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April 16, 2013

Duuurty Thuurty Buurrrdddaaayy

Holy crap I'm 30!




Yesterday, wow, yesterday was JUST FABULOUS!

***But, before I continue I must say, my heart and thoughts
go out to everyone in Boston.
What happened yesterday was so tragic.
I'm praying for all those affected.
However, I'm choosing NOT to let a bunch of horrible people
ruin my day. They will be held to justice, both here
and by God, of that I am sure.***

Now, moving on to a recap of a fabulous day. 

I decided to take the day off work, because hey,
you only turn 30 once!

I woke up to no alarm feeling wonderful and feeling fly.

I grabbed a quick cup of coffee, threw on my running clothes
and met Sportyspice for a 10am 4 mile run.

Oh vey, it was long, but I DID IT!

30 year olds don't quit didn't you know?!

After a quick shower and some mimosa prep,
we headed to get pedicures.

I hadn't had one IN SO LONG,
my tootsies were so thrilled to be pampered.

Twas divine.
Running gear, blog walking, MIMOSA pedi, Bday cards from 5th graders!
Know what's even more divine?

Having a facial at a spa an hour after a pedicure. 

Lovely Sportyspice bought me one for my bday present
and I was able to sneak the service in on my day off. 

Oh my land, facials are seriously the BEST!

My technician was incredible
and the service was amazing. 

I need one every day, who wants to help?

I made a quick stop to the grocery store afterwards,
and spent the rest of the day prepping 
clean eats for the week.

Along with some more mimosas and
stretching while catching up with the 'Good Wife'.

I must say I LOVED IT!
(gah, I'm such an oldie now right?)

C came over after work and I opened PART 1
of my birthday gift:
[the other part of my gift is the CAPS games tonight

Our family has a birthday dinner tradition and my place of choice
the past few years has been a delectable Japanese steak house
aka Chop em Up restaurant. 


Despite being stuffed, we headed back to the parentals'
 after dinner to enjoy birthday cake and presents.

Normally, Mama B makes a homemade chocolate cake,
however, with the passing of my great aunt last week,
I wanted to try and create her homemade caramel cake.

For a first run, I think we did alright.

It was pretty tasty, but we'll have to tweak a few things.

Babyspice gave me a BEAUTIFUL
Pink cross body Coach purse and I love it.
Once presents were over, C and I head back home
where I promptly put things away and went to sleep.

I COULDN'T have asked for a better first day
of my 30s. EVERYTHING was wonderful
and I am truly a blessed girl.

Cheers to a fabulous decade!


  1. Looks like someone has some people in her life that love her.
    And, just to let you know, I'm one of them! :) Happy 30's!

  2. What a fantastic day, so glad you enjoyed it! = )

  3. Happy, happy birthday! I'm so glad you had an awesome day celebrating, you deserve it! And I love the idea of taking the day off from work, after all it is your day!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous birthday! :) I am going to need some of that cake. :)

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday and I am so so happy for you! Happy 30th!

  6. You got spoiled! Yay! You deserve it ;) I LOVE Hibachi. We are going Monday!


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