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April 19, 2013

Confession Fridays

These are my :::::CONFESSIONS::::::

I confess... I couldn't have asked for a better 30th birthday/weekend. My party [which I'll post about next week] was fabulous and my actual day was amazing. I'm blessed and UNSTRESSED about my 30s, BAH-RING-IT

I confess... I am twelve kinds of proud of my Thursday hairdo. Usually when I don't have time to wash/dry it, I'll throw it up in pony or updo, however my new SHORT hair makes that hard. Enter, Pinky's 'fake-french-twisty-sophisticated-hair-do'. I'm no PinkLouLou, but I think this looks faboo!

I confess... Thursday was my first kickball game of the new season and I'm STOKED!

I confess... I'm majorly bummed none of the stores in my area have this dress in stock. I was bridesmaid dress browsing online yesterday and this one made my heart skip a beat. I LOVE the color and the style, but won't have my girls buy it without being able to try it on in store. DoubleDarn!

I confess... I love my CAPS! C bought me tickets for my buuuurday and we went to the game on Tuesday night. They rocked it out 5-1 and I'm super excited for the playoffs!

I confess... the DCers complaining at Verizon Center really annoyed me. Hello, we live in the NATION'S capital so we deal with HIGH SECURITY all the time. Having EXTRA security the day after a horrific tragedy is necessary and a given, so why wouldn't you PLAN for it?!?!?

I confess... I'm 2104802348023 kinds of nervous for the Tough Mudder this weekend. It's going to be cold, muddy, wet and hard and I'm so unprepared. I hope that I don't let my mind defeat my body. And I PRAY I'm not the weakest link in our group.

Happy Friday friends!!!


  1. 1) LOVE the hairdo--do it to me!!
    2) yay for awesome birthday and bday presents
    3) people suck...and will complain about anything. Especially here.
    4) You're going to ROCK the Tough Mudder, I just KNOW it! :)

  2. You are gonna rock the mudder this weekend! GO YOU!!

  3. You're doing the tough muddier?!? So jealous! Ps when are we going to get together?!?

  4. What a fun week! :) Happy birthday (again!) And good luck this weekend! :) YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. I'm SO happy you had a good Birthday, I LOVE your is so sophisticated, increased security is a GREAT thing, and I KNOW you will kill it at the Tough Mudder. LOVE YOU!


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