpice, Me and T
Lovely friend P brought me pink flowers :)
My beautiful sissys!
Kickball kids
Lights OUT!
Now for the iphone pics before the HORRIBLE INCIDENT :(

MAMA B did NOT know what to do with me ;)
33 years and still all mushy.... < 3
Oh you know...practicing for the Wedding dance ;)
One more family pic :)
OH hAAAAAAAY that's me!

April 26, 2013

*Why I BLOG*

Today instead of the usual confessing
I'm linking up with Leslie for

Blink. Blink. Blink.

That's what this cursor was doing when I first tried to write this post.

I expected to feel the words flowing like a river 
through my fingers to a keyboard, 
but then all a sudden...Nothing.





For my thoughts, for fun and for friendship!
I started my blog on March 9, 2010.

WOW, that's THREE years ago!

Time sure does fly.

Initially, my blog was just about recording my feelings.

I was in a mixed up place and relationship
and wanted an OUTLET for my thoughts.

If you wanna see some RAW Pinky moments,
go back and read some of my first posts.

The writing was grittier and the feelings were raw.

Check out the post about my then bf breaking up with me
the weekend of my birthday party...


 Blogland stayed pretty 'breakuptastic'
from April until October.

I may not have posted much the first
few months, but this piece of the Internet
was super special to me because it was

I joined my first linkup in October for
What I'm Wearing Wednesdays. 
I remember being SO NERVOUS about linking up
but the first comments I received MADE MY DAY!

2011 was the year I began actually making an effort to blog.

Pink land started to become my creative outlet,
along with my journal.

I wasn't just recording feelings, I was also writing for fun,
writing to be creative and to make things interesting.

Late 2011 and into 2012 was when I began actually FORMING friendships blogging
and I was blown away by how fun and uplifting they were. 

I started to connect with girls via comments and link ups. 

Suddenly, I wanted my blog to be something fun for others to read,
sort of a form of entertainment. 

I started jotting down ideas of post on my phone
and even downloaded blogger to my phone. 

There was a point I found myself TRYING
to grow my numbers
but then I realized I went away from WHO
I WAS and why I blogged.

I blog for me and my life.

2013 has already been the best YEAR
of my life and will continue to be I'm sure.

I'm SO HAPPY I will have this lil bit of space
to look back on down the road.

I've formed some amazing friendships from this blog
and I hope to continue to create more.






Why do you blog?!?! 

April 25, 2013

Thoughts On A Thursday

1] Reese Witherspoon's Arrest: OH MY GAH y'all, just oh my GAH! Sweet sweet America's sweetheart REESE...ARRESTED!?!?!? I am still shaking my head, so unbelievable right? But, if you're going to mess up, take a page from Reese's book when doing damage control. This chick has ONE banging publicist for sure. She immediately apologized, while assuming 100% responsibility for her actions and then she pulled two public interviews to let the rucus die down [dear lilo pay attention]. This is classic Crisis Management 101 and I'm glad she's smart enough to know the RIGHT way to handle the situation. Well done Reese, well done.

2] Mean girls on RHOC. This ish has gotten O!O!C! Seriously, I feel like each episodes is 'HOW TO BE A MEAN GIRL 101'. Am I an Alexis white knight, no way, but I kind of feel badly for her now. Tamra was funny her first season, but she's now THAT girl confusing 'speaking the truth' and 'being rude'. Oh lawd, don't get me started on Gretchen. She was my favorite, but now, ugh she's so rude and mean. Her behavior reminds me of the girl who WAS bullied, but then finally was accepted by the queen so she NOW will do anything to stay in the circle {gretchen weiners anyone?!?!?}. I might be done with this show, because it's horrible watching grown women act like middle schoolers.

3] BAD BURN LINES EEK! So I have some majorly BAD back burn-lines from running the Tough Mudder. We [the three sissys] elected to just run in sports bras in order to keep from being weighted down by weight clothes and it worked like a charm. However, we ALL forgot to put on sunscreen so yeah, no bueno. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper nervous these tan lines will still be around come September. I KNOW tan lines don't usually last that long, however, this was on baby skin that hadn't seen the sun in forever, and I've had those lines last awhile. These would NOT be seksi with my gown.
4] Mind over Matter is 100% the TRUTH! If you think you're tired, you can push longer. If Tough Mudder taught me anything it's that if YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN! I hadn't competed in a race of any kind longer than 10 miles and on Sunday, I rocked out a course of 12 miles plus 20+ obstacles. Not too shabby right?! Did I walk some, sure did. But, I didn't ever QUIT or even think about stopping. I now know I could rock out seven miles of pavement if I wanted to, it's just getting my head right before hand.

5] Helpless to help really stinks. I've recently been feeling helpless and powerless. I have a few friends and some family members that are struggling with grey clouds and hardships right now and I can't do anything about it. Well, yes, I know I can pray, and trust me I DO. But, I can't PHYSICALLY do anything to ease their minds or pain. I don't have the answers or solutions and I WISH WISH WISH I did. Watching someone you care about struggle is so incredibly hard, even with faith.

6] Homemade creamer is 23048203483 times better than store bought. Ya know, just in case you wanted to know. I've been using homemade coffee cream for the past two months [using THIS pin] and now I can't STAND store bought creamer. Coffee ladies, do yourself a favor and get off the store bought creamer. Homemade creamer is SUPER easy to make and you'll know EXACTLY what you are putting in your body. DO IT NOW!

7] I can't wait to be married :)! Like, S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y can't wait! I can't wait to walk down that aisle, say my vows, kiss my groom and become Mrs. C with all my friends and family around. I've found my prince charming and can't wait to be his forever.

TOMORROW I'm linking up with Leslie for "WHY I BLOG"
instead of Confession Fridays. 

Come join me won't you?!

April 24, 2013


I've recently realized that I HAVEN'T posted much wedding stuff lately.

Maybe that makes some of y'all happy [meanies]
but, it kind of makes me sad.

I remember reading blogs of Bride To Be's
and all of the posts were fun wedding details.

I think I've dropped the ball a bit.

But, I think it's because a lot of those details aren't FUN for me.


I don't have the check lists ready.

I don't always take the initiative.

I'm not going to have everything ready right on schedule.

And you know what, that's okay with me.

Where other women get jazzed about a planning challenge,
I get all "hope this comes together quickly with minimum work".

And, I've seen so many people that have their ISH together
while planning their wedding, I've been imimidated to post
my own updates because they seem lame late.

But, you know what, this is MY BLOG,
not anyone else's
so my time line is a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous timeline.

 I don't have A LOT locked down,
but I've made progress.

I met with a photographer recommended by two friends
and y'all she is pretty amazing.

I loved her energy, her knowledge and her willingness
to work with what I already had in my head.

She asked me "What kind of pictures do you think of
when you imagine the pictures of your wedding"?

and I thought, "WOW! what a GREAT question".

I said "I want fun, laughter, smiles, love but still,
special tender moments with loved ones.
I want special looks between Le Fiance and me
because we don't have those, but I also want
to CAPTURE the occasion as well".

She loved my description and said she could definelty
understand what I wanted.

She also asked me what I DON'T like about myself in pictures
and why, which was pretty awesome.
If we end up with her, I know she will know what angle
to take pictures so I don't deal with some insecurities.

I mentioned Pinterest for my picture inspirations
and she totally got what I was thinking,

She seems very reasonably priced so
unless I get and other stellar recommendations
she might be the one. 

These are some of the pictures I told her I was looking for:

Special dance floor moments

I WANT to have fun pics with my ladies...

This will be over our mantle
Source: google.com via Pinky on Pinterest

MUST have with my Daddy...

MUST have with my mother...
Source: brides.com via Pinky on Pinterest

With all my lil attendants...

IF he would let me...


Because we're dumb like this
Source: zimbio.com via Nikki on Pinterest

The details...ohhhh the DETAILS

With the Sissys


Getting put together...

Lovely moment in time

Something ordinary would be divine

Already hitched ladies do you have any tips for me regarding a photographer?
Pricing deals?


April 23, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That....

You know what I'm talking bout?!?!?

Tights that don't pull on correctly the first time....

Rude people cutting in line like they own the joint....

Tv Stations changing the time/channel of sports games...

Cold weather in the SPRING...

Blog posts that just don't come together...

Lilo's crazy antics...

Coffee spills in the morning...

Drivers that drive below the speed limit...

Advertisements at the beginning of Youtube videos...

Coworkers that pawn of work...

All the hate that's on social media...

Coworkers that take CREDIT for work they didn't do...

Injuries that hold back fitness progress...

People that don't text back quickly when I ask a question...

Life without pink...

Say it with me....


April 22, 2013


Can I get a Heeeeelllllz yeah?!

Hellllz yeah!!!

This weekend, the sissys, Le Fiance and a good friend all ran the 
Tough Mudder up in West Virgina.

We signed up back in the winter where I had over four months to prepare,
so I felt super stoked and pumped. 

Well, enter the holidays, lack of motivation and oh yeah
and all of a sudden race day was here
and Pinky was feeling super unprepared. 

I've been stressing about this race for the past month,
because both my cardio and strength have been le poop. 

The weather also freaked me out, because despite the beautiful
70s  & 80s we enjoyed during the week,
our weekend forecast called for a HIGH of 50!



Y'all KNOW I don't do cold. UGH! NO!

In case you were unaware,
many of the Tough Mudder obstacles
involve WATER.

Yeah, 50s and water
does NOT a happy Pinky make. 

But, I paid for it so I was in it,
whether I liked it or not. 

We chose to run on Sunday instead of Saturday
which was one of the GREATEST decisions ever.

Saturday night everyone piled in C's car and we drove
to Winchester to stay the night before our 11am 
start time on Sunday morning. 

Even though we were starting at 11, we were
still in the first group, which is KEY Y'all. 

Less people in lines at obstacles,
which is 100% important. 

We were up bright and early around 8am
and were ready to race around 10. 

The MC was incredible and got everyone pumped
at the starting line. 

After singing the National Anthem
and taking a 10 second moment of silence
for our fallen comrades we were off. 

Pre Race Picture

Ladies, it was so much fun.

It was 100% TOUGH,
but 90% fun.

I took away 10% because of one 
OBSTACLE called the Arctic ENEMA!

Basically you jumped into an ice bath,
swim under a wooden beam
and resurface in ANOTHER tub of ice.



UGH, I'm freezing just thinking about it, shiver.

It took a 1/2 mile or so before we all warmed up,
but we were able to get moving at a decent pace. 

I'm proud to say the girls only failed 1 obstacle,
the monkey bars.

C was a rockstar and completed them all,
that's why I'm marring him of course :)!

We kept a decent clip throughout the course
but were okay walking every now and then. 

Tough Mudder had hydration and snack stations
throughout the course and those came in clutch. 

I'm really proud of how well we did as a team
and how we conquered the obstacles.

It got really chilly near the end, but it was SO AWESOME
crossing the finish line together
and receiving the sought after 

I had planned to take an after picture,
however a mini bout of the major freezies 
prevented us all from doing ANYTHING
but getting changed and warm. 

THANK GOODNESS for HEAT blankets. 

Once everyone put on new and warm clothes
we were fine and enjoyed the freebies at the end of the race.

Below is a picture of the crew on our bus ride 
to the cars.

We were all famished after the race so we stopped at 
Outback and demolished some food. 

The drive home was quick and easy,
but boy did our muscles tighten up.

I spent the rest of the evening stretching and doing laundry
before passing the heck out. 

Check out my new SWAG...
100% Earned Baby!

I can't say enough good things about the Tough Mudder. 

Parking and shuttles ran smoothly and the staff
on and off the course were phenomenal.

I'm coming for you again!